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Freelance programmer: freelance5674

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programmers name: freelance5674
skills: Enterprise skillsWeb skills
city, country:Bangalore
freelance experiences:I am been working as a software developer for around two years . I mainly works on BackEnd Projects and also sometimes on FrontEnd Projects . I have worked on : Languages > Core Java , Spring ,hibernate , JSP ,Servlet ,EJB , Python HTML , CSS , BOOTSTRAP , JQUERY Operating System > CentOS , Windows Platfoam and Tools > HP OCCP , Apache JMeter , Eclipse , Tomcat, JBoss/Wildfly
projects:1.MAAS : I have worked on designing a backend server that is used for handling the active paging device (device capable of sending and recieving the message). In this project there was one public MSISDN bieng associated to 11 devices . So this Application server use to change the APD or get the status of APD based on USSD codes. It validates the user using LDAP and then update HLR-FE.

Technologies used were : Servlet ,LDAP , Core Java ,Weld cdi , linux commands , JBOSS , Spock Framework ,Apache Jmeter ,HP OCCP

2.IconPlus: This project is used for handling third party call control . It is based on SIP protocol . In this we validate the initial invite SDP and then control the forking of call.

Technologies used were : Servlet ,SIP, Core Java , linux commands , JBOSS , Spock Framework ,Apache Jmeter ,HP OCCP

languages:English , Hindi
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