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I need e-commerce site for my own business
date: 21.04.2026
This project was submitted just recently and is available for Premium Freelance Members only. It will be available for other members after 2 days.
name:Be first who will contact the project owner, subscribe for premium freelance membership for only $2/month
description:Looking for an experienced front end developer for 1-2 moth project. You will wok with a team of experts for this project.
- I have an example site and I want to make same site, designing, functionality
- Example site:
- Please refere this site
- Check product view page
email:Be first who will contact the project owner, subscribe for premium freelance membership for only $2/month
budget:$20000 - $30000

School / College ERP
date: 24.02.2017
This project was submitted just recently and is available for Premium Freelance Members only. It will be available for other members after 2 days.
name:Be first who will contact the project owner, subscribe for premium freelance membership for only $2/month
description:Looking for smart developers to build a robust App for School & College using .NET. We need 12 modules to cover. timeline 30-45 days. People with good experience need ONLY apply. Budget 50-75k(INR).
Key Areas:
High Security
User Friendly

Note: please send links ...
email:Be first who will contact the project owner, subscribe for premium freelance membership for only $2/month
budget:$50000 - $75000

Dynamic Programming Problem
date: 24.02.2017
This project was submitted just recently and is available for Premium Freelance Members only. It will be available for other members after 2 days.
name:Be first who will contact the project owner, subscribe for premium freelance membership for only $2/month
description:It's a very simple problem. I have the objective function, constraints and all other details of the dynamic programming problem worked out.. I only need someone who can implement it in a programming framework. ...
email:Be first who will contact the project owner, subscribe for premium freelance membership for only $2/month
budget:$10 - $20

1) .Net Technology 2) Windows Application Development 3) SQL Server
date: 24.02.2017
This project was submitted just recently and is available for Premium Freelance Members only. It will be available for other members after 2 days.
name:Be first who will contact the project owner, subscribe for premium freelance membership for only $2/month

I am looking for Developers that have the below skill Set for a Time Bound Project:-

1) .Net Technology
2) Windows Application Development
3) SQL Server

Please let me know if you have these skills and if not i would request you to please recommend me to some of your friends from Pun ...
email:Be first who will contact the project owner, subscribe for premium freelance membership for only $2/month

Web Development
date: 21.02.2017
description:Summary: creating menu for website built using mvc4 BetterCMS. (

Details: Initial Software developer couldn't complete job. The Website is up (with menus displaying ok) at a web host that has BetterCMS. I need to move the website to another webhost.

I therefore created a visulstudio project and uploaded that BetterCms visual studio project to the new host. Everything is working perfectly at that new host except the menus, which do not show.

I unfortunately don't have access to the initial developer's project file that would have the required sitemap controller and route.cs.

I do however have access to both, old and new hosting company servers and can send you my visualstudio project file.

I don't expect the project to take more than a couple of hours for someone that is an expert coder. I have to get the site up in 7 days and I am still developing, so it is essential that I have the menu issue sorted out quickly.

Best Regards


budget:$25 - $100

Folder Structure Application
date: 20.02.2017
name:Sathish Kumar
description:Hi, We are looking for a simple application like Microsoft's Robocopy GUI, with additional features like network share in the code itself with different credentials, and source and target through csv file or other options.
budget:$100 - $300

Fortran code in Abaqus
date: 20.02.2017
description:Hi i am using Abaqus software for delamination of composite material using cohesive zone model. To develope this model i need to use user element. i prepared a code for user element which is in fortran. Now i want to run my code in Abaqus software

