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List of open projects:

ERP system in c#
date: 29.08.2015
name:sadhana pawar
description:having four modules as student, teacher,parents,admin

date: 26.08.2015
description:need to develop a customised billing software for my clothing retail shop.

have done a raw frame work with vb. need tuning

Wordpress customization
date: 24.08.2015
description:Iam looking to customize a Wordpress theme to develop a travel portal. Developers familiar with Wordpress , PHP, MySQL is needed for this job.

Customisations of Dolibarr (PHP, MySQL)
date: 23.08.2015
description:Customisation of Dolibarr to Indian cotext with our specific requirement. Developing new module for letter management.

Accounts Management System in VB6.0
date: 22.08.2015
description:I develop software sitting at home. Most recent I have developed software of co-operative society (Bank) which has 80 forms. It is very large project. I have used visual basic 6.0 and MS access 2010 to complete this software. Following forms have been introduced to complete this project:-
1. Switch user . 2. Active user. 3 Inactive User. 4. Employee registration. 5. Change User Password. 8. Change Master Password. 9. Exit
2. Account : 1. New A/C Open (Savings , FS, RD, MDS, MIS, Chas Certificate, Loan, etc) 2. Account Summery. 3. A/C close. 4. A/C closes. 5. A/C Block. 6. Remove Blockage. 7.
3. Amt. Receive: 1. Receive from Saving .RD,FD, Cash certificate, Receive Voucher, etc.
4. Amt. Release : 1. Amt. Withdrawal. 2. Loan Allotment. 3. Payment Voucher, etc
5. Interest: 1. Interest setup. 2. Daily interest release. Interest disburse to A/C , etc
6. Non-Banking: 1. Purchase. 2. Sale
7. Report: 1. Trading, PL sheet, Balance Sheet
8. More 30 forms have been introduced

Mobile Application in Hadoop
date: 21.08.2015
description:We are a startup and need a mobile application to be developed as a proof of concept for retail shops. The application would be product sales by retailers for the customers.

Managing Director
date: 21.08.2015
name:Graham Moran
description:---- Employer Information ---
nexo QA is an independent company consisting of 100% private capital. Our goal is to encourage the implementation of good practices in IT and Software Engineering industries. To achieve this objective, nexo QA organizes conferences, seminars, workshops and training (both private and open to the public), all with the participation by internationally-recognized experts in the field.
For the events division of the company we require a new website, that is separate from the main website. Current website:
Please read the project description carefully before applying.
--- High-level Non-functional Requirements ---
- The website is to be developed in HTML5, no preference is given to the scripting / programming langauges used nor type of database (once it is a relational database).
- The web design needs to be responsive, supporting devices such as but not limited to Apple, Android & Windows as well as various screen sizes.
- The website should be both backward and forward compatible with standard browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari & mobile device browsers as well as all other standard complaint web browsers.
- The website needs to support, at a minium, English and Spanish localisation.
- The website must be secure and not vunerabe to attracts, such as but not limited to SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting.
- The website must support SEO and be integrated with Google Analytics.
--- High-level Functional Requirements ---
- The website should have a back-end that provides enriched editing capabilities whereby all content at the front-end can be updated and customised.
- It should be capable of embbedding all type of content, such as but not limited to iFrames.
- It should include the following modules:
- An advandced SEO module, allowing metatags to be managed, pages to be optimized, keyworkds to be monitored by google, ALT tags, advandced seo stats, etc.
- A newsletter section whereby users can sign-up to a mothly newsletter (including a two-step verification sign-up process as well as a notification process that new users have signed up).
- A news section, ordering and display news acticles by date and allowing the user to browse back and forth through older news articles.
- A social media section with embedded feeds and timelines from social media, such as but not limited to Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter.
- An agenda section where a conference program is displayed according to day, hour and assigned track.
- A speaker & committee section module where information is displayed bout speakers and members.
- A registration section where users can register via an embedded iFrame.
- A venue section where information about the event venue is displayed
- A past event section where information is displayed about previous events
- A community section containing a calendar of events displaying up-and-coming events within a calendar and sessions within a carousel allowing the user to browser back and forth past sessions.
- A Sponsors section where information is displayed about event sponsors and partners
- An About Us section containing a contact form that allows users to contact the company (including text/image recognition verification)
--- Special developer / designer notes ---
- The website has to be a standalone website, aimed at promoting the company’s brand expo:QA rather than promoting the company (nexo QA) itself. Therefore nexo QA should not be incorporated too much into the design.
- A detailed set of requirements are availble on request.
- Wireframes will be provided to guide the design of the website.
- A number of similar websites will be provided and we recommend are used for guidence.
- Logotypes and corporate images are available to become familiar and aligned with our corporative color scheme. The website must be light in color and in no way follow a dark color scheme.
- All front-end content will be entered by us via the back-end.
- It is important that fluid & regular communication is established bewteen you and us and a delivery must be made on a weekly basis.
- We will test the website and report defects back to you, which should be fixed within a specific period after each delivery.
---- Deadline & Payment Conditions ---
- Total completion of the project is ideally four weeks (28 days) but can be negociated before awarding the contract.
- Communication can be in either English or Spanish via e-mail and skype
- No automated bids / messages (standard messages will be ignored)
---- Addional Notes ---
NOTE 1: After this project, we intend on aquiring a new website for our main company nexo QA. If the project completes to our satisfaction there is a high chance of being awarded this new project as well.
NOTE 2: Although our desired deadline is 28 days, if you are able to do it faster you are more then welcome to do so.

