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Joomla and Virtuemart User data encryption
date: 03.02.2016
name:Tony Esson
description:I have a client that insists all his user data be encrypted at rest. We are using Joomla 3.4 and Virtuemart 3. We are not requesting any critical data like credit cards or banking details etc but he still wants all the data encrypted. Is this possible? Need an idea of cost and timeline please!!

Internet Banking in ASP.NET
date: 02.02.2016
name:Gajanana Shettigar
description:Internet Banking with ASP.NET, Microsoft Access, HTML etc
budget:$100 - $200

date: 02.02.2016
name:Kokila Sharma
description:Need assistance in coding for Numerical analysis in C++
budget:$300 - $800

School Management System
date: 02.02.2016
name:Rahul Ram
description:This is school School Managment system (offline/Online).
Covering the following module .
Enrollment Master(add,edit,delete)
Fees Mangement
Id card generating ,Result making
Transport Mangment
Staff managemt(Teachers/Drivers/Others)

Human Resource Management System(HRMS) with biometric verification, in C#
date: 01.02.2016
name:Ehy-Trey Veh
description:The system would be a simple desktop application system. It would also have a biometric verification functionality.

It would consist of the following modules:
Employee(with drop down menu of- add new employee, edit employee detail)
Leaves(with drop down menu of- Leave register, Leave form[print])
Recruitment(with drop down menu of - Recruitment register, Recruitment details)
Loan(with drop down menu of- loan register, application form[print])
Training(with drop down menu of - Register, Available events)
Reports( Generate a summary report from employee recruitments and training reports [print])
Monthly attendance record( update and print)
Announcements( update and print)
Biometric verification( when the employee holds the biometric mouse, his/her details pop-up)

The project would be due in 3weeks. There would be constant communication during this period.

Thanks a lot
budget:$100 - $140

Java Developers
date: 27.01.2016
name:harsha harsha
description:Simply saying it is Trading project. Main modules as Purchase , sales , shipping , finance and analysis reports.
Project aimed to develop in JAVA(JSP, spring, Hypernet, mysql) . Daily basis requirement available.
Persons who have willing to support us effectively, kindly express your interest us to
budget:$10 - $50

Translators with SEO skills
date: 27.01.2016
name:?????? ???????
description:We are a fast developing western company looking for active local freelancers for long-term cooperation.

-Spread the information about our project on the local Internet (forums, social networks, etc);
-Search of places for promotion;
-Translation from English to your native language and vice versa;
-Consultations about the local Internet specifics.

Looking for translators to Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Persian, Tamil, Thai, Urdu, Vietnamese languages.
Please don't bother if you don't know any of these languages.
budget:$1 - $2

NS2 project
date: 26.01.2016
description:The project is a hybrid protocol using grid and chain based routing protocol to be implemented in ns2.

100 nodes to be deployed in a network. It should be divided into virtual grids. Initially all nodes will be in sleep state. The sink node to be placed on the top of first node of grid. The sink allocates fixed time schedule for the cell leaders to communicate to sink and the cell leaders of each cell in turn allocate time slot for normal sensors of each of the cell to communicate. The nodes enter active state only when transmitting or receiving message. Data from each of the cell are aggregates in the grids and the aggregated data to be sent to sink using a chain based aggregation.
budget:$100 - $400

Ionic app in java
date: 23.01.2016
description:The completion of an ionic app using Java in the back end.

Please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,


System manager
date: 23.01.2016
name:Peter Loh
description:Will be developing a /Mssql Windows form application. Application nature is just typical business transactions (accounting entry , sales transaction ...)

Will provide form design and Mssql schema and will need programmer to complete the programming.

Payment will be made upon completion of each form.

Windows/Android App for Securtiy system
date: 21.01.2016
description:The project involves development of application in the windows and android platform where in multiple devices running this application communicate video, voice and data with each other over local area network using ethernet. Application should also be capable of initiating IP calls between the devices running the application. The IP calls will be initiated using Local Area Network and not using the internet. The application shall also be capable of providing bluetooth and wi-fi interface.
budget:$350 - $700

Macro Assembler for 8085 machine instructions in JAVA
date: 21.01.2016
name:Yashaswini Chouhan
description:I was looking for a project t to be JAVA based and the requirements are as mentioned below.
a Macro Assembler which assembles the input into assembly language .obj file in two passes.
In this part the input codes are converted to native 8085 code. Macros expansion is also taken care in here. To ease the programming for user, user can use his prede?ned macros within another macro.
Symbol Table for each ?le is generated and is stored in ?lename.table. After this all the labels are replaced by relative address values.
INPUT : the input to the assembler will be instruction set of 8085 microprocessor.
OUTPUT: an ".obj" file should be created and saved in the computers memory.

