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I need e-commerce site for my own business
date: 21.04.2026
This project was submitted just recently and is available for Premium Freelance Members only. It will be available for other members after 2 days.
name:Be first who will contact the project owner, subscribe for premium freelance membership for only $2/month
description:Looking for an experienced front end developer for 1-2 moth project. You will wok with a team of experts for this project.
- I have an example site and I want to make same site, designing, functionality
- Example site:
- Please refere this site
- Check product view page
email:Be first who will contact the project owner, subscribe for premium freelance membership for only $2/month
budget:$20000 - $30000

HR/Payroll/GPS/Mobile App
date: 23.05.2017
This project was submitted just recently and is available for Premium Freelance Members only. It will be available for other members after 2 days.
name:Be first who will contact the project owner, subscribe for premium freelance membership for only $2/month
description:Im looking developer who can come out with a good software to develop below.

1) Accounting system and HR Payroll system.
2) Mobile Application (android /ios) Intergration.
3) GPS Service implementation for goods/delivery & tracking
Further buss req will follows for those serious or any com ...
email:Be first who will contact the project owner, subscribe for premium freelance membership for only $2/month
budget:$3000 - $4000

Music streaming/player
date: 15.05.2017
name:Roberto Pascarella
description:To sumarize the project: I have this small business that I’m starting here in Brazil. It’s based on the music marketing concept and part of our services will be creating customized playlists for our clients. To achieve that, I’ll need a software in which I can create these playlists and in which the clients will be able to play it.

Site (home, users, logins)
Payment methods
Music player (download or streaming)
Music content management and classification
Design and frontend
budget:$3 - $5

Student Attainment Tracker
date: 15.05.2017
name:Brian Huxley
description:I require a cloud based searchable database which will create a record for each student in a school. The record will include:
Date of Birth
Student's Teacher
A set of bespoke factors (yes/no)
Their grades for Maths, Writing and Reading - updated four times per year over a seven year period.
The software must also be able to produce reports to show student progress over a given period of time and must also be able to filter responses based on their bespoke factors.
budget:$100 - $300

Chatbot in JSON or .NET
date: 10.05.2017
name:pranjali Chauhan
description:Need a chatbot for Skype(.NET) or yammer (JSON) for organizations HR policy

Website Building
date: 09.05.2017
description:Single page static informative website with a contact form.
budget:$0 - $100

Ecommerce Website In PHP or .Net
date: 09.05.2017
name:Hardeep Singh
description:Please You Must Be Very Experienced .NET or PHP Developer and don’t be your time waster and over claimer. If you can complete this project only then take it otherwise please save your valuable time. Donot Try to Get This Project as a TRY, You Must Be Able To Show Me Your Previous Ecommerce Project Related to This One, With Complete Admin Detail. and please donot give excuse while showing backend/admin section with this "that project is live and handed over to client" you developed it so, you can show it by uploading to DEMO server too.

For further discussion over the project u can contact at my S K Y P E - seovally or my CELL - nine , eight , one , five , zero, nine, three , zeo , one , zero
My Basic Need- I want to launch Multiple SEO Services Selling Websites , so I need a very cost effective solution to Launch Multiple Websites with Apps , I need my development solution in Dot Net or PHP in core only, donot want to host my ecommerce website on any open source based like prestashop/Magento etc.
What I need –