Google Calendar API version with Coldfusion
date: 20.08.2015
name:Gavy Randhawa
description:Hi, I need a Google Calendar API V3 with Coldfusion, There are out many, but they are not good enough, I want the Code should be easy to use and must be logged into the calendar till i am browsing my webpage, it should do whatever it takes to keep the login information intact with one time google login credentuials and must not ask again and again for google login

Budget is 100 USD, Let me know if that is feasible. Must be in Coldfusion, You could Use railo, Lucee too

Looking for Drupal , PHP & My SQL
date: 20.08.2015
name:Birju Mohanty
description:HI There,
Nice to know about this site hope to get some smart freelancer.
Looking for some Freelance It experienced in Drupal and PHP, My SQL.
As per the project requirement the duration would be 40-50 days. the requirement would be relate to accounting and hr payroll services .
Location- Bangalore India (searching people only from Bangalore)

Interested aspirant can go through our Company website for their own idea. also can reach out to me on the below details for more information.
Contact to :

.Net developers
date: 19.08.2015
name:Anushree Chaubal
description:Spring CT is looking out for .net freelance developers based in Pune

Hadoop Tutorial article
date: 18.08.2015
description:an article, from developer who can provide basic introduction, step by step guide and his insights on how to utilize hadoop with examples.
Real-life examples on getting started.

Please bid with your experiences with hadoop , price and how fast you can deliver the article.


RDLC Report in Vb.Net
date: 12.08.2015
name:Sohan Kumar
description:We use Crystal Report for Printing, Now we convert Report in RDLC, during design facing following problems

Django web application development
date: 10.08.2015
Need an experienced web application developer to build a robust web application (that will also have a mobile app soon). Skills required:
1. Python
2. JQuery
3. Django

Please respond asap.

WebView - Off Line Android
date: 10.08.2015
name:Giridhar Puthige
description:I am looking for an android app to run locally stored files (written in xml but triggered by a html file) on a Tab / Smartphone.
a. There should be a start icon on the Android phone
b. On clicking this, the app should open up a screen with various icons (with Company logo etc., lets call this a Main screen).
c. Each of the icons should be linked to a locally stored .html file which will in turn run a program written by me in xml, js.
d. I need the project template with the code so that I can later on include/delete icons on the main screen through Android Studio.
This is Basic requirement. I need a quote for this.
I am also looking for an advanced app as follows:
1. All of the above Basic requirements
2. But instead of accessing local files, the app should convert them as assets internally so that I can send just one file (the app) to my customers to intall directly on their phones/tabs and view.
3. Here also, I need template so that I can add and delete internal files whenever I want and re-send to customers.


Cs-Cart Theme
date: 05.08.2015
name:Jeremy Jeremy Dewaal
description:I need help to get this theme installed with some changes to design and layout.

