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Destruction Security - anti software piracy tool

For some of you the important thing about your product is to avoid its illegal distribution. For an instance, you would like to suit your product for specific target customer's hosts.

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If you are C# or C++ developer or just you have access to sources of that kind, you may try Destruction Security add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010. So perhaps, this crazy stuff will help you in a short time. It incorporates meta-data direct into your project's source functions which are unique to your desired machine to be allowed for execution. Basis of this idea is a RSA machine key container which is maintained by Micsosoft itself, so contained private keys are secured. Supported VS code models are C# and C++ for now, but in the future, there will be a plan to involve Java code model as well. As a plugin in Intellij Idea to protect java applications.

Add-in functionality is simple after loading it on and there are just two commands as follows:

  • Implementation of a meta-data into a project
  • Removal of a meta-data from a project

In regards to Microsoft Visual studio issues, C++ code model in comparison with C# is slower due to intellisense synchronisation and is not so smart and stable like for C#. Taking this into account functions in headers and functions made over macros are skipped.

If you would like to play with this tool it is absolutely free and there is the video tutorial attached as well. At the end of your work your product will have to be obfuscated in order to avoid to disassemble it.

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