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Java Developer
date: 13.09.2013
description:Code: EN_JDEV
Software Defined Networking:
SDN is a new approach to networking and its key attributes include: separation of data and control planes; a uniform vendor-agnostic interface called OpenFlow between control and data planes; a logically centralized control plane; and slicing and virtualization of the underlying network. The logically centralized control plane is realized using a network operating system that constructs and presents a logical map of the entire network to services or control applications implemented on top of it. With SDN, a researcher or network administrator can introduce a new capability by writing a simple software program that manipulates the logical map of a slice of the network. 
Proficient in Core Java/J2EE programming, Java script, spring and Eclipse IDE.
Understanding of Data Center Network architecture
UI development (Javascript, Python, Pyramid/Pylon, REST)
Networking (Embedded (switching/routing), Operating Systems (drivers, vswitches, TCP/IP stack)
Networking â??L2/l3 Protocols,TCP/IP Protocols, Internetworking Technologies.
Virtualization technology (as a user or as a kernel/user space/API developer)
Systems Programming
Linux / other Open Source software
Database schema, JDBC or equivalent
Distributed Systems
Build Tools, product packaging, licensing
 3-5 years of industry experience in the following would be preferred:
BE/BS or MS in CS or EE
Soft Skills:
Innovative thinker, good communication and documentation skills.
Can-do attitude and passion to learn and experiment
Must be able to work in a global team environment
Company Description
ECODE Networks, registered in England & Wales on August 2009, is a Software Defined Networking (SDN) empowered consultancy firm, specialising on the financial domain. With the wealth of experience in edge-cutting network and security technologies and exposure to critical financial environments such as ultra low latency and high frequency algorithmic trading. Our core philosophy lies in understanding our customer businessâ??s acumen and delivering solutions & services to maximise their IT infrastructure value.

We offer high-performance network/security solutions, which are 3SO: Simple, Secure, Scalable and Open, across multiple vendor platforms. SDN brings substantial improvements in the network services through increased utilisation throughput of the data center, reduced CapEx/OpEx, automated network operations, accelerated service delivery by making networks programmable and dynamic.

Web Form Uning C# & Sql for Dynamic Data Entry
date: 06.09.2013
name:Ranjith Kumar Singaluri
description:I have a Requirement to Develop Web Application using with Sql Backend. So any of them have intrested to do this project with my team,please contact me as early as possible. We are at windows application development side using and Sql Backend.
Thank U.

Custom workout maker
date: 16.08.2013
name:Fernando Ribeiro
description:Hello. I wold like to know how much does it cost to build a project like this for my wordpress site (

The ideia is to allow the visitors of my site to design their own training programs. I already have the pictures to include in that project.

With regards

Custom workout maker
date: 16.08.2013
name:Fernando Ribeiro
description:Hello. I wold like to know how much does it cost to build a project like this for my wordpress site (

The ideia is to allow the visitors of my site to design their own training programs. I already have the pictures to include in that project.

With regards

Head - Fin. & Admn/HR
date: 06.08.2013
name:Ashok Kumar
description:Looking for a front end java development with JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, JSON, and REST and most importantly skills in NodeJS (Express) or Apache Tomcat with data accessed from MongoDB or MySQL respectively, Most importantly you will have the creative opportunity to challenge yourself to cutting edge technologies â?? NodeJS, MongoDB, and AngularJS.

Network Program
date: 30.07.2013
name:Peter Moradeyo
description:I have an executable designed in vb6,I am trying to create a licensing architecture for it,while i am trying to do that as a standalone.Creating a shortcut over the network might mess up things on the licensing module,I thought about this utility that should do the following task.

-After Install create a shortcut on the desktop
The Network Locator should be able to browse Local System and Network Location for the Executable.
-If Found should store the path in the Registry
-If not Found the program should be able to attempt to search local and network location for the exe and when found-Store the path in the registry.
If the user would run the App the second time it should run from the stored path-Should not go back to the Browse or Search Screen unless the executable is not found on the stored path.
-I should be able to Read/Write to the Registry-Words like Client or Server and I want to be able to Retrieve it to a text box-I need a procedure that does that with comments on how to implement.

