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android app development
date: 03.05.2016
This project was submitted just recently and is available for Premium Freelance Members only. It will be available for other members after 2 days.
name:Be first who will contact the project owner, subscribe for premium freelance membership for only $2/month
description:projects on android app development ...
email:Be first who will contact the project owner, subscribe for premium freelance membership for only $2/month
budget:$50 - $300

date: 01.05.2016
name:Camilo Paez
description:Hi people,
Please, I need something for consolidating multiple TXT files located in mi PC into only one file (TXT, CSV or XLSX).

As an example, the TXT source files that I already downloaded are located here:

The final file that I need to generate must contain all the data from the TXT source files (I plan to select about 600), and it is required to organize it in 5 types of fields:
1. Date
2. Agent
3. Plant
4. Type of data
5. Data itself (organized on 24 columns)

A graphic explanation can be access here:

Again, I accept as an output format one of these filetypes: TXT, CSV or XLSX. If you choose XLSX, the output must be on the same datasheet.

I need this within the next 3 days.

Thank you so much.
budget:$10 - $25

Web based school management software
date: 27.04.2016
name:Shaylan Naidoo
description:I would like to have a web based platform developed for school management, a portal for pupils , teachers,parent and admin access with different levels of security, the software must be able to include results, timetables , fees, attendance, bulk and Individual messaging systems, be able to generate a report of results and to be able to create and edit the design of the report
budget:$0 - $500

Web Application Platform on Microsoft Stack
date: 24.04.2016
name:raghu ram
description:I am looking for expertise in Bangalore to build up this platform- on MVC, with entity framework. This will be phase 1 of a longer product development effort

I will share more details with qualified candidates

budget:$200 - $500

C++ simple assignment. Help needed
date: 20.04.2016
name:Sharmila Srinath
description:contact on my mail or on 9900028081
budget:$40 - $50

Resolute authentication of data into the cloud
date: 16.04.2016
name:Nandish J
description:This project is currently used real time of authentication can be verified the file after uploading a file step by step process going used to checking the key through mail after getting the code its is going to check on third party server
budget:$100 - $200

C# source code for viewing feed from IP cameras using ONVIF and RSTP
date: 16.04.2016
name:Pari N
description:I need a C# code built for viewing feed from IP cameras complaint with ONVIF and RSTP after due authentication

I need the source code so that it can be integrated into our software later.
budget:$20 - $50

date: 15.04.2016
name:Ankit Goyal
budget:$20 - $100

Warehousing and Inventory system and modules
date: 14.04.2016
name:Jay Quintos
description:I am looking for a warehousing and inventory systems integration. I am looking for programmers who have built similar systems. My budget really depends on what part or whole of the system requirement that can be built.


budget:$600 - $2000

c# developer
date: 12.04.2016
name:Rihen Dedhia
budget:$100 - $500

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
date: 11.04.2016
description:?To provide web based application for online course design,course calendar publishing, and student’s registrations forself-paced learning.
?Content administration, assignments, and assessments
?Virtual classrooms (for distance learning)
budget:$10 - $20

Set up a .NET website (code already available)
date: 08.04.2016
name:Morris Silvya
description:This is for a site that is based on an open source website and the code is available on Github. All I want is the site to be up and running. Buying the domain name and hosting will be up to me. I would expect you to recommend me a good (not so expensive) web host for the site.
There are no customizations needed for now - this will depend on your work and my satisfaction.

If interested, please contact me. I'll share you the github link, so you can check if you can really do the job and give me an estimate (hours it will take).

PS: As I'm from Delhi and having had a bad experience before with a Delhi non-resident, I will prefer NCR freelancers.

