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Freelance programmer: freelance2707

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programmers name: freelance2707
skills: Consulting skillsEnterprise skillsWeb skills
city, country:delhi
freelance experiences:Languages: C,C++ ,Core Java Web technologies: Javascript,AJAX,JSP,HTML Platforms: Windows Operating Systems, Office Application Concepts : DBMS, Software Engineering, Operating Systems, Data Structure Company: Idea Info Solution Designation: Software Engineer Duration: 16 months Job Type: Work from home Responsibilities: 1 Programming 2 Requirement Gathering 3 Testing
Agrisoft :Java and MySQL
It was a live project made for the Institute of Entrepreneur Development Bihar for the management of crops based on the soil test report for the soil that exists in Bihar .The main aim was to tell the farmer what kind of crop was to be grown and the kind of harvesting to be done based on the given report
• Front end designing using AWT and Swing
• Requirement gathering
Team size
The Team consisted of 4 members Duration

8 weeks
Bank Management system : Visual Basic and MS Access

The project was based on banking with report generation of account balance and transaction that were made by various customers. It was a Semester Project
• Front end designing
• Design of project

Team size
The team consisted of 5 members Duration

12 weeks

AKNA Management :Javascript,JSP ,MySQL
The project was on the automation of testing process conducted by the company the tests would get active once we enter our registration code and score would be generated once the test gets over
• Team Leader
• Front End design
Team size
The team consisted of 5 members Duration

12 weeks
languages:hindi, english
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