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python developer
date: 23.08.2016
name:Rajesh Kumar
description:I am looking for 1 or 2 python developers who can work on a project for 3 months. Must have at least 2-3 years experience in python development.
budget:$1000 - $1500

date: 22.08.2016
name:Casey ORourke
description:Our budget is TBD. We are looking to build a software with three portals:
1) Central command
2) Law firm portal
3) Doctors office portal

Law firm portal submits a "case" request to central command (details on case, what they are looking for in a doctor, etc.). Central command will be able to review these case requests in real time as they are submitted. Case requests can be viewed at central command as open (no action taken), Doctor Selection (doctor has been selected), Doctor schedule (doctor blocks out their free time on their end of the portal in a calendar view), Lawyer schedule (lawyer selects a block of time that works for their client in a calendar view), In Process (doctor reviews patient once a time is agreed upon) and "Case closed" (doctor submits feedback and posts appropriate case documents from their portal to Lawyer portal account).
budget:$100 - $5000

Web & Mobile based Application in Java, Android
date: 22.08.2016
name:Amit Bhushan
description:Detailed Project related discussion will be held with the interested team which is to develop a beta of Webbased Application + android version of the same. Looking for 3-5 people team. However the team should depict capabilities that is required for Say Developing a Banking Front end Application where customer Transaction Requests are processed. This application would then required to be deployed on Web as part of the project. The Team should be based in Delhi NCR can contact Date 22nd Aug 16
budget:$1000 - $2500

date: 21.08.2016
name:Saleam Essop
description:Debug an andoid app.
budget:$50 - $200

date: 21.08.2016
name:jhon Michales
We would like to have a UI (only user interface part, dont need server site programming, with html5) clone of web-site like or So we need good skills with html5, design, css, etc... The server part will be done by oursellf.

Pls. send me an email for more details.
budget:$250 - $750

Client-server software
date: 20.08.2016
name:Bill Habble
description:Following program is required:

Program that detect location of the Computer(Windows) - so user can recover it in case it is lost, stolen or misplaced in organization.
There are several program on the internet that function like this but they all have some problems and do not perform as expected.
This program must work properly and have all specified functionality

This software will consist of 2 parts:
-client software - program that runs on user computer and report location to monitoring center
-monitoring center - simple web page(Perl,PHP,ASP) that save reported computer location (IP/ISP/username). Later user used can access this saved information on web page (even after computer is lost)

Client software(C++) will detect location of computer like described below:
- detect local IP address
- if computer is connected to the Internet or not
- name or IP of ISP used to connect to the Internet
- username used to connect to the Internet or login to ISP

This software runs undetectable on user computer or smartphone and every 24 hours make HTTP connection to monitoring center like this:
Monitoring_center.asp will detect IP address of these connections and save it to log file(time of connection, ISP, username, computer id, etc)

When computer is lost, customer can get last IP/ISP/username of new owner and time of connection from monitoring center and provide this information to police that they can contact Internet Service Provider and find out name and address of new owner of this computer.

Detection of computer location form IP address is patented so this service should be provided for free. For all other services I want to charge user some fee.

Thank you
budget:$1000 - $3000

Looking for a Programmer co-founder for a startup
date: 20.08.2016
name:Aravinth Prabu
I am looking for passionate programmer(HTML5,CSS3, JAVASCRIPT, PHP) Who is willing to work as a co-founder in a startup(Equity will be given). Anyone who is passionate about New ideas, startups, and if you believe you can change the world with an Idea, you are the one i am looking for. Kindly mail me at and we shall talk about it further.
budget:$1 - $5

Lead Management Software
date: 19.08.2016
name:Karan Talwar
description:Delhi-NCR developers strictly

Hi, we have a database of companies based on their geographical location and needed someone to develop a software for us or an application for us where we can manage this and add and delete leads as well as email singularly or in mass to these leads.
Please contact me for this.
budget:$0 - $1200

Java in Print Ecosystem Automation
date: 18.08.2016
name:Ayush Patawari
description:We are looking for a Developer with strong technical expertise in Java and familiarity with backend technologies to join us.