1. shopping cart, CMS, all payment gateways, complete account management, order management, customer management, Product management, layout/color/design management, ad management, seo management, discount/offer management section, banner management, sub master, sub-admin management section, worker management section ..
3. Apps for Android, IOS, Windows. (Platform to create apps for my multiple sites and each site will have its own individual app)
4. Minimum 30 themes for website in starting and you will help me to install this script to my 30 sites. Then later i will ask you for more themes if required.
5. minimum 8 months free support and update and bugs removal after complete testing, and 8 months support will start from the date of complete 30 working installations and when all their apps will be tested and workable..
6. Sections – Customer Section, Master Admin Section, Sub-master admin, sub-admin, worker section
7. You will never disclose that you have built this script, no link from your portfolio section.
8. You will never use for you own use, or never sell or distribute this script to anyone.
9. At the time of payment and after complete testing on every type of server, before payment you have to sign NDA with me.
10. I shall give you payment only when i will be fully satisfied with the script/auto installer and all apps versions , and when i shall fully tested each and every part of the script self. (No any milestone, no part payment, no any excuse or necessity or any urgent requirement please.)
11. you will deliver me complete developed fully tested script and apps versions of the requirements to test within 2 months, so you donot leave any requirements and have enough time to test and develop the systems.
12. you will be in my touch each and everyday almost to show me the ongoing development so, we donot miss any feature.
13. all the requirements are not mentioned in the doc file supplied by me so, as the development begin i shall tell you the requirements simultaneously ( but keep in mind this is my dream project and need complete cms/shopping cart/account/product/worker management, so you know better than me what i need to look and launch my seo services offering sites like flipkart, amazon, naaptol,, etc.

Note – I will never pay in advance, No Milestone , need Quality Work and Long Term Relations With Coder, So, Bid gently, with good price, and commitment to complete my project as per my satisfaction without being Over Claimer, and donot bother and blackmail me by asking me to release any payment in middle of the project.I will release full and final payment after checking and getting my project done as per my satisfaction. (Because I am already cheated by a coder earlier) And for Your Payment related safety I am ready to sign any type of agreement/ NDA on stamp paper. Please read my requirements before bidding i need complete functionality without any compromise on quality and speed. If you can complete my requirements in very competitive price only
budget:$500 - $1500

date: 03.05.2017
name:Saeed Vaziri
description:I need help with compiling ffmpeg with Rubberband library enabled for android. This has to be done on Mac OS.

Android for external finger print scanner
date: 03.05.2017
name:deepesh chauhan
description:I have requirement of connecting single fingerprint scanner through otg to android. The android app should be able to detect the scanner. After detection, finger print scan should scan the finger and match with already stored sample in android. This has to be an image to image comparison in offline mode. After saying yes/marking present. The data I.e. image should remain stored in private directory of app securely. When net is available, it should be synced to server. The data should be sent with time stamp and Geo location coordinate so that it can be checked whether the person marking attendance is present at designated location at designated time. Sdk for scanner will be provided. So, in the demo use sample images and once project is awarded to you than replace it with images from scanner.

Looking for Linux, Java, WebSphere Liberty, Oracle consultants
date: 02.05.2017
name:Ganesh G
description:We are looking for full /part time consultants having experience in Linux, Java, WebSphere Liberty, Oracle. Work location is Mumbai. This is an immediate opportunity, so please contact asap.

budget:$500 - $1000

Image Downloader from Specific Website
date: 28.04.2017
name:Sultan Mahmut
description:download full resolution images from a e-commerce website.
Images are coming from CDN, format is jpg.
Links are not changing, but daily new products might be added.
A simple tool is required to download all high resolution images.
budget:$10 - $25

Web-Design Improvement in Html, CSS
date: 27.04.2017
name:Manjeet Kumar
description:I have a beta version of my website, I want to improve the landing page as well ass three other dynamic pages. I would prefer use of clean and relevant vectors to explain the site's objective, and also modern and contemporary design and layout.
budget:$100 - $200

congestion control in vanets
date: 27.04.2017
description:i need to control congestion in vanets by prioritizing and scheduling messages.could you please help me in only coding part
budget:$1000 - $60000

Code Translation from Java to C#
date: 20.04.2017
name:Sandeep Dhamale
description:The requirement is to convert a Java code to C# and here it goes what and how....
1. It's an Automation testing suite (Utility) developed using Selenium using Java. The utility has been completed and running successfully.
2. It takes inputs (the test data) from different excel files and feeds to our Web application, performs various operations and verifies the results automatically likewise we do it in manual testing.
3. Its a small utility which has 11 java files and approx. 5000 lines of code. It includes few external Jars.
4. The requirement is to convert this source code into C# application which will serve the exact functionality. (It's not a C# web application...its a utility)
5. important thing is that the development should be completed within 1st week of May, 2017

PPT to image convertor
date: 20.04.2017
name:Harish Saini
description:Required module to convert PPT into images on server through PHP
budget:$200 - $400

Required HADOOP Consultants
date: 20.04.2017
name:Ganesh G
description:We are looking for HADOOP consultants (2-5 years of experience required) for one of our projects. No constraints on budget for the right candidates.
budget:$1000 - $3000

Bug Fixes in iOS mobile app (Objective C)
date: 20.04.2017
name:Saheli Bhattacharya
description:We have an existing project where there are few bugs to be fixed. The bugs are small and mainly about texts, UI, displaying server data correctly, showing push notification data correctly etc. This should be not more than 2-3 days job for an experienced developer.

