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Freelance programmer: freelance2970

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programmers name: freelance2970
skills: Consulting skillsEnterprise skillsGraphics skillsHardware skillsWeb skills
city, country:Munich
freelance experiences:Feb 2009 - Sep 2009 (8 months) Software Engineer (Part time employee, Student/Intern) Siemens AG, Industry: Research, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Systems Privately held company, 10,001 or more employees At Siemens I am doing some research for the Intelligent Autonomous Systems division specialising in agents which are autonomous and intelligently acting programs. Most of my work is related to rule engines which are used to create rational acting artificial intelligence. My main project is to port a rule engine onto a minimalistic device using the .Net Micro Framework. Edit Sep 2008 - Jan 2009 (5 months) Software Engineer (Intern, Student/Intern) Purpose Built Software Pty. Ltd., Industry: Computer Software, Mobile Systems Individual enterprise, 11-50 employees This company is specialised in software development for mobile devices such as scanners or PDAs. In my duties there were evaluations for the accessibility of new devices and setting up according development environments as well as creating applications for well known systems with the company-owned framework "Protara" (for further information see Furthermore I was renewing the company's website by introducing a content management system that is extendible and future proof. Edit Apr 2007 - Aug 2008 (1 year, 5 months) Software Engineer (Freelancer, Entry Level) Evolin Produktion GmbH, Industry: Marketing & Advertising Individual enterprise, 1-10 employees Me and a team of 7 other students began a project in our fourth semester at the University. In this project we started to develop a server based cinema screening system that is able to control the whole cinema and the show. The project has become finalized by now, see Edit Oct 2006 - Mar 2007 (6 months) Intern (Intern, Student/Intern) stb AG, Industry: Computer Software Individual enterprise, 11-50 employees During this time I was taught how to use development tools like Subversion and Emacs. I wrote programs in Perl and Javascript for the main product audimex and small tools for every day use.
languages:German, English
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