my abaqus version 6.18

thank you in advance
budget:$100 - $300

date: 20.02.2017
name:Sharanya Iyer
description:Implementation of link guard algorithm:
v_link: visual link;
a_link: actual_link;
v_dns: visual DNS name
; a_dns: actual DNS name;
sender_dns: sender?sDNS name.
int LinkGuard(v_link, a_link} {
1 v_dns = GetDNSName (v_link);
2 a_dns = GetDNSName (a_link);
3 if ((v_dns and a_dns are not
4 empty)
and (v_dns != a_dns))
5 return PHISHING;
6 if (a_dns is dotted decimal)
8 if (a_link or v_link is encoded)
9 {
10 v_link2 = decode (v_link);
11 a_link2 = decode (a_link);
12 return LinkGuard(v_link2, a_link2);
13 }
14 /* analyze the domain name for
15 possible phishing */
16 if(v_dns is NULL)
17 return AnalyzeDNS (a_link);
int AnalyzeDNS (actual link) {
/* Analyze the actual DNS name according
to the blacklist and whitelist*/
18 if (actual_dns in blacklist)
19 return PHISHING;
20 if (actual_dns in whitelist)
21 return NOTPHISHING;
22 return PatternMatching (actual_link); }
int PatternMatching(actual_link) {
23 if (sender_dns and actual_dns are different)
25 for (each item prev_dns in seed_set)
26 {
27 bv = Similarity(prev_dns, actual_link);
28 if (bv == true)
30 }
31 return NO_PHISHING;
float Similarity (str, actual_link) {
32 if (str is part of actual_link)
33 return true;
34 int maxlen = the maximum string
35 lengths of str and actual_dns;
36 int minchange = the minimum number of
37 changes needed to transform str
38 to actual_dns (or vice verse);
39 if (thresh<(maxlen-minchange)/maxlen<1)
40 return true
41 return false;
budget:$500 - $3000

visual interactive Real Estate site plane for sales purposes and records
date: 20.02.2017
name:Sam Shols
description:Hi, I want a visual interactive design from a construction site plan that can be used by means of clicking, ticking or marking to tell which house on the site plan is already sold (it can be grayed out) and those available for sales (Active). When you move a mouse pointed on any of the houses on the site plan, it should give basic details like who bought the house, how much was paid, who is the sales person, and balance left.

I will also want the interactive site plan to be loaded on tablets and mobile phone.

These are the summary of the project for now.

Thank you.
budget:$100 - $1000

Write an Android application - Social network/communication app
date: 11.02.2017
name:Ram Kotha
description:Need an experienced resource to create a social network mobile app who are well versed with Front end and Backend. This will start as a 1 month - 3 month project and can go longer.

To build a prototype initially and add features on.

budget:$100 - $500

Website for peer to peer lending
date: 09.02.2017
name:Smart Livein
description:I need to proposal for developing and maintaining a peer to peer lending website
budget:$100 - $500

date: 09.02.2017
name:Minas John
description:Create a system (web application or windows application) for car maintenance and employee management system.
This system will contain the following
• Maintenance
- Customer details (name, nationality, phone number, Civil ID# and E-mail)
- Vehicle details ( registration#, manufacture , type {jeep – sedan} model, color, vin# and Mile/Kilo)
- Others (paints details and car wash -polish)
- Labor works (fixing description and cost)
• Store
- New parts (barcode required)
- Used parts (barcode required)
- Supplier details
- Purchaser details
• Employee management
- Employee details
- Attendance
• Accounts
- Daily/weekly/Monthly report
• users
- Admin (has full authorization and can manage the user which facility will use from system)
- Reception user
- Operation user
- Account user
Notes about the system:
- Customer may have more than one car
- Reception user can select the customer car from the list, may the customer is a company coordinator so he will have an 100s of cars, so create facility to make easy for the reception user to select the car from the list.
- Operation user can write note what car needs, reception user will receive a notification msg that the note created on the car registration # …
- When car is ready, auto msg will send for the customer that your car is ready or manual msg also can be send to customer thru reception user.
- Reception user can create the job ID and CAB#, ( CAB# is car definition, for example: there is 20 CABS in the system, and in garage the is 6 cars, that means there is 6 CABs are booked, so reception user cant select 1-6 CAB from the list cuz it is booked, when the CAB# 2 and 3 are ready, so it will be available in the list and can be selected again.
- In the main menu there is a square, the square shows how many CABs in the garage, the squares color will change when the status is changed and if the car status is ready, the square will disappeared from the main menu.
- Each reception user has a number of cars which was handled by him, on his screen will show how many cars are ready, by clicking on the number, the ready cars details will be shown. Notification msg will appear to the reception user always every 15 or 30 min as the user will select) until the customer comes and receive his car.
- Payment :- 4 kinds of payments { Cash, Knet, Visa and master)
budget:$500 - $1000