Any pop up, notification etc should match application's look and feel.
Before starting project, you will sign an NDA with us.
After development and complete testing, you should send a build via daiwi to us. After our testing, once we approve, you will commit the code in our git repository and provide us with a code walkthrough. Code should follow modular approach with best industry practices.
budget:$120 - $150

Google Drive integration in iOS mobile app (Objective C)
date: 18.04.2017
name:Saheli Bhattacharya
description:We have an existing project where there is a module with file upload currently implemented. The flow is as below-

1. In a module, user is clicking on "Upload File" icon
2. An option menu opens to choose file from iCloud or Google Drive
3. If user chooses iCloud, he can browse his iCloud files(PDF,Doc,Docx,Txt) and choose one
4. The chosen file gets uploaded to server as multipart file along with other form data

All above steps are implemented when user selects iCloud. We just need the Google Drive option to be implemented for point 3 above where user when chooses Google Drive, he can browse his Google Drive files and choose a file(PDF,Doc,Docx,Txt). The chosen file will then be uploaded to server using already implemented file upload utility(point 4)

Any pop up, notification etc should match application's look and feel.
Before starting project, you will sign an NDA with us.
After development and complete testing, you should send a build via daiwi to us. After our testing, once we approve, you will commit the code in our git repository and provide us with a code walkthrough. Code should follow modular approach with best industry practices.
budget:$25 - $50

Firebase Chat integration in iOS mobile app (Objective C)
date: 18.04.2017
name:Saheli Bhattacharya
description:We have an existing project where users can add other users in their network. Now, we want to implement chat between two users. It will be one to one chat with text and simple emoticons. Workflow should be as follows-

When user enters the app, his firebase token is generated and saved in server
When he views his connections, if the connection is active user(status=active), the connected user's token is also provided in API response. (this is implemented)
There will be a chat icon beside each connection (this is implemented)
When user clicks on chat icon, a one to one chat window will open with previous chat messages displayed(latest first)
When user types a message with text/emoticon, firebase server will be called and chat session will be establlished. Here users can chat with each other in real time. (Note: the communication will be directly from mobile app to firebase, without application server intervention in between)
When user is out of the app, new chat notifications should come in notification center with app logo, sender's name and excerpt of chat message
When user is inside the app but not inside chat module, then a number badge should come over chat module indication new chat messages
When user is offline(not connected to internet), previous chat messages should show and new chat messages should be saved in database till internet connects. Once internet connects, the chat messages should be sent to firebase
All chats with user list will be shown in "Chats" screen with latest communicated users first. On clicking each user, the one to one chat screen will open

All the screens with layouts are already created which you can reuse.
Any pop up, notification etc should match application's look and feel.
Before starting project, you will sign an NDA with us.
After development and complete testing, you should send a build via daiwi to us. After our testing, once we approve, you will commit the code in our git repository and provide us with a code walkthrough. Code should follow modular approach with best industry practices.
budget:$100 - $120

UI layout for iPad in iOS mobile app (Objective C)
date: 18.04.2017
name:Saheli Bhattacharya
description:We have an existing project which needs to be compatible with iPad. Currently the screens are created for mobile. The same layouts should be followed in iPad. There are approx. 25 simple screens.

