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Freelance programmer: freelance5522

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programmers name: freelance5522
skills: Consulting skillsWeb skills
city, country:Mumbai
freelance experiences:Full Stack Developer (Web Application,Hybrid Mobile Application(Android,ios,Windows) Php,Mysql,Oracle,Ionic,Angular,Mongo
projects:Software developer for Aditya Birla Retail Ltd.-Mumbai since August 2015 till present.


? Built,tested and deployed a custom MVC framework in php and mysql with ORM (object

relational model). This highly customizable framework has been developed such that it can build

huge systems in less time.

? Retail Asset Visibility Booking System:

A visibility booking system,connecting all the associated retail stores spread across the

country,allowing various vendors to make the necessary bookings with ease which makes it

transparent and visible booking system.

A mobile application has also been developed such that a store manager can view all the

bookings made to the store and can keep updating the status of the bookings.

? Designed and implemented an innovative and integrated systems for efficient management and

handling of all kinds of data associated with functioning of the supermarket chain such as Offer

Management and recovery system , Auto replenishment System ,Indent Ordering System, Store

License Management system ,Product delivery tracker system etc...using the Oracle Retail

Management system,Microsoft Navision system,Oracle Financial System and JDA which has

reduced the work effort upto 75% from the current system. .

? Designed and developed 2 mobile applications:

a)Visibility Confirmation for Stores : A hybrid application to track visibility bookings in stores.

Platforms:Android,IOS,Windows Technology-(Ionic,Angular, Cordova)

b) Marketing Survey App: A hybrid application built in ionic framework with

CORDOVA CORDOVA for store survey.

Platforms:Android,IOS,Windows Technology-(Ionic,Angular, Cordova)
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