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I need e-commerce site for my own business
date: 21.04.2026
This project was submitted just recently and is available for Premium Freelance Members only. It will be available for other members after 2 days.
name:Be first who will contact the project owner, subscribe for premium freelance membership for only $2/month
description:Looking for an experienced front end developer for 1-2 moth project. You will wok with a team of experts for this project.
- I have an example site and I want to make same site, designing, functionality
- Example site:
- Please refere this site
- Check product view page
email:Be first who will contact the project owner, subscribe for premium freelance membership for only $2/month
budget:$20000 - $30000

Voice enabled cloud basedAuction system
date: 10.11.2017
description:A Voice Enabled Auction System in the Cloud
1. Introduction
The project consists of designing and implementing a voice enabled - auction system (AS) which offers its services as SaaS to end-users who can offer items for auction and bid for items. The high level description of the system to implement is given in Section 2 while the requirements are stated in Section 3.
2. Auction System Protocol Description
The Auction System (AS) resides in the cloud for scalability and elasticity purpose. The AS allows for the end-users to register. At registration time, end-users might select the option of being notified by voice when selected events happen (e.g. end-users registering /leaving, new items put on sale, items sold).
Only registered end-users are allowed to offer items for auction and bid. A registered end- user can advertise many items for sale at a time. Auctions for an item are open during a specified period of time after its advertising and the broadcasting of the information to all registered end-users. An item is sold to the highest bid at the end of the specified period of time. For every item, the AS keeps informing the end-users about the current highest bid. An end-user can bid as many times as she/he wishes for an item on auction.
2.1. Registering with the AS
An end-user has a unique Name. The AS has to keep this information. An end-user can always try to leave the Auction System. However, she/he can be denied deregistration if she/he is currently offering an item for auction or active in bidding for at least one item (currently leading with the highest bid for at least one item).
2.2. Offering items for auction
Every registered end-user can offer items for sale.
2.3 Bidding for items
An end-user can bid on any item being currently offered and can submit as many items as she/he wishes. To keep the end-users informed on every item, any change in the current highest bid is sent to all the registered end-users. When the bidding period o is over, the AS informs the winning users. If there is more than one end-user with the highest bid, the first bid to reach the AS wins. The AS also informs the end-user who is selling the item about the winner. When an item has not attracted a single valid bid, the AS restarts the bidding process for another period of time. This can be repeated until an end-user makes a winning bid.
budget:$75 - $120

Euchre Game
date: 08.11.2017
name:Raphael Korosso
description:Create Euchre game via specs provided.
budget:$0 - $150

CCTV integration with Face recoginition
date: 06.11.2017
description:Stage 1:
1: Our system should integrate all kind of online CCTV camera from our website with minimum knowledge of technical specification.(With permission of the owner)
2: Our system should come to know when the CCTV is stopped working.This may also define if
(A) The camera owner stopped going live
(B) The internet of the Camera is not working
(C) If the Camera has got some problem
(a) System should send notification on mail or mobile no to the camera owner and service provider if camera owner asked to do so.(Defined by the three upper condition)
3: Our system should be able to recognize the camera quality and may rate the camera pics.The pic quality may be divided in 8 time as morning 5 am , 8 am, 11 am , 2 pm , 5 pm, 8 pm, 11 pm and 2 pm or we may fix this according to weather.
Stage 2:
1: Our system should have a motion sensor software inbuild.This sould take pics at any movement of any people.
2: The software will send pics to our server.
3: One software will scan and filter the pics of person in the pics.
4: System will allot an ID to each person and will send pic to their define folder of the ID.The pic of the person will have the data of date and time of the pic with original image.
5: System should send notification to the defined no of mail id if added any filter or rating for any person.
Stage : 3
Mapping: Our system may show on map where our cameras are live on map. People may just click on the camera and may watch the camera live.
Reports: We may generate any kind of data and reports from our system. We may define its type later.

budget:$1000 - $1500

Image Processing, OpenCV, python
date: 25.10.2017
name:Sugantharaja R
description:Looking for a Image processing experts who can creatively work in OpenCV.
budget:$230 - $380

Android and PHP developer
date: 23.10.2017
description:Ongoing project
Need someone who can add new features, maintain existing

call me 9eight86seven53195

Online movie ticket booking
date: 23.10.2017
name:Aishwarya Maharana
description:It's a dbms project. Database base project.
Which we're supposed to submit in 5th sem. So the project should look like it's done by a 5th sem student.
budget:$100 - $150

date: 23.10.2017
name:Ignatius Mazura
description:I would like to create a software that list job seekers, and verify their credentials and references before registering them. The Job seekers must upload their photograph and CVs. Once the job seeker has listed companies worked for, job titles, and referees' email details, an electronic enquiry is sent to the company and referee asking to verify the reference and to the Human Resource department verifying experience and job title for that candidate. And that applies to the school to verify the certification.
The application must be able to be used by potential employers or Employment Agencies alike at fee.
budget:$100 - $500

