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Natali - library information system

natali library information system NataLi is an J2EE library information system developed as University project. It uses Java, EJB, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, JSP, Struts and allows you to maintain Books, Magazine records, and other library related items through an user-friendly web interface.
screenshot showing administration interface, adding new book into database

NataLi is a library information system which has been developed as an University diploma work. Aim of this project is to present how can an library information system be written and help other people who are interested in J2EE development to understand this kind of technology and pass more easily through steps which are now simple but were quite painful for us to understand and utilize from the start.
This is a basic UML use-case diagram

This project covers the strategy of basic UML analyzis and popular Object-Oriented Programming with Class Diagram, Activity Diagram, Sequence Diagram, Entity-Relationship Diagram etc. We are using also some of basic J2EE patterns as Session EJB (Enterprise Java Beans), POJO (Plain Old Java Objects), DAO (Data Access Objects) and specially a MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern. As an ORM (Object Relational Mapping) we use Hibernate, PostgreSQL as an Relational Database, Struts framework (MVC) for more effective and faster web development. This library information system allows you as an librarian to maintain Books, Magazine records, Categories of Readers, their Addresses and Reservations, Borrowings, Privileges, printing of Reminders and many more things through an user-friendly web interface. For Reader it acts as a system with restricted privileges. Because this business methods are wrapped to an Enterprise Java Beans, it is possible to use this logic in other user interface such as Java Client-server application, an Applet etc. We are giving this J2EE library information system to a wide public with the hope it will be helpful and useful.




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