UX/UI website
date: 09.02.2017
name:Panait Andrei

We are interested in building an UX / UI website presentation from scratch (front & back-end, own CMS) for a new sport called Football Valah. The website will contain the game rules and a full video recording of a game (100 minutes) and future fields locations. Recorded material video will be available somewhere on or around 15.04.2017. On 17.07.2016, we`ve organized an experimental match . Results camed from tested market, convinced us to move forward with this project. Total number of pages is 5 - 6 (game rules, questions, tactics) depending on designer`s creativity/ability to concentrate entire info into one single page using an ventilated manner, so the game can be understood including by an 6 year old boy. Website will also have an "Locations" section which will show to audience phisically map locations towards fotbal valah`s fields like . Future format for our website we want to be like We can provide all materials including structure site. Through this website, we will pursue two main objectives:

a) attracting people who want to practice this sport locally
b) attracting people who are interested in news, events, press official press releases applicable throughout the Wallachian football system.

Given these preliminary information, please send us:
a) if you are interested in this project
b) some examples of UX/UI websites as guidance (preferably from sports field)
c) charges/time project/process development/conditions.

Thank you,
Andrei Panait
Bucharest, Romania
budget:$1500 - $2000

Frontend Developer
date: 09.02.2017
description:MEAN Expert with experience in Angular / Google Material Design.
Looking for an experienced front end developer for a project on a contract / permanent basis. You will work
with a start-up team of international experts which includes multiple sub-projects. Must be experienced with Angular 1.x, UX/Google Material Design, user handling functionalities. Please note we are creating a RICH Internet Web Application, not a website / blog /etc. We have a defined routine in place and an expert to extend proactive technical help.
The ideal individual developer will have experience in MEAN stack (primarily front end) who can provide
support with technical frontend build management system (bower, gulp, etc) and assist with APP Migration to Material Design.
Scope: Preserve the existing development and fill existing gaps in data extraction, assist with coding.
IDE: Ubuntu / Windows (minimal) / Apache.
Deployment: AWS
Version Control: Git / Bitbucket / CodeDeploy
Work Location: Our office premise in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.
Contact: Please send your CV with contact number to
budget:$100 - $200

student placement prediction using educational data mining
date: 07.02.2017
description:want to make a software that can predict our batch placement using our senior passout batches data using educational data mining(decision tree)...Prediction on the basis of their external marks ,internal marks, attendence and some certifications etc...
budget:$10 - $20

Read xml, send pdf gift gard to email
date: 06.02.2017
name:Matti Partanen
description:I need php code which receives an xml file, examines if the product = gift card and payment mode = paid, then make a .pdf file (gift card) and send it by e-mail to the customer.

The gift card number = order number. If order include several gift cards so each generated its own gift card, and the number is the order number-1, order number-2, etc. Each gift gard pdf file stored on server, each gift card information stored in the log, pdf file web address sent back to web store. (POST /webhooks/process

The gift card must be the template file that I can customize.

Online store sends the new order data automatically to POST an XML format (webhooks). I install the finished php code to my own Ubuntu web server.
budget:$50 - $400

date: 06.02.2017
name:Vinod Kumar Boddu
description:We are looking to develop a new concept in Exports & Imports business and this is based on a B2B Portal and combination of Data base and networking . this is a first of its kind and we are looking for software developers for the same project , Kindly please get back to me on my mobile for further details - 91 8008009977
Vinod Kumar B
budget:$450 - $700

i2c implementation on raspberry and arduino
date: 05.02.2017
name:Saji Kamdod
description:need pure C implementation of i2c on arduino and raspberry working in master slave configuration
budget:$10 - $20

Workflow automation eliminating manual form movement
date: 04.02.2017
name:Nagakumar Gampalahalli
description:Enterprise Application Development - Workflow automation eliminating manual form movement

The development platform (and os and databse framework) can be considered as open ended; while MySQL And FoSS platform is preferred.

