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programmers name: freelance5678
skills: Enterprise skillsGame skillsGraphics skillsWeb skills
city, country:Karachi
freelance experiences:A distinguished 16 years of extensive Project Engineering, Solution providing, Team Management experience. Have expertise in system design, architecture and database management with overall system handling pertaining to various industries. Outstanding knowledge of Software engineering, network based distributed systems. Proven ability to build technology and business goals to provide productive solutions. Dedicated, self-motivated achiever who is committed to success and adept at juggling multiple tasks in a high-pressured environment Demonstrated success leading and mentoring cross-functional teams in multi-facility environment in order to maximize levels of productivity (worked with a team of 18) Excellent problem analyzing/solving and interpersonal skills. Automation of different Processes/Process and artifacts reviews for Improvement. Strong communication skills and proven record of teamwork and leadership Organization at numerous times acclaimed highly of dedication and performance. Applied RAD, XP and Agile methodologies in Project development Quick learner and rapidly adapts to emerging technologies Implemented CMMI and ISO process area to project development life cycle for better quality and traceability. Languages: VB.NET, ASP, ASP.NET, C#, XAML, XML, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, PL/SQL, VBScript, PHP, Objective C++, Java Databases: Oracle 9i, DB2 7.0, MySQL, MS Access, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2000, SQLite Platforms: Windows 98/ NT/ Me/ 2K/ XP/ 2003 /2008/2012, RHEL, Fedora, Ubuntu, DOS, Technology: OOP, DAO, ADO, ASP, Web Parts (SharePoint), CSS, UML, Web Services, XAML, Zach man’s Requirement Management Framework, URM, CSS, Cocomo II, RUP, MSF, ASP.NET 1.0/2.0, Windows Forms, DNN, Enterprise Services, WPF, WCF,WF, Remoting, COM/COM+, Entity Framework, Silverlight with RIA Services, ASP.NET MVC, Razor. SPA – react.js, Backbone.js and Angular.js Tools: Visual Studio.Net, SharePoint Designer, Visual Interdev, Rational Rose, Oracle8i/9i /10g, Windows Sharepoint Services, Sharepoint 2010, SQL Server Reporting Services, Mercury Test Director, Parasoft Test 2.0, Dream Weaver, Microsoft FrontPage, Crystal Reports 9/10, MS office 2007, MS Project 2003, MS Visio 2003, MS Visual Source Safe, IIS 5.0/6.0, Microsoft Commerce Server 2002.
projects:Some enterprise level experience includes:

Technical Lead(
Oct 2015 BlankCanvas•
Worked as a tecnical lead on this Project. Worked on core of backbone.js to make the diagramming for workflows working on the site. Implemented gulp for build automation and deployed the solution on, and aws.Also working on electron to bring this web application to desktop version.
Solution Architect (Interactive Cells Pvt Ltd)
Mar 2013 Advertyze • Radium
Worked as a Solution Architect in this Project. Build the layered architectures based on Architecture devised by Open Source Community devised for Backbone.js and node.js. Initially solution was devised on Mysql and then was migrated to Cassandra/Apache Hadoop Framework to handle Big Data. Lead the team of 16 people to manage weekly based task based on Agile.
Solution Architect (Techno Channels)
Feb 2012

Worked as a Technical Architect in this Project. Build the layered architectures based on Architecture devised by Microsoft Software Architectural Guidelines. Overall Solution was made on ASP.NET MVC/WCF and Microsoft Enterprise Library for DAL operation. JQuery was heavily used for validations and custom controls. Support for Microsoft Extension Framework was added to support additional modules at the fly if repository are placed under specific folder. A successful reference implementation was implemented and now application is been developed on the custom architecture devised. Lead the team of 5 people to manage weekly based task that were provided by the offshore team in Dubai, UAE.
Technical Lead(Business Matrix)
Sept 2011

UNDP - Midwa Project• eProcurement Solution for UNDP
Worked side by side with UNDP and UBL to provide eProcurement solution to UNDP. A Demo project where cash transactions were made using UBL Omni technology with all the information recording made using our eProcurement Solution. First Pilot project in Pakistan where all the information and communication were been made through sms and mms were all recorded and automated using our eProcurement solution.

Jun 2011

UBL – Altitude Deployment and Customization • Complete End to End Call Center Solution
Providing ongoing support on the call center solution and providing customized solutions to UBL. Initially had issue with Libra recording and stability of the Altitude itself. Although system is now stabilized and new specialized requirement are here from UBL for their inbound and Outbound Wallboard.

