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Mainstream forum
Mainstream forum-discuss about php and programming generaly,read articles and tutorials,download program examples webmaster resources
A comprehensive directory of tools and information for web designers of all levels. Resources include templates, scripts, tutorials, graphics, and much more.

All online programming tutorials
All Online programming tutorials,Free E-books,Interview Questions,Online exams,MBA Entrance,Web Services,Dot Net

Applian technologies
Applian Technologies (pronounced uh-ply-uhn) develops and provides world-class affordable streaming media recording software for the Windows user. As a strong proponent of Fair Use rights, we focus on offering solutions that provide the freedom to record streaming media for personal use. We are a customer-oriented company and strive to provide excellence in service and support.

Babieca search
Search engine and Meta search engine offering results of the most comprehensive search tools on the web. Includes Video search, jobs search, downloads, answers and a web directory.

Code beach - free and open source code and tutoria ...
Code Beach is your complete guide to free and open source code and tutorials for ASP, C++, C#, ColdFusion, Delphi/Kylix, Java, JavaScript, Palm, Perl, PHP, Pocket PC, Python, and Visual Basic

Coding forums
Web development and coding forums. With a vast range of web coding tutorials, get help on PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript and more.

Convert jpg to pdf and pdf to jpg online with free ...
Online Image converter converts JPG to PDF just as PDF to JPG with one click and without restrictions on file size. Image converter supports a large number of image formats.

Delphi examples and tutorials
Delphi Examples and Tutorials

Encrypt4all is a Windows™ File and Folder Encryption Utility. This Program is a powerful encryption program used to store your private documents into a single encrypted archive

Free computer help tutorials & technology guides
Free technology reference material for computer users. Includes computer help articles, Technology guides and Buyer guides. From beginners to advanced computer users, these reference guides will educate every PC owner.

Free online programming resources
Free Online Tutorial, Articles, News, and Download for learning to program

Home | bytemycode
ByteMyCode is a web 2.0 code sharing community where users can share their code snippets and tutorials. Browse our free coding resources.

Kodyaz development resource site
Development resources, articles, tutorials, samples, code, tools and news for .Net, SQL Server, Reporting Services, Analysis Services, OLAP, Windows Vista, etc.

Pdf magus
PDF Text Replace Tool

Programming for dummies
Tutorials for programming in Qbasic,Pascal, C/C++,Visual Basic and Assembly.Also has some tutors for HTML and Java for creating your own webpages.

Programming forum
Web Development and Programming Help Community. Browse forums, snippets, and tutorials. Get help from experts in C++, PHP, Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, .NET, and more!

Programming forum
Provides advice and opinions by members to questions coupled with a vast variety of tutorials and articles related to programming.

Programming tutorials
.NET Framework ASP.NET C# Visual Basic.NET Web Services ASP 3.0 Assembly C C++ Cobol Cold Fusion Delphi HTML J2EE Java JavaScript Perl PHP Python.

Collection of programming tutorials, articles and resources in a number of languages such as Java, ASP, PHP, C#, VB, XML, C++, .NET, COBOL

Scratch projects :: programming projects from scra ...
Scratch Project publishes original programming tutorials based on full projects rather than code snippets.

Static analysis,software quality for c,c++,java
Coverity Prevent™ is the leading automated approach to identifying and resolving the most critical defects in C, C++ and Java source code

Visitor counter
Visitors counter Analyze your visitor behaviour, optimize website and then increase conversions and sales. Once called the "Swiss Army Knife" for every Joomla! website. ➨ Android mobile app - access your stats with one-click from your mobile screen ➨ See map of clicks on Heatmap - see the most "active" spots of your website, optimize page to get better conversions and sales - monitoring of unique ids of clicked elements and possibility to set them as goals and watch how it changes in time - tracks also link clicks ➨ Monitor Downloaded files - transparent way how to monitor which files your users have downloaded - interactive HTML5 line chart - referer monitoring - from where was file referenced (your own site or 3rd party site) ➨ Monitor User activity - detect last user activity - report and send alert emails when users share same login from different IP ➨ Facebook, Twitter and other Social media - detection from where your users came from such as: facebook, twitter, RSS, etc. ➨ Mobile devices detection - detect most common Android, iOS and other devices and their types ➨ Check Search Engines Reports - check percentage of traffic from search engines - list of keywords by which users found your website and their stats - increase and decrease of search result position and their trends - list of most common unique keyphrases so you can export them to 3rd party tool to monitor and increase search rank position ➨ Traffic Flow - an interactive HTML5 chart of flow of traffic between your pages ➨ Directory Sizes - you can monitor which other extensions are taking up your hosting space ➨ Database Status - monitoring of increase / decrease of database table sizes in time ➨ Front-end widgets - displays number of visits per specific time period ➨ Live Stats - allows you to "watch" your visitors as they come to your website in real time - total time of each user session - monitor when user has left the website, marking session as inactive ➨ Nightly Email Reports - summary report sent overnight so you can chech how your site performs in the morning ➨ Goals - allows you to track various types of user actions, such as: visited page, page title, username, IP address, came from, country, URL and Form parameters, option to block or redirect such users - import / export goals ➨ Graphs - section contains daily and weekly bar charts for pages, goals, users .. etc. ➨ Anti-spam - contains list of pre-defined spam words and blocked IP addresses, you can add your "bad words" into this list based on which the IP addresses will be blocked from your website ➨ History - same as live stats but for previous days ➨ Settings - various configuration params + 32 world languages ➨ Other - asynchronous tracking - does not affect page speed - possibility to use also cloud-based version which stores data on 3rd party server

Webmaster directory network
A searchable directory of Webmaster resources and Webmaster tools. Webmaster Directory Network includes links to resources for tutorials and programming, promotion, advertising, Internet marketing, search engines and many other useful resources for webmasters

Webmaster software
Download SEO, PHP, JavaScript, XML and other related windows software which will help webmasters to develop and promote their sites.

Webmaster tips 'n' tutorials
Free tools, code and resources on web design, HTML, Javascript and Internet marketing.

Webpelican | internet programming, web tutorials a ...
Offers Internet programming assignments with solutions, Web tutorials and Resources including Java, Servlets, JavaScript, XHTML and CSS.

Blog on programming, scripting, HTML, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Tutorials, Security, and more.

Design and Development Tutorials

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