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programmers name: freelance2592
skills: Web skills
city, country:Pune
freelance experiences: Technical Skills: • Operating Systems : Windows 2000/ XP. • Programming Languages : Java 1.5, JavaScript. • Database : MySql, SQL Server 2000, MS-Access. • Web Technologies : Servlets, JSP. • Framework : Struts 1.1, JSF 1.1.1 • Web / Application Servers : Web Logic 8.0, JBoss 4.0. • Development Tools : My Eclipse 5.1 • Source Control : Microsoft Visual Source Safe, SVN Repository. • Markup Languages : Html, Xml. • Other : MS-Office, Rational Rose • Tools/Libraries : Dojo, Ajax4JSF, MyFaces TomaHawk Exposure Skills: • Database : Oracle 8i. • Web Technologies : Hibernate 3.2. • Framework : Spring Framework 1. 0. • Distributed Computing : EJB 2.0.
projects:Professional / Major Assignments:

Project #1

Title : Electronic Document Management System (EDMS).
Client : Vakrangee, India.
EDMS Version 1.1:
Environment: Java, JSP, Struts Framework, Hibernate, JBoss,
My-Sql, EJB 2.0.
EDMS Version 1.2:
Environment: Java, JSF, Hibernate, Spring Framework, JBoss,
Duration : April 2007 – Till Date.
Team Size : 12.
Role : Developer.


• Extensively Involved in Coding Struts Action Classes and Action Forms.
• Building View Components using JSP and JSF.
• Involved in Scanning and Uploading modules using Applet.
• Worked on deploying project in JBoss 4 Application server and Weblogic 8.0
• Hands on experience on Back end Database like MySql.


EDMS is a product related to document management system. EDMS is mainly developed for LIC (Maharashtra) and IT Maharashtra. This Project has been designed to address the growing needs of document in LIC and IT Maharashtra. The main aim of product is to give a paperless environment and to make the process online. The product is developed in Windows environment and deployed and running successfully on Red Hat Linux environment.
The Main Modules of EDMS are:
1. Project Configuration & indexing
2. Inward Entry
3. PreScanning Entry
4. Batch Creation and Assignment
5. Scanning
6. Image Modification
7. Rearrange
8. Metadata
9. PDF Validation

Project #2

Title : Caliber Recruitment Agency
Environment: C++
Duration : Sep 2006 – Oct 2006
Team Size : 2.
Role : Developer

• Extensively Involved in Coding.


In order to enhance the efficiency of the placement process, we developed this application.
This system has following features:
1. It allows the front office personals to accept the candidate’s details, to register for placement.
2. The front office personals to store the details of employee/ companies.
3. It allows the matching of candidate's requirement with those of openings.
It consists of mainly three modules:
a. Data Entry
- Candidates Details
- Company Employers’ Details
b. Matching Profile
- Search Candidate [Qualification/Category wise]
- Search Jobs [Position/Qualification wise]
c. Reports
- Category-Wise
- Registration Reports
- Placement Reports
- Job Appointment Reports .

Project #3

Title : Jessup’s Manufacturer of Electronic Goods
Environment: Servlet, Jsp, SQL-Server 2000
Duration : Oct 2006 – Feb 2007
Team Size : 2.
Role : Developer.


• Database Design
• Building View Components using JSP.


Jessup’s is a manufacturer of electronic consumer good with a product portfolio that includes refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, television sets and cooking range from home use.
The application has following features:
1. This software provides a login mechanism for the administrator, senior management and sales staff of Jessup’s. The interface available to any user is bases on role of use and appropriate screen is shown to user.
2. The login activities of user [date and time] is tracked and storing in a log file.
3. It provides a UI to store the details of all the products sold at Jessup's in a central database.
4. It also provides UI to stores the information of all wholesalers who deal with Jessup's.
5. It provides a form to enable sales representative to enter the details of sales made to wholesale dealers.
6. It generates reports:
a. Total sales made in particular year.
b. Total sales made by particular sales representative.

Project #4

Title : Library Management System [LMS]
Environment: Visual C++, MS Access
Duration : Jan 2005 – May 2005
Team Size : 2.


• Database Design
• Extensively Involved in Coding.


This software is used in library. It mainly consists of following modules:

1. Data Entry:
- Stores the information of all books and CDs
- Stores the information of members
2. Searching:
- Searching of particular book/CD by author.
3. Reports:
- Dues per month
- Information of books
- Information of CDs

languages:English, Hindi, Marathi
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