Android In Room service app for hotel
date: 10.10.2017
name:Sunny Handa Handa
description:We need an app to run on android tablets that will be placed in rooms of our hotel so guests can orders in room services and view local attractions etc. we will give you the design brief/user interface diagrams.
budget:$500 - $1000

date: 06.10.2017
name:Trushal Alshi
description:Windows Desktop Application to virtually inject multi touch event to move cursor without having physically touching the device e.g.moving cursor to particular position by getting x,y co-ordinates from USB device or BT device. (Description is part of a bigger project based on Camera). Individuals having particular experience in Visual Studio, C#, C++, .NET, Java and already worked on hardware device drivers , event inputs, programming inputs, APIs in Windows should only apply. Project location is Mumbai.
budget:$2500 - $3000

Readly Available Applications
date: 05.10.2017
name:Anthea Fredricks
description:looking for freelance developers with either development experience or readily available applications in the following categories:

1. Online broadcasting Station with Broadcasting software (check out this link for example:

2. Prison Management System - with finger print and facial recognition.
(check this link for example:

3. multi seller e-commerce site. (readily available only)

please indicate which product you have from the list above..

Scrabble Word Builder
date: 03.10.2017
name:Ragu Ramasamy
description:Java Programming. Please let me know if you are interested so that I can pass on the associated file.

The application must accept the following inputs:
- rack: a string containing the letters on a player’s rack
- word: (optional) a word that currently exists on the board that a player may be considering building off of

The application must obey the following rules:
- Player must have a minimum of 1 letter on their rack
- Player must have a maximum of 7 letters on their rack
- Words must be at least 2 letters long
- Words must be 15 letters or less
- Words must be in the (supplied) dictionary

For this exercise, the following things may be ignored:
- Blank tiles
- Bonuses (double/triple word/letter scores)
- Board layout
- Word positioning
- Any other things I forgot to mention

The application must consider the following known constants (supplied):
- Pre-defined word list – supplied as a simple text file with a single word per line
- The number of each letter in the game (ex: there are 9 A’s but only 1 Z)
- The score value of each letter

The letter information (count and scores) is provided in two forms (csv & json) as reference. You are free to use either (or none) of them at runtime as long as the application adheres to the values defined within.
budget:$100 - $200

date: 26.09.2017
name:Tina Ghosh
description:Hi Koushikda,

Below are the profiles that I need now:-

3) SAP WM (Warehouse Management)
5) APO
6) EDI/Seeburger

Would require availability of them from 1p.m-10p.m(IST)
Payment would be between 18-20 USD/hrly.
Looking for persons based out of India.


Python: Programmatically Creating and Optimizing an Airline Schedule
date: 26.09.2017
name:Punj Prakash
A new startup airline is needing help with creating and optimizing a flight schedule. They have hired you as a data scientist to create and optimize a flight schedule. The airlines will be all business class and cater to business travel. All aircraft are configured exactly the same and can fly any route in the system interchangeably. The airline will serve Dallas Love Field (DAL), Austin Bergstrom (AUS), and Houston Hobby (HOU).
Aircraft and Tail Numbers
We have leased 6 aircraft. For sake of simplicity, we will assume all aircraft are configured exactly the same and can fly any route in the system and we will assume the “tail numbers” are as follows:
Aircraft “Tail Numbers”
Military Time and Minutes Since Midnight Calculations
All of the airports are on the same time zone. We will use a 4 digit military time format to represent times, with examples as shown below. Hint: for calculations involving time, it will be helpful to use an epoch of midnight and calculate the minutes since midnight = (hour * 60) + minutes, but the flight schedule should be printed in military time. To convert minutes since midnight to military time, hour = minutes since midnight div 60, minutes = minutes since midnight mod 60.
Civilian Time
Military Time
Minutes Since Midnight
6:00 am
(6 * 60) + 0 = 360
7:21 am
(7 * 60) + 21 = 441
11:59 am
(11 * 60) + 59 = 719
12:00 noon
(12 * 60) + 0 = 720
1:28 pm
(13 * 60) + 38 = 818
2:24 pm
(14 * 60) + 24 = 864
10:00 pm
(22 * 60) + 0 = 1320

Noise Restrictions on First Departure and Last Arrival Times
Due to noise restrictions:
• flights cannot have a departure time of 0559 or earlier
• flights can have a departure time of exactly 0600
• flights can have an arrival time of exactly 2200
• flights cannot have an arrival time of 2201 or later

Flight Times (must be exact)
Flight Times are as follows (assume same flight time either direction, presented in “half alpha” order). Flights
must be scheduled for exactly their flight time (no more, no less).
Airport Airport Flight Time in Minutes

Calculating Arrival Times
To calculate an arrival time for the schedule, use the following formula:
arrival time (minutes since midnight) = departure time (minutes since midnight) + flight time (minutes)
departure time = 0721 = (7 * 60) + 21 = 441 minutes since midnight
arrival time = 441 minutes since midnight + 50 minutes = 491 minutes since midnight
491 div 60 = 8
491 mod 60 = 11
arrival time = 0811 military time

Number of Gates and Minimum Ground Time at Airports
We have secured gates at all airports. Each airport has a minimum ground time as follows. These are
minimum times. Aircraft may be on the ground longer if designed.
Airport Number of Gates Minimum Ground Time in Minutes
AUS 1 25
DAL 2 30
HOU 3 35

Calculating Minimum Departure Times
(respecting the minimum ground times)
To calculate minimum departure time, use the following formula:
minimum departure time = arrival time (minutes since midnight) + minimum ground time (minutes)
Arrival time = 0811 = (8 * 60) + 11 = 491 minutes since midnight
minimum departure time = 491 + 25 minutes = 516 minutes since midnight
516 div 60 = 8
516 mod 60 = 36
minimum departure time = 0836

Aircraft Repositioning for the Next Day
The schedule must start and end with the number of aircraft at an airport equal to the number of gates. It does not matter which specific tail number as all aircraft are configured the same, interchangeable, and may fly any route.