Contact me on this Email ASAP if you can provide such a project
budget:$80 - $125

Food delivery app needed (just eat/hungry house)
date: 19.01.2016
name:Alex East
description:Hi all,

I need a food delivery app developed in the style of Just Eat or Hungry house.

Looking to launch in small central Americancountry where address' arent the common so was thibking of adding in google map location plugin in its place.

App would work somethibg like this.

Front page - enter address or map location - search for restaurants open and will to delivery to location.

List of search results - eax search result would need menu with prices. Add to basket.

Checkout options - pay by card / cash on delivery.

Would need back end to mail restaurant with option to accept or decline order within time scale.

Customer then has order confirmed or declined.

Would welcome advise and quotes.

Many thanks,

budget:$500 - $1500

Looking for blogger to publish article on weekly basis
date: 18.01.2016
name:Mark Spencer
description:Looking for blogger to publish article on weekly basis

it should be 1500 words each, topic:
- visitors, landing page optimization, heatmap, tracking, analyzing visitor behavior, etc.
budget:$200 - $300

School Management System
date: 17.01.2016
name:H.S. Maurya
description:This is school School Managment system (offline/Online).
Covering the following module .
Enrollment Master(add,edit,delete)
Fees Mangement
Id card generating ,Result making
Transport Mangment
Staff managemt(Teachers/Drivers/Others)

Thanks Regards
budget:$100 - $500

Ecommerce Website and app development
date: 14.01.2016
name:Rajdeep Das
description:We need to revamp an existing website and build a mobile app. The website is a simple ecommerce type app, which sells reading material and also has an option to read within the app/website.
budget:$1000 - $2500

email account manager
date: 13.01.2016
name:satish kulal
description:1. create the Mozilla profile and add the proxy and one Gmail account to that Mozilla profile
this profile stored in one selected location
2. access the Mozilla profile by windows side
like create the one application window there is one button. when user click on that button program will open the Mozilla profile which we stored in our database.
budget:$2000 - $3000

date: 13.01.2016
name:Deepak Kumar Mishra
budget:$100 - $500

Pakkxos With akka actors on Java
date: 09.01.2016
description:Parallelized Systems Project
1 First steps with Akka
As an introduction to the Akka Framework, we will implement a simple Ping / Pong
application. This application is composed of two actors : a PingActor and a PongActor.
The PingActor sends a PingMessage to the PongActor. When receiving a PingMessage
the PongActor simply replies a PongMessage to the PingMessage sender.
We rst create a new Eclipse project. We need to add some Akka libraries in the
build path of the project. All required libraries are available on the moodle page of
Parallelized Systems course. Then we need to create a package pingpong.
Each Akka Actor has to inherit from the class. So we
need to create two classes : pingpong.PingActor and pingpong.PongActor. We need to
create two additional classes pingpong.PingMessage and pingpong.PongMessage. These
messages may need to be sent over the network, so they need to be Serializable (i.e. they
need to implement the interface).
The behavior of each of these actors is described by the method public void onReceive(Object message). The following piece of code is a part of the class PongActor.
It speci es the behavior of the PongActor : upon the reception of a PingMessage, it
simply create a PongMessage, and sends it to the initial sender. Notice that the sender
is accessed through an ActorRef object and not through a PingActor object. It allows
to have a clear separation between actors and their communication, avoiding a direct
(or possibly remote) call on this object.
p u b lic v o id o nReceive ( Obj ect message ) throws Except io n f
i f ( message i n s t a n c e o f PingMessage ) f
f i n a l PingMessage ping = ( PingMessage ) message ;
f i n a l PongMessage pong = new PongMessage ( ) ;
ActorRef s e n d e r = t h i s . g e t S e n d e r ( ) ;
s e n d e r . t e l l ( pong , t h i s . s e l f ( ) ) ;
The classes provided in the moodle's pingpong directory implements a simple Ping
/ Pong application between two actors on the same JVM. However, in the context of
parallelized and/or distributed systems, application require to be able to communicate
with distant host. The sample provided in the moodle's calculator directory provides
an example of a remote computation. The networking aspect has no impact on the
produced code. The following piece of code is the only part related to the network
aspect. Compared to the Ping / Pong Application, these lines speci es that the reference
\actor" is related to a di erent and possibly distant JVM on host (which is
actually localhost).
S t r in g path = ` ` akka . t cp :/ / CalculatorSystem@ ' '
+ ` `1 2 7 .0 .0 .1 :3 3 3 3 / u s e r / c a l c u l a t o r " ;
ActorRef a c t o r = system . a c t o r Of ( Props . c r e a t e ( LookupActor . c l a s s ,
path ) , ` ` lo o kupAct o r " ) ;
Based on these simple examples, and the information available on
you should be able to implement an actor-based application.
2 Goal of the project
In this project, you are supposed to implement in Java two state machine replication
mechanisms : Paxos [2] and then PBFT [1].
The code you produced and a small report ( 10 pages) stating
 the conception,
 implementation of both algorithms,
 the problems you faced and chosen solutions,
are expected for December, 20th.
[1] Miguel Castro and Barbara Liskov. Practical byzantine fault tolerance. In Proceedings of the Third Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation,
OSDI '99, pages 173{186, Berkeley, CA, USA, 1999. USENIX Association.
[2] Leslie Lamport. The part-time parliament. ACM Trans. Comput. Syst., 16(2):133{
169, May 1998.
budget:$100 - $120