MLM Software development
date: 11.07.2013
description:We are Singapore based company looking for the development of Direct selling software.
This is the sample of what we intend to have.

Kindly send the quotes as soon as possible and for further details you can contact us at


Resource Management system
date: 10.07.2013
description:I am looking for c#, mvc developer to build a resource management system. Market rate will be offered to the right developer

cryptography in java
date: 03.07.2013
name:ginnie mongia
description:using AES encryption 256 bits with ofb mode and Then using RSA 2048 bits and after that using hybrid encryption. using web services.

Social Networking Site
date: 02.07.2013
name:Abhishek Jain
description:Have an idea for a social networking site of a different genre. The concept in entirity is not provided by any of the networking sites.

Need freelance coders to develop the same.


Java developer (Freelancer)
date: 02.07.2013
name:Human Resources
description:â?¢ Experience: 2 to 5 yrs exp. in Java and web frameworks.
â?¢ Core Java/J2EE Web Application knowledge. (Struts/Spring Framework, MVC Architecture knowledge)
â?¢ AJAX, UI frameworks like EXTJS much needed
â?¢ Application server knowledge. (Tomcat Server, IBM Web sphere is a plus)
â?¢ Resource should be good at adapting to new Java Frameworks (e.g. Map Reduce APIs)
â?¢ Linux/Unix script knowledge.
â?¢ SQL knowledge and working knowledge of one of the RDBMS is essential
â?¢ Any experience in Hadoop, Cloud development is added advantage.
â?¢ experience developing iPhone and iPad applications on iOS 3.x and 4.x using XCode, Objective-C, and Interface Builder.
â?¢ Experienced in .Net Framework, C#/VB.Net, ASP.Net, Ajax, SQL Server 2005/ 2008 and good understanding of HTML, CSS, Web Services, front end HTML, CSS and Javascript, SQL Lite, SQL CE, MySQL, MS SQL Server
â?¢ Good to have WCF, WPF, Silverlight, HTML5, CSS3, LINQ, Azure, MVC4, MVVM, MVP & Design Pattern.
â?¢ Good communication.

Primary Skills (Must have)
â?¢ Core Java
â?¢ J2EE
â?¢ Various Frameworks (Struts, Spring, AJAX etc)

Secondary Skills (Nice to have)
â?¢ Shell Scripting
â?¢ Web Application Server
â?¢ One of Perl, Pig, Python, PHP
â?¢ Hadoop, Cloud


C programmers
date: 01.07.2013
I Need 3 programs that will create on programming language "C" with library "Open GL"

1.With the stencil buffer create whirling around its axis intersection of the cube and sphere.
2.With accumulation buffer implement smoothing algorithm bitmap.
As the object is smoothed take the segment of fixed length and angle of 45 degrees,
dots having a size of 10x10 pixels.
3.With accumulation buffer implement the algorithm on the example of motion blur ball
moving in a circle.

I want to know how much cost the creating of each programs, and how much time need to create programs?


date: 23.06.2013
We are looking for Onsite freelancer partners to work on a project which requires following skills.... It willl be a ongoing project stricktly to be done on our site.

Please let us now if you have such skills and would
like to work on it.

It will be related to Integration of POS System to other softwares. Experienced people in fields of Store management like Sales, Purchase, Inventory, etc will be preferred.

Basic Skills Required.
MySQL Database Release
â?? 3.23.54 ( Release 3.2.0.X)
â?? 3.23.57 ( Release 3.2.1 or higher)
â?¢ C++ language compiled via
â?? Microsoft VS 6.0 on NT
â?? GCC 2.95.2 on all UNIX Platform
â?¢ QT for User Interface
â?¢ Configuration information stored in XML files
â?¢ Local IPC communication: Named Pipes for
NT and UNIX Sockets on all UNIX platforms
â?¢ Remote communication: TCP/IP for both NT
and UNIX

Shafeeq Ahmed

Simple Security Gateway for json web services
date: 21.06.2013
name:T Saida
description:All details will be given to candidates.
Required skills:
json security

Linear programming .Net vb
date: 07.06.2013
name:Carlos Galhano
description:Need to implement a linear programming routine ins .Net VB.

web application development for travel industry
date: 23.05.2013
description:The Project is to develop an application that will ride on a Open source content management system and leverage the existing features of the CMS such as content publishing on the web, Multilingual features , emailing options , integration with other websites , SEO , security , user management etc .