Restrictions on the Number of Aircraft on the Ground at an Airport at the Same Time
No airport may ever have more aircraft on the ground than the number of gates. An aircraft is considered on the ground from the arrival time (inclusive) until departure time (inclusive).
In this example, T1 is on the ground in AUS from 0811 (inclusive) until 0836 (inclusive)
Since AUS has 1 gate, no aircraft can land with an arrival time during this period
A prior flight with a departure time of 0810 is permitted
A prior flight with a departure time of 0811 is not permitted
Another flight with an arrival time of 0836 is not permitted
Another flight with an arrival time of 0837 is permitted

Optimization Goals
Our optimization goals are to maximize the number of flights, utilize aircraft as evenly as possible, and utilize gates at airports as evenly as possible, and distribute flights among all 6 markets.

No other constraints should be considered
This is a programming lab, so the constraints have been simplified. No other constraints should be considered.
Individual Assignment
This assignment in an individual assignment. You may consult with other student about general approaches to solving the problem and for asking for help to resolve stack traces, but all coding must be your own work. An electronic comparison for similarities in submissions will be made. Any similarities greater than 70% will be investigated by the instructor, with possible referrals for academic dishonesty.

Python Program
You will write a single file Python program in Jupyter Notebook format named create_flight_schedule.ipynb to accomplish them. The input data from the charts above may be hard coded into Python data structures. No input files will be required. The program must run successfully and create an output file flight_schedule.csv.

Your Python code must be algorithmic in nature
Your Python code must be algorithmic in nature. Hardcoding output statements that are not algorithmic in nature is considered cheating and is explicitly listed as an act of academic dishonesty in UTD official regulations, with possible referrals for academic dishonesty.

Documentation Strings and Ratio of Source Code to Comments
In your Python code all functions, classes, and methods should have a documentation string with at least 1 line of meaningful documentation. The ratio of non-empty source code lines to comments should be no more than 5 to 1.

Format of the flight_schedule.csv output file
The flight_schedule.csv file should be created in the local directory. Do not use any directory path.
Below is an example of a snipped of a flight_schedule.csv file. Note there are no spaces and no enclosure quotation marks. All tail numbers and airport codes should be in upper case only. Times should be printed in military time and always 4 digits. It should be sorted in the following order: tail_number, then within tail_number by departure_time.

Submission to eLearning
You must submit to eLearning 2 files:
• create_flight_schedule.ipynb
• flight_schedule.csv


tails = ['T1','T2','T3','T4','T5','T6']tails = [1,2,3,4,5,6]
airports = ['AUS','DAL','HOU']
flight_times = [ ['AUS','DAL',50], ...flight_times = { ('AUS','DAL'):50, ...flight_times = { 'AUSDAL':50, ...
flight_times = [ ['AUS','DAL',50], ['DAL','AUS',50] ...flight_time[0][0] would be first one with 'AUS'flight_times = { ('AUS','DAL'):50, ('DAL','AUS'):50, ...flight_times[('AUS','DAL')]flight_times = { 'AUSDAL':50, 'DALAUS':50, ...flight_time['AUSDAL']
gates = [ ['AUS',1], ['DAL',2]...gates = [ ['AUS',1], ['DAL',1], ['DAL',2]...gates = [ ['AUS', [['AUS',1]], 'DAL', [['DAL',1],['DAL',2]], ...
gates = ['AUS1','DAL1','DAL2',...
ground_time = {'AUS':25, 'DAL':30, 'HOU':35 }

x = 600str(x).zfill(4)0600
flight_schedule = []flight_schedule = [ ['T1','DAL','HOU','0600', 360, '0650', xxx], ['T1','AUS','HOU','0715', xxxx, '0800', xxxx], ... ]for flight in flight_schedule:

The problem can be solved using basic Python data structures (lists, tuples, dictionaries, sets), if's, looping, functions. No need anything else like classes, external libraries, algorithms from internet, etc.

1) design data structures (hard coding ok)

2) initial flights at 6am (hard coding ok)

3) algorithm (no hard coding) to keep flying flights

3a) flight time exact

3b) ground time minimum, add to it

3c) vary ground time, vary where I fly to, to fly flights again

3d) repeat, stop tail when the tail cannot land before 11pm, stop algorithm when no tail can land before 11pm

4) create output file and write flights to it
budget:$100 - $150

A Microsite for a major international Film
date: 26.09.2017
name:Aditya Varier
description:We need a coder to help us build the website. Our UI/UX is nearing completion. We just need someone to code it on the front-end using Wordpress since we do need a CMS but not any heavy back-end operation.

