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List of open projects:

Oracle Forms and Reports upgrade
date: 04.10.2015
name:Dhanesh Surendran
description:Below are the initial requirements of the project.

->Forms/Reports 6i to 11g
->Forms/Reports 10g to 11g
Cargo Tracking
->Centralized BIN Folder (SDLC Process)
Create Development Environment
Create Test Environment
Create Production Environment (Replicated..)
->Database Fine Tuning
OGG - (Replication Monitoring and Alert Management)
Replicating Master Data
Single Sign-On (Replicating Windows Logging to Oracle Login)
Database Audit
Proposal on Hardware Upgrade if any required.
->Database Backups
RMAN Configuration.
->Other Requirements
Session Time Out.
Internal IT Training
Standard Look and Feel.
Process Linking (Reusability) Egs: Container number/file number replicating directly from main table.
Few enhancement required.

looking for some oracle freelancing consultants who can accomplish the above requirements. the location of project is in Africa. Expenses will be taken care of by our company.

If interested pls respond to my email id with your CV.

Thank you

date: 04.10.2015
name:Rajeev Thakur
description:MrCarLog is a solution for automotive users to keep track of their vehicle maintenance.

For this, I am looking for a creative & solution oriented mobile app developer, who can develop this product from scratch and deliver on timely manner.

desktop application software
date: 03.10.2015
name:RAJ BALA balan
description:I am a musician and write sheet music for people to learn our songs.

I am looking for some to create a desktop application software (basic) so that people can learn and play the sheet music I sell. It should be windows based and a free software downloadable with browser inside.
For getting idea of the concept you can visit a site who is already doing this business. visit
email: Devloper
date: 02.10.2015
name:Vipin mishra

Android based web server
date: 02.10.2015
name:mike dsouza
description:Need a team that can develop a webserver on an Android device and other devices are able to browse sites that are hosted on the android device.
Skills need to be purely Android and IOS.

Only experienced teams may contact.

Need a team that can develop a webserver on an Android device and other devices are able to browse sites that are hosted on the android device.
This webserver must be able to support PHP hosting and MySQL database.

Skills need to be purely Android and IOS.

skype id - equityguru

Android app for medical
date: 01.10.2015
name:S S

I am looking for an android app developer who can build a mobile phn app to be used in medical related procedures.


IOS Mobile Application Develpoment
date: 01.10.2015
name:Ashwini Ajjappa
description:To develop an iOS app for mobile devices. Contact +91-9663148991. Urgent Requirement!

.Net MVC
date: 01.10.2015
name:Bindu P
description:product based project develop using mvc5

date: 29.09.2015
name:Patrick Ndukwe
description:Freelancers needed for Android OCR Project
I picked your email from CODEGRAVITY as one of the freelance developers.
I have developed a project using Java Android technology on Optical Character Recognition. The solution of the Project has already been built and deployed on Google Play Store. The challenge now is that the conversion process of the android app takes the interval of 25 to 33 seconds of time after thoroughly tested on different products of the Android platform such Samsung, Tecno, Sony, HTC and Infinix.
So we are looking for a Freelance Programmer who can help us to optimize the time it takes to perform the OCR process. We are looking at the interval of 6 Seconds on the maximum with a strong concentration on the accuracy after conversion.

So we are sending you this mail as an introductory mail to seek your interest if you can carry out the task. Also, I will like to get the URL link to download any mobile app you have developed either on play store or any where else to strengthen and prove your credibility for this project.

Your urgent response to this is anticipated and deeply appreciated.

Please write to me urgently should in case you need any clarification or further information.


Patrick Ndukwe

Online Democracy
date: 28.09.2015
name:Jani Pontus Toivanen Toivanen
description:An online democracy, where the community's collective voice get's defined and spread through online direct- and representative democracy.

Discussion Forum
date: 28.09.2015
description:Needed a freelance developer to create a discussion forum for my website

Mobile App - Android
date: 27.09.2015
name:Anubhav Agarwal
description:I need one good freelancer android developer. App is about book renting. Interested one please mail me on so that we can meet and take the things forward.

GPS Platform
date: 24.09.2015
name:Mario Mario&Luigi
description:I want to buy a GPS tracker Platform, I have my server in CentOS 6.6
I ear your proposal (features, programming languages, video demo, etc).

Port CommunicatIon to DMX receiver
date: 24.09.2015
description:SEnding hex data to DMX receiver not working in C# but well works with VB 6.0 code. Just need to compare code

cloud computing
date: 22.09.2015
name:shilpa lekurwale
description:need a project on cloud computing for my Master of Engineering degree.

