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programmers name: freelance5530
skills: Web skills
city, country:Cairo
freelance experiences:I’m an experienced C/C++/C# and java developer looking to continue my career within agency side development. ? I have excellent design & coding skills, as well as an ability convert client requirements into exciting online applications. ? Aim to gain technical experience to be able to function as a successful software developer. ? Areas of Interest: - Mobile Development - Web development: ASP.Net MVC ,HTML ,CSS ,JavaScript ,Angular JS ,Bootstrap - Software Testing and Quality Control - Software Engineering - Quality assurance - Object oriented analysis and design.
projects:Graduation Project: Big data Management System(Java):
O Aims to develop computer software that Handle storing big data in database.
O Handling 2 Vs of the dimensions of big data (Volume and Variety) of Big Data and has its own Query Language .
Android projects
? Calculator Application
? Temperature Converter Application
? Questionnaire Application
? Online Shopping Application
Other Projects:-
? Online Shopping Web Site (PHP , HTML , CSS , Jquery )
? HTTP Protocol(C#)
? Map Routing and shortest Paths Detection(C++)
? College Web Site(ASP.NET MVC5 ,HTML ,CSS , JavaScript)
? Mini Google Search Engine (Python)
? Calculator program ( Assembly Language)
? Connect Four Game (java)
? Snake Game (java)
? Matrices Calculator (C++)
? Decision Support System for distribution of medicines in pharmacies (SQL Server and C#)
? OS platform Linux (C)
? Search Engine on Web (C#, MS SQL Server , ASP.Net)
School Management System (ASP.Net MVC , Kendo UI , Telerik Reporting and MS SQL)
? Dentalore Cloud (ASP.Net MVC C# , Kendo UI , Telerik Reporting , JQuery , Javascript , AJAX ,
JSON , HTML , CSS , Bootstrap , Font Awesome , MS SQL , Entity Framework Code First)
? Gem Store System Web Application ( HTML , CSS , Javascript , AngularJS(Using Http Srvice ),
? Video Portal (MEAN Stack)
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