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ExtraWatch is web analytics website visitor tracking tool. Learn more...

Features: Click heatmap, conversion tracking, interactive HTML5 traffic flow chart and many other useful functionalities, which will help you to optimize your site.


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ExtraWatch for Joomla 1.6 and 1.7 and 2.5 (free limited version with backlink) Download

This is FREE version with ads and back link to

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PRO: 29 EUR 14 EUR

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PRO: 29 EUR 14 EUR

Live Stats
Graphs & Trends
Visits History
Nightly Email Reports
Last Visit Interactive Map
Interactive HTML5 Traffic Flow
Inversed Goals
Submitted GET/POST vars
1/7/30-day DB Status
Component & Module sizes
SEO Report with Keyphrases
Auto-update functionality
Security audited code
Free updates
Frontend logo removal
Frontend backlink removal
Lifetime license for your domain
30-day money back guarantee
One-touch access from Android
Complete translations:
Nofollow link from sponsors page



Buy Now

PRO: 29 EUR 14 EUR

Buy Now

PRO: 29 EUR 14 EUR

* Free version = JoomlaWatch 1.2.12, PRO version = JoomlaWatch 1.2.17

Download the latest PRO Version with much more features (for 9 / 15 EUR)



Download the JoomlaWatch 1.2.17 PRO

Submitted By:
matto (matto)
Submitted On:
04 May 2013
This software is released under the GNU GPL v3 license, and comes with absolutely NO WARRANTY and NO SUPPORT.
You agree to use it at your own responsibility, respecting all the laws applicable for your country and countries of your visitors.
Author bears no responsibility for security misconfiguration of your server.

You agree to respect the privacy of your visitors by placing a notice into your Privacy policy, that your site uses this software.
You also agree that you can be informed via an email you provided about the information regarding this software

This software contains non-intrusive 3rd party 468x60px advertisements in the back-end section and a backlink to
This is the only way how to keep the component free of charge. If you don't want to see any kind of advertisements, please use some older versions with older features as 1.2.5.

To get rid of these limitations, you can make a one-time donation to get the Ad-free license for your domain. Your ads will be removed, and your name will be listed (if agreed) on the donation page.
This way you'll also support the further development and make the features availiable.

Warranty and Support
This component comes with NO WARRANTY and NO SUPPORT. For this purpose, there is a forum and FAQ section.
When purchasing the PRO license, your support questions will be prioritized.

Every installation is unique because of the configuration of PHP, Apache, MySQL server, file and directory privileges and so on.
If such situation occurs, please read the FAQ section first, then try to find a similar topic in the forum, and if this doesn't work,
please submit a bug report ( describing in detail all circumstances. This way you can ensure it can be solved faster that some forum post with no additional information.

By ticking the checkbox you agree to the license conditions above.

Enjoy using JoomlaWatch
Matej Koval, author
File Version:
File Date:
22 Apr 2010
Total Votes:1

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