Website & Android APP development
date: 20.09.2015
name:Ravi Gupta
I am working on an idea for which I am looking for Web site & App Development Freelancer who has the technical capabilities and can deliver the requirement with in the quote and time.

I need rough estimation for the same.

Here are the high level requirements.

•Web site should be simple with few pages but with live data upgrades capabilities along with user enrollment and online secure payment option. The content of the site is yet to be finalized.

•It will also show charts and analysis which will be also be updated frequently or can generate online graphs based on the data entered.

•It should have the mobile version of the site with same live data updates and show the same web content.

•Other requirements: Mass SMS or WhatsApp texting capabilities thru website to update the user

For Android/IOS App

•The app should display the same live data which gets updates on the website at the same time.

•The user should also able to enroll and pay thru app. The website and app should use, fetch, store and display same data and results at any given time.

Other requirements:

•The web site updates should be very user and as well admin friendly. Updating the live data should be super easy without any programming needs which can be updated by non-programmer person. There should not any complicacy in update the site and app.

•User personal info and payment data should be highly secure with latest tools.

•The data can be stored on the local server or cloud which is to be evaluated by business case.

•The important factor is how fast updated data reaches to the user.

The IP of the website and app should be with my company and there will not be any copy rights violations. How do you make sure?

I am still working on the content display requirement.

I need to know if you have the capabilities for both requirements or can you bring another App developer and what would be your ballpark quote. It could be for both website and app or just one site or app only quote.

I am not in NCR until next month end so email me with quote. If your quote and timeline suits I would like to start work from Nov for both website & App.

7 Years Minimum Experienced Dot Net/PHP Developer Required
date: 19.09.2015
name:Hardeep Singh Singh
description:Please You Must Be Professional, Experienced Dot Net or PHP Developer and don’t be your time waster and over claimer. If you can complete this project only then take it otherwise please save your valuable time. I am already very very very fed up from false claimer and cheaters specially from kolkata , who wasted my valuable time and money. My Skype - seovally

1. You Must Have Minimum 7 Years Independent Development Experience In Core Dot Net or PHP - Only any open source like wordpress, opencart, magento etc. (Only Then Bid Please)

2. Before Making Bid Please Read My Doc's First 3 Pages , if Agree Only Then Bid Please.

General information for the website: We sell seo services and manual submission services online
New website from scratch complete ecommerce fully dynamic website and the same script you will provide me i want to use it multiple times on my multiple domains , because i want to launch multiple seo services providing websites , every site will have its own database and every site will work individually.

Num. of web pages/modules: Dynamic

Description of every page/module: See My Requirement Doc File

Description of requirements/features: A complete dynamic ecommerce ready website required to sell online seo services and manual submission services For Detail please review my doc file

CMS and Admin requirements: Yes
Shopping cart required, Yes
Apps Required - Android, IOS, Window Platform, Blackberry
Master Admin section required, Sub-Admin section required, Customer, worker management panel, worker login panel required

Similar urls: ,

Extra notes: see my pending website this is developed in code ignitor frame work.

my pending site is (dot net based, another cheating by kolkata based coder)

Last Term Before Bid - See My doc file and if you are agree with my payment terms only then bid, otherwise please save your valuable time. Please read first 2 pages of my doc file very very carefully

date: 19.09.2015
name:Zyte Systems
description:Hello, we are looking for PHP developer to build command line module for file upload+ download kind if functionality. We are based out of Delhi.

date: 18.09.2015
name:Raksha Shetty
description:i want programs for basic agricultural operations like harvesting, weeding, seed sowing

IT Manager
date: 15.09.2015
name:Don Richardson
description:I need a web based app developed in that will replace a current app that includes phone app. It will display employee work data in real time. The data is fed to the site by FTP.

AngularJS2 (not 1.x) tutorial for beginners + sample app needed
date: 15.09.2015
I'm looking for an experienced AngularJS developer who can write a 1500 words tutorial for beginners
It must be AngularJS 2! even though it's only an alpha version !
1. Overview of the framework
2. Explaining the principles and how the application should be structured
3. Highlighting in which areas the AngularJS rocks
4. Creating a demo app:
Newsletter Subscription Form
This simple app should:
- Display number of subscribers (from server using REST API)
- Provide an input field for an email address
- Validate if it's valid email via AngularJS controller
- Allow user to Submit such form and store it on server (using REST API)

If you are interested, please include your developer profile and how much $ you ask in return and how long it's going to take.