The application not only will have to use the CMS features but also will have some inherent features such as PDF creation, Proposal number of quotation , history, archiving features for the proposal etc . the application will have simple interface and will have 5 modules with each one having max of two forms , list views and options such as check boxes etc . The database to be used is MySQL .

dimming led light
date: 07.03.2013
name:syeda umama
description:project is based on dimming of led light using pic32 microcontroller with the help of ldr(light dependent resistor):- i need a program for the above application and would also like to know the components required for interfacing of the ldr and led light with the microcontroller.

Website in Flash
date: 06.03.2013
name:Liyana Smthin
description:I want my website in flash. For showing me demo kindly contact me at

Operations Manager
date: 22.02.2013
name:Jamil Khalid
description:I have a requirement for an online school management software

Paper Implementation in Matlab
date: 19.02.2013
description:"Mine the Easy, Classify the Hard:
A Semi-Supervised Approach to Automatic Sentiment Classification" Search Google for the paper. Please contact me if you feel you can do this project at the earliest

CGI script
date: 09.02.2013
description:I am looking to have a submit a script link created for cheap. Thanks

equired freelancer / Company which can develop VoIP based project in windows OS
date: 07.02.2013
name:Vijay Bubna
description:We required freelancer / Company which can develop VoIP based project in windows OS . Language doesnâ??t matter (.net php, java any ). Candidate / company must be from Mumbai, India.

For more details

Phone :-+91-86 55 11 8008
Email :-

Need to build Matlab program
date: 06.02.2013
name:mahmood AL-Muddafar
description:As part of my PhD research, I need to build Matlab or Simulink program to simulate different types of solar thermal power plant, I already have a set of equations and inputs required, the requesting program contains many subroutines, these subroutine work togther with main program. If you can help me please respond to my e-mail asap.

OEMR customization
date: 31.01.2013
name:Jimoh Olaoluwa
description:I need OEMR to be customized to meet the needs of our clinic.

1. We would like to change history tab to family history tab where the patients family medical
2. History can be viewed and posted
3. Change encounter to visits
4. Billing of a group basically we want to be able to bill a family for treatment.
5. Other features

python parser
date: 21.01.2013
name:debarsi chakraborty
description:have to parse number of python files and to save them in a file in particular format.

Wordpress database application
date: 15.01.2013
name:James Price
description:I am using a pluggin called db toolkit.

I need some help with a couple of things.

1 - Processor addin does not work.
2 - I need to add processor for emailing with custom html adding the database fields easily to it.
3 - I also need to create a custom form layout and view application app within db toolkit (design needs to look like a filled in application and be downloadable by pdf.

SPEED of completion is worth $$$

Etrack Application
date: 12.01.2013
name:Ashwin Kamath
description:Existing ETRACK application needs to re-developed in ASP.

Write Web Content / English SEO for online language courses.
date: 12.01.2013
description:A professional with a passion for writing content required for 3 websites. The ideal candidate must be able to write based on research and able to deliver top quality content. The successful contractor will be required to write the contents in the following areas: (1) Home page (2) About Us (3) How it works (4) Why...? (5) Online courses (6) Testimonies etc. The texts must be written under deduction of SEO methods. Usage of appropriate keywords is obligatory. They should allow better indexation of the website by search engines. The texts must be completely new and original. They will be checked on its authenticity. You might review other websites in similar industries (e-learning / online education) and then compile new original content based to the information you have learned. All content must be re-worded to make it unique and original. I would require it to be SEO friendly and use pertinent keywords for Google. I am looking at a long term relationship. If you impress me, I have 7 new websites waiting to be written. If you are interested, please let me know your possible starting date and approximate duration. I am also interested in examples or references to your contents written.
I will pay $1.00 for 100 words ($0.01 per word).

xml and epub
date: 10.01.2013
name:saranya kumar
description:html and xml tagging in e-books and journals

Back-end developer
date: 09.01.2013
name:Kelly Viljoen
description:Back End Developer

Yuri Arcurs Photography is currently the worldâ??s top-selling stock photography company. We have been developing our own selling platform to sell the Yuri Arcurs Collection directly to the public. We now need a few more programmers who are enthusiastic and dedicated to making this website a success! If you enjoy a challenge, are passionate about programming and have excellent qualifications, we want you in our elite team!