May 2011

UBL – Travel Management and Procurement System• Travel eProcurement Solutions
Working side by side with UBL to streamline their travel procurement solutions.

Technical Lead (yAd!G)
Oct 2010

yAd!G 1.0 • Business Networking Website
Worked as Technical lead in this Project from Karachi. Maintained and developed complete infrastructure of the company so that offshore and local team could maintain the development on same code base using cutting edge technologies of Microsoft Hyper V for Virtualization, TFS and CopperHQ for Project Management.

Technical Lead(Tenpearls)
Oct 2009

Navitech 1.0 • Insurance Provider
Worked as Technical Lead in this Project, came in mid of the project where project was suffering in communication and development skills. Delivered all cases within time, as per requested by client and passed all expectations for all cases. Introduced and Automated Testing tools(QTP) for QA and unit testing using nunit in development within the project. Maintained development speed on higher pace with two teams working in two shifts.

Oct 2009

Immunology• Dr Bellanti Website and IPhone Application.
Technical Lead in the current Project, creating story points, communicating with offshore team, initially IPhone development was with no direction nor did company have idea for any impediments on deploying iPhone application on Apple Appstore. Not only lead the interface design process, including pre-design user research, information architecture, usability analyses, and code structure of the Bellanti iPhone application. Leaks and Object Allocation were handled lately after stabilization of code.
Dec 2009

Media Barn USA• Inventory Management based on DNN.
Developed Custom Modules for inventory management based upon DNN Framework and integrated custom theme that was developed locally. Integrating Inventory Management Modules and using the power for CMS in DNN Framework made the application scalable with powerful reporting mechanism having support of CMS made the overall application handy.
Mar 2010
uTrack• Agile Mobile Organizer(IPhone, Android and Symbian)
Company first ever mobile applications deployed on all three big platforms (iPhone, Android and Symbian). uTrack will keep track of all the tasks on your mobile. Although lite versions are available on store a complete enterprise application is under development having push notifications with full sync support with outlook and Gmail calendars.

Apr 2010

QTP Training• TenPearls – Santeon
Teaching pupil how to do automate testing using HP’s QTP.

Team Lead(Gladstone MRM)

OnRecord 1.0 • Education Service
Worked as Team Lead in this Project, came in mid of the project. Delivered the basic module within time, as per requested by client and passed all expectations for all cases. A web front end/plugins for SIMS and CMIS(Complete education care) built using .Net 1.1 using SQL Server 2005 with reporting services. Every day standup meeting were the key of success as Project was been developed in multiple locations like Denmark, UK and in Pakistan. Fully biometric system with attendance management, cash management with kiosk, and catering management were the core business functionalities of this Project. Technologies that were been used in this project : ASP.NET 3.5, AJAX, Web Services, SQL Server

Orbit• Booking Management System.
Booking management system with scope of being adapted to any environment, any rule, with full support of localization. Fully featured booking management integrated with card management. Visited Denmark to get the Requirement Scope and Architecture for the application. Application was based on client/server model. Technologies that were been used in this project : WPF, WF, WCF, LLBLGEN DAL Framework, SQL Server.

Assistant Development Manager(eDev Technologies)

Maritz• Incentive System, Canada.
A 12 month extensive incentive management system with customized administration site and shopping website for multiple vendors for employee benefits using MS Commerce Server 2002 technology using DotNet1.1 and SQL Server 2000.

InteGREAT• Collaboration Server, Canada.
Content Management System with customized Search Engine based on InteGREAT(Requirement Management) based on Lucene Search Framework using ASP.Net 2.0.Publishing of ICS Content on SharePoint Server / Windows SharePoint Services as a different Team Site, upgrading the content with versioning using workflows and Office document publishing

Aga Khan Social Welfare Board• Beneficiary System, Pakistan
A web Based application built using DotNet1.1 and SQL Server 2000 with reporting services with core feature is to track all beneficiaries as it was hard for the aga khan board to track all beneficiary at one time. System records and logs every change in the system so that backtracking for all changes can be made for any record. System was also deployed in Afghanistan to take full potential of the application.

Blockbuster, USA – Non Trade Purchase Order System (13 months)
Web based Application built using ASP.NET 1.1, VB.NET, Crystal Reports, Rational Rose, SQL Server 2000 and JD Edwards. System was an GUI front end for JD-Edward POS hosted on client with additional rules on different levels asked by client.

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