Language: .NET C#
budget:$0 - $80

Financial Consultant
date: 08.04.2016
name:Tribhuvan C
description:Required Database management , java
budget:$100 - $250

Senior Software Enginner
date: 07.04.2016
name:Vijay Barnwal

Need an Android and iOS app
date: 06.04.2016
name:Edward Rodrigues
description:Need an Android and iOS app developed from the ground up
budget:$1500 - $1500

Fetching Online data of certain fields from REST API
date: 05.04.2016
name:Shreyas S C
description:Very short work. The details of what I want to fetch using Python , is listed as follows:

NASA Meteorite Landings Data Set:

This is some Open Data REST API’s.which i need to retreive. Using the dataset located at write code function or functions to answer the questions below.


You must use Python 3+

You will have to access the dataset RESTfully, downloading the dataset is not allowed.

You will have to show ALL of your work

You should account for error handling

Output should be in the format:

Q: How many records are in the dataset?

A: 45,716


How many records are in the dataset?

How many meteorites have a mass greater than 2kg?

How many meteorites fell in the year 2008?

What is the name of the 9,992nd record in the dataset?

What is the difference in mass between the 9,992nd record and the record with an

id of 9992?
budget:$20 - $50

LAMP website with authentication and interfacing with google maps
date: 02.04.2016
name:Rahi Atray
I have following requirement;

1. Add/update/delete/modify functionality
2. Web-site can register and authenticate users (there will be multiple forms). So form validation will be required as well with captcha functionaliy.
3. Password forget/retrieval option
4. On website there should be an interface of google map where a user can
1. select area(s) of radius 1km only. This 1km restriction can be modified through web/admin interface.
2. or a specific location on the map
3. Website can inform if a specific location falls within the selected area or not?

I will provide the database schema;

There are more details to it but I have a limited budget :)

budget:$100 - $300

Program adjustment/improvement
date: 01.04.2016
name:Daniel Malan
description:Need an old program that runs in windows to be adjusted for working on computer-Tablets.

Certain features needs to be taken away and some added.

Bluetooth (add/change)
Portrait View (add)
Printer with scanner compatible (Add)
SD card

All of the above must be written into the program to run smoothly on a PC-Tablet.

Please contact me for more info.

budget:$100 - $700

Directory website
date: 28.03.2016
name:Alan Burrows
description:I am looking for a web developer to build a directory website for my business.
I've already purchased theme and this directory extension
I need somebody to setup and manage directory website.
budget:$1400 - $1600

Hospital Administration System in C#
date: 26.03.2016
name:Bergin Sheni
description:1. Visual Studio 2010 and above.
budget:$50 - $150

date: 24.03.2016
name:m rahman rahman
need a joomla developer for create a joomla tamplate from html/css file.
budget:$70 - $100

date: 24.03.2016
name:Geran Capewell
description:I am looking for a freelance developer who has experience developing themes and modules for ATutor 2.2 LMS (See

This will be for the development of multiple themes and modules with varying budgets depending on the complexity of the project.

I hope to create a lasting relationship with a reliable, competent developer for ongoing development and support on a contract basis.

Applicants must have references.

Thank you.
budget:$100 - $250

Wireless networks and software services to hotels
date: 22.03.2016
name:Roger Bilson
description:Looking for a PHP programmer that can work with social media SDKs to produce code 'modules' that can output as a PHP array and which we can then integrate into our site being developed. This would be an ongoing project priced on a per social media module basis
Email is preferred contact method. If interested we would do a Confidentiality agreement, then brief you more fully.
budget:$500 - $600

Education online test Related Application
date: 22.03.2016
name:Shann Chandrawat
description:I need an application which could be used in a website to insert Chemical Reactions, Maths Equations Graph and Images directly from the Excel Sheet.
Please confirm me the cost also that's why I am not mention the Budget.