Thanky you !

App development on cordova
date: 14.09.2015
name:nitthin nair
description:Looking for a cordova app developer. Should have sufficient experience developing Apache Cordova/PhoneGap applications, which means experience with java, Android app development, JavaScript , Html, HTML5. . Familiarity with the Evothings framework is a plus. Experience working with IoT technologies like Philips Hue, iBeacons and SensorTag.
It is a wearable development project.

Criminal tracking system in .net
date: 13.09.2015
name:surendra singh Bhadouriya
description:in my project have to used by police department to track the criminal information. my project back end is SQL SERVER 08 and front end is .net and my roll in my project i create DATA BASE in project and don coding part

file compare utility on a webpage
date: 11.09.2015
name:pankaj harma
I am looking a plugin to compare two files from list of files and highlight the diffrence. Like notepad++, which opens two files in two diffrent frame and highlight the diffrences. I need the same funtionality on my webpage to compare two configuration files locate in a directory.

First a user will select a device, that would be a directory, where we store all the historic configuration files. Then nelow, there will be two dropdown list button, which will show all the files in that directory. use can select any of those two files and hit the diiffrence to check the diffrence.

Node.JS developer
date: 11.09.2015
name:Robin Saras
description:Need node.js developer for 1 month contract remote work acceptable however must have Skype and fluent in English. Need to finalise today and would like start from Monday.

Only apply if available for quick start. Selected candidates will be interviewed


Online store App Android and IOS
date: 05.09.2015
name:Jeffry Tjhie
description:- Build in native Ios (swift) and Android (android studio). No multi-plattform tools such as PhoneGap, Xamarin, RubyMotion, HTML5, etc. App should meet requirement to be publish in appstore and google play.
- Designed for both smartphone and tablet resolution.
- Data center is using MySql database. Offline database may be vary.
- Features: synchronization, push notification, payment gateway, menu calendar, session control, guest/ member login, shopping cart.
- Modules: product catalog, order, membership

eCommerce site
date: 04.09.2015
description:Need an eCommerce site with a catalog of products (admin should be able to customize).

date: 03.09.2015
name:naj ap
description:software application for online purchase request form

> create online purchase request form.
> once request is submitted request to be send for approval support dept
> after the approval of support dept send for the approval of finance dept and so on
> finally for the approval puchase dept.


XSL Programmer
date: 02.09.2015

I have a requirement for designing a report by XSL.
Will provide furthut details on contact.Experienced developers please conatct

ehcp php software development
date: 02.09.2015
description:I want you:
1- Learn the coding style of ehcp,
2- Develop some modules for it, I will pay either on a constant rate (per month) or per-module, depending on your experience and expectation,
3- Will tell about modules in detail later, one example: a firewall module, will execute some firewall commands, through ehcp gui, ehcp daemon will activate firewall, the gui will check it. I will/may give more detail later, after we agree raughly,
4- If possible, give your expectation on per module and per-month basis.
5- The coding style of ehcp should be kept, mostly,

Desktop Notification Agent using Microsoft technologies
date: 01.09.2015
name:Pradeep Kumar
description:To develop a system tray application and show the recent updates taken place in the system. Sample application like Dropbox.

Business Applications Manager
date: 01.09.2015
name:Daniel Kaheru
This Property Management System will reserve, track, and maintain the information and accounts for both the facilities and customers like keep track of employee’s information, tenant maintenance requests, tenant records, payments, income and expenditure etc. It’s developed for any company wishing to automate many of the interactions between tenant and the landlord / management. It also includes requests and reports from the managers to the central administration and service contract from the central administration to the managers.
Overall Goal
The overall goals of the system are to keep track of tenant maintenance requests, tenant record, document and contract management and controlling the rental payment.
System Features
Management Module
This is where the management committee can see the details about each apartment and tenants. It contain all the information about the apartment including Owner Details, Payments, Tenant Details, Vehicle Details, Communication Information, Employees information, room allocation, contracts management as new tenant contract and current tenant renewals .
Within this module a manger can:-
• Add a new tenant and make and managing his/her contract.
• Warn and report any tenant about his/her rental payment.
• Report any interesting information (new services, taxes, etc)
• Manage the tenant maintenance request, and reporting about it.
• Report about any tenant maintenance tasks.
• Report about any periodical building maintenance.
• Pick up the manager request to the central administration.