project in java
date: 09.01.2016
description:We have the following skillsets openings based at Singapore.

JAVA Developer, Biometrics, Multithreading, System Integration, Web Services, UI Design and Development

Web Application for daily use in c#, and MVC
date: 07.01.2016
name:Varun Kumar
description:Any Project idea for starting a project using c#,ASP.NET , MVC, Entity Framework,LINQ,WCF

Sorting engine
date: 07.01.2016
name:Kunal Dey
budget:$500 - $1000

date: 05.01.2016
name:Philip McDavid
description:Hello I am looking to hire a programmer for java Paypal API integration programming.
This is all you need, please get back to me if you can offer me all inclusive solution, with fee/each transactions charges as I go, so I only pay as make actual sales. thx., 703 430 5742
contact by email is best

date: 04.01.2016
name:Anil Pillai
description:Android mobile App with scanning, OCR recognition, Database management, sharing etc
budget:$2000 - $3000

date: 04.01.2016
name:F AB
Please could you kindly help me to create this application. I am a student with a limited budget . Thank you.

Development of an interactive mobile quiz to support online and offline learning
Subject areas: Web /Mobile Development, Interaction Design
Goals of project:
• Development of an M-Learning quiz system designed to support both student and staff users,
This project will involve analysis, design, implementation and evaluation of the final application.

Outline of project:
Quizzes can be used to allow students to test their knowledge in their own time and at their own pace. They can also be used by lecturers to get feedback from groups of students on their current understanding of topics. Increasingly students have access to smart phones and mobile devices which allow them to undertake quizzes when travelling, during short breaks and in other situations where they may not be online. However, while this is convenient for students, if the results are to be useful to staff applications need to allow information to be stored locally and then synchronised with a central repository when this becomes possible.
There are a number of factors which may affect the success of a quiz app as a learning tool.
While the layout of questions is obviously important an area many quiz systems fail to consider the presentation of results. For students this can affect their reaction to any feedback provided and so may affect their learning. For staff the challenge is to allow them to explore the results looking for patterns e.g. students’ understanding a particular topic, whether students on a particular programme find specific areas of the curriculum difficult etc.
A fully developed quiz system should not only provide a well designed quiz interface but should also provide different ways of displaying the results and should provide users with a variety of ways to visualize and explore the information.
This project should conduct an investigation into the needs of users of such a system, elicit the system requirements, develop the system and evaluate it.

Project Type: Develop and test

A fully developed quiz system should;
• provide a well designed interactive quiz interface
• provide different ways of displaying the results
• provide users with a variety of ways to visualize and explore the information.
• works online and offline .
• useful for lecturers to get feedback .
• the app need to allow information to be stored locally and then synchronised with a central repository when this becomes possible.
• suitable for all the students mobile devices, cross platforms mobile app. (...Android?).

