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date: 24.06.2016
This project was submitted just recently and is available for Premium Freelance Members only. It will be available for other members after 2 days.
name:Be first who will contact the project owner, subscribe for premium freelance membership for only $2/month
description:I need a Trainer for this


· Invest on Core Java

· Don’t focus on Jsp or view layer

· Rest Service development scope is till testing the rest service through a service test client like "Postman" - No JQuery based client
email:Be first who will contact the project owner, subscribe for premium freelance membership for only $2/month
budget:$20 - $50

information chat box system in
date: 22.06.2016
name:Sandipan Ghosh Ghosh
description:I have been completed 80% of my project so rest 20% of project i am not able to do because of lack of practical knowledge. So please help me out from this problem. i have only 3 days to complete my full project. because 24th is my final project presentation is going to conduct by my college.
budget:$60 - $80

Mobile Advertising Platform
date: 22.06.2016
name:Jacky How
description:We have developed an application but still requires some debugging and testing and further work. Want a developer that is looking for a challenge to get the application running and working commercially. Will possibly lead towards more work. Requires someone that has some understanding of the media and billing industry.
budget:$500 - $5000

Convert C++ Program in Github to Java ( less than 1000 lines )
date: 21.06.2016
name:Sagar Pantula Stunner
description:I have a C++ Security program in C++, I want someone to convert it into JAVA. If I like the work I will pay you for this and hire you for future projects. ( I have over 10 and the number will most probably increase )

budget:$30 - $70

web data scraping
date: 21.06.2016
I need a program (in Python/SAS) that can scrape data from a publicly available resource on patents, granted to multiple companies during 1995 - 2015. Website has multiple pages with each page dedicated to a company.
Data is needed for academic purpose only and has no involvement of any organization, hence the budget is tight.
Can provide more details to those interested.
budget:$100 - $150

Senior .Net Developer
date: 21.06.2016
name:Daphne Don
description:Experience is using DevExpress controls and to have
Good Exposure in performance tuning of application at all levels using tools like Fiddler, Visual Studio Profiler, IIS Monitoring tools, SQL Server Profiler
Experience in developing web applications supporting Mobile devices and Knowledge of Design Patterns
budget:$100 - $800

Need a person to develop a lead management software
date: 20.06.2016
name:Karan Talwar
description:We are a company that is looking to develop a customised lead management software for our own use.
budget:$100 - $2000

Nurse Bureau Software
date: 20.06.2016
name:Syed Anwar
description:A Nursing Bureau is a Software that provides all information about nurses and usually health care assistants (such as Certified Nursing Assistants) to people who need the services of healthcare professionals. Nurses are normally engaged by the agency on temporary contracts and make themselves available for hire by hospitals, care homes and other providers of care for help during busy periods. Some nurses may be seconded to private clients who choose to receive their nursing care within their own homes.
In this software there is all information about the nurse bureau means which nurse is on work, and the attendance of the nurse, and if any one want the medical equipments like wheelchair, stick, or bed on rent then these people can order it, etc
budget:$100 - $150

date: 20.06.2016
description:This is to build a Customized Enterprise Resource Planner Software for my Organization.
We will provide all the design requirements. There will be multiple modules involved. (Like Customer Relationship Manager, Estimation, Material Management, Sales, Accounts etc)

Traffic Simulation
date: 20.06.2016
name:Punith Kotagi
description:Need to develop a traffic simulation model, using the object oriented programming concepts in MATLAB.
The model should be user friendly with GUI interface, and graphical output of simulation is also required.
budget:$100 - $400

International Courier Management
date: 18.06.2016
description:Looking for someone around Delhi to develop a Online Courier Management Software.
budget:$0 - $2000

MATLAB learning
date: 17.06.2016
name:GR p
description:I have some concept and MATLAB models available. Want help in modifying those models and help to make them run...
budget:$10 - $100

horse racing
date: 16.06.2016
name:sunil tyagi
description:prepare the database and makeprograme to analyse them.

Handbag Brand in India
date: 16.06.2016
name:Aditya Padmanabhan Padmanabhan
description:android + ios social and ecommerce app
budget:$0 - $1000

crm software in php and .net
date: 16.06.2016
description:dear sir,
we want free lancers to design crm software for leads management in php and .net separately.
budget:$100 - $500

php web developer
date: 15.06.2016
name:sanjeev rayapally
description:We are running a matrimonial web site. We want to develop a new website. We have developers in our office and we want to hire one more developer to work along with our developers. If you are located in Bangalore please contact us on 9980403507.

education software in Java and .net
date: 14.06.2016
name:Aparna Ghate
description:looking for a java .net developer to work on project basis for a project dealing with education field. Experience with app development would be very vital and critical. Its a very big project, expected to run for approximately 1000 hrs. the project endavours to create a sort of an ERP system for educational institutions ad a has a huge potential for future expansion projects.
budget:$500 - $1000

date: 12.06.2016
name:abdul kani
description:Textile inhouse project
vb platform
To maintain and support on demand
budget:$50 - $300