Also, we need someone who us a full-time freelancer who can work on a thin timeline.

budget:$400 - $700

DataBase Programming VB.Net 2010/SQL Server 2008/Crystal Reports 2008, Visual Foxpro 6.0, SAP B1 (Functional)
date: 22.09.2017
name:Aleemuddin Siddiqui
description:Any Project related to my database programming field which consists of :

1. VB.Net 2010
2. SQL Server 2008
3. Crystal Reports 2008 (SAP B1)
4. Visual Foxpro 6.0
5. SAP B1 (Functional)

Software for Reporting
date: 18.09.2017
name:Joel Stephen
description:Software Design and data will be provided. Need to work with us and help us develop a software for our Reporting requirements.
Need a front end interface integrated to a backend Database.
budget:$100 - $1000

Small Biz Management Application
date: 18.09.2017
name:James Mutuku
description:1. Description of the project required
I run a business that offers agency banking services for various banks (KCB, Equity, Cooperative, Mpesa, Airtel, etc). The main activities are

- Agency banking activities (Balance enqury, Deposits and withdrawals)
- Money Transfer services & sell of airtime - (MPESA, AITELmoney & Equitel),
- Retail shop for stockable items and services.

All cash transactions is handled by one cashier in a cash box (money in & money out) including sales from the shop and deposits and withdrawals from

the agency banking. So I have the following "accounts" -
MPESA account
AIRTEL account
KCB BANK account
COOPERATIVE Bank account
etc (can add more in future)

I need a system that will record all transactions (shop stock sales, Deposits, Withdrawals & Airtime sales) and then at the end of the day produce

a reconcilliation report to see if the cash in hand and the closing balances are correct - to detect any fraud/losses/etc

The data to be recorded in the database includes the following
Transaction ID |
Transaction Date |
Transaction Type |
Transaction RefCode |
Customer ID No |
Transaction Value |
Service Provider Name (Bank)|
Customer Names |
Customer Id No. |
Customer Phone Number |
Customer Account No. |
Actual Opening Balance |
Actual Closing Balance |
Notes/comments |

2. The Report at day end should look something like this.



CASH ACCOUNT 50000 1000 20000 10000 60000 55000 -5000
etc (can add more)

I hope you get the idea.

Other reports could be Monthly analysis, Yearly analysis , etc

3. If possible, I would also appreciate a module to track the commissions that my service providers should pay me. I have agreement that shows how

much commission i get paid for each transanction based on its monetary value or just per transaction.

4. The application should be simple to use and should include user rights (Administrator, cashier, manager) restricting what each user is able to

access.- for obvious reasons.

5. It can be any database application that can run on windows as a stand alone application or as a web bases application running on lacalhost. eg.

WAMP server based. Actually a web-based application is prefered over an Access database.

6. The POS module should be standard with ability to do sales, check stock availability, Reorder point, stock taking, Purchase orders, invoicing,

Supplier/ventor tracking, Quotation & Receipting capabilities.

budget:$20 - $100

Developers & Designer
date: 04.09.2017
name:Mo Spencer
description:I am looking for qualified and experienced professionals to work from home on a number of initiatives:

1. interface designer - for applications as well as Mobile apps. someone with high creativity and mind blowing designing ability

2. Web Developer - someone with deep technical ability to develop high functional systems and mobile apps across different industries

email me at
budget:$100 - $500

implementaion of DNA cryptography using socket communication
date: 04.09.2017
name:Kavya Kabilan
description:I need just the coding and a detailed explanation of the coding
budget:$5000 - $6000

Text retrieval on question and answer system(answer extraction)
date: 04.09.2017
description:Text retrieval on question and answer system(answer extraction) in python language
budget:$1000 - $3000

Transaction specific Conversion Value tracking in Google Adwords
date: 17.08.2017
name:T Sarath
description:Transaction specific Conversion Value tracking in Google Adwords

We use a Wordpress website. Need a developer who can solve it end-to-end.
budget:$20 - $40

date: 07.08.2017
name:Ketul Shah Shah
description:I want to get my FOOD WebSite built with below features:
• Section for Recipes (Category Wise) (Informative ...kind of)
• Section for Achievments (Informative)
• Section for Gallery (with Sub sections for recipes)
• Section About US
• Section for Contact US
• IMPORTANT>>> Section for "CONTEST" where we can run campaign / contest where user can come and post their recipes/food storeis.
• User management (With review >> Accept/reject) permission should be managed.
All these, I want to have a CMS to manage the content of the website going forward with full fledge CPANEL.

Further, We can discuss over phone/skype/ mail.
Thanks and Regards,
Ketul Shah
budget:$250 - $100

virtual tourism
date: 07.08.2017
name:roshni balaji
description:video based virtual tourism using vr device creating an app based on chennai locations
budget:$100 - $120

date: 07.08.2017

We need a web animation in the two pages which is named as “My Room“in our website
Four Images are attached here two images for Girl page and another two images for Boy page, you can replaces the position of radio, books, pot and cat.
1) When user enter in the page, the lamp gives deem light in the room after few (1 or 2) seconds the lamp will give a bright light in the room.
2) After that Cat will display the message "Say Hi" when user click on that message user will gets all friend requests
3) When user click on arrow which is shown at right corner of the window, it will give the options to user which is Day/Night/Rainy/Winter and according to that the window view will change.
4) Same as 3rd point When user click on arrow at the left corner of window will show the color icons when user click on icons it will change the color of curtain according to that icons color.
5) There is one pot in a template in that a plant with bud,It will Display the message i.e “I Need Water” when user click on that message the bud will convert into the flower by showing user watered the plant and after that bud converted into flower.(for this point we need a demo)
6) When user click on Radio, it will display the message "Do You Want Music" when user click on that message the short music will play.
7) When user click on any book then book will open and user can read a book.
8) On same page user can change profile picture.

