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Freelance programmer: freelance3862

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programmers name: freelance3862
skills: Web skills
city, country:HYDERABAD
freelance experiences:I have a good knowledge of ASP.NET AND VB.NET. I am interested in Web technologies projects as well as Windows application.


Language ASP.NET,VB.NET,ADO.NET,Javascript,XML,VBScript
Database SQL-Server 2000/2005
Frame work .Net Framework 1.1/2.0
Domain Banking
Tools Visual Studio 2003/2005
Technologies Web Services,MSMQ,Ajax,SSIS
Business Objects Crystal Reports

Tools Used : Windows NT Advance server edition,ASP.NET,VB.NET,MS-SQL-Server 2000,Crystal Reports
Project Description :To monitor the day to day performance of Global Operations Group(GOG), to maintain the employees data and management reports confidentially, and to publish the Balance Score Card of each units of GOG.
Team Size : 5

Modules Developed:
ï?? Developed BSR 1A & 1B, DSB Return, R3 Return , 12A Return and various Report Formats Using Crystal Reporting Tool.
ï?? Developed Form 16 Report Format for generating IT Returns for every quarter.
ï?? Developed vendor Bill generation (VBM) module which helps the various units of the GOG such as RPCs,ICMCs,CPCs, will update the Volume of Activities handled by their vendors and generate the Monthly bill for each vendor to cross check with the actual bill presented by the vendor.
ï?? Developed Online Fraud reporting system.
ï?? Developed Online Retail Account opening tracker to have end to end tracking mechanism for AOF.
ï?? Developed Online project tracking system (PTS) for all the projects handled by corporate office team.
ï?? Developed Online Audit data module to capture the audit scores of all the departments across the country.
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