We are developing a software to automate a device and which is operated through an application. We have a team to develop the Front end of both mobile & web application. We want the server back-end part to be taken care of which shall take the command from the app, send a command to the machine and go ahead with the operation and vice versa.

You must have good communication, analytical skills and good at analyzing both the business and technical requirements for a software program and develop design solutions to meet the needs.

Preferrable Location : Bnagalore,India
budget:$500 - $1200

payment gateway in MVC
date: 17.08.2016
name:aditya singh
description:we are in the middle of a payment gateway development project. Our architecture is completed along with some development too. we need developers with ASP.NET, MVC 5.0, Web API. relevant experience in MS SQL, Rest API, Experience in WCF will be an added advantage
budget:$500 - $3000

Android studio 2D game project
date: 17.08.2016
name:Sharandeep Singh
description:I am looking for android 2d game need it before 21st if possible
With the just stick person as player walking to any direction on a map streets from on street to another.
budget:$50 - $100

PHP Web Site Designing
date: 16.08.2016
description:Web Site Designing on PHP with Navigation to various static pages with Login, Logout kind basic features
budget:$30 - $60

Marketing for theatres
date: 15.08.2016
description:We are online movie ticket booking website(under construction) in chennai. I need help in getting cinemas and theatres for my website.
budget:$10 - $50

PHP Web Site Design
date: 15.08.2016
name:Rahul Naik
description:PHP Web Site Design with very Basic Navigation
budget:$20 - $75

Biometrics in Healthcare
date: 15.08.2016
name:Tayo Akinwumi
description:We are currently working on an initiative that would revolutionize the public health sector in the provision of qualitative Healthcare services by deploying a central EMR & HMIS software that will be accessed from different locations via fingerprint authentication using smart card system, this is to guide against identity theft and secure medical records confidentiality.
We are looking at leveraging on Moutain Meadows Medical Records software (developed in C#) to integrate with a third party card reader device (Futronic's FS82HC USB2.0 Fingerprint Smart Card Reader) to achieve this objective. This is a proof of concept stage
budget:$80 - $100

Looking for Angular JS Front End Developer
date: 14.08.2016
name:jatin sutaria
description:For one of my web projects that is developed using Java/Neo4j on back end and Angular JS\JQuery\Html5, I am looking for some one to take over and manage the front end part of the project.

Would prefer if someone is from Mumbai. Please feel free to write me with your contact details\profile so that we can take it forward.

Jatin S - Founder
budget:$100 - $500

MATLAB, python, Abaqus and Fortran
date: 14.08.2016
description:Please contact me on my email id for further details.
budget:$10 - $20

C program for tree using recursion
date: 13.08.2016
name:Indulekha Madhavan
description:This a small program that uses extensive recursion. The goal is to find value of α for a tree T. The algorithm is defined recursively.

The details are as below.

Few definitions
Let T be a tree on n vertices with diameter d, let V ( T ) be the set of vertices of T , and let L ( T ) be the set of leaves of T . If I ⊂ V ( T ) , let T − I be the induced subgraph obtained by removing the vertices in I from T . In addition, let C ( T ) ⊂ V ( T ) be the center of T . (The center of a tree T is the set of vertices v such that max { dist T ( u , v) | u ∈ V ( T )} is minimal.) Then | C ( T )| must be 1 or 2. If | C ( T )| = 1 then we also use C ( T ) to refer to the unique central vertex of T .
Furthermore, we define a set of rooted trees, the central subtrees of T , as follows. If C ( T ) = { a , b } , then define the central
subtrees to be the connected components of T with the edge ( a , b ) removed, and with roots a and b. If C ( T ) = a, then define
the central subtrees of T to be the connected components of T −{ a } , with the vertices adjacent to a as the roots. Each subtree has depth at most (d −1)/2, and so we say subtrees with that depth have maximum depth.