App in .net
date: 03.08.2017
name:Prachi Batra
description:I need help regarding creating 1 API by ready stored procedures, to fetch the data. and 1 console app to finally get the output data as .csv.
budget:$50 - $200

ASM / Reverse engineering
date: 28.07.2017
name:Xavier Lucio
description:Price is only orientative, I ONLY need to find the loop function from the ASM instructions that crypts and decrypts send/recv packets from an unpacket/dumped .exe. I have done half work, I only need someone who wants to win really easy money in 30 mins or less. I have the hook project in c++, so If you also know how to pass from asm to c++ better, but It's not really needed.
budget:$0 - $150

Web site development with php
date: 24.07.2017
name:mahesh sureka
173 Udyog Bhavan Sonawala Road
Goregaon East Mumbai 400063
Tel : +912242950667 / +919867594067 E mail
ISO 9000-2015 COMPANY
Notes on E commerce website Development
Project 1
Our E commerce will have multiproduct and should be capable to scalable with product and category wise for future use. As every productline will have different variance and quality and hence to create models for different category we will have master creaton forms.
All our website should be compatible with aneroid and apple software and should be multilingual by using higher CAT for translation.
For content writing for each product will be standard pick up data from database and common write up with additional data , if required for a particular product can be made.

Main thrust
1. Search operation should be made intelligently to pick up exact requirement and on next time on base of past search should able to give results better waty.
2. The sites will have independent modules for different products and thereafter will be linked to single site. Every module will have different type of data and should be stored in csv file with facility of import and export for offline changes. The admin page will have features of changing the data online and variable factors can be changed at admin place.
3. Our major strength is our technical data base and should remain confidential and secured
4. Once our sites are ready, we will have two level of customers
1. End uers buying products online or offline
2. Dealers locally or abroad wants to use our site in their name with our data : For this the dealer will pay a nominal amount per month for subscription and he can purchase entire modules or single modules and will be allowed to make restrictive changes such as details of his company, rates of product by multiplying a factor which will be provided for all products, availability period, local courier compny details . He would be immediately download the site without payment and make changes required with sample data of 3-4 items but to run full fledged site he has to start to pay for same. This amount wll consists of our fees for technical data and he would be offered help if he want to buy our services for making his domin site at chargeable basis. He will be allowed to use his domin and server. All technical data, images remain on our server and dealer or his customer at the time of visiting our site will be able to view a product data from our server data base. Whenever we make any changes on technical portion of data , it will reflect on our site and as well as on all sites associated with us.
3. Dealers who wants to promote our site in their country or city with control of domin name in our name and on our server will be allowed at free of cost by allowing him all points in point no 2 but in this all orders will come to us and we will be supplying material to his customer through him by providing commission to dealer. These will form on our company data base the dealers locator
4. Suppliers of other productline who would like to give their products to sale and and to make dealers on our websites. Here they will be offered the ready scalable module specially designed for their products on outright bass if they don’t want to share their data or on fixed charge and commission basis . Anytime client will have freedom to buy outright module.

Different Modules to be developed and linked on common website with provision of adding new modues
We are open for any platform including advance version of magento . As suggested by developer we would be buying server on cloud based . All source code and program logic will be property of us and subsequent assignments on same sites will be done with our requirements and on fixed charges as decided from begining . This is long term contract so confidentiality, time boundness and integrity will be key area to select the partner.
At present we have following products for our e commerce portal. We don’t mind if you can offer separate module for each product and link them or you can use any software which is a good scalable e commerce platform.
We wants that our vendor should have team of people who can load all data initially and make site totally running and thereafter all data we should be able to import and export category wise for any changes to be made.
Search engine should be prepared separately for all categories and should be able to recognise the requirement of user without considering hyphen, desk , capital letter , small letter, some mistake in one of the words
Every product should have images which can be zoomed up , images can be added from all angles
Master data file should have provision for providing for tax rate, delivery charges, exchange rate
Since this site will have rates in USD BUT THE SITE WILL BE SCALABLE for any country. So rate changing will be done on countrywise by multiplying a factor for that country or deler on USD RATES. Every country may have or may not have some rules to follow or online sale and hence scalability should be there for providing additional informations for that country.
For example. The indian customer , each product will be shown with datas
Date of manufacturing / date of import
MRP ( Maximum Retail Price in Indian Rs.)
Discounted price
Bifurcation of GST ( Tax) / FREIGHT/ NET AMOUNT
The indian customer should be able to register his GST details when making invoice as this heps him in getting credit for tax paid subsequently in his returns. This will form part of customer data base
Online payment gatway has to be integrated for
Credit card
Wire transfer
The various report should be generated showing
1. Persons visiting with ip no on site and time spent and model no searched
2. Customer details
3. Order detail
4. Shipment made details
The customer should get regular message and should be able to track his consignment online.