Before starting project, you will sign an NDA with us.
After development and complete testing, you should send a build via daiwi to us. After our testing, once we approve, you will commit the code in our git repository and provide us with a code walkthrough. Code should follow modular approach with best industry practices.
budget:$120 - $150

Online Book Store
date: 14.04.2017
name:Rajshree Borade
description:I want online book store website using PHP and Mysql in xampp or wampp server.
budget:$50 - $100

Webapplication Dot Net & SQL Server
date: 12.04.2017
name:Samuel Yesudian
description:1. UI programmer for developing cool UIs for blogs/forums type of website
6 months fulltime
2. Business Analyst for requirement gathering, technical & functional specification documentation
6 months fulltime
budget:$1000 - $5000

date: 10.04.2017
name:Apurva khune
description:need to use java 8 executor services for multithreading.
i am inserting data into three database tables through a method

task is to make it multithreaded
budget:$50 - $100

Automation Tester
date: 07.04.2017
name:Sandeep Dhamale
description:I hav a java code written for Automation Testing. I need to convert it to C# code.
budget:$100 - $300

encryption & decrytion in python 3
date: 04.04.2017
description:it is a small app, which take a accept a file and encrypt it using blowfish, towfish or AES encryption algorithm. the program has to be writen in python 3 or python.
the encrypted file and the original file should have different extension

thats all
budget:$50 - $120

date: 27.03.2017
name:O C
description:A ASP.NET windows form application in VB with Entity Framework and WCF that performs basic maintenance (Insert, Update, Delete, List) on a SQL Server database.
budget:$50 - $100

smart mirror in ( C or Java ) voice command
date: 24.03.2017
description:Smart-mirror is voice controlled, integrates with a growing number of services, and can control your smart devices :)for more information on chat or email thx.
budget:$100 - $500

date: 24.03.2017
name:feyisara Lawal
description:peer to peer online donation application
budget:$50 - $70

Medical Billing and coding Software
date: 20.03.2017
name:Kriston Ferguson
description:I am seeking to develop a proprietary software for Medical Billing and Coding with Accounting functionality for back office functions.

This would be like the Quickbooks of medical billing with Diagnosis and Procedural codes fully integrated, as well as the platform to verify insurance coverage and online submission of claims.
Please contact me to discuss further. My budget is low but we could work out a reciprocal arrangement as I also intend to sell and licence this program when developed.

I have no tech experience but my background is in Accounting and Medical Billing.


budget:$100 - $300

ios and android app developer (1 + years of exp)
date: 17.03.2017
name:k Sundarm
description:Looking for freelancer mobile and web developer for pune, India location.

budget:$50 - $700

Online football betting website in c#
date: 13.03.2017
name:Sam Elawa
description:a football betting web application that has full features of match fixtures, match betting etc.

Program for module ToukO Ecredit
date: 12.03.2017
name:Issoufou TIENDREBEOGO
description:"ECREDIT" will be an alternative solution by exploiting the potential of mobile money to establish a relationship of trust between traders and consumers allowing the acquisition of goods and the payment by on monthly basis as previously defined.
A small box containing a small program to be installed in the main device to function as a mobile money account to receive repayment of credit and allow the devices to function normally, to be geo-localized or to provide after-sales service at distance.
budget:$100 - $1000

Stock/Inventory Database for Trading Company
date: 12.03.2017
description:We are a Shop/Trading company , which specializes in wires and cables.
Currently we use MS Access/Google Forms/ Excel sheet to keep track of inventory, on a single computer.
Looking for somebody to help us in making an application/database for our in-house use by which everybody in office/ on multiple computers or phones can have access to stock in real-time.
We are based in Chandigarh, India.
budget:$100 - $500

date: 10.03.2017
name:reagan ogembo
description:I would like clone with some of the modifications
budget:$500 - $1000