? log in + log out
? Student view and do the interactive quiz with opportunity to give feedback
? Lecturer add quiz, review results and give feedback.
? Admin: manage users
? database design.

PHP, CodeIgnitor, UI
date: 01.01.2016
name:Shekar Narayan
description:Looking for an expert to rectify an existing School ERP designed on PHP, MySQL on Codeignitor MVC Framework.

What we want the software to be completed in terms of
1. Different Feel (UI Change)
2. Some pending Completion
3. Thorough Testing
4. Faster delivery

budget:$15 - $25

Create a ringless voicemail system
date: 31.12.2015
name:Steve Wambua
I am looking to develop a web-based voicemail system that will be used to send voicemail messages to clients without their phones ever ringing. Voice messages sent will be received in the clients' phone numbers and stored as voice message. Please see for an example of how the whole system will work.
budget:$300 - $700

business development
date: 25.12.2015
name:Munawar iqbal sardar
description:any one interested in developing an OS, Programming language for the next generation of super computers based on micro chips storage systems for my project of Uni-world mobile phone based sales,logistics,delivery and finance system.

I am looking for the safest, fastest, cheapest and user friendly system based on swift 2 / java for immediate release while developing the future based system from ground up starting from the op, hardware and software looking at the latest inventions and directions for the next 25 years coverage.

If selected to join the group during the course of interview, work and teamwork capacity I am willing to fund the developers till the end and collectively as a team share the fruits of our labour equally depending on the weight age of their contribution. Once selected you will be coordinating with the Canadian company as co-partners for inventions in the field of Web marketing, transportation, logistics, delivery and financial systems that are unheard of before, safe to our partners and users and has a lot of new out of the box ways to doing business.

Munawar Sardar
1405 spring water cres
Tel: 01-2893853706

p.s i am looking for the real afreed islam for a new microchip development and operating system for the ultimate use of an web marketeer that is bigger, better, cheaper, faster, reliable and better than the amazons, walmart, ebays and alibaba all put together for the next 25 years.

budget:$0 - $50000

Android developer internship
date: 25.12.2015
description:I want to hire an intern for my bootstrapped firm for android development.
I have principle android developer but he need to be supported by another developer.For further details please contact me @ +91-97676-70194
budget:$150 - $250

Converting a rubik's cube solving algorithm from Java to Obj-C
date: 23.12.2015
name:Daniel Glaser
description:I need this github project converted to obj-c.
For a finished product I want to be able to call an object (e.g., Search), input the facelets and receive a solution.

For a little more specificity ...
I want to be able to do this
Search* s = [[Search alloc] init];
NSString* cube_solution = [s solution:@"F,B,U,L,R,D,D,.."
//F = front color (e.g., Blue), B = back color (e.g., Green)
NSLog(cube_solution) // reads me the correct solution (L', R, F'...)
all the logic is worked out in Java but the conversion to Obj-C is a little over my head. It is possible that this is extremely easy if one were to use Java2objc (new google conversion tool).

I would be soo soo grateful if someone would be willing to take this on. Fairly flexible on budget.

budget:$0 - $500

Automated evaluation of web applications
date: 22.12.2015
name:Sanchita Dixit
description:Mine is a MTech project in CSE domain. some part of it is already done in python. I need someone to make the front end and backend (UI and database) and also connect my python script with the front and back end. Basically now my script runs from terminal, I want a good UI for making it presentable. And also a database which stores the user activities for better further searches. A service which connects both ends with my python script is what I would be expecting. An overall working application.
budget:$100 - $400

Senior java developer
date: 22.12.2015
name:harsha varthana
description:Experience of working of Core & Advance Java, J2EE, Servlets, Struts, WEB & WAP Services, Spring, Hibernate, Java Script, SQL,SQL, JQuery, AJAX,Angular Js
Exposure to Software Development Life Cycles (SDLC).
Worked on J2EE framework.
budget:$10 - $100

Angular js Developer
date: 22.12.2015
name:pRERNA Rajan
description:Angular js dev

Autamation in Microsoft Excel
date: 20.12.2015
name:Ashish Choudhary
description:Need to get some automation work in Microsoft excel. Can explain further details on Tele call.