At present we have following modules :

1. Projector parts
A: Category – Projector lamps module A1
B: Category – LCD panel module A2
C: Category DMD Module A3
D Category : other parts Module A4
Each module will be linked to one bigger module A as many datas in this modules are common such as these datas are prepared on basis of projector brand and model no of projector . will be divided on basis of
1 Projector Brand
2 Model no of brand
For every model , a lamp / LCD panel no / DMD / other part no will be classified with part no . This part no can be part no for many models of projector . Same lamp can have multiple part no also. Refer to
Each lamp will be divided into 6 variance
1. Compitable lamp with housing
2. Compitable bare lamp without housing
3. Original lamp with housing
4. Original lamp without housing
5. Retail box
6. Filament only
The person should be able to search with
Brand to model no -
By part no –
At time of search, he should also get list of all other model of projector which use same part no ( As I told there are many lamps which have multiple part no but for getting different model no with same part no should be considered as one )
There are more than 20000 lamp models are there
The details will be shown
Projector brand
Model no
Lamp part no
Other models associated with part no
Technical details as per data sheet
Image of lamp wil be picked first time from our links provided on our data base but subsequently it will be stored permanently on our server.
The master file will have price in USD . For indian customer, the price will get changed as per data of exchange provided by us which will be much higher than normal exchange price to accommodate many expenses such as cutom duty, freight our margin
The advance feature function will be abe to search technical data wise

Module no B
Projector screen

Projector screens are firstly classified in
Regular Series
Professional series
Both series are further classified in

Map type
Instalock screen
Tripod screen
Motorised screen
Fixed frame screen
Tab tension screen
Table top screen
All these screens are made in different ratio of 4:3 , 16:9 , 16:10 and so on
Every screen is further classified in
A: Deluxe
B: Super Deluxe
D: Exclusive
The screen technical detail for each screen will be shown as
1. Series whether this is regular or professional
2. Type of screen like fixed frame , instalock
3. Ratio of screen
4. Quality
5. Viewable area in width, height and in diagonal and customer should be able to search as per inch, mm, cm, feet, meter
6. Fabric size with black border in width, height and in diagonal and customer should be able to search as per inch, mm, cm, feet, meter
7. Black border on top, bottom , left , right
8. Housing size in width, thickness
For each screen, the customer should be able to select the
Color of housing.
Color of front viewable fabric
Fabric type – which are more than 20 types
For every selection the price will differ.
The data for each type of screen should be put up in excel along with prices so that we can anytime import and export the data. The write up should be able to take data from excel for making contents for each variety

Module 3

Ceiling Mount kit for projector
Wall mount kit for projector
Motorised ceiling lift
Motorised floor lift
TV mount kits
Each quality will be further classified in
Minimum size and Maximum size in mm / cm / meter / inch / feet
Metal used Steel or Aluminium
Design whether square or round
For lifts, it can be box type or scessior type or robot hand wise

Module D

There are more than 50 types of cables and 100 types of connectors.
Every cable will be divided into
Super Deluxe
Professional series
Every cable will have different sizes and customer should be able to see in inch / meter / feet / cm / mm
On technical front , every cable will have different technical data such as no of wires, thickness, no, of insulation, connector type
For every variety the content should be picked up from data sheet

Module E
Projectors Module E1
There are basically the projector searches are done on basis of
Brand wise
Lumens wise
SVGA/ XGA / WXGA/ Full HD / 4K wise
Price wise
Model no wise
ususlly customer wants brand wise and than like to compare with other model available with same technical details or prices
TV / Monitors / Large Format Display E2
Brand wise
Lumens wise
XGA XGA/ Full HD / 4K wise
Price wise
Model no wise
Interactive feature
Smart TV

Speakers Audio E3
Brand wise
Specification such as Wattage wise
Type of speakers
Price wise

Mikes E4
LED Wall E5
Type of lamp used
Price / Sq mts

Video wall E6
Type of lamp used
Price based on sizes
Ususlly customer wants brand wise and than like to compare with other model available with same technical details or prices

Module E

Education Segment
1. Interactive smart board
2. Interactive smart devise to be fitted on white board
3. OHP
4. Visualizer
5. Software for teaching

Module F
Paints for Projector screens
Paints can be classified as below:
1. Color wise
2. Screen wise
3. Quantity wise


We want to make one site developed on Word press for consultancy in area of
1. Insolvency
2. Crisis Management
3. Buying and selling the assets of liquidating companies in India
budget:$1000 - $3000

Service club software
date: 24.07.2017
name:Leonhard Graf
description:Dear sir or madam,
I am interested to get quote on programming an application to organise the daily business of an service club.
The service club meets once every week. Meetings are attended by members and guests. The club does through the year different kind of social projects. For each meeting members and guest have to receive an invitation before. After each meeting or event there has to be an protocol of the event which includes an registere of who attended and if an person did not attend if he was excused or not. Guest are asked to become members if they have shown an rate of attendance through a period of time. Members can be asked to leave the club if they don't show a certain amount of attendance through a period of time.
Therefore the Programm would need to: organise the members and guest of the club in an list or in different lists
Organise and plan meetings ( calendar) and to invite guest and members to meetings (mail merge) it has to give the possibility to take attendance at each meeting and to calculate the rate of attendance of each member. It also should have to possibility to write an report to each meeting or at least copy the attendance to an word document were the secretary of the club can write the protocol. What would be nice to have would be the possibly to send members reminders of upcoming meetings not only by mail but also by text. It is important that Programm is not web based ( there are a couple of onlineservices who offer this) it is also important that the Programm would ein under windows and os.
Thank you very much
budget:$0 - $10040