SEO for E-Commerce Website
date: 22.03.2016
name:Meenakshi Sundaram
description:Need SEO and Social Media Promotional activities for my E-commerce website.
budget:$300 - $500

Software Programming
date: 17.03.2016
name:Yashwanth Kumar
description:Need software programming where I need to extract (add/delete/substitute/omit) information from one file and programme the same in other file (insert/delete/substitute)
budget:$25 - $50

ip camera control system
date: 14.03.2016
name:veerabahu m
description:The project is develop the c level code for Android SDK.
budget:$150 - $300

Search page and Admin page
date: 09.03.2016
name:Binu Joy
description:My existing website has a videos page which needs to be redesigned with a SEARCH bar and search results to be listed in a grid with minimum info. video previews with details to open in a another when a desired search link is clicked.
Videos with a Category (Class), sub-category (topic name), label (Sub-topic), title, and description needs to be added using an ADMIN page, such that separate pages has to be added to server that support SEO. Admin page should have a similar option to update existing Media and Press release pages.
This project should be updated to our server and ensure working.
budget:$60 - $150 Developer for windows application
date: 08.03.2016
description:Using VB.Net Frame work 3.5 and SQL2008 need to Modify and develop Windows Base Application.
Candidate can able to write Reports in Crystal and HTML.
For more details : , 9999022260
budget:$100 - $250

Dotnet Developer having 3 years 8 months of experience
date: 03.03.2016
name:Lipsa mayee Nayak
description:i'm looking for some to develop library management system ,HR management system,Student management system etc.
budget:$30 - $60

Fight Surveillance: Android IMSI-Catcher Detector
date: 03.03.2016
name:SecUpwN ;-)
description:Good morning Android developers and privacy geeks,

our team and I would like to invite you to our important privacy project wanting to make a difference against mass surveillance: The Android IMSI-Catcher Detector (short: AIMSICD) is having the eager goal of helping average phone users and of course privacy enthusiasts to detect attacks on their mobile network connection.

GitHub Website (easy to forward to friends):

Sounds crazy? We know. But who will stand up against all the bullshit that governments and intelligence agencies produce out there, if we don't? Give a star to our GitHub repository and help us with pull requests to improve our app as best possible. Thank you!

With warm and fuzzy greetings to every single one of you,

SecUpwN // Maintainer of the AIMSICD Privacy Project

Attendance management system (face recognition)
date: 01.03.2016
name:mahesh vishwakarma
description:face recognition system for attendance
budget:$100 - $300

Looking for web developer
date: 01.03.2016
name:Somashekhar Sajjan
description:i'm looking for some to develop website similar to
budget:$100 - $150

Education Tool for Cryptography
date: 29.02.2016
name:Nithya LNU LNU
description:Educational tool for cryptography usingAES - triple DES.

Animation to show difference in performance / time

Convert it to a chrome packaged app.
budget:$20 - $40

Spell checker using N-grams in Python
date: 29.02.2016
name:Roshna Nazir
description:An n-gram based spell checker for Kannada language with simple GUI. Kannada dictionary will be provided.
budget:$100 - $200

File Database parsing, reading, modifying, saving and re-reading in xml and java
date: 28.02.2016
name:Shilpa Taneja
description:Can be discussed over email or call.
budget:$80 - $100

CRM software
date: 26.02.2016
name:manish mishra
description:I need a CRM for my IT solutions and ISP business. I need to maintain my sales calls, customer quote, vendor registration, lead management, billing, calls & other more features according to me and my company requirements.

budget:$500 - $2000

Data extraction in .NET (C#)
date: 24.02.2016
name:Naren Burade
description:.NET DLL to be developed in C# which has a function call to accept HTML data as parameters. The HTML data to be cleaned to text before you apply extraction. The output would be Line containing Numbers, Number, Unit (If possible). If line contain multiple number, it will appear twice.
Sample HTML files will be provided.
public List<Item> ProcessPage(string sHtmlPage)
//To do
public class Item
public string Line { set; get;}
public string Figure { set; get;}
public string Unit { set; get;}
budget:$50 - $100

Joomla extension
date: 23.02.2016
name:Benjamin Debrah
description:Need an developer to make some custom items for this extension
and possible some changes to design

date: 22.02.2016
name:Bapurao Kane
description:I have already developed Android application of the same. And now want to have its a IOS version.
budget:$500 - $1000

VB.Net Code for Automated Microwave Door Stress Tester
date: 21.02.2016
name:Anibal Hernandez
description:Automated Microwave Door Stress Tester
I’m looking for a developer to write some VB.Net code to run the machine module shown on this YouTube video:
The user interface for this application is already 100% done and no further work is required here. Most of the variables needed has already been created as well as the local SQL database.