Algorithm 2. Let α( T ) = α min ( T ) be the minimum of the following values.
(a) If T has at most 2 central subtrees with maximum depth, then
2d − 1 + min α( T − { i , j }),
i , j ; where the minimum is taken over pairs i , j of distinct central subtrees of T . (If T has more than two central subtrees with
maximum depth, skip this case.)
(b) d + min i ∈ L ( T ) α( T − { i }) .
(c) 2d − 1 + {min i ∈ L ( T ),
max j ∈ L ( T ),
dist T ( i , j )= d}
α( T − { i , j }) . (If the maximum is empty for some i, we skip that i.)
Finally, let α( T ) be 0 if T has 0 or 1 vertices.
budget:$12 - $14

date: 11.08.2016
name:sumbul sharma
description:my records are:
Data Dictionary:
File: Employee.dat
Description Data Type
employeeID int
employeeName String
employeeAddress String
employeContact int
employeeDepartment String
employeeSalary int

Data File:
1. 9914501, “Sunny Sharma”, “11platform crescent Brampton”, 647-871-9915,” IT”, 52000
2. 9914230, “Jas Dhillon”, “44 King Street Oakville”, 409-587-6581, “CAD labs”, 30000”
3. 9914568,”Shahla Nazifi”, “54 First Street Toronto”, 901-578-3651, “Bioinformatics”, 56000
4. 9914879, “Max Murray”, “Rutherford drive Brampton”, 647-859-1554, “IT”, 68000
5 99145689,” Remit Sharma”, “67 First Street Oakville”, 647-871-9889, “Management”, 78000
6 9914568, “Navneet Sharma”, “6 Tunnel Drive Brampton”, 905-547-6954, “Chemical Labs”, 45000
7 9914321, “Simran Thapar”, “117 Sandalwood pkwy Brampton”, 647-978-0660, “Law”, 56600
8 99148990, “Gul Vohra”, “6 fletcher’s pkwy Brampton”, 947-231-4561, “Microbiology”, 66000
9 9914630, “Subah Dhillon”, “12 Northwood Drive Oakville”, 647-230-1234, “Psychology”, 55400
10 9914784, “Dolly Singh”, “56 Torbram Brampton”, 905-451-1236, “Zoology”, 54700

Project Requirements:
1. At Project StartUp
• when the project first starts up, the first record should appear in series of label, textfield combinations for each field
• thus for Student.dat
o a label, textfield for studentID should display
? studentID 101
o a label, textfield for name should display
? name Fred Budd Page 2 of 3
2. Basic Navigation
• use of four buttons, first, next, previous and last
• user clicks the first button, the details of the first student appears in the textfields
• user clicks the next button, the details of the next student appears in the textfields
3. Basic Data Maintenance
• the user should be able to add, delete and modify the records
• user clicks an add button
? the textfields should be empty
? the user then types in new data
o then user can click either an update button which will add the data to the file
o or the user can click cancel to go back to the previous record
• user clicks a delete button
o a message box should appear giving the user a chance to either delete the record showing in the textfields or cancel the delete operation
• to modify an existing record
o the user can make changes to the data in the textfields and then click an update button to make the changes
o before any changes are made, a message box appears giving the user the chance to update the existing record or to cancel the update operation
4. Exception Handling
• message boxes should be used to handle all exceptions
• for example:
o the user clicks the previous button on the first record, a message box should appear telling the user that this is the first record, cannot go back one record
o the user types in a String when a number is required, then a message box appears, informing the user a number is required, the error is highlighted and the user can then easily type in a number
5. Record Searching
• the user should be able to search for a record by a given field
• should be done on a separate stage
• example:
ouser types in studentID of 101
• that student’s record appears
ouser types in city of Hamilton
• all students that live in Hamilton appear
budget:$100 - $150

