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Freelance programmer: freelance5585

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programmers name: freelance5585
skills: Game skillsHardware skillsWeb skills
city, country:Indore
freelance experiences:I am an experienced Python, Php and nodejs Developer and have been working in this field for 4 years. I have also strong knowledge of Raspberry PI, Arduino, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Google Map, MySQL , jquery and css as Codeigniter,Django Developer throughout my career. I have also a strong knowledge of node.js and I have completed many websites with node.js + and also with phaser. I have also knowledge of building html5 game, multiplayer game with and phaser.

Project Title: Line Follower Robot
Components: Raspberry Pi 3 model B, Sd card, +5v power source, IR sensor, Motors, Wheels, Jumpers
Technology: Python,
Description: This is a line follower robot built in raspberry pi with Python, the follows black line and also take turns according to color path.

Project Title: Remote Control Car
Components: Raspberry Pi 3 model B, Sd card, +5v power source, IR sensor, Motors, Wheels, Jumpers, RF Remote, H-Bridge(Relay), Pi-Camera, Distance Sensor
Technology: Python, Opencv
Description: It is a remote control car build with raspberry Pi and python. The main purpose of this project is to take picture and store them into internal memory. It is used in our organization for security purpose.

Project Title: Human Face Detection
Components: Webcam,
Technology: Python, Opencv
Description: This is my organization project to detect the face, smile, and full body of employee. It also predict the mood of employee according to smile detection.
Project Title: Speech Recognition with Add to cart
Components: Microphone
Technology: Python
Description: It is an speech recognition system, that recognize the speech of user as product and quantity and add that product to cart. There is a speak button on site, when user press on that button, system says to say product name, after that to say quantity and it adds that to cart of user.

Project Title: Vessel Management
Technology: Python, Mysql, jQuery,Ajax, Html
Description: This is an online vessel management system, where user add their vessel according to yacht and manage them. Only a valid user can manage his vessel.
Project Title: Dj Booking System
Technology: Php, Ajax, MySql, jQuery, Html, Css
Description: This is an online DJ booking system where a valid DJ register their profile and a valid user can book the DJ for any occusion.

Project Title: Online offers and deals on products
Technology: Php, Ajax, MySql, jQuery, Html, Css
Description: This is an online application which provide deals on products, as- provide offer on cloths, boots etc.
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