Directory / Classified Joomla extension customisation
date: 06.03.2017
name:Selvan Pillay
description:We require a responsive Joomla site with directory / classified extension customized as follows:
The search facility must have the following parameters category, sub-category, city, province, mall, keyword.
3 levels of access:
1. Admin must be able to create, edit & delete categories with images, subcategories with images, cities and malls. Admin must be able to create voucher codes for sellers. Admin must be able to approve adverts.
2. Seller is a user who will buy advert on the website. Seller must register with registration page (fields will be provided). Standard email account confirmation. Seller must have his own panel to purchase adverts or repost previous advert. 3 types of advert with seller specifying duration of advert. System must auto-calculate cost based on duration, voucher code and type of adverts. System must generate and store the invoice which must be printable. We have a payment gateway which must be integrated. The 3 advert types must be:
a. simple listing in a subcategory,
b. simple listing in a subcategory + thumbnail in banner advert (linking to advert) on that specific category page (category featured advert) or
c. simple listing in a subcategory + thumbnail in banner advert (linking to advert) on that specific category page (category featured advert) + thumbnail in banner advert (linking to advert) on home page all pages except other category featured adverts.
We will send more detailed description of the advert types, cost and placement. The banner adverts must be made of linked thumbnails of all advert purchased for that placement and must scroll at 5 sec intervals.
3. Shopper is the last level of access. Shopper will be able to view the advert upon register.
We have a specific look and images for the site.
budget:$100 - $200

date: 06.03.2017
name:TJ Mork
description:Create a simple working jsp servlet web application that uses mysql database to obtain the data to post into the webpage. You can create it with any type of style you want. Must not be too simple but must be completed within 1-3 days.

Finally, make sure to add diagrams of the database to the project in a separate folder.
budget:$0 - $150

Big data mining application
date: 06.03.2017
name:Rajvir Chahal
description:To create a new Big data mining application for predicting future demand in Fasteners manufacturing market by using Mahout( a library for machine learning and data mining which makes use of Map Reduce paradigm)

one to one football betting website (web application)
date: 06.03.2017
name:Damiete Briggs
description:Good day! I intend to set up a website that will enable peoplee in Nigeria and if possible Africa, to place bet against each other on world football league matches using initially debit cards and some other efficient payment options.
Wins willbe paid to winners account number provided during signinu up into the website.
Please do contact me for more specification on +234(0)8134432680
budget:$100 - $200

Peer to peer Donation website
date: 02.03.2017
name:oliver Stephen
description:The project is to build a peer to peer donation website It is a naira based donation program for Nigerians and donation is between members by paying directly into each other's account The website will look like this:

1)Members will register on the home page by providing basic info and the account will be activated by email link

2)after registration they will log in to their dashboard and add their bank account details

3)Then they click on the donate button.Donation will be fixed at 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 naira

4)The system will automatically pair the new member to pay the amount indicated to another registered member

5)its basically 2 members donating to 1 a member who donates 50,000 will be assigned 2 members to each donate 50,000 to this point the system automatically exits that member but his account still remains active for him to make subsequent donations

6)it should have both automatic and manual pairing feature to enable the admin have access to pair members manually
7) cross matching is desired than matrix matching: matrix matching matches 2 persons to pay 1, but cross matching can for example match 1 person who donates 10,000 to another person donating 20k.

competitor website I don't want to build the site from scratch. Please only bid if you have a similar website script for sale. Thanks
budget:$25 - $150

executable program - basic
date: 28.02.2017
name:Jay Gandhi
description:writing software code using VB / python / other platform to create executable basic program for quiz taking platform. this includes basic GUI, command buttons, importing quiz question content (includes graphic question as well) and options from .xls / .doc file, registering the answer options from quiz taker and recording it in output file in form of .xls / .doc. The program should run only for one unique password to avoid general piracy of the quiz content. the interface should include timer and other command buttons for navigating
budget:$0 - $100

pdf to cr80 size high resolution .jpg/gif or direct print from app
date: 28.02.2017
name:Brijesh Yadav
description:looking for a programme where in from .pdf page portion of it can be extracted for id card and print directly with high resolution

Curve Refinement using VTK
date: 28.02.2017
name:Lisa Sharapo
description:Curve Refinement :
i)- Compute Gradient of the original image.
ii)- Select one point on manual revised Hermite or B-Spline cubic curves.
ii) Calculate the normal direction from selected Point .