This is where tenants can make bookings from and displays all the rates
Invoicing of charges
It ensures an easy and user friendly mechanism to invoice charges either it is related to recurring bills or Non Recurring Bill items. It is also possible to generate recurring bills automatically in every billing period.
Service Requests
Owners/tenants can raise service requests or complaints to the association regarding any issues or complaints related to their apartment. This option ensures one to one communication between owners and members. This will act like an online version of a physical complaint book.
The system automatically generate various reports based on the charges generation, receipt entry, income and expense entries useful for monthly meeting and Auditing. Reports include Defaulter List, Income and Expenditure Statement etc.
Owners and tenants will stay informed about the Dues details through a feedback system. We can inform all the owners/tenants about the Dues details any time in single click.
Data Requirements
For tenants, keep track of tenants name, address, business phone, home phone, cell phone, outstanding balance, starting date, and business type.
For each billable item, keep track of item name, date entered, description, initial amount, status, and balance.
For each invoice, we need to keep track of invoice number, invoice date, total billing amount from all the billable items.
For each payment, we will keep track of payment date, description, amount, payment type, and bank /account name.

Problems with existing system
• Information retrieval from different files is not easy.
• Some files and records get lost or misplaced. This is as a result of the manual system having too many records.

Advantages of the proposed

• To make the management and maintenance of the accounts easier and more efficient.
• It can be accessed anywhere at anytime
• Its cost effective since the cost of buying paper and record files will be minimized
• It will enable managers to capture of information for storage in a scalable database and always enables the management to query for exception and summarized reports that are necessary for proper planning and timely decision-making.

System Stakeholders or users
• Administrators (Managers)
• Tenants (customers)

Description of processes
This is where authorized users access the system. Tenants can also sign in after creating account with the system but they will be restricted to some system features.
Create Account
This is where tenants can register with the system
Approve Payment
This is where an administrator can verify tenant’s payment
Make Payment
Tenants can make payment by uploading a proof of payment that can be approved later
Add payment terms
This is where administrator clearly highlights all payment terms like period, bank accounts, installments, promotion offers, discounts etc
Add Utilities
Electricity and water bills, maintenance costs, etc are recorded from here
Add Prices
All the property prices are added from here
Add tenant
All tenants / clients are added here

Functional Requirements
• The system permits access to only authorized users by logging in to it.
• The system captures processes and stores information about tenants
• The system will alert tenants about rent dues
• The system will automatically generate reports for income & expenditure, transactions for a specified period, payments, Budget etc
• It will generate Statement of account for each tenant showing payments, balances, date, charges etc over a specified period of time

Narrative Description
A tenant can access the system after successful login, and then he/she will be able to view a list of available property for rent, respective prices, payment terms, tenancy agreement terms, reservation (booking) panel, payment details and account details.
The tenant shall also perform some of the following operations:-
• Make reservation
• Cancel booking
• Search for available rooms
• Update account information
• Check their rent dues
• Receive notifications from the administrators
• Submit complaints and inquiries

The administrator will perform the above tasks in cases where the property owners prefer so.


The administrator will also provide valid login details to access the system, then he will perform some of the following actions:-
• View all reports like income and expenditure, Tenant Account details
• View and add tenants
• Manage Room Information i.e Area, Location in Building,
• Add and manage all employees
• Bill / Invoice tenants.
• Enter start date and end date of billing month for each tenant.
• Enter payments
• Generate Receipts after payments are received
• Attend to tenant’s complaints
• Alert tenants about any arising issue like maintenance, bills and change in prices
• Assign rooms
• Monitor reservations
• Approve payments
• Add payment terms and prices
• Manage tenancy agreement
• Add utility payments / bills

Tenant Accounts:

- Date, Amount(s) Billed, Amount(s) paid, Period Balance, Overall Balance, Comments.
- View Tenant Accounts by period.
- Billing is done on a monthly basis.
- Manage monthly Rent (Amount Billable) including editing amount billable. In case the amount billable is changed, it should only affect future accounts / balances not the ones in the past.

Languages: Java, C#, VB.NET preferably.
SQL Server or MySQL Server.

Developers/Design in various strams
date: 31.08.2015
description:Multiple Openings

Hi, I have started up a new company and We have 23 staffs working with Us in our place.. We are looking for 20 developers(freelancers), who can work form their own place...