A live audio streaming website
date: 19.12.2015
name:Sagar Patel
description:Need urgently a developer who can develop a website for a company that is offering live audio news service. How this will work: A visitor needs to sign-up on the website, make online payment, and get access to live audio news. This is the main feature of the website. There also needs to be a backend login where the client can upload hourly/ daily/ weekly/ monthly reports in pdf or jpeg formats. The duration for the project is about 15 days.

Software Development for an optical retail firm
date: 11.12.2015
name:Meghana Manay
description:Will be able to provide more information on the subject when the person gets in touch with me. The project is pretty unique and I need it to be completed within a period of 1.5 months not longer.
budget:$200 - $700

user sign up for blood donation
date: 10.12.2015
name:santosh kumar

i hv successfully built and published my app (bcaller) at google play. with appypie. but i not satisfied with there services now i m planing to move and built from the beginnings or u can make for me for urgent basis. my app is regarding user registration interface and backend. u can review my app by searching santosh-iq at google play store and assist me and send me pricing and time as soon as possible.

budget:$100 - $500

for a mobile app project
date: 10.12.2015
description:I am a sport psychologist practising from Bangalore. I want to make an app for athletes and others performers like students etc to help them improve performance by dealing with mental factors like anxiety, lack of self-confidence, lack of focus etc. The intention of creating an app is to reach out to wider section of the people all over India. Secondly the youngsters have a stigma of visiting a counsellor or a psychologist hence with an app they can access to it with the comfort of their homes and in private.
budget:$100 - $800

Room Booking-Availabilty
date: 10.12.2015
name:Chetan Shah
description:Reqd - S/W Developer for Room Booking and Status Indicator (Platform - Windows - all version compatible)
Simplified points of requirements
Say Max Rooms = 999,
Floor Plan Details (like Multiplex Ticket Booking)
Period - 1 day to 1 year
Pre-defined Rate entry (via Admin Only)
RS232 OutPut String for communication - for connectivity to Status display (INDICATOR) kept near the PC - details on request
Currently, Booking NOT via INTERNET (Keep Future Ready)
Status Visibility to be kept ONLINE if required
budget:$100 - $150

Travel Company software in .net
date: 08.12.2015
description:should know .net mvc framework 4, Jquery, SQL Server12
budget:$50 - $100

Smart client development on linux
date: 07.12.2015
name:Naveen Dodeja
description:Need to develop a smart client application using the available c# based SDK(provided later). The client application should be able to run on different flavors of Linux such as Debian, Ubuntu, Cent-OS, Fedora, etc. The application primarily interfaces with web portals running Apache Tomcat using SOAP API.

The following skills will be required.
SOAP, WCF, Java, Linux development and .net programming
budget:$100 - $300

.Net expert for CRM
date: 07.12.2015
name:Sumit Arora
description:Need your support in launching one product on CRM, in KPMG India. Delhi/ NCR office.

Please share your contact details. This is highly time critical and urgent position and need your quick support.


Sumit Arora
Associate Director | KPMG
+91 9910079066

Banking Application in C
date: 04.12.2015
name:Kriti Aich
Development of a Banking Management System

A leading local bank of Maharashtra wants to automate the banking process for their customers and employees. A customer opens an account and gets the account number after the Approval from the Employee.
Bank Database maintains customer’s name, a unique customer ID is generated, customer’s address and contact number.

Account opening needs the
1. Unique account number
2. Customer ID
3. Account type (whether it is savings , current account, Recurring Deposit Account or Fixed Deposit Account)
4. Date on which account was opened and the balance in the account.

Two separate transaction files should be maintained in Bank database which keeps track of transaction type (Withdrawal or Deposit), date on which transaction occurred, Customer ID and account number.

Following is a list of functionalities of the system. Wherever, the description of functionality is not adequate; you can make appropriate assumptions and proceed.