Simple Code needed to embed in a site created using WIX
date: 11.07.2017
description:A simple code to embed in our website. Product and price are displayed on our site. A visitor can choose a new price. Autoresponder with a price calculated based on the display price. The visitor can enter another price and autoresponder sets a new price. The process ends when the price amount meets a specified pre-set condition and displays a final price and pre-set message.
budget:$5 - $5

asp web server microsoft sql
date: 11.07.2017
description:I need a simple login web server that acces to microsoft sql where the game db is stored, so people can register from the game web portal and his login info is stored in game_Accounts database.
Also I need more or less the same; in my website should be a store and users can buy what they need in game, and once purchase is made, auto acces to his account db and put the item he bought
budget:$0 - $200

date: 11.07.2017
description:need andriod app developer for creating an app for our schools through which we can communicate with the parents
budget:$100 - $500

ns2 programing
date: 10.07.2017
description:i need a project in underwater communication that implement routing protocol and performance evaluation should be there.
budget:$100 - $150

creating & managing social media pages
date: 10.07.2017
name:Anuj Tyagi
description:I am looking for freelancer to work on project or part time for Inducir web solutions(P) Ltd.
Job Descrption
1.Creating & Managing Social Media Pages.
2. Designing Banners & Vendor Aggregation.
3. Write articles, Press Release & Blogs.
4. Generate Traffic for website.
5. Digital Marketing Expertise
budget:$100 - $300

internet mobile banking in java
date: 10.07.2017
name:john odeyemi
description:we need a java web developer that can complete our application product.
budget:$60 - $120

Microcontroller based data acquiring board
date: 28.06.2017
name:Shaji Damodaran
description:Measurement Board
Key Feature:
#Read 8 channel ADC data
#ADC should be in Bipolar mode.
#Read 16 Digital Input data
#Write 16 Digital Output data
#Read Frequency range upto 20Mhz
#2 channel DAC : 0 to 10V output.
#2 channel PWM control with variable duty cycle.
#16x4 LCD Display for display ADC/DAC data, Frequency/PWM data, Digital I/O data.
#PC interface to display ADC data, DAC out, Frequency data, PWM, Digital I/O data.
#dotnet based Windows software.

-Microcontroller should be EFM8BB31F32G (Silab 8051 core microcontroller)
-16 Inputs lines using expander I2c device PCA9535PW or SPI device MCP23s17.
-16 outputs lines using expander i2c device PCA9535PW or SPI device MCP23s17.
-ADC IC using I2c device ADS1248 or SPI device ADS1241
-16x4 alphanumeric LCD display
-Keys for selecting function to display on LCD like ADC data,Dac data,Digital I/O data,
Frequency measurement/counter data, PWM .

R coding involving functions
date: 23.06.2017
name:Shivam Pandey Pandey
description:The assignment shall not take more than 5 hours.
I can discuss over the phone. The overview is I have a R code which is lengthy. Its to be reduced and customized for one particular simplistic test case. I will be providing all the inputs and can simultaneously be with you via skype or phone and give inputs.Looking forward for an immediate help.Today itself.
budget:$100 - $150

Coding in Java
date: 19.06.2017
description:Looking for a freelancer with good knowledge in programming (mainly but not only) in java.
The project is easy i guess it might take you 30-60 minutes.
budget:$50 - $100

Android, Cordova, Angular JS Developers
date: 14.06.2017
name:Ganesh G
We are looking for part / full time Android, Cordova, Angular JS Developers with 2-3 years of relevant experience working from Mumbai. Can be considered for a full time Job or Monthly or Task based billing.

Pls contact me ASAP if you are interested. Pls quote your work done while replying.

budget:$1000 - $15000

File/Report Quality Checks Automation
date: 14.06.2017
name:Vineet Sharma
description:We have a weekly file which we share to vendor for there administration on weekly basis. before sharing this file. We have to perform some manual checks just to make sure the data in file is accurate or not. I want these checks should have been done by through system automation.
budget:$100 - $200

I need an simple opengl program which shows the animation of working of a pen plotter model
date: 14.06.2017
name:vishal srujan
description: I need an simple opengl program which shows the animation of working of a pen plotter model
budget:$15 - $20

Event Ticket Vendor & Marketplace Website in PHP
date: 25.05.2017
name:Adeyemi Adedapo
description:A website that sells event tickets for a specified commission.
Users sign up to add events details.
Event tickets get listed for sale
Event tickets could be free
Commissions are charged on non-free tickets
Buyers print out event ticket with a QR/barcode on it for validation and verification at the event gate
Buyers have a choice of downloading the QR/barcode image for validation and verification at the event gate.
budget:$100 - $500

Automatic Hyperlink Suggestions in Word Document
date: 25.05.2017
name:Yamini Nuvvula Nuvvula
description:The main agenda is we need to develop an Add-On for Microsoft word document.. That add-on will read the text in the document and first it needs to extract the keywords based on some keyword extraction algorithm and after it extracted the keywords it needs to search related links for the extracted keywords in google... And finally the add on will have to display those links to the user
budget:$100 - $200

Automatic News Generation
date: 25.05.2017
name:Naren Thanguturi
description:I am Naren Thanguturi, student from Toledo,Ohio,USA. I am from Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. I came to know from my friend that you will help in python projects. I need help in one major project. Project description is as follows:

Topic: Automatic News Generation

Input : Data will be given by the user. Eg: Data from a database
Output: Based on the data, application should generate sentences (News).
Use: Natural Language Generation techniques

Eg: Take cricket as an example- Data from user will be like Team Names, Squad, Scores etc., Based on all these data application should generate summary in the form of News. Summary should include all the required details.

