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Warning: is_dir() []: Stat failed
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TOPIC: Warning: is_dir() []: Stat failed
Warning: is_dir() []: Stat failed 10 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 0
On Friday I installed the JoomlaWatch Component and I thought it was working OK until today. I came in and needed to update some content. Doesn't matter what content I try and access, I get this on every page (This did not happen on Thursday when I did a few updates, and JW is the only thing I have installed):


Warning: is_dir() []: Stat failed for /PATH/images/stories/Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../ Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/ ../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../ Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/../Press Releases/ ../Press R in /PATH/includes/joomla.php on line 3142

I tried uninstalling the component, but this is still happening. Any ideas??<br><br>Post edited by: matto, at: 2008/02/20 01:52
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Re:HELP!!! What's going on?? 10 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 31
there is no is_dir() function used in all of the JoomlaWatch sources.

It seems that you're running a linux web hosting and there is a recursive symbolic link in a directory (a link inside of a directory pointing to the directory where it's in)
So when a cycle scans through the directories, it's trapped into an infinite cycle. (../Press Releases/../Press Releases/... ...)

I would suggest you to open /PATH/includes/joomla.php on line 3142 and see what's going on there.
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