1. The System should validate the login of the Customer / Employee with the help of LoginDetails.txt file which contains LoginName, Password and Type [ C / E ]
2. The System should maintain the following information about customer in a file Customerinfo.txt which should contain the following information’s in a comma separated format

• CustID (auto-generated),
• Customer Name,
• Password
• Customer Permanent Address
• Customer Email ID
• Customer Phone Number
• Customer PAN Number
• Account Type [Saving/ Current/ Fixed/ Recursive]
3. The System should maintain the following information about Customer’s Accounts in a file called Accountinfo.txt in a comma separated format

• Number of accounts being held by that customer
• Savings Account Number
• Current Account Number ( If held)
• Recurring Deposit Account Number(Validations should be there to check that recurring deposit account number can be opened if there exists a saving account)
• Fixed Deposit Account Number(Validations should be there to check that recurring deposit account number can be opened if there exists a saving account)
• Duration of Fixed Deposit Account
• “Rate of Interest” for the Fixed and Recursive Deposit
• Duration of Recurring Deposit Account
• Maturity date of the Fixed and Recurring Deposit
• Closing balance on Fixed or Recursive Deposit
3. System should maintain the transaction information in a file called Transactioninfo.txt and should store the following information
• Track of transaction type (Withdrawal or Deposit),
• Date on which transaction occurred,
• Customer ID and account number.
The system should be able to do the following for Customers
? Opening an Account: This module should receive the customer’s information, such as customer’s name, account number and initial balance and Account Type
? Deposit Amount: it should receive the customer name, account number and amount which need to be deposited.
? Withdrawal of Amount: It should receive customer name, account number and the amount which needs to be withdrawn.
? Update Account: Account should be updated after every transaction whether it is a deposit or withdrawal on Saving or Current or fixed or Recursive.
? Print Mini Statement: It should print the mini statement, in which transaction number (which should be automatically generated and incremented), transaction type, Account Type, date on which transaction happened and the remaining balance after transaction.
The system should be able to do the following for Employee of the bank
? Approve / Deny: Approval or denial of an account type opening and closing, approval should generate the Customer Unique ID; if the customer information’s matches with the existing Mail id and / or PAN Number then account type should be vary otherwise account creation would be denied.
? Total Customers: Total Number of Customer’s with respect to any account type and as well as specific to a particular Account type
? Update Rate of Interest: Changing the “Rate of Interest” on Saving / Current / Recursive / Fixed accounts
? Update duration: Changing the Fixed or Recursive Deposit Duration
? Total Asset: Calculating Total Balance of the bank irrespective of account type.

Write a Menu-based Program to implement the following functionalities based on Login Credentials
Login under Customer:
? Opening an Account
? Deposit Amount
? Withdraw Amount
? Mini Statement Generation
? Closing an Account
? Exit

Login under Bank Employee:
? Approval or Denial
? Total Customers
? Update Rate of Interest
? Update duration of an Account type
? Total Assets of the Bank
? Exit

• Only one savings account can be opened for a single Customer identified by PAN
• Minimum Balance present should always be greater or equal to 500.
• To open a new account, minimum opening balance should be Rs. 500/-
• Withdrawal Amount should not be greater than the amount present in the account. If withdrawal amount is greater than amount present, then an appropriate error message should be displayed and return to main menu.
• Minimum Balance present should always be greater or equal to 500.
Set Up Checklist for Mini Project
Software Requirement:
Visual studio 6.0 and above ( To write code using C or C++ ).

Minimum System / Hardware Requirements:
• Intel Pentium 90 or higher (P166 recommended)
• Microsoft Windows 95, 98, or NT 4.0, 2k, XP, Access to UNIX server through Telnet
• Memory: 32MB of RAM (64MB or more recommended)
budget:$45 - $75

Java, C C++ Developer
date: 04.12.2015
name:malik ahmad
description:Looking a freeliancer for a folliscope ojetc
budget:$5000 - $7000

Database, Ms Excel, VB
date: 02.12.2015

This is small requirement after seeing the output will give multiple jobs.

Person must have good knowledge on Macro programming, Visual basic.

Patient management system in healthcare centres
date: 02.12.2015
description:Looking for freelancers to work on development of healthcare management system. do not intend to further develop existing program. Need to start work fresh on new design and database. Potential for project to progress to extended business. Potential for equity/partnership as we progress.

shoping online project in
date: 02.12.2015
name:chandrashekhar maurya

eCommerce grocery app
date: 01.12.2015

Online Performance Appraisal Software
date: 01.12.2015
name:Sarita Yadav
description:I am looking for freelance developer to develop and create our Online Performance Appraisal software.

Logistics Management in Java
date: 01.12.2015
name:Sourabh Patle
description:A website based on Logistic Operation Mangaement which able to handle all operations related to logistics i.e. product tracking etc.

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