Requirement gathering, analysis, solution framing in consultation with stake holders and delivery on turnkey basis.

Oracle DB And application migration to MYSQL
date: 04.02.2017
name:Nagakumar Gampalahalli
description:Oracel 10 G Database and Erp applications (.Net) Migration to MySQL environment, together with enhancements desired in ERP App.
budget:$200 - $0

m-BEENISH protocol improve in NS2
date: 03.02.2017
name:Anurag Chatap
description:Can you implement the m-BEENISH protocol and improve the lifetime of the network ?

IEEE paper :
budget:$100 - $200

Linux file system development/ modification
date: 02.02.2017
description:To make change in a file system (Linux). To modify the file system to make it work differently and then check for performance improvements and get results. Anyone who is familiar with file systems, C++, storage systems, distributed systems, devops, high performance computing would understand better.

To implement a very simple (nothing smart!) object class (API), using which to just tell the object to which device storage it goes. Like a set schema. Have just the basic functionality where we can tell the storage system which tier things should go.
budget:$100 - $200

debuging in c
date: 01.02.2017
name:Mahesh M
description:I have a opensource code written in C which run some operation in for loop. by default forloop start with 0,
every time I run the code, I want this loop to begin from the number which I pass . details will be explained later.
I need some one who can help me imidiately
budget:$5 - $10

# 3rd party tool integration with restful api
date: 01.02.2017
description:# 3rd party tool integration with restful api like aadghaar, passport validations
budget:$60 - $100

date: 01.02.2017
name:VIKAS M
budget:$100 - $200

Android antitheft Application
date: 30.01.2017
name:Priya Chintawar
description:In android antitheft application, if someone steals our phone n changes the sim, his photo will be captured by front camera and location will be traced. Photo & Location of thief will be send to our preregistered mobile & mail id. I have done till sim change detection activity
Tasks to performed by you is
1. Capture image programmatically
2. Track the location
3. send it to owners alternate mobile number n email id.
budget:$50 - $60

date: 26.01.2017
name:Harshal Shende
description:the project IS SERVER SECURITY SYSTEM .where i want to make a java software that gives strong authentication and security to database and server
budget:$50 - $150

Website & CRM in SQL & PHP
date: 26.01.2017
name:Divya Prakash
description:As a food-tech start-up with home delivery services, we have a requirement of developing a back-end CRM to maintain the database of consumers, orders, inventory etc. We also need to develop a website for consumers and a small app for delivery boys.

Dictionary Content Extraction
date: 22.01.2017
name:Ravi Y
description:get the content extracted from web siye like from-

need the content only in json/xml format.

Optional - Program Needs to extract all the words from the dictionary. The more generic the program the better.

Implementation choice: Any Open source technologies

Little more detailed

Looking for a frame work to extract dictionary content for a list of words from all the online dictionary websites.

The content includes the audio file for pronunciation.The skills needed are API calling, ETL scripts and data transformation

For example:

all the content for the word for that page needs to be extracted and stored in local filesystem.

Input: is list of words. Output is the content from the above is page either in xml/json or separate files along with audio and graphic files.

If you are interested in picking up, please respond with start date, duration to complete , cost, a small proposal and design of implementation along with the tools used and needed for the consumption of the data.

Amazon API & PHP Developer
date: 20.01.2017

I am looking for someone who has knowledge in Amazon API and php .....

We will want the developer to build us a system for our Amazon ecommerce business...

Things like
- Invoicing
- Feedback management
- Order management
- keyword ranking
- Amazon advertising

We will look at including the person in our team and keep building more and more solutions for our internal use.

