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Tomcat behind a proxy

Dear God...
"Connection refused..". This seems to be a stupid problem, but I hope by writing this, I can help some beginners which have the same problem.

This happens, when you are trying to access some page from Tomcat and that page is behind the company's proxy.
I found one article which says that you have to add to in %CATALINA_HOME%/conf/ values http.proxyHost=... http.proxyPort=, .. etc.

in fact, it did not work, because I am running Tomcat from Exadel Studio Pro..

The final solution is more than simple:
in JRE configuration of Exadel, I specified these additional JVM paramters: -DproxyPort=8080 -DproxyUser=matto -DproxyPassword=mypassword

Shame on me, it was so simple ;)

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