1. Before submitting a ticket, user must first make an Update from JoomlaWatch update section.

2. Please use ticketing system for all communication.

3. We reserve right to not solve every problem caused by some interference from other 3rd party component which corrupts JoomlaWatch functionality. (90% issues are of that nature and we cannot do anything from our side in JoomlaWatch code)

4. We're doing our best, but we are not the 24/7 "hotline", solving the issue can be a long process. If you're component is not functioning properly because of your bad configuration, ask for a refund.

5. BETA version issues have the lowerst priority

Thank you for your understanding.

Matej Koval,

MathGuard security question, please solve:

MN1   4AQ          J       
  R   2 B    G    5T    RSN
1N1   T B   PTR    P       
3     R O    I     T    GQI
YH5   YAH         FBR      

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