I have already logo and text to use in my store.

freelancer software project
date: 04.08.2015
name:RamaKrushna pati
description:i have a software company.I want to be a outsourcing software project like as
collage automation project
mobile apps development
web designing project
restaurant management
student related project,etc...


Accounting Sales & Inventory Management System For Book Publishers
date: 31.07.2015
name:Karan Pandey
description:I have a Pvt Ltd Company Based in central Delhi. We are into system integration. I have a small team of developer with short work experience who are developing a Sales & Inventory Management project for a client. We need experienced freelance consultant to Lead this project on consulting basis. Preferably from Delhi NCR. The consultant will have to periodically visit to monitor work progress and guide the team in completion of project. The skill set required are : .Net, C#,ADO,SQL,Crystal etc. Contact me at ph: 9810128412

Farm Fresh Vegetables...
date: 28.07.2015
name:Suresh Iyer
description:Need on an urgent basis developers to release a mobile app.

Classic ASP to .net MVC migration
date: 21.07.2015
description:We are in the industry from 1999. Our product is hotel management software developed in classic ASP and partially. We are planning to upgrade to MVC and we have 7 developers who can work on and classic asp. I want a employee or free lancer who can manage the upgrade right from architecture and till deployment.

Need a Software to manage Customer Details
date: 10.07.2015
name:Anand S
description:Develop a simple tool to manage Customer Details using PHP and MySQL

- Standalone application
- Application will be hosted in Intranet
- Multi-User Login
- UI should be easy to use, modern themes and icons
- We will share the workflow of the application with the person who is hired

date: 07.07.2015
name:Akshay Bhat
description:An app which lets people vent their emotions(anger, happiness, sadness, frustration, disgust). We all are unhappy with things around us. We end up speaking to people who we know and then they also give up listening to our same story. I want to give an app where people can talk about their emotions to each other anonymously. I want to give the user(guest) the liberty to speak the heart out without knowing who the other person is. No registration required. No personal info shared. Want to have an user friendly app with emoticons and stickers. Looking for a DEV who can do it.

Hit me back if you are interested.

FB application
date: 06.07.2015
description:User logs into AUTO COMMENT SYSTEM(ACS), which will be linked to Facebook account.

There will be spaces where user can enter URL of group posts, and each would have a button user can click to trigger the comment, but there will also be another button on top or bottom that will trigger all the group posts entered , so it can be up to 20 group posts.

And there will be an option to set duration of when the posts will be triggered so let’s say every 20 min. or so! and there’s an option to set the auto-comment on or off.

ok let’s say the Catalina FB account is linked to the ACS, any user in our team could log in the system and if they set the triggers, that Catalina account will make the auto-comments in the group posts that we put in the system

For more Details Contact to my email.

MIMO_OFDM detector algorithms in Matlab
date: 03.07.2015
name:Kunal Patel
description:i need code for the three algorithms in the below.

Please contact me i will share the document for this. Also share me your price for this.

MobApp Development
date: 01.07.2015
name:Gaurav Kumar

we need a MobApp developer who will be the lead Architect and SME for the developed App to take care of all the technical and programming responsibility. will probably need to travel overseas and can be funded for the developed App and rewarded with the additional perks as business grows. it has to be someone looking for challenges and can work as Freelancer on full time or part time basis.

Contact me on with your profile..

Thx you

Payroll Software to be developed for SMEs
date: 01.07.2015

I am a Chartered Accountant and I am looking for a developer who can develop a payroll software for SMEs. This software needs to capture leave data and then compute their net pay with the link to have Form 16 also populated for applicable cases. This is my broad description. It would be good if I could interact with the programmer to describe more.
Again I have no knowledge of programming so the language to be used etc is out of my skill set. :-).
Hope this above description would suffice. Please contact me to take it further.

date: 29.06.2015
name:Pritesh Gor
description:POS System in and VB script

Directory Joomla Website
date: 26.06.2015
name:Andrew Core
description:We in need of web eveloper for a new directory website, we are looking for something easy to use and update.
We already have Joomla installed and we need this extension included in website.

