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Slow Apache PHP UniServer on localhost


It's been months since I was trying to figure out WHY was PHP and Apache sooo damn slow on localhost !

I tried uniserver, xampp, wamp, all kind of server bundles which were offering PHP/Apache/MySQL. I was even thinking about developing under Ubuntu linux.

Whenever I tried to refresh a page, it took approximately 3 seconds or even more. Very annoying !


I found several posts around the internet such as:


Most of them are instructing you to add lines to windows hosts file. You know what? It doesn't help !


What worked for me regarding slow Apache / PHP on localhost


>>> I changed localhost to in configuration.php of Joomla installation. That's all !  <<<<


I'm currently using Uniserver, which is really great.

If you're using Wordpress, some other CMS, or even no CMS at all, you have to change it in some main database configuration file.


Results before running command "wget.exe localhost"

Start time: 2014-12-21 15:28:18
End time:  2014-12-21 15:28:24 (6 seconds difference ! )


After the modification:

Start time: 2014-12-21 15:38:21
2014-12-21 15:38:22 (1 second difference ! )


waiting 6 seconds vs 1 second can be a huge difference if your're doing some development on localhost !

If I knew that some time ago it could have saved me hours waiting for damn f*** windows trying to resolve localhost to even though this entry was in etc/hosts file !



Write for us - tips and articles

We're looking for skilled developers who can write technical articles for this popular website.
The same way as they would do on their own blog but I can pay for their posts. Our portal is quite popular and at first places on google so this is also opportunity to introduce yourself. Short note about your person and your skills will be at the end of each of your article also with a link to your own website/profile.

I'm interested in topics: >>HTML5, SVG, CSS3<<, Joomla CMS (creating components/modules), Java, Spring, JSF, IceFaces, EJB, Hibernate, Javascript frameworks, jQuery, SEO tips, Liferay portal, etc.

Looking for a long term co-operation at reasonable prices. First I'd like to start with small tips/articles to see potential of developer, then giving him more responsibility for longer articles.

The content should be unique, not copied from somewhere else. After I pay for an article, I buy this article including copyright. 
Paypal is required.

Another thing what I'm looking for is some developer - native english speaker, preferably from US or UK, who can make corrections on existing posts by other users who are from other countries including me.

If you are interested, please reply to an email in header of this website with overview of your recent work, CV and rates at which you would be able to create such content.

Thank you!


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