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Joomla plugin which encrypts sensitive user information

Joomla CMS user plugin which protects all sensitive user data from being stolen by encrypting them on database level. So when someone finds a dump of your database, or creates this dump when hacking your website, all this information are unusable unless you have the correct key. This is very useful for websites having huge amount of registered users and don't want these sensitive information to be exposed. The encryption is more or less transparent, so all 3rd party extensions are allowed to read user tables via SQL queries or API without a problem.

Nearly 100,000 users with sensitive information in joomla database


100,000 users information encrypted




+1 #1 hanji 2011-09-30 10:43
I have a question. Once the plugin is executed, how could I restore or reset encryption of user's data?

In the ReadMe file it does not mention anything about it.
-1 #2 matto 2011-09-30 16:16
update jos_users set name=AES_DECRYPT(nam e, 'SECURITY_KEY'), username=AES_DECRYPT(use rname, 'SECURITY_KEY'), email=AES_DECRYPT(ema il, 'SECURITY_KEY');
+1 #3 matto 2011-09-30 16:16
just use your own security key you used for encryption
+1 #4 matto 2011-09-30 16:20
I will mention this the documentation also..
you also need to replace the varbinary -> varchar

ALTER TABLE `jos_users`
CHANGE `name` `name` VARCHAR( 255 ) NOT NULL , CHANGE `username` `username` VARCHAR( 150 ) NOT NULL,
CHANGE `email` `email` VARCHAR( 100 ) NOT NULL
+1 #5 matto 2011-09-30 16:24
README.TXT is updated now, also installation packages

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