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A web designer & developer for a Startup.
date: 28.07.2016
This project was submitted just recently and is available for Premium Freelance Members only. It will be available for other members after 2 days.
name:Be first who will contact the project owner, subscribe for premium freelance membership for only $2/month
description:Dear Developers, I would require a designer cum web developer(HTML, CSS,JAVA,WORDPRESS) for my Startup(Counsumer Internet) and The duration of work is four months and you will be made permanent based on your skills and ethics portrayed during the while. Kindly ping me, if you are interested, with
email:Be first who will contact the project owner, subscribe for premium freelance membership for only $2/month
budget:$10 - $100

Mobile app development in android and IOS
date: 28.07.2016
name:Faisal sahana
description:We are having FMCG company , currently we need app for our water distribution section. we deal with 5 Gallon water can the application should be very very simple and easy friendly to user. The maximum 5 screen.
budget:$100 - $800

A database supported application
date: 27.07.2016
name:Achanyi Andre
description:A database supported app
-data stored on a server
-database integration
-uses back end as a service
A simple mobile app for phones,desktop and tablets
It should be used by users to to contact the closest hospital for ambulatory services incase of emergency
It should support doctor to patient dialogue both for individuals and groups either by text or video
It can be used by organisations to sensitize the public and also receive feedback
It should be able to give a user the location of the closest pharmacy
It should be able to remind users of when to take their drug and also of doctors appointments
Detail Requirements
DB of hospitals in a region
DB of pharmacies in a region
DB of doctors and health practitioners
Doctors and Health prationers such as fitness instructors can only register on the system through a hospital on the system.
I need a working DEMO .
budget:$100 - $250

Prestashop/PHP/Dot Net Ecommerce Website With Mobile Apps
date: 26.07.2016
name:Hardeep Singh

I need some multiple online ecommerce stores to sell my manual submission services and online seo services, for that i need a cost effective solution, so guide me prestashop or any other open source or PHP /Net will be will be good or something else. Please read my requirements before bid and suggesting me technology or analyse my doc file carefully then tell if you can develop exactly as per my needs in your own experienced Framwork.
Note - We can also work on Revenue Sharing Basis Too If Interested
If Interested Email me so i can send you my doc file
Hardeep singh

Please You Must Be Professional, Experienced Dot Net or PHP / Prestashop Developer and don’t be your time waster and over claimer. If you can complete this project only then take it otherwise please save your valuable time. I am already very very very fed up from false claimer and cheaters specially from kolkata , who wasted my valuable time and money.

1. You Must Have Minimum 3-5 Years Independent Development Experience In Core Dot Net or PHP or Prestashop - O

2. Before Making Bid Please Read My Doc's First 3 Pages , if Agree Only Then Bid Please.

General information for the website: We sell seo services and manual submission services online
New website from scratch complete ecommerce fully dynamic website and the same script you will provide me i want to use it multiple times on my multiple domains , because i want to launch multiple seo services providing websites , every site will have its own database and every site will work individually.

Num. of web pages/modules: Dynamic

Description of every page/module: See My Requirement Doc File

Description of requirements/features: A complete dynamic ecommerce ready website required to sell online seo services and manual submission services For Detail please review my doc file

CMS and Admin requirements: Yes
Shopping cart required, Yes
Apps Required - Android, IOS, Window Platform, Blackberry
Master Admin section required, Sub-Admin section required, Customer, worker management panel, worker login panel required

Similar urls: ,

Extra notes: see my pending website this is developed in code ignitor frame work.

my pending site is

Last Term Before Bid - See My doc file and if you are agree with my payment terms only then bid, otherwise please save your valuable time. Please read first 2 pages of my doc file very very carefully
budget:$100 - $1500

Location services, Google-maps - Android/IOS/web
date: 26.07.2016
name:anil Ch
description:I am looking for a project which includes a application development which includes the below tech stack. If you can only deliver either web or Android native or IOS native, please respond.

tech stack:
web: phyton,, jsp
Android: Activites,Location services, google maps, charge control, push messages, messaging queues
IOS:Activites, Location services, Google maps, push messages, messaging queues

budget:$0 - $1000

Review Web Application
date: 25.07.2016
name:Godspower Effiong Effiong
description:Must be an expert in
Must be in Abu Dhabi UAE
You would join me in writing something similar to trip Advisor.
Fluent English language is compulsory.

budget:$300 - $600

Responsive Web Development for single category Directory Website
date: 25.07.2016
description:I need a project get done, a responsive website development.

