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22.06.2010 - News in JoomlaWatch 1.2.12:
- graphs from all items on one page (goals, referers, keyphrases, pages, etc.)
- updated greek translation
- other small fixes

26.05.2010 - News in JoomlaWatch 1.2.11:

- Complete refactoring of code
- Email reports with values, percentage 1-day, 7-day, 30-day changes with settings
- History of visits (you can view and analyze user behavior from previous days)
- New geolocation database
- Keyphrases monitoring
- Add as goal directly from visits
- Database status - you can see how much data JoomlaWatch occupies
- Extracted Keywords right next to Came from URL
- Keep data setting on uninstall (useful when doing an upgrade)
- Timezone setting taken directly from Joomla global server settings
- Information about blocked spam attempts per day/total
- AJAX updates traffic information
- layout changes for email reports, antispam
- i18n, now you can use all languages (new messages are not translated yet, but are mixed with the original ones - you can help)
- Hide repetitive titles, show only last URI for each visitor
- better bug report/feature request handling (using JoomlaBug)
- many other bugfixes and small features