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Freelance programmer: freelance3027

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programmers name: freelance3027
city, country:
freelance experiences:ASP.Net2.0, C#2.0, VB.Net2.0, ADO. Net, SQL Server 2005 & MySQL.
projects:Project #1

Project Name : Nihon Intranet Management(NIM)

Technology Used : ASP.Net 2.0, ADO.Net and MySQL.
Description : NIM is the inhouse project .It consist of several modules like purchase order, Travel, Reimbursement Detail. Designing the WebPages in the Nihon Intranet Management. Develop the module for Purchase order and Reimbursement Detail.

Project #2
Project Title : Vibration Monitoring System
Client : Taiyo Denki, Japan.
Technology Used : ASP.Net 2.0, VB.Net2.0, ADO.Net and MySQL.

Description : Vibration Monitoring System (VMS) is used to identify major vibration in a building or system. By identifying the vibrations, pro-active preventive measure can be taken before any disaster or any damage causing vibration is going to occur. VMS consists of a group of velocity and acceleration sensors, which capture data real time. The captured data will be analyzed for the amount of vibration found at different locations of a building (or any other system). Based on the intensity of vibration, the status of monitoring screen will be updated.

Project #3
Project Title : Doctors Central Billing Services
Client : Imperial Corporate Services, Bangalore.
Platform : C#, ADO. Net, ASP. Net, SQL Server2000.
Description : This Project is based on the Online Medical Services for transferring the patient details and their Medical Transcriptions. The Modules dealt in this project are ‘Billing Office, Back Office, and Doctors’. This project also gives as a Patient Claims, Reports and EOB etc., The features of this project is to manipulate the details about the doctors, to send and receive the documents easily which are cleared by the communication of insurance company.
Project #4
Project Title : Work Tracking System
Client : Taiyo Denki, Japan.
Technology Used : ASP.Net, VB.Net, ADO.Net, SQL Server2000.
Domain : Logistics (Tracking)
Description : This project is based on the system typically enables the top level management to keep track of the status of the projects under their control HR allocates projects to GL,PL of a particular client with project code, project name and start date of the particular project. The systems keep Track of the documents that have to be completed with in a particular duration. The feature of this Project is PL gets the intimation with in a day of each document completion date.
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