Please share your experience and why you are a perfect fit

budget:$100 - $500

gml programmer
date: 16.01.2017
name:ajith cage
description:need a programmer to program a 2d physics platformer game
budget:$10 - $250

web and mobile app in ruby rails
date: 15.01.2017
name:Ari Patil
we need someone working on ruby rails who would assist in customising and hosting dev and production instance of a open source application on github in the cloud or with said hosting service provider.


budget:$500 - $1000

Matrimonial site
date: 15.01.2017
name:Visheta K
description:Work on matrimonial site 60% complete needs to be taken further to completion

Skills: PHP, HTML5 bootstrap, Code Ignitor, MySQL, web design, IP tracking, batch uploads, customer, vendor management, online sales promotions and discount, shopping cart, LAMP, web responsive
integration with SMS, Online Chat/Video, Astro and Payment Gateway, Facebook, Linked In, and other sites for login
Open Source, knowledge of secure and data encryption is a must.
budget:$150 - $350

date: 11.01.2017
description:We need an app for iphones 5 and later in IOS. It is for a startup that my friends and I are hoping to create to stop distracted driving. The app needs to be able to carry out the following functions. This is a rough idea for the code, and we only need the basics to be done. The parts that are not explicitly stated (for example the point system itself) will be done after the code is done and sent back to us. If any part of this is unclear, please email me at the address above. Price point is negotiable:

1. Sense that the phone is moving over a certain threshold speed
2. Sense that the phone is plugged in and charging
3. Sense that the phone is at a certain tilt (that corresponds to our dashboard mount, so that the phone is sensed to be in the mount)

If all the above conditions are met:
With Embedded google maps in software, sense the distance the car has driven over the threshold speed

Award a certain amount of points based on a predetermined point system per mile driven

If the car is below the threshold speed for more than 20 minutes, the points are added to the total amount of points for all trips, and the tally of points for that drive goes back to 0

On another Tab total amounts of points over all trips can be viewed and each drive is saved, so the user can see which drive gained the user which points

On a third tab, display all the offers from restaurants and businesses (each with a place so that the corresponding icon/photo can be added) that are currently available.
if one of these offers is selected, open to a new screen that has the points required for the discount and have a button that says redeem
if redeem button is selected, the appropriate amount of points are deducted from the total amount and a new window opens with the “receipt”

budget:$50 - $200

joint parameter selection for an energy efficient massive MIMO
date: 10.01.2017
name:Aarti mishra
description:I have an algorithm for the parameter selection for single cell scenario and multicell scenario. I just want it to be implemented in MATLAB for obtaining different graphs.
budget:$1 - $14

age prediction programming in python opencv
date: 10.01.2017
name:samixa toshniwal
description:Face age prediction from an image using anthropometric features.It will predict the age of a person from image. Language use is python (opencv)
budget:$1 - $14

E-commerce with Store Locator Map
date: 09.01.2017
name:Sanjay Kumar

I need a e-commerce website to sell products in 2 countries in retail market.

Also looking for a page with Map to display my store locations.


College Society Manager Android Application
date: 09.01.2017
name:Rajeev Singh
description:Project Should be able to Add all the societies in college..
Every Society will have an admin and number of volunteer who will announce the new event and the event should be visible in the application home page...

All the students able to see all the notification regarding to the upcoming or active event and will be able to register online...

Project will have the college server..

Home page will have the login option as admin of society , and as the student...

if student is not yet registered then registration page opens that requires name,, university roll and other info...

Events will created for specific years student ...
And all the other requirements as a college society manager application should have...(Which i did not considered yet)...
Project is for final year student.
this is a major project...
budget:$100 - $100

Stream Webcam from Webpage
date: 08.01.2017
name:Al Perry
description:The project is to stream live Webcam Audio/Video and pre-recorded playlists from an embedded VLC player to my group from my website.
budget:$50 - $150

Neural networks perform the gpu
date: 07.01.2017
name:sama radpoor
description:i need run this paper :"Learning to Read Chest X-Rays:
Recurrent Neural Cascade Model for Automated Image Annotation"on gpu

date: 06.01.2017
name:Mangesh C
description:Hi ,

I am looking for Web, Android and iOS developer for our start up business at reasonable cost. We already have website & Android App developed and we are looking for a developer who can make enhancement to our existing website & Android App. Also we would like to develop iOS App from the scratch. Please contact me on this mobile - 968675 4340.