Multi Channel Capture solution
date: 26.06.2015
name:Pankaj Duggal
description:Require a program with a feature of capturing 4 channels / inputs both audio and video simultaneously.

?Four channel auidio video capture via capture card.
?Has to be direct show compatible.
?Lower CPU usage
?customize output formats like mpeg, mpeg2,mp4,wmv, h264 etc.
?recorded output should be clear nice picture quality and soind.
?file break / scheduling is required.
?Time and date stamping.
?SDK can be given if required.


Design manager
date: 25.06.2015
name:Vikram Kadian
description:We are looking for C# based UI design for Unmanned ISR platforms designed and manufactured by us.

MX Computer Project
date: 24.06.2015
name:Mostafa Ali Ali
please read the project specification here:

kind regards
MX Computer Team

Database Consultant
date: 15.06.2015
name:Ann Smith, a UK based recruiting agency is looking for Database Consultant for one of its subsidiaries. The job is remote based and you can work from home or anywhere.

Develop SQL databases and applications as per requirement
Maintain logs, reports and finetune performance
Develop test plans, code and deploy them

Well versed with PL/SQL packages, stored procedures, clusters, indexes, views, triggers and functions
Well versed with querying
Well versed with relational database system and data modelling

date: 12.06.2015
name:Alexis Colon jetpr
I need to make small app for ipad.
this projects have $300.00 budget for make some working modules in Xcode and i need the source code in xCode with sqlite db.

providing the design of the screens.

skype marketing tool
date: 12.06.2015
name:dan neuman
description:marketing tool that sends skype message to all of the skype contacts and download the same software to their pcs so its will sends the message to thir contacts and so on

SaaS based software offerings
date: 11.06.2015
name:vasanth Kumar Venkataiah
description:The project is aimed to provide SaaS based software offerings. The system needs to be scalable, secure and fast to provide real time services.

We are looking for a developer with experience in MEAN stack programming. Should also have knowledge on developing cross platform mobile applications. Our project requires development of three main components:

1. Server Tier consisting Mongo DB, Node, Express JS
2. Website/Presentation Layer: Angular JS, HTML5 etc
3. Mobile App: Preferably cross platform framework like phonegap.

Additional requirements:

1. Secure communication
2. Fault tolerant system
3. Mostly using Open Source Tools
4. Easily scalable
5. Modular approach

More details to be shared after receiving suitable resumes/offers.

Home Automation
date: 07.06.2015
name:Vishnu Kumar
description:I am looking for a App developer well versed in developing and coding GUI for a real time embedded project based on home automation. The developer should be knowledgeable about networking, database management and WiFi interfacing with embedded controller to retrieve real time data.
If interested, do let me know and we can discuss further.
This is for NPD and testing. Serious coders only !

Looking for an amazing app developer
date: 07.06.2015
name:Patrick O.
description:App development for a French entrepreneur.
Please contact me.

Vice President
date: 05.06.2015
name:Chris Hohman
description:Convert C program compiled for a UNIX SCO Platform to a Linux OS. Also, build the same application on a Mobile platform (IOS) (Android).

Data in JPEG pic format,need to enter the details in the form
date: 31.05.2015
description:Data will be provided in JPEG format.

That needs to be entered in the Forms.

If it can be automated it would be gr8.

GIS based mobile application for Android
date: 26.05.2015
name:Shekar Shekar
description:I am looking for a android application developers who are good in using GIS mapping and database technologies. Those who are interested can contact me for further details

LIMS reports
date: 25.05.2015
name:Luk Baeyens
description:Different programs to be convert from VB6 to or Program(s) can be mailed for an offer.