This position entails duties like:

-Developing the back end of the website
-Testing the website and identifying any technical problems and hitches
-Determining any functionality that the site must support and developing PHP content based on practical approved layout
-Identifying the content type the site will host and ensuring compatibility with the PHP programming requirements

About our upcoming site:
We are creating a site that is going to be totally different from any other site selling media content and we need people who are able and willing to think outside the box in order to achieve this. We are using the best available components to create a smooth, reliable web application.

We are looking for a highly motivated person who can put their heart and soul into this project. The perfect person would love the challenge of exploring, optimising, analysing and solving potential problems in code-structure and server-structure. You should already have experience in successfully building and running large websites and other IT projects from scratch and have a solid understanding of the challenges of increasing traffic and demands. Ideally we need someone who will be motivated to outsmart and improve our current solutions. You will need to able to work and be online on Skype during normal European business hours, but you can work from anywhere in the world.

People close to you say that you are:

-Precise & thorough
-Creative and innovative

Skills Needed:
You have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, a knowledge of international web standards and protocols as well as experience in most of these languages: Apache, Mercurial, Linux, PHP, MySQL, CodeIgniter, OOP/MVC, HTML, jQuery and CSS.

We can offer:

-A salary reflecting your skill level
-The opportunity to be part of this exciting venture creating and perfecting our new website
-An international, young, and creative environment where you can learn and grow as an employee
-Work as part of a team of international programmers

Send your application to no later than 30 January 2013 and be sure to mark the mail â??Back End Developerâ?? and include ALL of the following to be considered for the job:

-Your CV
-Any reference letter from previous employers

You will also be asked to complete an assignment once we receive your application in order for us to judge your skills

NB: Please note that any attempt to contact Yuri himself directly will disqualify you from the job!

date: 22.12.2012
name:Adpsoting Work
Contact Person : Neekunj Vyas
Contact Number : 9998749515 / 9978976813
gtalk :

LOCATION : : Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Contact Person : Neekunj Vyas
Contact Number : 9998749515 / 9978976813
gtalk :

PHP file edit on my website
date: 07.12.2012
description:Good day, I had a website designed for me but moved hosts due to better security at the new host. Unfortunately a small permission error is still pending which did not work even at the previous host. My website contains a "send message to seller". The send message works fine provided that the seller is logged in which is 99% not the case. If the seller is not logged in the messsage does not send. I assume the applicable script needs permission to fetch the email id from the database. I am not a programmer therefor my request for professional assistance to fix this error. My website is hosted with GoDaddy but currently offline until I can get the "send message to seller" problem solved. From what I can see all website files are in PHP. I hope someone can logon via FTP and solve the problem for me. Please let me know your rate. I will most probably use the same programmer in future on a once off basis for errors or changes that may arise. Thank you!

date: 06.12.2012

ISP Billing System customization and Automation
date: 06.12.2012
name:Zack Koech
description:We are an ISP operating in kenya. Our interest is to have expert support in customizing our billing system as well integration of our system with a number of external systems such as payments gateways, Electronic Signature devices and also development of a front end website that provides our customers with secure and easy access to our systems.

We are using Emerald5 Enterprise Edition from IEA-Software
Our company website: and

date: 05.12.2012
name:Adpsoting adposting002
description:Sapphire Infosoft is dealing with Voice and Nonvoice process.
All Kind of geniune data entry work available for single and bulk projects,
Online data entry like adpostings, captcha entries,
Article writing, Google Adsense, google adword,
id creation offline e-book conversion projects are also available with 100% payment guarantee Or Visit :
2. Duration: Upto 15 Days
3. Rs :50 & Rs:100* per PAGE, 15 DAYS EARNING
Contact Person : Neekunj Vyas
Contact Number : 9998749515 / 9978976813
email: with C# Developer
date: 05.12.2012
description:Finanace projects

date: 27.11.2012
name:Haroon Haffejee
description:EHR or EMR (Electronic Health REcord)

1 Patient electronic filing sysytem
2 To Enter patient data in electronic patient card
3 most important to have Templates/macros in each of the fields in the Patient data card
3 Integrated MS outlook like calendar
4 Dispesnsing Module with ability to print o ut prescriptions and labels
5 REports related to all activiteis of practice

NB I have programmed my own EHR but need something more advanced now..can speciify everything

Access VB
date: 26.11.2012
name:Jan Sachs
description:Need ongoing assistance with developing and improving our in house VB / Access based systems.

