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Google web toolkit (GWT) useful links

Currently I am evaluating the Google Web Toolkit technology (GWT) for our project and I'm trying to compare it to other approaches like the ICEfaces technology from the Icesoft company.

If you are about to start with the google web toolkit (gwt), I can recommend you the following presentation from Intellij:

It features the Intellij IDEA's support for GWT. I have to say here that working with GWT with IDEA is very easy and intuitive. IDEA's got lots of helpers, code generators, and error reporting. I was nicely surprised that IDEA hilighted the non-existing CSS style used with the GWT ! Creating the remote servlets is also a piece of cake! It registers your servlet automatically in web.xml and does other neat stuff.

UPDATE: Great presentation from the Prodyna GmbH:

UPDATE: GWT presentation video from Bruce Johnson:

To learn some theory - have a look here:

Read the whitepaper form the IBM:

And a great presentation from

and it's version with the speaker noted there.

I found the development with GWT quite easy, it's quite similar to the swing development with it's actionlisteners etc.. My task now is to create the form which would have it's fields expanded regarding to the role of the user that logged in. With icefaces it was the matter of an hour, GWT learning curve seems to be quite longer, but maybe it's because I knew JSF before. Anyway.. it's worth to have a look at these technologies, because they allow you to combine the AJAX and Java approach, without any painful javascript coding. If you'd have some experiences with the GWT, or other web technologies, feel free to comment ! Thank you



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That was a nice read. Thanks for sharing. :)

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