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programmers name: freelance3539
skills: Consulting skillsGame skillsWeb skills
city, country:Pune
freelance experiences:Hi, Hope you are doing great. My name is Sachin Magdum, MCS with 5.8 years experience in Software analysis, design, development, debugging, support. I am looking for placement in fastpace, technically advanced environment where employers needed people to understand requirements for their aggresive customers and develop solid softwares for them. Skilled at problem solving, algorithms, design patterns, thread safe data structures, architecture. Highly skilled at advanced C, C++, STL programming on Linux/Unix/Windows platforms. Certified Finance domain expert. Storage, Health care, Special Education and Government domain experience. Also experienced in design, developing, deployment of ASP.NET, Ajax, Java scripts, CSS, .NET framework customization, Web/Windows services, Win Forms, Databases, C#.NET, LINQ, ASP.NET, Entity framework, ADO.NET, (little WPF, WCF), VB.NET, VC++ Win32 API, and VC++.NET applications. Expert in IPC, Multi threading, socket programming, Posix, GCC and debugging tools, synchronization, shared memory, semaphores. Flexible, dynamic, adaptive, self motivated, aggressive in learning. Experienced at client communication, requirement analysis, documentation, technical writing, team player and team co-ordination. Also have good experience using SDLC, Agile scrum methodologies, OOP, OOAD, UML design, software stack architecture, framework design and development, integration and deployments. Work analysis, estimates, build scheduling, releases notes, version controls, build control, debugging, memory leaks, issue tracking tools experience. Thanks, Sachin
projects:Location: 24 Madison Avenue Extension, Albany, NY 12203, USA.
Position: Tech Lead / Lead Developer
Employer: GCOM Software Inc, Albany, NY, USA
Responsibilities: Requirement Analysis, Proposal, Specs, Estimates, Build scheduling, Design, Code review, Team coordination, conducting technical interview, Client Communication, Development, Resolving critical issues.

Current Project

ATAS - Administrative Tribunal Automation System
About: ATAS is DOHMH N-tier web based case information and workflow management system. It has following three sub applications:
1. ENOV â?? Electronic NOV - ATAS ENOV service accepts case info (NOV) from different Enforcement applications. These applications are Java based and provides case data in XML format to the web service (Data Provider service) via MQ. ATAS developed ENOV web service which is called by Data Provider service to create cases. Once case data is received, ATAS invokes business service to validate the incoming data and persist in the database if it is valid. In case of data validation failure it will report error to the calling application. ATAS will capture the source of case data for future communication purpose.
2. Web - ATAS UI allows its users to create, list and manage cases. Case handling in ATAS is complete workflow. Each single case goes through so many different stages called â??STATSâ?? from docketing of the case to the hearing, decision printing. Web application supports data entry, mailing, printing, decision entry, users, roles, resource management, reporting, custom report management, bulk printing, settlement etc. ATAS handles more than 1,000,000 cases seamlessly. Manual case creation may take 10-20 minutes per case. ENOV process can create more than 400 cases per minute; inspector can use handheld device and without touching any paper or computer can insert case to system remotely.
3. IVR â?? IVR is a web service with accepts Bureau, CAMIS and Docketing information in the form of XML. Application uses FTP and SOAP for data transfer and communication with other applications.

Type: Intranet web application/.NET Web services/Historical Data migration system/Infrastructure library development.
Period: Aug 2009 to Date.
Software: ASP.NET, C#.NET 3.5, MSSQL 2008, AJAX, JavaScriptâ??s, CSS, ADO.NET, VC++, EDMX, LINQ, XML, MSMQ, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Enterprise Library Caching/Logging.
Project Management Tools: VSS, VSTS 2008, Visio, MS Office, SQL Server 2008, Resharper
Hardware: Label printer, Signature pad, Scanners, Printers. (Phase II: Recording devices)
Operating Systems: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7
Platforms: 32bit, 64bit
Databases (data stores): XML, MDF, MDB, SDF
Protocols: FTP, HTTP, SOAP
Data Providers: XML, SQL Server, EDMX, ADO Jet, ADO.NET, LINQ
Role: Tech Leadâ?? Design, development, bug fixes, technical support.
· Requirement Analysis- Part of Planning Board - Specifications, Estimates, Proposals, Creating Tasks, Build schedule.
· Designing N-tier software stack, designing infrastructure services, project structure, design patterns, traverse and error logging, custom exceptions, error handling controls, notes control, case scheduler, coding standards.
· Designing/development of Data Access, transformations, data transfer protocols, database schema design, interfaces.
· Designing/development of infrastructure library service like Data Formatting, Logging, Caching, Auditing.
· Designing/development of custom controls like Notes, Error Panel.
· Designing/development of development tool to auto generates data transfer objects from database schema, encryption, auditing control, logging control.
· Designing/development of XSD based custom reporting service.
· Designing/development of solution structure having interface, façade, delegate, client, business, fine grain, data access, and infrastructure service layers.
· Designing/development of IVR service, and singleton command line application.
· Designing/development of transaction scope.
· Design development of UI screens for Decision entry, mailing, representative and inspector information and other application screen using CRUD pattern.
· ENOV service implementation.
· Unit testing framework tasks ownership
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