P.S : The work is via teamviewer.
I will not send the source code.
budget:$100 - $200

School student
date: 28.02.2017
name:Jim Mehta
description:School project - Build an Online Book Reviews System in java using Spring Framework.
budget:$0 - $30

School / College ERP
date: 24.02.2017
name:Shekar Narayan
description:Looking for smart developers to build a robust App for School & College using .NET. We need 12 modules to cover. timeline 30-45 days. People with good experience need ONLY apply. Budget 50-75k(INR).
Key Areas:
High Security
User Friendly

Note: please send links for reference
Shekar Narayan
Founder & MD

budget:$50000 - $75000

Dynamic Programming Problem
date: 24.02.2017
name:Rhythm Singh
description:It's a very simple problem. I have the objective function, constraints and all other details of the dynamic programming problem worked out.. I only need someone who can implement it in a programming framework.
budget:$10 - $20

1) .Net Technology 2) Windows Application Development 3) SQL Server
date: 24.02.2017
name:Rohan Rodrigues

I am looking for Developers that have the below skill Set for a Time Bound Project:-

1) .Net Technology
2) Windows Application Development
3) SQL Server

Please let me know if you have these skills and if not i would request you to please recommend me to some of your friends from Pune.

This is an Urgent Project so only if you can given us the time then only let me know Urgently.

Respond Back with your Telephone Number and i will have my Project Head give you a call.

Many Thanks & Kind Regards


Web Development
date: 21.02.2017
description:Summary: creating menu for website built using mvc4 BetterCMS. (

Details: Initial Software developer couldn't complete job. The Website is up (with menus displaying ok) at a web host that has BetterCMS. I need to move the website to another webhost.

I therefore created a visulstudio project and uploaded that BetterCms visual studio project to the new host. Everything is working perfectly at that new host except the menus, which do not show.

I unfortunately don't have access to the initial developer's project file that would have the required sitemap controller and route.cs.

I do however have access to both, old and new hosting company servers and can send you my visualstudio project file.

I don't expect the project to take more than a couple of hours for someone that is an expert coder. I have to get the site up in 7 days and I am still developing, so it is essential that I have the menu issue sorted out quickly.

Best Regards


budget:$25 - $100

Folder Structure Application
date: 20.02.2017
name:Sathish Kumar
description:Hi, We are looking for a simple application like Microsoft's Robocopy GUI, with additional features like network share in the code itself with different credentials, and source and target through csv file or other options.
budget:$100 - $300

Fortran code in Abaqus
date: 20.02.2017
description:Hi i am using Abaqus software for delamination of composite material using cohesive zone model. To develope this model i need to use user element. i prepared a code for user element which is in fortran. Now i want to run my code in Abaqus software

my abaqus version 6.18

thank you in advance
budget:$100 - $300

date: 20.02.2017
name:Sharanya Iyer
description:Implementation of link guard algorithm:
v_link: visual link;
a_link: actual_link;
v_dns: visual DNS name
; a_dns: actual DNS name;
sender_dns: sender?sDNS name.
int LinkGuard(v_link, a_link} {
1 v_dns = GetDNSName (v_link);
2 a_dns = GetDNSName (a_link);
3 if ((v_dns and a_dns are not
4 empty)
and (v_dns != a_dns))
5 return PHISHING;
6 if (a_dns is dotted decimal)
8 if (a_link or v_link is encoded)
9 {
10 v_link2 = decode (v_link);
11 a_link2 = decode (a_link);
12 return LinkGuard(v_link2, a_link2);
13 }
14 /* analyze the domain name for
15 possible phishing */
16 if(v_dns is NULL)
17 return AnalyzeDNS (a_link);
int AnalyzeDNS (actual link) {
/* Analyze the actual DNS name according
to the blacklist and whitelist*/
18 if (actual_dns in blacklist)
19 return PHISHING;
20 if (actual_dns in whitelist)
21 return NOTPHISHING;
22 return PatternMatching (actual_link); }
int PatternMatching(actual_link) {
23 if (sender_dns and actual_dns are different)
25 for (each item prev_dns in seed_set)
26 {
27 bv = Similarity(prev_dns, actual_link);
28 if (bv == true)
30 }
31 return NO_PHISHING;
float Similarity (str, actual_link) {
32 if (str is part of actual_link)
33 return true;
34 int maxlen = the maximum string
35 lengths of str and actual_dns;
36 int minchange = the minimum number of
37 changes needed to transform str
38 to actual_dns (or vice verse);
39 if (thresh<(maxlen-minchange)/maxlen<1)
40 return true
41 return false;
budget:$500 - $3000

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