date: 11.08.2016
name:Ranjeet S
description:Hi, I am looking to develop one android app with following features at high level. If someone interested, let me know and I can put detailed specs.
Purpose: Child Safety and Control on Android Phones.
App should have
-Block offensive sites/content in youtube, websites etc.
-Block given apps to use internet at given time.
-Block apps as per to set calendar schedule
-Record location. Can you google location by default to track this.
-Should not be easily un-installed.
-Option to Send daily/weekly summary report to parents e.g. how much phone was used and what were top activities e.g. 1 hour on youtube, 15 mins on whats app etc.
-Web user interface to set which app to block and when to block. App will read settings from web and act accordingly.
budget:$100 - $600

movie ticket website
date: 11.08.2016
budget:$100 - $500

date: 10.08.2016
name:Wyatt Schupbach Schupbach
description:tablet based data entry form to speed & assist the electronic gathering of the attached .jpg grade sheets. (2) possible examples of the solution are attached – excel .

Requirement (per example files): Free form data entry,increment/decrement buttons, totalizing function with movement to data sheet on demand, concatenated save file name function.

See files for details.

budget:$300 - $800

Looking for Android App UI Designer
date: 10.08.2016
name:DK Ruthan
description:We are a startup in Hyderabad. We are looking for a thoughtful, well-rounded Android App Designers who can design a UI for our app its for a wearable device. This project is to be presented to lot of investors and big companies (names cannot be disclosed here). we are looking for people who will join hands, collaborate and help us to complete and once the investment is approved and released, payments will be made to the designer based on prior discussions before the project starts, Later people may choose to continue with us on salary bases or project bases, hence forth payments will be made on time. for more details please contact us on messages or mail us on
budget:$50 - $100

Looking for a Java developer
date: 10.08.2016
name:Akshay Reddy
description:Project Name: FPL DCC ComCenter Java CoE TM
budget:$100 - $0

magento customization work
date: 09.08.2016
name:Girish sati
i have already running magneto website for Online Fruits and Vegetables need to customize some change in magneto website for more info call me at 9990943339
budget:$100 - $0

Android App
date: 04.08.2016
name:Parveen Ustad
description:Want an android app which will capture photos and will upload to one location after saving.
budget:$80 - $100

Traffic movement simulation model using OOPS in MATLAB
date: 02.08.2016
description:Development of a traffic simulation model, using object oriented programming concepts in MATLAB.
Animated output of vehicle movement, with .csv output file with required results.
budget:$50 - $150, c#, sql server,
date: 01.08.2016
name:Sheetal Kaushalya
To be an .Net application developer and expand delivery capabilities of a growing and dynamic technology company based in Thane. The applicant will need to be bright, imaginative, and capable technologist specifically seeking a smaller environment where their potential will be maximized through the challenging projects that the company acquires.
•Working with Project Managers & Project Leads to determine needs and applying / customizing existing technology to meet those needs
• Maintaining and supporting multiple projects and deadlines
• Recording work progress on a weekly basis
• Documentation

• Ability to complete all phases of software development life cycle including analysis, design, functionality, testing and support
• Ability to develop large scale web/database applications
• Ability to work on multiple projects with multiple deadlines
• Ability to communicate clearly with business users and project manager
• Ability to innovate and provide functional applications with intuitive interfaces
• Ability to construct user guides and documentation
• Excellent knowledge of Transact SQL

• Proven experience with Microsoft .NET technologies including, ASP.NET, ADO.NET
• Languages: C#, SQL/T-SQL, JavaScript/HTML, XML
• Experience with front end UI design preferred
• MVC preferred
• AJAX, LINQ, Bootstrap, Entity Framework, JQuery
• Experience in backend software design in SQL Server, Stored procedures
• 3 - 5 years of experience in .Net
• College or University degree preferred

XML Driven Windows form using C++
date: 01.08.2016
name:Swaminathan Iyer Iyer
description:The aim here is to generate an application form to be filled in by the applicants when they apply for an admission to a certain school. The GUI is to be “XML-Driven” and has to be build using C++ technology.

As part of the final deliverable, entire source code along with the corresponding dll/exe would have to be submitted.