It will be similar to With cities as sub folder; two broad categories - Doctors & Clinics (like shown in this page but just 2 categories as mentioned, not the rest). And there will not be so many specialities under the doctor category. There will be just 4 specialities namely A, B, C & D. Now a doctor can be specialised in in one or any or all of the specialities of A, B, C & D. Therefore if Doctor X is specialised in A & D, an user browsing the A list and D list can get that specific doctor's name but one browsing B list cant get that name.

There will be admin page (not the CMS backend) to enter the doctor's entry (Name, specialities, other details etc) with scheduling facility to set when (date) the entry will go off (e.g. bookmyshow automatically removes the show timing for a movie after the time get passed).

When clicked on a doctors name, a separate page will open (as in practo) showing the details of the doctor.

There will be login module for the user (with option for social login) and the user can rate and add comment (posting a review) against the doctors.

I have tried to explain my requirements. you can use wordpress or joomla or ant CMS you like for the project, i have no preference. Let me know your best quote for the project.
budget:$100 - $120

Game Final Compilation and ios upload
date: 25.07.2016
name:Nikhil Parwal

The game is 90% complete. I need help in the final compilation and uploading it on ios.
The source code is available for the same.

Nikhil Parwal
budget:$50 - $150

Development of E learning module
date: 25.07.2016
name:Bharat Asawa
description:i need to develop e learning module with assessment tests.
It need to be with animations and need functionality of audio and video presentations and webex meeting/sessions.

Bharat Asawa
budget:$100 - $300

online news portal
date: 22.07.2016
name:walter matthiesen
description:I am looking for a possibility to create linkedin profiles for names of people appearing in our articles.

Sample:: a articles speaks about the general manager of a particulra hotel in Spain. The name of the manager is also on linkedin. I want to be able to hover over the managers name and bring up a hover card or profile box of the manager within that article.

Hope this makes sense and I wonder if you can assist.

I also have a 2nd script I need.
On our site we provide content for the hospitality industry.
We are looking for a script which will allow us to exchange certain content with links from a database we have.
Content includes the word Hilton Hotel > That we need to exchange with a link from our data base.
The database to sit on our server.

Please advise if that is something you could do as well.
We are in need of fast completion and happy to pay for the extra speed x 2
Thanks and regards
budget:$100 - $300

Mobile app developer Android+iOS.
date: 22.07.2016
name:Pankaj B
description:I have app that needs to be develope in Android and iOS. I nned people from Pune location only. Outstation candidates need not apply. Looking forward for experienced and skilled candidates.
budget:$250 - $350

Small Production operator time sheet software
date: 22.07.2016
name:Avinash Koorgailu
description:Currently using an excel sheet to enter operator timesheet and end of month calculate operator clocked hours, machine efficiency etc with the logged data.
Too tedious to do in excel and need to automate this process.
Multiple stations will enter data, needs to collect in our server and give a simple monthly report
budget:$100 - $200

Client Support Manager
date: 22.07.2016
name:Ram Tripathi
description:thread opening and holding it for long durrations
budget:$100 - $0

date: 21.07.2016
description:My name is Guruandh ,

I have started new AUDITING & TAX CONSULTANTS company in Bangalore .
1. Enquiry form
2 New registration
3 Status of new registrations
4 monthly filing remainders
5 yearly filing remainders
* employees status ,
* documents status,
* regular follow ups on the particular task up to status open to closer
* employees login detail
* admin login details
* Reports , date wise, task wise, employees wise ,
* searcher options

should be 5 years experience in reports generation in the project.

Contact no
budget:$0 - $200

Social network for filmmakers - try cinema
date: 21.07.2016
name:Deepak Kumar Prabakaran Prabakaran
description:Work on building social network for filmmakers under guidance of our CTO.

Work from office @ chennai
Duration: 1 - 3 months time

Can join the team full time.

We are team of 12 people working from 5 different countries.
budget:$2000 - $5000

System dynamic simulation
date: 21.07.2016
name:Ankush kak

I made a casual loop diagram which is in the below attachment on VENSIM PLE (for mac) and for that I need a simulation model. The requirements for the projects are as follows:

1) Assumptions undertaken to quantify the model.
2) Simulation on Vensim PLE. The result of simulation in form of graphs, what the graph depicts, impact on graph result if we change the input values.
3) The graph results should be for each variable as in the casual loop diagram depicting their relation and results (as above point)
4) Write up on the result of graphs 8- 10 pages.

For your reference on how i want the approach for project, below is the link:

NOTE: I need the assumptions and simulation only for the casual loop diag i made. No external variable to be included but suggestions are welcomed. In the above link, there is basic model, ripple effect etc. I DO NOT NEED SUCH THINGS. I just require you to simulate my model and show its results.
budget:$100 - $200

Web application for property management
date: 21.07.2016
name:Property Care
description:UI development and backend integration for 30 forms and 30 reports.

