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programmers name: freelance2559
skills: Enterprise skills
city, country:pune
freelance experiences: MCA with over 3 Years of experience as software Developer in VISUAL BASIC 6.0.  Experience in ERP software Development.  DBA for Microsoft SQL server 2000 and System Administrator for ERP.  Vast Experience in database programming, analytical and problem solving skills.  Master in Data Representation (Report with crystal report 8.5/2008)
projects:Application Compliances: - Considering program requirement program divided into modules as

Inventory Controlling Modules Provides input for Purchase, manufacture & store coinciding the available stock & customer requirement.
Production Planning. Maintain the lowest possible level of inventory, plan production as per given schedule by customers.
Raw material Requirement (MRP). What items are required, How many are required and when are they required by.
Material Purchasing. Application supports for detailed P.O. like rate, qty, taxes and payment terms.
Material Scheduling. Reduces time required to post material movements and labour hours to production orders.
Production. Maintains the stock of W.I.P & transfers stock for next operations as mentioned in BOM.
Labour transaction. To offload and accept the material for specific operation provided in BOM
Rework, rejection Handling. Allows user to accept/rework/reject the material as per the inputs from Q.A.
Sales. To issue invoices and update customer requirement and schedule status proportional to invoice qty.
Documentation. All ISO, TS & Excise documentation related to Purchase, Stores, manufacturing, machine maintenance, tool maintenance and Q.A. Department.
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