Duration : 2-4 Months

Need to join ASAP

Payment to be made monthly.
budget:$1000 - $2500

Decode DJI DAT/TXT File
date: 31.07.2016
name:Eric Kubicka
description:I am seeing if there is anyone who can take a current DJI TXT file (DJI go 2.85) and parse it into the relevant data sets that can be read by This would allow it to map the flight with the associated telemetry data. We are looking for the data structure and to be able to parse it for visual review.
budget:$50 - $500

A web designer & developer for a Startup.
date: 28.07.2016
name:Aravinth Prabu
description:Dear Developers, I would require a designer cum web developer(HTML, CSS,JAVA,WORDPRESS) for my Startup(Counsumer Internet) and The duration of work is four months and you will be made permanent based on your skills and ethics portrayed during the while. Kindly ping me, if you are interested, with
1) Resume - Portfolio attached
2) Mention your expected salary per month.
budget:$10 - $100

Mobile app development in android and IOS
date: 28.07.2016
name:Faisal sahana
description:We are having FMCG company , currently we need app for our water distribution section. we deal with 5 Gallon water can the application should be very very simple and easy friendly to user. The maximum 5 screen.
budget:$100 - $800

A database supported application
date: 27.07.2016
name:Achanyi Andre
description:A database supported app
-data stored on a server
-database integration
-uses back end as a service
A simple mobile app for phones,desktop and tablets
It should be used by users to to contact the closest hospital for ambulatory services incase of emergency
It should support doctor to patient dialogue both for individuals and groups either by text or video
It can be used by organisations to sensitize the public and also receive feedback
It should be able to give a user the location of the closest pharmacy
It should be able to remind users of when to take their drug and also of doctors appointments
Detail Requirements
DB of hospitals in a region
DB of pharmacies in a region
DB of doctors and health practitioners
Doctors and Health prationers such as fitness instructors can only register on the system through a hospital on the system.
I need a working DEMO .
budget:$100 - $250

Prestashop/PHP/Dot Net Ecommerce Website With Mobile Apps
date: 26.07.2016
name:Hardeep Singh

I need some multiple online ecommerce stores to sell my manual submission services and online seo services, for that i need a cost effective solution, so guide me prestashop or any other open source or PHP /Net will be will be good or something else. Please read my requirements before bid and suggesting me technology or analyse my doc file carefully then tell if you can develop exactly as per my needs in your own experienced Framwork.
Note - We can also work on Revenue Sharing Basis Too If Interested
If Interested Email me so i can send you my doc file
Hardeep singh

Please You Must Be Professional, Experienced Dot Net or PHP / Prestashop Developer and don’t be your time waster and over claimer. If you can complete this project only then take it otherwise please save your valuable time. I am already very very very fed up from false claimer and cheaters specially from kolkata , who wasted my valuable time and money.

1. You Must Have Minimum 3-5 Years Independent Development Experience In Core Dot Net or PHP or Prestashop - O

2. Before Making Bid Please Read My Doc's First 3 Pages , if Agree Only Then Bid Please.

General information for the website: We sell seo services and manual submission services online
New website from scratch complete ecommerce fully dynamic website and the same script you will provide me i want to use it multiple times on my multiple domains , because i want to launch multiple seo services providing websites , every site will have its own database and every site will work individually.

Num. of web pages/modules: Dynamic

Description of every page/module: See My Requirement Doc File

Description of requirements/features: A complete dynamic ecommerce ready website required to sell online seo services and manual submission services For Detail please review my doc file

CMS and Admin requirements: Yes
Shopping cart required, Yes
Apps Required - Android, IOS, Window Platform, Blackberry
Master Admin section required, Sub-Admin section required, Customer, worker management panel, worker login panel required

Similar urls: ,

Extra notes: see my pending website this is developed in code ignitor frame work.

my pending site is

Last Term Before Bid - See My doc file and if you are agree with my payment terms only then bid, otherwise please save your valuable time. Please read first 2 pages of my doc file very very carefully
budget:$100 - $1500