Portal enhancements.

3-5 years experience is must. Work location Bangalore, must work in my office for better quality delivery. Outstation candidates need not apply.

BE/MCA/BTech CSE, Web based product / portal development using Ajax, JSON, JQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, Slim framework, HTML, MySQL, Twig Template. Must have knowledge in end-to-end project life cycle ie from requirement phase to post implementation support.

More details available in below link
budget:$800 - $1000

VB Function for Excel
date: 19.07.2016
name:binsu robinson
description:I have a sheet of master list [with some dummy data] .. then i have created the sub sheets which has to auto populate from the master list

If there is a corresponding entry against P1 , P2 , P3 etc - I want only those data entered into the subsequent sheets.

I have made an ON/OFF toggle for each month --- can you display data on rows below based on the months I choose on the Toggle on top
For Eg If i have Jan Feb Mar , Apr as ON , i want to see only those months ... in the master list ...

I tried using an IF function with the logic that P1>0 then please display corresponding cell data from master list - but then it fetches the blank rows too and displays as zero - i dont want to see the blanks .. i only want the data for which there is value entered.. that will make it two gigs i guess..

Hope its clear .. please take a look and let me know if it can be done.. i will order the gig after your confirmation .
budget:$10 - $30

marketplace for stock tips
date: 19.07.2016
name:Manikam S
description:Want to create a website marketplace for stock market tips, where Tips giver (Analyst) are able to give Tips and buyers (investor) can buy the Tips after browsing for quality Tips.
Analyst are given ranking according to their previous performance and according to their ranking they can place tips, they can quote a price etc. if their performance falls below a criteria, then they are barred from giving tips until their performance improve.

Investor brows thru the tips (partly hided) and look for analyst ranking and then buy tips. if the tips doesn't perform as said by analyst, then investor may/maynot be refunded their purchase price.
A wallet is created for both analyst and investor .
data for showing stock prices and for internal calculation has to be fetched from API in xml format.
sms integration required.

budget:$100 - $1200

3D Game Development
date: 19.07.2016
name:Praveen j
description:I want to develop a farming game similar to farmville. Its a recurring job and looking forward for experienced and skilled candidates.
call 9767017984
budget:$100 - $500

zombies attacks
date: 19.07.2016
description:looking for an expert in C for a simple project
budget:$100 - $200

Android application for huntington patients
date: 19.07.2016
name:kartik jolly
I am looking for app developers who can aid me in development of an application to perdict if the patients have Huntington disease or not. It will be a great help! Please let me know as soon as possible
budget:$50 - $100

Online shop for window blinds
date: 18.07.2016
name:Joe Purches
description:So the product is window blinds. These are sold in a selection of styles, colours, patterns, and blind types.
Below is a list of the process of purchasing the blinds from the website.
The most important thing is that the content of the shop needs to be uploaded by the company running the site in a CSV file and with the ability for the purchaser to input a custom size within a minimum or maximum parameter.

Details as follows.......

Shop system for Eclectic blinds.

Shop currently used and what we would like to duplicate.

Shop will need credit card payment

Shop will need embedding onto bespoke website to match site CSS which will be built by ourselves.

Shop will be hosted by ourselves.

Search blinds by..

Colour range
Blind type
Blind style

Once selected build your blind

Choose fabric - This can also be searched for by colour range, collections, designers.

Select type-
Bottom Up Blind
Half and Half Roller Blind
Roller Blind
Roman Blind
Sliding Panel
Vertical Blind
Wood Venetian Blind
Enter measurements to a minimum and maximum size
Position - Outside or inside
Enter style
budget:$100 - $500

Free Realms Revival
date: 17.07.2016
description:I do not know if any of you have ever heard of the game Free Realms by SOE. But right now someone is trying to bring it back. I am pretty sure if you help now you will get paid in the future. Any kind soul, nice enough to help?

Simple web Customer portal C#
date: 13.07.2016
description:Develop a simple customer portal:
-Signup / Login / change pwd / forgot pwd screens
-Main portal with a dashboard and 2 custom pages with MSSQL Backend

Anyone who has already built such portal and has ready reusable code will be given preferences
budget:$0 - $100

Window Server Administrator Freelancer
date: 13.07.2016
description:Hi, I'm looking for Windows Server Administrator to configure mail enable on server..

budget:$10 - $100

Qualification assessment in java
date: 12.07.2016
name:Norman Ncube
description:We are a higher education quality assurance organization and need a system running on java and mysql database. the database have the following tables:
among other tables
budget:$100 - $700

database management in for website
date: 12.07.2016
name:Sanjay Jain
description:We are startup company setting up our web portal. We have a large database. We require database management application for our website. A little programming already done.
budget:$100 - $200

Software Developer-trainee (Freshers)
date: 11.07.2016
name:Anna Bradley
description:Job Description


• Software Coding.
• Documenting the Project Implementation.
• Adhere to specified software Development practice and project delivery schedules.