Hostel Management
date: 11.06.2016
description:1.Hostel rooms in single window control
2.Available rooms show in dashboard
3.Vacate details available
budget:$80 - $150

Shopping cart in PHP -MySQL in dreamweaver cs6
date: 08.06.2016
name:Ranjith Das
description:Need a shopping cart in PHP-MySQL in dreamweaver cs6
budget:$0 - $200

Web / Mobile Development
date: 08.06.2016
description:Looking for a developer in to develop an idea in mobile/web in a JS framework
budget:$500 - $700

date: 06.06.2016
budget:$200 - $4000

Secure bulk transaction processing software
date: 05.06.2016
description:1). Users have installed apps and send cash to one another via sms. These payments are received and processed by system. (P2P)
2). Merchants can receive transactions for goods or services rendered, also via sms. These payments are received and processed by system. (P2B)
3). Users and merchants registered on the system using mobile phone number as key identifier.
Dashboard to monitor transactions.
4). Auditable, Safe, Secure

budget:$300 - $600

date: 03.06.2016
name:g h
description:Need a writer(Medical,Biomedical or Bioscience) to write a research paper(Review article) on a microbiology topic with an outline 4000 words.
budget:$100 - $150

Web page development
date: 02.06.2016
description:1. Write a script to pull Live Gold & Silver Price from authentic website, Then add Company multiplier and display on Company Home Page of Website "Today's Gold & Silver Price Rs. xxxx/-"
2. Login Page for employee to Key in Ornaments weight, calculate the price from Today's Price, Add Making Charges, Add Wastage Charges, Add 1% VAT - Then generate Invoice and Print
3. Login Page for employee to Enter Ornaments Stock entry and Auto Update after Sales of Ornaments
budget:$100 - $300

date: 01.06.2016
name:Bhavin Dalal
description:Looking for people who can immediately take up the project and deliver it. We are looking for candidates who can work from our office in Mumbai.
budget:$0 - $100000

POS software
date: 31.05.2016
name:Arif Khan
description:Required person with experience to complete an existing software Database SQL front end .Net & App development.
budget:$0 - $1000

PV transformerless inverter Photovo
date: 30.05.2016
name:Ghanashyam P
description:Matlab model for comparative study of transformerless inverter topologies on the basis of anti islanding performance

Fee Management System
date: 30.05.2016
name:Taimoor Shakeel
description:It is a project based on a school management system in which you can add the students details,fee details,view the list of details on the basic details of any schools database.
budget:$100 - $120

iOS and Android app
date: 30.05.2016
name:Srivardhan Khemka
description:I need to make an app for the iOS and Android platform. I have the data. It is an offline app for information.
budget:$80 - $200

Mobile App developer requirement
date: 29.05.2016
description: On Demand App Flow :
1 User can login/register.
2 After registration/login, user can set his location or the location is set automatically using GPS.
3 App opens to a home page showing broad categories of services.
Users can search for a particular service.
Searched service near to the user’s location is then showed.
Users can select a service and give their details.
Service provider will be notified and will then contact the user.
User can make the payment online through wallet, cards or internet banking
Admin can create, edit, and remove categories/data/images.
budget:$100 - $500

geo referencing project
date: 28.05.2016
name:shivendra gupta
description:I want to develop a new website cum responsive site along with apps for ios and android for a geo referencing project. The project will involve working on an identified software and to then develop it into the website and mobile apps. The project is around using geo referencing tools to create guided tours of cities. The content is being separately developed by an independent team. The content team will need a cms to manage the content. The programmer must have established skills in developing websites and apps across platforms and must have experience in UI/UX.
budget:$1000 - $5000

speech recognition using backpropagation algorithm in c#
date: 27.05.2016
name:Pragathi G
description:c# code for recognizing 16 isolated words using back propagation algorithm
budget:$100 - $150

Approval Workflow mockups in Tibco
date: 25.05.2016
name:Jason Pais
description:We need to create some approval workflows in Tibco based on our internal processes. The first step is to create some mockups based on documented processes with basic information. The requirement is to create a few screens where a user and his supervisor can see tasks. After each task is completed by a user, his supervisor approves. For the mock up it is fairly straight forward. If the mock up is successful and is approved by internal users, the developer will get an opportunity to work on the larger Project to incorporate all the workflows (some of them a Little more complex). The Budget is very attractive for the larger Project.
budget:$100 - $500

data visualization using d3js
date: 25.05.2016
description:I am looking to get some work done in d3js for network visualization- the work is initially POC followed by a larger engagement. This can move from project to longer term engagement based on performance and preference

the data access using json is out of scope. I can share more details with right candidate
budget:$100 - $500

Education Startup
date: 25.05.2016
name:Jophin Mathai
description:BridgEd, our education-based project, has been under construction for a while and these are exciting times for us!

