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date: 07.08.2017

We need a web animation in the two pages which is named as “My Room“in our website
Four Images are attached here two images for Girl page and another two images for Boy page, you can replaces the position of radio, books, pot and cat.
1) When user enter in the page, the lamp gives deem light in the room after few (1 or 2) seconds the lamp will give a bright light in the room.
2) After that Cat will display the message "Say Hi" when user click on that message user will gets all friend requests
3) When user click on arrow which is shown at right corner of the window, it will give the options to user which is Day/Night/Rainy/Winter and according to that the window view will change.
4) Same as 3rd point When user click on arrow at the left corner of window will show the color icons when user click on icons it will change the color of curtain according to that icons color.
5) There is one pot in a template in that a plant with bud,It will Display the message i.e “I Need Water” when user click on that message the bud will convert into the flower by showing user watered the plant and after that bud converted into flower.(for this point we need a demo)
6) When user click on Radio, it will display the message "Do You Want Music" when user click on that message the short music will play.
7) When user click on any book then book will open and user can read a book.
8) On same page user can change profile picture.

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