Good in basic programming and analytical skills using any of the programming languages C/C++/C#, .Net and Java
Commitment, Confidence and ability to self groom to quickly learn and work with new technologies.
Knowledge in Higher Mathematics and Scientific computing is an added value.
budget:$1000 - $3000

XML file conversion
date: 09.07.2016
I need a bunch of xml files to be converted in .dat or .csv or another format compatible with Stata (Stata has xml import but it doesn't work on these files).

The files are Patent grant bibliographic information available at USPTO website: for each year ( I need files from 1995 - 2015).

budget:$50 - $100

DotNet C# - Koramangala - 2-4 months
date: 07.07.2016
name:KK Sengupta
description:We are looking for one Dotnet programmer to augment our existing team in s/w development.
C#, JS, JQ, Ajax, Razor are some of the skills required.
Kindly submit your profile if you are willing to work on this project for a few month.

Cheapest hotel finder
date: 04.07.2016
name:Dipankar Deka
description:A hotel chain operating in Goa wishes to offer room reservation
services over the internet. They have three hotels in Goa:
GreenValley, RedRiver and BlueHills. Each hotel has separate
weekday and weekend(Saturday and Sunday) rates. There are
special rates for rewards customer as a part of loyalty program.
Each hotel has a rating assigned to it.
GreenValley with a rating of 3 has weekday rates as Rs1100 for
regular customer and Rs800 for rewards customer. The
weekend rates are 900 for regular customer and 800 for a
rewards customer.
RedRiver with a rating of 4 has weekday rates as Rs1600 for
regular customer and Rs1100 for rewards customer. The
weekend rates are 600 for regular customer and 500 for a
rewards customer.
BlueHills with a rating of 5 has weekday rates as Rs2200 for
regular customer and Rs1000 for rewards customer. The
weekend rates are 1500 for regular customer and 400 for a
rewards customer.

The input to the program will be a range of dates for a regular or
rewards customer. The output should be the cheapest available
hotel. In case of a tie, the hotel with highest rating should be
INPUT FORMAT: <customer_type>: <date1>, <date2>, <date3>,
... OUTPUT FORMAT: <name_of_the_cheapest_hotel>

INPUT 1: Regular: 16Mar2009(mon), 17Mar2009(tues),
18Mar2009(wed) OUTPUT 1:GreenValey
INPUT 2: Regular: 20Mar2009(fri), 21Mar2009(sat),
22Mar2009(sun) OUTPUT 2: RedRiver
budget:$0 - $15

Online shopping portal
date: 04.07.2016
name:Sakshi Gupta
description:It's a small project. Just to create a Login and welcome screen with the database connectivity. Along with the User profile page (User's details along with the a data table which will consist his order summary/history)
budget:$0 - $10

ios and windows mobile application project
date: 01.07.2016
name:rahman badru
description:in need of mobile application developer for ios and windows for the project we are working on urgently
budget:$100 - $500

Travel booking project in java
date: 01.07.2016
description:we are looking for a travel domain experienced freelance java expert to develop a travel booking site in java. Please reply with your project experience details. Thanks
budget:$100 - $500

date: 30.06.2016
name:Anuj Gupta
description:Need to develop a website with heavy integration with FB.
1) Website allows users to share knowledge, comment, tag etc
2) A user can post or browse to content from either logging into website or FB

Lot of other features which I can discuss over mail/call.
Both frontend, backend developer needed with knowledge of FB apis. I am looking for students/interns working or studying in Bangalore, India. If good, we can talk about long term positions also.
Please note - This is not a registered company but I can guarantee good learning experience.
budget:$100 - $150

date: 29.06.2016
name:Steven Sullivan
description:I trade USA equities markets looking to catch high probability scalp trades. I want to automate the strategies that I trade manually. I have an account setup with a company called TradeStation Securities based in the United States. I would like someone to take my documented and proven strategies and code them to automate them for my TradeStation account. I'm also willing to give a developer 10% of my profits.
budget:$100 - $500