The IDE used is Visual Studio 2015 and the language is pure VB.Net. A zip file containing the application solution has been attached. Place code in Modules as much as possible, functions and subs, to keep the code manageable.
The following sequence steps must be coded in VB.Net:
1. Wait for machine operator to press "btnStartMicrowaveStressTest"

o Check the following conditions before starting the motor:
? Check if "iSensorMicrowaveDoorClosed" is True (if not then create an SQL record: "Machine cycle could not run due to Microwave Door not being fully closed") Reset all logic and wait for the start button to be pressed again.

? Check if " iSensorMicrowaveDoorOpened" is False (if not then create an SQL record: "Machine cycle could not run due to Microwave Door opened is Activated when it should not ") Reset all logic and wait for the start button to be pressed again.

? Check if "iActualMicrowaveTemperature" is less than 95 degrees F. (if not then create an SQL record: "Machine cycle could not run due to Temperature being greater than 95 degrees F.") Reset all logic and wait for the start button to be pressed again.

? Check if "txtNumberOfCyclesToRun” value is greater than zero (if not then create an SQL record: "Machine cycle could not run. Enter a value greater than zero in textbox Cycles to Run) Reset all logic and wait for the start button to be pressed again.

2. Start the Motor to run clockwise "oMotorClockwiseOpenDoor" (start running “tmrSensorState” an 8 seconds timer)

3. Check if "iSensorMicrowaveDoorClosed" is False (This means that the door is being open and that the motor is working fine) (if not then create an SQL record: " The Sensor for

Microwave Door is Closed Failed to Deactivate) Reset all logic and wait for the start button to be pressed again.

4. Wait for the motor to fully open the door.

5. Check if " iSensorMicrowaveDoorOpened" is True (This means that the door is fully opened) (if not AND/OR timer “tmrSensorState” timeout then create a SQL record: " The Sensor for Microwave Door is Opened Failed to Activate) Reset all logic and wait for the start button to be pressed again.

6. Wait for “tmrSecondsToWaitWithDoorOpened” to time out

7. Start the Motor to run Counterclockwise " oMotorCounterClockwiseCloseDoor" (start running “tmrSensorState” an 8 seconds timer)

8. Check if " iSensorMicrowaveDoorOpened" is False (This means that the door is being close and that the motor is working fine) (if not then create an SQL record: "The Sensor for Microwave Door is Opened Failed to Deactivate) Reset all logic and wait for the start button to be pressed again.

9. Check if " iSensorMicrowaveDoorClosed" is True (This means that the door is fully closed) (if not AND/OR timer “tmrSensorState” timeout then create a SQL record: " The Sensor for Microwave Door is Closed Failed to Activate) Reset all logic and wait for the start button to be pressed again.

10. Turn ON “oMicrowaveKeyPadStartCooking” cylinder to the extended position.

11. Wait Three Seconds

12. Turn OFF “oMicrowaveKeyPadStartCooking” cylinder to the retracted position

13. Check if " iActualMicrowaveAmperage " is greater than 13.50 amps (AmperageValueWhenMicrowaveIsON) (This means that the Microwave was activated, running and functioning) (if not AND/OR timer “tmrSensorState” timeout then create a SQL record: " The Microwave Start Cooking Keypad Press Failed to Activate and/or the Microwave is malfunctioning) Reset all logic and wait for the start button to be pressed again.

