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date: 09.02.2017
description:Create a system (web application or windows application) for car maintenance and employee management system.
This system will contain the following
• Maintenance
- Customer details (name, nationality, phone number, Civil ID# and E-mail)
- Vehicle details ( registration#, manufacture , type {jeep – sedan} model, color, vin# and Mile/Kilo)
- Others (paints details and car wash -polish)
- Labor works (fixing description and cost)
• Store
- New parts (barcode required)
- Used parts (barcode required)
- Supplier details
- Purchaser details
• Employee management
- Employee details
- Attendance
• Accounts
- Daily/weekly/Monthly report
• users
- Admin (has full authorization and can manage the user which facility will use from system)
- Reception user
- Operation user
- Account user
Notes about the system:
- Customer may have more than one car
- Reception user can select the customer car from the list, may the customer is a company coordinator so he will have an 100s of cars, so create facility to make easy for the reception user to select the car from the list.
- Operation user can write note what car needs, reception user will receive a notification msg that the note created on the car registration # …
- When car is ready, auto msg will send for the customer that your car is ready or manual msg also can be send to customer thru reception user.
- Reception user can create the job ID and CAB#, ( CAB# is car definition, for example: there is 20 CABS in the system, and in garage the is 6 cars, that means there is 6 CABs are booked, so reception user cant select 1-6 CAB from the list cuz it is booked, when the CAB# 2 and 3 are ready, so it will be available in the list and can be selected again.
- In the main menu there is a square, the square shows how many CABs in the garage, the squares color will change when the status is changed and if the car status is ready, the square will disappeared from the main menu.
- Each reception user has a number of cars which was handled by him, on his screen will show how many cars are ready, by clicking on the number, the ready cars details will be shown. Notification msg will appear to the reception user always every 15 or 30 min as the user will select) until the customer comes and receive his car.
- Payment :- 4 kinds of payments { Cash, Knet, Visa and master)
budget:$500 - $1000

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