Android and iOS Developer, Web developer

Hourly rate : 15$/Hr
Duration : Minimum 2 years

Apply through our site,
Application only through our site will be considered and its an Immediate vacancy..



date: 31.08.2015
name:Daniele França França
description:I need a website for my new business of clothes and shoes

XML Parser with C#
date: 31.08.2015
description:Hi All,

I am in need of parsing an xml file. You can download the file from

Named as file
ICD10CM_FY2016_ Full_ XML.ZIP

unzip the zipped file, you can see Tabular.. I am in need to parse that. Help needed.

Thanks & Regards,

ERP system in c#
date: 29.08.2015
name:sadhana pawar
description:having four modules as student, teacher,parents,admin

date: 26.08.2015
description:need to develop a customised billing software for my clothing retail shop.

have done a raw frame work with vb. need tuning

Wordpress customization
date: 24.08.2015
description:Iam looking to customize a Wordpress theme to develop a travel portal. Developers familiar with Wordpress , PHP, MySQL is needed for this job.

Customisations of Dolibarr (PHP, MySQL)
date: 23.08.2015
description:Customisation of Dolibarr to Indian cotext with our specific requirement. Developing new module for letter management.

Accounts Management System in VB6.0
date: 22.08.2015
description:I develop software sitting at home. Most recent I have developed software of co-operative society (Bank) which has 80 forms. It is very large project. I have used visual basic 6.0 and MS access 2010 to complete this software. Following forms have been introduced to complete this project:-
1. Switch user . 2. Active user. 3 Inactive User. 4. Employee registration. 5. Change User Password. 8. Change Master Password. 9. Exit
2. Account : 1. New A/C Open (Savings , FS, RD, MDS, MIS, Chas Certificate, Loan, etc) 2. Account Summery. 3. A/C close. 4. A/C closes. 5. A/C Block. 6. Remove Blockage. 7.
3. Amt. Receive: 1. Receive from Saving .RD,FD, Cash certificate, Receive Voucher, etc.
4. Amt. Release : 1. Amt. Withdrawal. 2. Loan Allotment. 3. Payment Voucher, etc
5. Interest: 1. Interest setup. 2. Daily interest release. Interest disburse to A/C , etc
6. Non-Banking: 1. Purchase. 2. Sale
7. Report: 1. Trading, PL sheet, Balance Sheet
8. More 30 forms have been introduced

Mobile Application in Hadoop
date: 21.08.2015
description:We are a startup and need a mobile application to be developed as a proof of concept for retail shops. The application would be product sales by retailers for the customers.

Managing Director
date: 21.08.2015
name:Graham Moran
description:---- Employer Information ---
nexo QA is an independent company consisting of 100% private capital. Our goal is to encourage the implementation of good practices in IT and Software Engineering industries. To achieve this objective, nexo QA organizes conferences, seminars, workshops and training (both private and open to the public), all with the participation by internationally-recognized experts in the field.
For the events division of the company we require a new website, that is separate from the main website. Current website:
Please read the project description carefully before applying.
--- High-level Non-functional Requirements ---
- The website is to be developed in HTML5, no preference is given to the scripting / programming langauges used nor type of database (once it is a relational database).
- The web design needs to be responsive, supporting devices such as but not limited to Apple, Android & Windows as well as various screen sizes.
- The website should be both backward and forward compatible with standard browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari & mobile device browsers as well as all other standard complaint web browsers.
- The website needs to support, at a minium, English and Spanish localisation.
- The website must be secure and not vunerabe to attracts, such as but not limited to SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting.
- The website must support SEO and be integrated with Google Analytics.
--- High-level Functional Requirements ---
- The website should have a back-end that provides enriched editing capabilities whereby all content at the front-end can be updated and customised.
- It should be capable of embbedding all type of content, such as but not limited to iFrames.
- It should include the following modules:
- An advandced SEO module, allowing metatags to be managed, pages to be optimized, keyworkds to be monitored by google, ALT tags, advandced seo stats, etc.
- A newsletter section whereby users can sign-up to a mothly newsletter (including a two-step verification sign-up process as well as a notification process that new users have signed up).
- A news section, ordering and display news acticles by date and allowing the user to browse back and forth through older news articles.
- A social media section with embedded feeds and timelines from social media, such as but not limited to Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter.
- An agenda section where a conference program is displayed according to day, hour and assigned track.
- A speaker & committee section module where information is displayed bout speakers and members.
- A registration section where users can register via an embedded iFrame.
- A venue section where information about the event venue is displayed
- A past event section where information is displayed about previous events
- A community section containing a calendar of events displaying up-and-coming events within a calendar and sessions within a carousel allowing the user to browser back and forth past sessions.
- A Sponsors section where information is displayed about event sponsors and partners
- An About Us section containing a contact form that allows users to contact the company (including text/image recognition verification)
--- Special developer / designer notes ---
- The website has to be a standalone website, aimed at promoting the company’s brand expo:QA rather than promoting the company (nexo QA) itself. Therefore nexo QA should not be incorporated too much into the design.
- A detailed set of requirements are availble on request.
- Wireframes will be provided to guide the design of the website.
- A number of similar websites will be provided and we recommend are used for guidence.
- Logotypes and corporate images are available to become familiar and aligned with our corporative color scheme. The website must be light in color and in no way follow a dark color scheme.
- All front-end content will be entered by us via the back-end.
- It is important that fluid & regular communication is established bewteen you and us and a delivery must be made on a weekly basis.
- We will test the website and report defects back to you, which should be fixed within a specific period after each delivery.
---- Deadline & Payment Conditions ---
- Total completion of the project is ideally four weeks (28 days) but can be negociated before awarding the contract.
- Communication can be in either English or Spanish via e-mail and skype
- No automated bids / messages (standard messages will be ignored)
---- Addional Notes ---
NOTE 1: After this project, we intend on aquiring a new website for our main company nexo QA. If the project completes to our satisfaction there is a high chance of being awarded this new project as well.
NOTE 2: Although our desired deadline is 28 days, if you are able to do it faster you are more then welcome to do so.

