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Freelance programmer: freelance2429

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programmers name: freelance2429
skills: Web skills
city, country:
freelance experiences:Hi all, I would like to embark on a freelance career in the world of software engineering, in particular software/application development (desktop-based or web-based). I am one of the top students in my IT-related course's cohort and have attained either an A grade or a distinction grade for all my modules; my GPA for the past five semesters is a perfect 4.0. I am not merely paper-smart unlike some top students I have met :-) I learnt more about programming on my own self compared to what is taught in school. Despite not having any working experiences, my skills are as good as anyone who has years of relevant experiences. I am able to develop professional real-world applications because of my solid foundation in object-oriented concepts and knowledge in software design patterns as well as industry's best practices. I am proficient in computer languages such as Java, C#, VB.NET, SQL, PHP, JavaScript, ASP.NET, JSP, HTML, and XML. I am ready to accept projects of any size. As I do not have any non-confidential projects to showcase my capabilities, I am willing to take up small-sized projects for FREE and medium-sized projects in exchange for a nominal fee. This is only for a limited time period only until I have built up a decent portfolio. However, if you have faith in my ability, I am more than willing to take up big sized projects for a reasonable fee. I do not compete on price because I take great pride in my work and the works that I will produce are reflections on my reputation. Do contact me at kiromai[at] if you are interested to engage my services. Thank you.
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