Location services, Google-maps - Android/IOS/web
date: 26.07.2016
name:anil Ch
description:I am looking for a project which includes a application development which includes the below tech stack. If you can only deliver either web or Android native or IOS native, please respond.

tech stack:
web: phyton,, jsp
Android: Activites,Location services, google maps, charge control, push messages, messaging queues
IOS:Activites, Location services, Google maps, push messages, messaging queues

budget:$0 - $1000

Review Web Application
date: 25.07.2016
name:Godspower Effiong Effiong
description:Must be an expert in
Must be in Abu Dhabi UAE
You would join me in writing something similar to trip Advisor.
Fluent English language is compulsory.

budget:$300 - $600

Responsive Web Development for single category Directory Website
date: 25.07.2016
description:I need a project get done, a responsive website development.

It will be similar to With cities as sub folder; two broad categories - Doctors & Clinics (like shown in this page but just 2 categories as mentioned, not the rest). And there will not be so many specialities under the doctor category. There will be just 4 specialities namely A, B, C & D. Now a doctor can be specialised in in one or any or all of the specialities of A, B, C & D. Therefore if Doctor X is specialised in A & D, an user browsing the A list and D list can get that specific doctor's name but one browsing B list cant get that name.

There will be admin page (not the CMS backend) to enter the doctor's entry (Name, specialities, other details etc) with scheduling facility to set when (date) the entry will go off (e.g. bookmyshow automatically removes the show timing for a movie after the time get passed).

When clicked on a doctors name, a separate page will open (as in practo) showing the details of the doctor.

There will be login module for the user (with option for social login) and the user can rate and add comment (posting a review) against the doctors.

I have tried to explain my requirements. you can use wordpress or joomla or ant CMS you like for the project, i have no preference. Let me know your best quote for the project.
budget:$100 - $120

Game Final Compilation and ios upload
date: 25.07.2016
name:Nikhil Parwal

The game is 90% complete. I need help in the final compilation and uploading it on ios.
The source code is available for the same.

Nikhil Parwal
budget:$50 - $150

Development of E learning module
date: 25.07.2016
name:Bharat Asawa
description:i need to develop e learning module with assessment tests.
It need to be with animations and need functionality of audio and video presentations and webex meeting/sessions.

Bharat Asawa
budget:$100 - $300

online news portal
date: 22.07.2016
name:walter matthiesen
description:I am looking for a possibility to create linkedin profiles for names of people appearing in our articles.

Sample:: a articles speaks about the general manager of a particulra hotel in Spain. The name of the manager is also on linkedin. I want to be able to hover over the managers name and bring up a hover card or profile box of the manager within that article.

Hope this makes sense and I wonder if you can assist.

I also have a 2nd script I need.
On our site we provide content for the hospitality industry.
We are looking for a script which will allow us to exchange certain content with links from a database we have.
Content includes the word Hilton Hotel > That we need to exchange with a link from our data base.
The database to sit on our server.

Please advise if that is something you could do as well.
We are in need of fast completion and happy to pay for the extra speed x 2
Thanks and regards
budget:$100 - $300

Mobile app developer Android+iOS.
date: 22.07.2016
name:Pankaj B
description:I have app that needs to be develope in Android and iOS. I nned people from Pune location only. Outstation candidates need not apply. Looking forward for experienced and skilled candidates.
budget:$250 - $350

Small Production operator time sheet software
date: 22.07.2016
name:Avinash Koorgailu
description:Currently using an excel sheet to enter operator timesheet and end of month calculate operator clocked hours, machine efficiency etc with the logged data.
Too tedious to do in excel and need to automate this process.
Multiple stations will enter data, needs to collect in our server and give a simple monthly report
budget:$100 - $200

Client Support Manager
date: 22.07.2016
name:Ram Tripathi
description:thread opening and holding it for long durrations
budget:$100 - $0

date: 21.07.2016
description:My name is Guruandh ,

I have started new AUDITING & TAX CONSULTANTS company in Bangalore .
1. Enquiry form
2 New registration
3 Status of new registrations
4 monthly filing remainders
5 yearly filing remainders
* employees status ,
* documents status,
* regular follow ups on the particular task up to status open to closer
* employees login detail
* admin login details
* Reports , date wise, task wise, employees wise ,
* searcher options

should be 5 years experience in reports generation in the project.