BridgEd s a digital platform where students can research, interact with and directly apply to institutions for an international higher education.

We want to expand our team and are looking for someone technical, entrepreneurial and excited about being part of a BIG vision.

What else are we looking for :

1. Someone seriously passionate about their work and the impact they want to create.

2. Someone really good at back-end programming, who can lead/build a team in the future, build architecture and give a solid foundation to products.

3. Should be able to understand user requirements, and have good experience in agile methodologies (Scrum or Kanban)

4. A good understanding of user experience.

5. Fluent with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

6. A sense of humour (not a deal-breaker)

We are not offering salary at this point.

Contract + equity can be discussed.
budget:$200 - $500

Implement machine learning algorithm in Python
date: 24.05.2016
name:Varsha Ram
description:I need to implement two change detection algorithms(LR test and CUSUM test) in Python language using Scikit
budget:$200 - $300

Experiance magento developer
date: 22.05.2016
name:Rajesh Singhal Singhal
description:Need a highly qualified magento developer who can complete a magento website which is developed 90%, and needs only 2 modules to complete, if any one interested, then please contact to me immediately with work portfolio.

budget:$100 - $300

Pascal to C code
date: 21.05.2016
name:myth s
description:need to covert pascal to c language code
budget:$10 - $30

Security consultant
date: 20.05.2016
name:Deepak Seth
description:I have a specific requirement for using Python to parse or fetch specific data/field from HTML, XML and JSON file.

The developer should be able to teach me also how to do this as I do have a basic knowledge of Python and scripting in general. As this project is urgent so pl only serious developers should contact me.
budget:$100 - $1000

Linux C Program
date: 20.05.2016
name:Navneet Goel Goel
description:The project would require slight alterations to the open source project NoCatSplash for TomatoUSB including changes in the authentication methods and the addition of a deauth method. It would also involve transferring the changed code on to the machine.
budget:$50 - $100

ERP software in web using PHP and mySQL
date: 19.05.2016
description:1.Purchase and supplier module-Have my own suppliers,so I need to manage them, raise PO,get reflected in accounts, manage list of suppliers,reports-suppliers,POs,payments made to suppliers.
2.Sales and Inventory-Assemble my own products under different category with different model names,sell them,adjust the stock,maintain inventory,generate invoice,accounts-receiveables as full and part payments and the reports.
3.HR and Payroll-Employee management,payroll-fixed+variables,leave policies,trainings, offer letter generation,payslips and other standard HR practises.
4.Accounts-Receivables,payables,credit notes,debit notes,part payments, petty cash management,expenses management
5.CRM-Front desk management,inbound call,outbound call management,followups,SMS integration,mobile app for service Engineer,customer feedback and the reports.
6.Dashboard and user access settings.
budget:$200 - $500

Software developer
date: 14.05.2016
description:Software developer/ trainer &
Mobile app developer and trainer required
budget:$100 - $500

Program for Calculations, Data storage and retrieval in standard format in excel
date: 10.05.2016
name:L Agarwal
description:Need to develop program/software for equipment design with proper security features to prevent copying, editing, reproduction, etc. Data entered shall throw required results as per calculations and store the same in database for reuse and as history. Data should in stored in a particular format to be standardised by us. Calculations are available in excel format with us. The freelancer shall be required to sign necessary legal documents before proceeding with work.
budget:$50 - $175

Implement a machine learning algorithm
date: 06.05.2016
description:Python, Scikit-learn tool, R language, data analysis, machine learning
budget:$50 - $80

Simple mobile app required
date: 06.05.2016
description:Need a simple mobile application with calculator like functions for a project purpose
budget:$50 - $100

S/w developers
date: 06.05.2016
description:Various opportunities in IT

Need a software developer / trainer for web app development, Java , mobile app dev, C/ C++.
budget:$100 - $500

android app development
date: 03.05.2016
name:ayushi sharma
description:projects on android app development
budget:$50 - $300

date: 01.05.2016
name:Camilo Paez
description:Hi people,
Please, I need something for consolidating multiple TXT files located in mi PC into only one file (TXT, CSV or XLSX).

As an example, the TXT source files that I already downloaded are located here:

The final file that I need to generate must contain all the data from the TXT source files (I plan to select about 600), and it is required to organize it in 5 types of fields:
1. Date
2. Agent
3. Plant
4. Type of data
5. Data itself (organized on 24 columns)

A graphic explanation can be access here:

Again, I accept as an output format one of these filetypes: TXT, CSV or XLSX. If you choose XLSX, the output must be on the same datasheet.

I need this within the next 3 days.

Thank you so much.
budget:$10 - $25

Web based school management software
date: 27.04.2016
name:Shaylan Naidoo
description:I would like to have a web based platform developed for school management, a portal for pupils , teachers,parent and admin access with different levels of security, the software must be able to include results, timetables , fees, attendance, bulk and Individual messaging systems, be able to generate a report of results and to be able to create and edit the design of the report
budget:$0 - $500

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