14. Wait for the Microwave to finished cooking by checking when "iActualMicrowaveAmperage" is less or equals 3.50 amps (AmperageValueWhenMicrowaveIsOFF)

15. Wait the amount of minutes as per value in: “txtMinutesBetweenCycles”

16. Repeat complete cycle again starting in step number #2

17. Finished when the value in “txtCyclesCompletedCounter” is equal to “txtNumberOfCyclesToRun”

18. END

Thanks Sincerely
Anibal Hernandez (Andy)
Industrial Robotic Integrator
Automation and Control Division
Industrial Robotica
Cel: 787-223-5334
Physical | Mailing Address: Cristaleja Corp. 7500 Ave. 65th Infanteria Unit #1037 Carolina, PR 00987-7176 Las áreas en las cuales nos especializamos:
· Production and Assembling Machine Design and Construction
· Machines Upgrades and Retrofits
· Automated Dispensing and Vending Machines
· HMI-Scada Using WonderWare Indusoft | Point Of View
· BACnet protocol conversion and Integrations
· Pick and Place y Mesas Index Tables
· Motores Servos, Stepper y Variadores de frecuencia (VFD)
· XYZ Deslizadoras | CNC Plasma Cutters |
· Roboces Scara y de seis Axes marcas: | Kuka | Fanuc | Motoman | Epson |Denso | Mitsubishi |

· Estaciones de llenado, empaque e inyectores.
· Configuración, Programación y Desarrollo de: PLC (Microcontroladores) marcas: Allen Bradley | AutomationDirect| Omron |
· HMI, TouchScreens y Tabletas Windows Surface Pro (Graphical User Interface (GUI)
· Sistemas de Visión utilizando Cognex
· Protocolos Modbus TCP y Ethernet/IP

The information transmitted in this email is intended solely for the addressee and may contain confidential, proprietary and/or privileged material. Any unauthorized review, distribution or other use of this information is strictly prohibited. If you have received this email in error please contact the sender immediately and delete any and all copies of this message.

Tool development in Java
date: 19.02.2016
name: vidya gl
A tool that fingerprints a file hierarchy and then periodically checks to see what may have changed and logs that change.
To find more details on the project if you are ready to take this up :
contact: 9742073949
budget:$100 - $500

Student record management for in and out of college through face detection in
date: 18.02.2016
name:Vipul Patil
description:Project should contain one Windows application in which student record can be added or modified and there should one camera which will used to detect face an it will be consider as in and after going outside campus it must detect again face and it should consider as out.
budget:$100 - $200

Women safety Android app
date: 18.02.2016
name:Vipul Patil
description:We want to develop one Android project for women safety which will send approx location to the contact no we have added n also to mail ID
And there should be one window application which will get alert if suppose anybody is in emergency at any remote location.
My contact no:- 8983223922
budget:$100 - $150

date: 16.02.2016
description:To develop an ERP for small scale machinery manufacturing company
budget:$400 - $500

USSD application
date: 15.02.2016
name:Sheila Sam
description:I need a developer for a USSD application.
Four menu items:
1. Activate new account (using API)
2. Airtime (Discount by specific percentages for each network. 6 networks to be added - API to be provided)
3. Send donation - user will use voucher (via API) to load value and send to another user.
4. Customer service (this will be a static message showing our customer service number in case of problem)
budget:$100 - $300

An online portal in drupal
date: 13.02.2016
name:Surendhar E
description:This is an online portal to be designed in drupal.Some of the backend is already coded but I need a developer for the frontend.Project detailed will be disclosed to interested developers.
budget:$30 - $80

Mobile app developer in Java
date: 13.02.2016
name:Gunjan Dadhich
description:Real time Ride sharing app, want mobile app developer for geo location app.
budget:$300 - $600

ebook center in
date: 13.02.2016
name:Ruturaj jadeja website for ebooks download for college.
Semester wise ebook download
Only registered user can upload ebook
Visitor only download the books
budget:$0 - $2000

PHP Developer with API Dev. exp.
date: 12.02.2016
name:Hemalatha Sadasivan
description:We are looking for PHP Professionals with API Dev. Exp. for immediate contract position.

Exp. - 4 - 7 yrs
Location - B'lore
budget:$10 - $15

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