Contact no
budget:$0 - $200

Social network for filmmakers - try cinema
date: 21.07.2016
name:Deepak Kumar Prabakaran Prabakaran
description:Work on building social network for filmmakers under guidance of our CTO.

Work from office @ chennai
Duration: 1 - 3 months time

Can join the team full time.

We are team of 12 people working from 5 different countries.
budget:$2000 - $5000

System dynamic simulation
date: 21.07.2016
name:Ankush kak

I made a casual loop diagram which is in the below attachment on VENSIM PLE (for mac) and for that I need a simulation model. The requirements for the projects are as follows:

1) Assumptions undertaken to quantify the model.
2) Simulation on Vensim PLE. The result of simulation in form of graphs, what the graph depicts, impact on graph result if we change the input values.
3) The graph results should be for each variable as in the casual loop diagram depicting their relation and results (as above point)
4) Write up on the result of graphs 8- 10 pages.

For your reference on how i want the approach for project, below is the link:

NOTE: I need the assumptions and simulation only for the casual loop diag i made. No external variable to be included but suggestions are welcomed. In the above link, there is basic model, ripple effect etc. I DO NOT NEED SUCH THINGS. I just require you to simulate my model and show its results.
budget:$100 - $200

Web application for property management
date: 21.07.2016
name:Property Care
description:UI development and backend integration for 30 forms and 30 reports.

Portal enhancements.

3-5 years experience is must. Work location Bangalore, must work in my office for better quality delivery. Outstation candidates need not apply.

BE/MCA/BTech CSE, Web based product / portal development using Ajax, JSON, JQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, Slim framework, HTML, MySQL, Twig Template. Must have knowledge in end-to-end project life cycle ie from requirement phase to post implementation support.

More details available in below link
budget:$800 - $1000

VB Function for Excel
date: 19.07.2016
name:binsu robinson
description:I have a sheet of master list [with some dummy data] .. then i have created the sub sheets which has to auto populate from the master list

If there is a corresponding entry against P1 , P2 , P3 etc - I want only those data entered into the subsequent sheets.

I have made an ON/OFF toggle for each month --- can you display data on rows below based on the months I choose on the Toggle on top
For Eg If i have Jan Feb Mar , Apr as ON , i want to see only those months ... in the master list ...

I tried using an IF function with the logic that P1>0 then please display corresponding cell data from master list - but then it fetches the blank rows too and displays as zero - i dont want to see the blanks .. i only want the data for which there is value entered.. that will make it two gigs i guess..

Hope its clear .. please take a look and let me know if it can be done.. i will order the gig after your confirmation .
budget:$10 - $30

marketplace for stock tips
date: 19.07.2016
name:Manikam S
description:Want to create a website marketplace for stock market tips, where Tips giver (Analyst) are able to give Tips and buyers (investor) can buy the Tips after browsing for quality Tips.
Analyst are given ranking according to their previous performance and according to their ranking they can place tips, they can quote a price etc. if their performance falls below a criteria, then they are barred from giving tips until their performance improve.

Investor brows thru the tips (partly hided) and look for analyst ranking and then buy tips. if the tips doesn't perform as said by analyst, then investor may/maynot be refunded their purchase price.
A wallet is created for both analyst and investor .
data for showing stock prices and for internal calculation has to be fetched from API in xml format.
sms integration required.

budget:$100 - $1200

3D Game Development
date: 19.07.2016
name:Praveen j
description:I want to develop a farming game similar to farmville. Its a recurring job and looking forward for experienced and skilled candidates.
call 9767017984
budget:$100 - $500

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