Currently we have our productions system, stock control and payroll on access and would like to improve and include other elements of our business.

This would be suitable for an independent low cost developer.

date: 18.11.2012
name:Kevin Clayton
description:We are looking for developers that have previously designed and coded and Applicant Tracking System

date: 16.11.2012
name:Salvo Barbera
description:WE are looking for a programmer to create a link between google Sketchup and our rendering 3D.

Invoice System in Winforms c#
date: 16.11.2012
description:Need to Develop an Invoice System using Winforms 4.0 and Ms Access. Xin Invoice System can get the trial version from website.

a small game development in java
date: 09.11.2012
name:harry harry
description: i am a overseas student pursuing diploma in university.i have a java assignment based on client system , using net beans , which is due November 28 th.
i ll explain the assignment in mail now, dont think its complicated, i already have a code which is running i ll send in next mail.please do have a look at the starting code and explanation.,

We have to develop simple game. The concept of our game is based on Wumpus Hunter game.

In our game there are total 20 rooms, each room connected to the 3 other rooms (database design also attached).

Every time it should display the hint that how many room wumpus is away (wumpus room location is unknown) . If u move into the room, where the wumpus is located, u will be killed.

If u "shoot" in the room in which the wumpus is in, the wumpus will be killed. If u shoot into a room with no wumpus, then the wumpus will move into an adjacent room .

Scattered around the rooms are pieces of treasure. There are also bats. These come in two types â?? big bats and small bats. Small bats are harmless, as are big bats. However, if you find yourself in a room with a big bat, it will pick you up, fly into an adjacent room and deposit you safely.

The initial user requirements are for a client/server system implemented using the OCSF framework, with each client interacting with a separate gameinstance. Game instances will share a common layout which will be loaded from a Java DB database.Design and implementation must employ the MVP pattern.

â??For game world implementation, OCSF interfacing and inventory management â?? the pick and drop commands sensibly (ie as part of the command hierarchy) and doing something moderately sensible with treasure modellingâ??

Code in C required for technology mapping of a given complex circuit of LOGIC GATES
date: 03.11.2012
name:Amit Goyal
description:For VLSI-CAD field, code in C required for technology mapping of a given complex circuit of LOGIC GATES.
We need to find the minimal cost cover of the given circuit using graph covering techniques(DAG) implemented by dynamic programming.

The project is required as a part of the research conducted in a PHD program at the MS level.

date: 02.11.2012
description:It is a project based on educational database and has to be developed on platform using using visual studio 2008 platform and has to completed within 15 days.

Application Development in Open source
date: 29.10.2012
name:Mina Sanghi
description:Procurement MIS to be developed in open source with databse in SQL. This has to be customized later as per specifications required by client.

Java Struts Web Development
date: 28.10.2012
name:Vikas Gupta
description:Hi There,

I have a site that need to be added more functionality using JAVA Struts. Vikas 9811936639
email: in java
date: 25.10.2012
name:Lata Verma
description:ShareBazar. is a complete portal offering services like online share purchase, and sell. Making on line payments. The main objective of developing this application is to provide buyers and sellers a very fast medium to trade shares online and from anywhere.As we know that in buying and selling in share markets needs to be very quick and accurate. is also aims at providing up to date information about current prices of shares and there position in the market.

e-governance in jsp
date: 24.10.2012
name:anish sadanandhan
description:using this project citizen will be able to apply for passport.pan card ,uid,election-id from one common platform

date: 23.10.2012
description:I would like to set up something just like eBay, also working with PayPal and would like to have most of it automated in the same way

database extract
date: 23.10.2012
description:I am interested to be taught in extracting database to MySql of the BMW EPC. You can find the program on internet. If you can extract all data to mysql you can make an offer.