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Freelance programmer: freelance3257

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programmers name: freelance3257
city, country:Ahmedabad
freelance experiences:SAP ABAP Skills: â?¢ Classical reports and Interactive reports â?¢ Data migration techniques such as BDC and BAPI â?¢ ABAP Dictionary and Smartforms â?¢ Good exposure in Module Pool Programming, ISU ( DM , EDM & CS) â?¢ Customizing User Exit, Screen Exits. â?¢ BADIâ??s 17+ months of experience in Torrent Power Limited with good expertise in SAP ABAP programming.
projects:Torrent Power Limited

Project : SAP ECC 6.0 / ISU/CRM/BI Implementation
Role : ABAP Programmer
Environnent : SAP ECC 6.0, Oracle 10g
Designation : Project â?? Trainee.

Torrent Power Limited is the Largest Power Distributor in Power Sector of India among the private industries, with its distributing sectors in Ahmedabad , Surat ( Both in Gujarat ) and Bhiwandi (Maharashtra).

Developments (Till Now):


â?¢ Technician/ Fixer Master Maintenance for Seal Transaction (Module Pool). The Seal Codes assigned to Technician, only those Seal Code seals will be allowed at the time of Seal Issue. Also maximum number of seals that can be issued to a technician is defined this.

â?¢ Developed z-transactions for Seal Management (Seal generation, issue, Allocation and Removal) as per the Industry Requirement with Standard transaction running in back ground (Running BDC).

ï?? Interface for Alphanumeric Seal creation in Mass
ï?? Interface Seal Issue / Return in Mass.
ï?? Interface for mass Allocation of Seal at Meter Testing Lab.
ï?? Module pool for Allocation, Removal and Replacement of Seals.
ï?? Seal Consumption and Details Report ( ALV Report )

â?¢ Developed Interface for Downloading Sequence of Meter Reader Street Route.

â?¢ Developed Interface for Updating Meter Reader Street Route Sequence.

â?¢ Developed a batch program for Remove flag of Permanent Lock based on current and past consumption of energy (through BDC).

â?¢ Added Validations in Installation and Full Installation Transactions of DM Module ( User Exits )

â?¢ Developed ALV reports for Meter Change Details and Meter Change Summary.

â?¢ Developed a Report / Module pool to change the Scheduled Records (both of Portion and all MRUâ??s under that portion, in one transaction).

â?¢ Developed ALV reports for getting Consecutive Closed Premise and Nil Consumption Business Partners and to generate Notification through BAPI of particular type for the selected Business Partners, if there is no open notification of same type for the Business Partner.

â?¢ Developed program to print (smartform) Close Premise Notice for Business Partners in a portion having task status incomplete in the open Notification of closed premise.


â?¢ Developed ALV reports and Smartforms of Export Energy Invoicing.

â?¢ Developed ALV reports of UI format.

â?¢ Developed program to upload SCADA readings in the SAP as a background schedule job.


â?¢ Developed Report for Mass Meter Replacement, Periodic Inspection, Mass Sealing Activity and Agricultural Service Inspection with Service Orders/Notifications to be created for Selected Business Partners through BAPIâ??s.

â?¢ Incentive Calculation, for Technician and Clerk, based on the number of Disconnection/Reconnection and the number of working days done by the technician and Clerk for the entry of all that disconnections/ Reconnections.
languages:English,Hindi, Gujarati
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