Mobile Payments
date: 14.05.2015
name:Project UNIPOS
This is a new concept related to E-Payments. Will involve Front-end work on Android and back end on UNIX. Will require some expertise in data-security / encryption etc. Can share more when we speak. In the meantime please write to me with your specific experience (either, some or all of)
1. Mobile App Development Android (and Bluetooth)
2. J2EE
3. MySQL
4. Postgres
5. Information security (keys, encryption, access controls)
6. Management of financial data
Encryption & Controls)
6. Financial Trans

date: 12.05.2015
name:Cynthia Zelaya Zelaya
description:App for iOS and Android

ASP website bugg fix
date: 08.05.2015
description:i have a small bu in my web and i need an ASP expert to fix it ASAP

.net for stationery section
date: 07.05.2015
name:Atul semwal Semwal
description:I am looking for a freelancers or team of freelancers who can develop a web based application which can be operated on intranet / internet for stationery section. It includes modules for Sales / Purchase / Multi-billing/ Stock Records/ Reports/ Accounts. However we already hv an application on .net which is not working up to the mark. Estimated Budget required and time of completion after development service. adding of modules. A details proposal is required. Freelancer must have 5 -8 years of experience of developing such application. email with numbers by 9/5/2015.

sms portal website
date: 04.05.2015
name:paul banjo
description:hi,i need an experienced programmer who can code a portal sending sms to phones using best programming langauge and good smsgateway.please,if you can hqandle this job email me fast.

Social search engine java
date: 04.05.2015
name:Charles Perez
description:The aim of the project is to provide users with a client side web application that allows to search for Twitter influential users. This influence is measured bad on an algorithm that combines spatial and temporal information related to tweets posted by users. Among other things this project requires :
1- A database design
2- A client side scripts
3- A server side data fetcher + Algorithm

More information on request.

date: 03.05.2015
name:S Kannan
description:We have the source code of a software written in Visual C ++ for operating an instrument. It is to be converted into dot net for use with Windows 7 & 8. The software is rich in GUI and controls the instrument through USB interface. urgent requirement.

Simple Counter application - Android
date: 27.04.2015
name:Jack Sim
description:Hi, I am looking into developing simple interface mock up version of counter application for mobile usage. (preferably offline)

Few requirement:

- Basing on "excel spreadsheet" layout" 6 x 13 squares with running numbers till it hits the last square.

- Few color buttons to differentiate the individual number.

- Suitable for portrait and landscape usage (Can be discussed further)

Optional : Able to save result and send as excel file by email or plug & play to computer

Concept + Diagram will be provided for interested developer

Web development in RubyONRails
date: 26.04.2015
name:Chandrasekharan P
description:Looking for a freelancer with Ruby on Rails skillsets, with roughly 3 to 5 years of programming experience building apps.
Database: Postgresql
Understanding of Heroku environment required.
Code Management tool: GITHub

date: 25.04.2015
name:Thomas George
description:We currently have QuickBooks Enterprise V.15 with advanced inventory and we understand that QuickBooks do not offer additional invoicing and inventory tracking options that is required for our business and we did a search on QuickBooks developers and found your name and website. After reviewing your website, we have the following questions for your and based on your response we will move forward to test out your product for 30 days before we purchase the license.

Now, we are a warehouse company with one exception, we do not buy and sell products instead we house our customers inventory in our warehouse and typically our customer will send a truck full of their inventory items, we will unload it and store it in the section of the warehouse dedicated for that customer and when this same customer is ready to pick up full or partial products from the inventory, they will send their truck and we will load the required items back into the truck.

So, how do we benefit from this? Well, we charge a fee for each item that is unloaded from the truck into the warehouse, then we will also charge a storage fee each month for all products left in our warehouse at the end of the month based on various units of measure and also we charge and outbound charge when we load items back into the truck.

Therefore, what we are looking for in your software/application is as follows:-

1. Ability to enter inventory items in various units of measurement such as individual items, cartons, cases, packages, rolls, weight such as drums, pounds and so forth for each item for each customer.
2. Ability to create invoice charge for each customer based on cumulative items remaining in the warehouse. That means lets us assume that we have a client ABC Company and they have 25 items and let us assume that each item that is stored in various formats such as individual pieces, cartons and boxes needs to be calculated into total number for palettes so that we can charge our customer for all such items on palette level.
3. Ability to charge these same customers at the end of the month with a recurring fee based on the remaining palette in the warehouse.
4. Ability to itemize invoice not just with individual charges on the invoice but also list all items that included in the said charges as part of the invoice.

Now, if we can get this done with your custom script programming then we need to talk more about this asap.

Please let me know as soon as possible with a response to this email.


Thomas George


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