Google Calendar API version with Coldfusion
date: 20.08.2015
name:Gavy Randhawa
description:Hi, I need a Google Calendar API V3 with Coldfusion, There are out many, but they are not good enough, I want the Code should be easy to use and must be logged into the calendar till i am browsing my webpage, it should do whatever it takes to keep the login information intact with one time google login credentuials and must not ask again and again for google login

Budget is 100 USD, Let me know if that is feasible. Must be in Coldfusion, You could Use railo, Lucee too

Looking for Drupal , PHP & My SQL
date: 20.08.2015
name:Birju Mohanty
description:HI There,
Nice to know about this site hope to get some smart freelancer.
Looking for some Freelance It experienced in Drupal and PHP, My SQL.
As per the project requirement the duration would be 40-50 days. the requirement would be relate to accounting and hr payroll services .
Location- Bangalore India (searching people only from Bangalore)

Interested aspirant can go through our Company website for their own idea. also can reach out to me on the below details for more information.
Contact to :

.Net developers
date: 19.08.2015
name:Anushree Chaubal
description:Spring CT is looking out for .net freelance developers based in Pune

Hadoop Tutorial article
date: 18.08.2015
description:an article, from developer who can provide basic introduction, step by step guide and his insights on how to utilize hadoop with examples.
Real-life examples on getting started.

Please bid with your experiences with hadoop , price and how fast you can deliver the article.


RDLC Report in Vb.Net
date: 12.08.2015
name:Sohan Kumar
description:We use Crystal Report for Printing, Now we convert Report in RDLC, during design facing following problems

Django web application development
date: 10.08.2015
Need an experienced web application developer to build a robust web application (that will also have a mobile app soon). Skills required:
1. Python
2. JQuery
3. Django

Please respond asap.

WebView - Off Line Android
date: 10.08.2015
name:Giridhar Puthige
description:I am looking for an android app to run locally stored files (written in xml but triggered by a html file) on a Tab / Smartphone.
a. There should be a start icon on the Android phone
b. On clicking this, the app should open up a screen with various icons (with Company logo etc., lets call this a Main screen).
c. Each of the icons should be linked to a locally stored .html file which will in turn run a program written by me in xml, js.
d. I need the project template with the code so that I can later on include/delete icons on the main screen through Android Studio.
This is Basic requirement. I need a quote for this.
I am also looking for an advanced app as follows:
1. All of the above Basic requirements
2. But instead of accessing local files, the app should convert them as assets internally so that I can send just one file (the app) to my customers to intall directly on their phones/tabs and view.
3. Here also, I need template so that I can add and delete internal files whenever I want and re-send to customers.


Cs-Cart Theme
date: 05.08.2015
name:Jeremy Jeremy Dewaal
description:I need help to get this theme installed with some changes to design and layout.

I have already logo and text to use in my store.


Articles about software development, new trends

web analytics

Conversion tracking, optimization services


Software development, PHP, Java, JEE, Spring, Hibernate