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Accura site content management system
Accura Content Management System, is a WYSIWYG editor allowing your clients to manage and edit their website content anytime and anywhere.

Agen 2d game engine
AGen is a game engine and framework than you can use entirely from Lua scripts

Allucanget: a http client dlang library
AllUCanGET is a HTTP client library written in D programming language.

Content management system easywebmanager
Easywebmanager is a powerful and flexible application that enables you to create, edit and manage website content

Data mining for reguar expressions.
This site allows programmers to enter a string which is the analysed and all of the sub-expressions in the string are presented. The programmer selects those elements (s)he is interested in and a program is generated that extracts those elements from that string. Supports lots of languages: perl, php, ruby, java, javascript, coldfusion, python, c, c++, c#, .net, vb, vbscript.

Distributed genetic programming framework
The Distributed Genetic Programming Framework is a scalable Java genetic programming environment. It comes with an optional specialization for evolving assembler-syntax algorithms for automata. For that automata it includes an network simulation extension

Employee time sheet management software
Log Your Time is a Online Time Management Software Employee Time Sheet Management Software Online Time Management Software

ES Flash Photo Gallery is a great way to showcase personal pictures of family and friends, architectural portfolio, graphic arts, wedding photographs, own graphic art or any other thing you would like to showcase on your web site. It has lots of great features: unlimited number of images and thumbnails; views thumbnail images by scrolling left or right; preloader for loading images; easily add photos, thumbnails and captions in an XML file which can be easily edited in Notepad.

ER/DataGen provides a seamless interface to ERwin and ER/Studio in producing "Model-driven" test data.

Explorer pc
File manager Free GNU GLP for DOS (FreeDOS,DrDOS or compatibles)

Freeware 8086 microprocessor emulator
Emu8086 is a Visual Microprocessor Emulator of Intel 8086 with an Integrated Assembler, Tutorials and Disassembler. Free Download.

Lan messenger - lan chat instant messaging softwar ...
Outlook LAN Messenger is an interoffice Instant Messaging Software. Download this Corporate Instant Messenger and try for free

Merobase · software component finder
Codesearch engine with unique features like abstraction (i.e. API) -based searches quick response times and a clear presentation of results.

Parental control
XPCOP is a software application for system administration, internet accouting, Web content filtering and bandwidth usage accounting. Its highly useful for Parental Control, Internet Cafe billing/monitoring, Educational Institutes, Offices etc

Pebrowse professional interactive
Native and managed code debugger/disassembler for Windows XP & Windows 2000

Simple declarative language (sdl)
The Simple Declarative Language provides an easy way to describe lists, maps, and trees of typed data in a compact, easy to read representation. The simple and intuitive API allows you to read, write, and access all the datastructures using a single class

Spyware scanner
NoAdware application helps prevent infections from adware and spyware. Use the scanner to verify if your site is infected or not. Free updates and trial of the software.

Stylus studio 2006 xml enterprise edition
Stylus Studio? 2006 Release 2 XML Enterprise Edition is an advanced XML Integrated Development Environment (XML IDE) and high-performance Java components for deploying data integration applications. Stylus Studio includes various tools and utilities for w

Sumo access manager
SUMO Access Manager is a security system written in PHP that protect your web applications adding on your source code ONLY ONE LINE OF CODE! It can manage users, group profiles and security policies with easy through advanced web based console written using AJAX to emulate a desktop interface. And last but not least it's Free Software released under GPL licence.

Website of freelance programmer
Get free consultation about software development, programming; order software development, website; order support of existing application.

Winasm studio, the assembly ide - free downloads, ...
WinAsm Studio is a free Integrated Development Environment for developing 32-bit Windows and 16-bit DOS programs using the Assembly Language. It is a MUI application already translated to many languages, includes a Visual Resource Editor for rc scripts. Highly extensible via user created Add-Ins (aka plug-ins). A lot of free (most of which are open source) projects (such as HiEditor, a large file editor), custom controls to dowload, a popular programming forum and a link directory to add your site.

Wolf - soft: download soft
This site contains collection of software of all kinds. Features: rating of programs, website search, opportunity to leave comments, and especially for authors: website supports PAD-files!

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