Class Test maker
date: 29.06.2016
name:Deepak Yadav
description:Class test maker Android App
It is a platform where school teacher can create test for organizing class test. Here a database of questions will be created according the fields like class, subject, chapters, total marks and types of questions.
Task done by Class test maker
1- Profile section – here school can update/edit his profile .
2- Create test Section – Here the users should be able to create test according to the fields like Class, Subjects, Chapters, Test Format, Total Marks and by selection the different type of questions. The test paper should be saved and previewed in Pdf formation and should have process to change font’s size before generating test.
3- Request Test Section – Here user will give the criteria on which test paper to be generated, according to the criteria Test maker admin will create test for them.
4-Type my Test Section – Here user should able to upload the photos of hand written test and Test maker admin will create test for them.
5- Test format – Here the teacher should be able to make a test format like by choosing type of question, no. of questions and total time etc.
6- My Test Section – This section will contain all test created, requested and typed test information.

budget:$200 - $500

School managemant software
date: 29.06.2016
name:Bharat Miglani
description:Want a school management software in .net asp ( c sharp) language
budget:$300 - $500

Web/iOS/Android in Malaysia
date: 29.06.2016
description:I am based in Malaysia. I want to develop a web/ios and android app for my business. It is quite similar to the "taxi service". I am a small start up company and budget is small. I am looking at around USD1000 to develop the web site, ios and android apps. If anyone is interested, please email me aikning(at)gmail(dot)com
budget:$500 - $1000

Genetic Algorithm based Open Shop Scheduling Problem
date: 27.06.2016
description:This is my Ph.D work. I need help to write a program using C or C# language. As per my information, it would not be difficult for a person who has expertise in C language. I will provide necessary information related to algorithm and flow chart.
budget:$250 - $300

Website making
date: 27.06.2016
name:Shubham Sharma
description:Need to make a website completely coded and bugdget can increase. this will be a very typical website and people with good experience contact. we will hire you for work and pay a salary.
budget:$100 - $500

date: 25.06.2016
description:Mobile App development project with the required software tools,including UX - UI.

Skills - Teche,Good communication Skills,Internet savy

EXperience - 1 - 2 year ONLY,project samples needed.

Location - CHENNAI Only.
budget:$50 - $100

date: 24.06.2016
name:Rita dsouza
description:I need a Trainer for this


· Invest on Core Java

· Don’t focus on Jsp or view layer

· Rest Service development scope is till testing the rest service through a service test client like "Postman" - No JQuery based client

· Rest service framework - Spring Rest client

· introduction to Build "Maven"/gradle

· Focus on Server side programming not on Client side implementation

· Focus on annotation based implementation and not on XML configurations

· Introduce health checks and metrics as part of application development ( Last day)

Criteria of application development: ( Introduce as part of the app development)
· Learn to use MemCache/Redies.

· Tomcat/Jetti: Server Container

· Server: NoSQL/one SQL database

· Server Container:Tomcat/Jetti:

· Include Springboot

· Spring Version: 4

budget:$20 - $50

information chat box system in
date: 22.06.2016
name:Sandipan Ghosh Ghosh
description:I have been completed 80% of my project so rest 20% of project i am not able to do because of lack of practical knowledge. So please help me out from this problem. i have only 3 days to complete my full project. because 24th is my final project presentation is going to conduct by my college.
budget:$60 - $80

Mobile Advertising Platform
date: 22.06.2016
name:Jacky How
description:We have developed an application but still requires some debugging and testing and further work. Want a developer that is looking for a challenge to get the application running and working commercially. Will possibly lead towards more work. Requires someone that has some understanding of the media and billing industry.
budget:$500 - $5000

Convert C++ Program in Github to Java ( less than 1000 lines )
date: 21.06.2016
name:Sagar Pantula Stunner
description:I have a C++ Security program in C++, I want someone to convert it into JAVA. If I like the work I will pay you for this and hire you for future projects. ( I have over 10 and the number will most probably increase )

budget:$30 - $70

web data scraping
date: 21.06.2016
I need a program (in Python/SAS) that can scrape data from a publicly available resource on patents, granted to multiple companies during 1995 - 2015. Website has multiple pages with each page dedicated to a company.
Data is needed for academic purpose only and has no involvement of any organization, hence the budget is tight.
Can provide more details to those interested.
budget:$100 - $150

Senior .Net Developer
date: 21.06.2016
name:Daphne Don
description:Experience is using DevExpress controls and to have
Good Exposure in performance tuning of application at all levels using tools like Fiddler, Visual Studio Profiler, IIS Monitoring tools, SQL Server Profiler
Experience in developing web applications supporting Mobile devices and Knowledge of Design Patterns
budget:$100 - $800

Need a person to develop a lead management software
date: 20.06.2016
name:Karan Talwar
description:We are a company that is looking to develop a customised lead management software for our own use.
budget:$100 - $2000

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