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Freelance programmer: freelance3909

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programmers name: freelance3909
city, country:bangalore
freelance experiences: â?¢ 5+ years of experience in SAP. â?¢ Development consultant â?? SAP ABAP V5.0 â?? Certified by SAP AG (Germany) â?¢ Have done Certification in IT Service management â?? Certified ITIL professional. â?¢ Certified Oracle SQL Professional. â?¢ Having good working knowledge of ALV. â?¢ Knowledge of various SAP Controls. â?¢ Have knowledge of various programming techniques like control level processing, paraKnowledge of IDOC, ALE, Master Data Distribution, IDOC development, partner profiles, distribution model. â?¢ Having in depth knowledge of data dictionary objects. â?¢ Proficient in Module Pool Programming using screen painter, flow logic - with PBO, PAI and transaction code & subroutines and menu painter. â?¢ Have worked extensively in developing Remote Function Modules for EP Portal applications. â?¢ Have developed many ABAP reports both (Classical and Interactive). â?¢ Have worked on ABAP objects, have good concepts of object oriented concepts. â?¢ Have developed many Smart forms. â?¢ Have done Change Documents implementation, also extracting change documents data and generated various complex reports. â?¢ Have generated few reports related to ABAP HR module.

â?¢ Worked as a ABAP technical team member for the client KMD- for an project on MSAT-KMD engagement.
â?¢ It is an implementation project implementing the various modules for the MSAT engagement with the KMD â?? which included associate management , task management , resource management , task and sla kpi reports , associate training reports , leave management module.
â?¢ I was the whole sole responsible person for the ABAP development of these modules and have worked extensively and have my best in implementing these modules , Table designing was also my scope of work.
â?¢ Handled the responsibility of gathering the requirement details from the client , discussions with the clients.
â?¢ The UI was based on java web-dynpro and the whole business logic was implemented through RFCâ??s.
â?¢ Have implemented the history of all the data in the tables using Change Documents Technique. Not only that and I have fetched the data from CDHDR and CDPOS tables for getting the history reports of all the modules and also various other kind of reports which were very typical in processing.
â?¢ Smart form generation, sending emails and attaching the generated smart forms as PDFâ??s in the emails were also implemented within our project.
â?¢ Tuning of the ABAP programs which are taking long times by using Runtime analysis and SQL trace.
â?¢ Documentation â?? Program documentation, Technical specifications, Test results, Runtime analysis.
â?¢ Received pat on back awards for being the key resource and for my commitment for this project.

â?¢ Interactive report to display all the sales orders for one particular customer, material ordered, quantity ordered, goods issue date of particular order and detail information of the customer.
â?¢ Report to display the status of purchase orders, which involved open, closed, and all Purchase orders. Depending on user selection the report is used to give detailed view of purchase order status, PO quantity, open amount and related vendor details periodically.
â?¢ As part of support, this report was modified which displays sales orders and line items, which needed to be delivered by a certain date. Selection criteria were used to enter the specified delivery dates.
â?¢ Created one interactive report, which displays the customer details in the basic list and for each customer I had to display the billing details in the secondary list. Also I had called the transaction MM01 from the secondary list.
Smart Forms:
â?¢ Developed Smart forms from scratch to display Purchase order and Foreign PO details from transaction ME23N.
â?¢ Developed Smart forms from scratch to display Sales Order from transaction VA03 also modified its Driver Program.

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