If you are interested please let me know we will discuss about further details.
budget:$100 - $200

Music streaming/player
date: 15.05.2017
name:Roberto Pascarella
description:To sumarize the project: I have this small business that I’m starting here in Brazil. It’s based on the music marketing concept and part of our services will be creating customized playlists for our clients. To achieve that, I’ll need a software in which I can create these playlists and in which the clients will be able to play it.

Site (home, users, logins)
Payment methods
Music player (download or streaming)
Music content management and classification
Design and frontend
budget:$3 - $5

Student Attainment Tracker
date: 15.05.2017
name:Brian Huxley
description:I require a cloud based searchable database which will create a record for each student in a school. The record will include:
Date of Birth
Student's Teacher
A set of bespoke factors (yes/no)
Their grades for Maths, Writing and Reading - updated four times per year over a seven year period.
The software must also be able to produce reports to show student progress over a given period of time and must also be able to filter responses based on their bespoke factors.
budget:$100 - $300

Chatbot in JSON or .NET
date: 10.05.2017
name:pranjali Chauhan
description:Need a chatbot for Skype(.NET) or yammer (JSON) for organizations HR policy

Website Building
date: 09.05.2017
description:Single page static informative website with a contact form.
budget:$0 - $100

Ecommerce Website In PHP or .Net
date: 09.05.2017
name:Hardeep Singh
description:Please You Must Be Very Experienced .NET or PHP Developer and don’t be your time waster and over claimer. If you can complete this project only then take it otherwise please save your valuable time. Donot Try to Get This Project as a TRY, You Must Be Able To Show Me Your Previous Ecommerce Project Related to This One, With Complete Admin Detail. and please donot give excuse while showing backend/admin section with this "that project is live and handed over to client" you developed it so, you can show it by uploading to DEMO server too.

For further discussion over the project u can contact at my S K Y P E - seovally or my CELL - nine , eight , one , five , zero, nine, three , zeo , one , zero
My Basic Need- I want to launch Multiple SEO Services Selling Websites , so I need a very cost effective solution to Launch Multiple Websites with Apps , I need my development solution in Dot Net or PHP in core only, donot want to host my ecommerce website on any open source based like prestashop/Magento etc.
What I need –

1. shopping cart, CMS, all payment gateways, complete account management, order management, customer management, Product management, layout/color/design management, ad management, seo management, discount/offer management section, banner management, sub master, sub-admin management section, worker management section ..
3. Apps for Android, IOS, Windows. (Platform to create apps for my multiple sites and each site will have its own individual app)
4. Minimum 30 themes for website in starting and you will help me to install this script to my 30 sites. Then later i will ask you for more themes if required.
5. minimum 8 months free support and update and bugs removal after complete testing, and 8 months support will start from the date of complete 30 working installations and when all their apps will be tested and workable..
6. Sections – Customer Section, Master Admin Section, Sub-master admin, sub-admin, worker section
7. You will never disclose that you have built this script, no link from your portfolio section.
8. You will never use for you own use, or never sell or distribute this script to anyone.
9. At the time of payment and after complete testing on every type of server, before payment you have to sign NDA with me.
10. I shall give you payment only when i will be fully satisfied with the script/auto installer and all apps versions , and when i shall fully tested each and every part of the script self. (No any milestone, no part payment, no any excuse or necessity or any urgent requirement please.)
11. you will deliver me complete developed fully tested script and apps versions of the requirements to test within 2 months, so you donot leave any requirements and have enough time to test and develop the systems.
12. you will be in my touch each and everyday almost to show me the ongoing development so, we donot miss any feature.
13. all the requirements are not mentioned in the doc file supplied by me so, as the development begin i shall tell you the requirements simultaneously ( but keep in mind this is my dream project and need complete cms/shopping cart/account/product/worker management, so you know better than me what i need to look and launch my seo services offering sites like flipkart, amazon, naaptol,, etc.

Note – I will never pay in advance, No Milestone , need Quality Work and Long Term Relations With Coder, So, Bid gently, with good price, and commitment to complete my project as per my satisfaction without being Over Claimer, and donot bother and blackmail me by asking me to release any payment in middle of the project.I will release full and final payment after checking and getting my project done as per my satisfaction. (Because I am already cheated by a coder earlier) And for Your Payment related safety I am ready to sign any type of agreement/ NDA on stamp paper. Please read my requirements before bidding i need complete functionality without any compromise on quality and speed. If you can complete my requirements in very competitive price only
budget:$500 - $1500

date: 03.05.2017
name:Saeed Vaziri
description:I need help with compiling ffmpeg with Rubberband library enabled for android. This has to be done on Mac OS.

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