Location based website content and data analysis
date: 06.01.2017
name:Bharat Vishwa
description:This is a two stage Project which has to be done individually and then integrated.
The first part is to create a website based on location based content. The main idea is when a user goes to a website or accesses a website , using a geo-ip api we get to know the location of the user through maxmind database or others(whichever is reliable).
If the user is from Mumbai,india , we get to know by its IP address and then show him the content based on Mumbaim Like its temperature, specialities and so on.
Not second part is making a database of the users who have accessed the website, their sessions, number of users on a particular day, hour, week , month or a year. No of users from a particular country.
Also using the geomap api we need to show the number of users on a map by red dots or whatever suits good.
The user can sign up or they can use the website as a guest visitor. Also we need to host the website on a server.
This is a somewhat dynamic project so there will be some more specifications on a later stage.
But for now this is it. Please start as soon as possible.
Also if possible I need an explanation of the technicalities because I need to explain it later on.

budget:$100 - $600

JS / JQuery development
date: 31.12.2016
name:Kanishka G
description:Require JS / JQuery development for HTML5 pages for a desktop app.

Location specification: Mumbai (as this may require a couple of F2F meetings with the back end Java dev team)

Hybrid Mobile App + JQuery / JS
date: 31.12.2016
name:Kanishka G
description:Create a mobile version of a Java / HTML5 based web App using hybrid (Phone Gap, etc.).
Folks based out of Mumbai will be preferred as there may be some F2F interactions

Display messages on iPhones
date: 26.12.2016
description:We are a team of former university students from ETH Zürich and are working on a chat application that offers a new way for secure messaging and an innovative user interface introducing a new kind of communication using Emojis. 

We want to port an existing Android chat application to iOS and are looking for someone who can help us with the translation of the code. We are using J2ObjC to translate our business logic from Android (java) to Objective-C.

Initially you would create a small part of our app to see how well you fit into our team and if the way we want to approach this translation works as we think it does. If everything goes well there will be more and bigger tasks for you to work on afterwards.

The first task is to use our translated java code which accesses a local SQLite database and outputs a list of message objects to build a user interface that can display these messages and updates itself once there are new messages in the SQLite database. To achieve this goal, you will build your code based on the user interface from JSQMessagesViewController (

To ensure that you have read our project description, we would appreciate if you could address us by „Dear StageChat Team“ in your reply.

We are looking forward to your applications!
budget:$70 - $100

Java Spring MVC, Apache CXF Webservices
date: 24.12.2016
name:Dheerendra Kulkarni

We are developing a backend engine to power our website. This is built on Spring MVC and Webservices.
Let me know if any one is interested. The project is for 2 months.

We want the person to work at our premises.

budget:$5 - $10

Web Application Development In Dot Net Technologies
date: 20.12.2016
name:ajeet Srivastava
description:Project Requirements is ant type of Portal

E- commerce , job portal, matrimonial, Classifieds, Tour & Travel, and Website development,

I have 4.6 year experience in Dot Net Technologies using
(, c#, web services, wcf, jquery, html, css, sql server 2008- 2012, stored procedure, view, triggers)

I have been completed on project

media (news)-
health -
Ac services Provides -
e-commerce -

Ajeet Srivastava

budget:$100 - $2000

Video from webapp, taking snap shots and storing in server.
date: 19.12.2016
name:Gustavo Blas
description:In a web app create the functionality to allow users to take a video with his device camera. The system will take three snapshots from the video. The video and the snapshots will be stored in a database in the server.

mobile price comparison website
date: 19.12.2016
name:saurav sawant
description:i am in need for a diploma level project for my final year.
the project must use webcrawling. (c#)
database: sql server
try to use latest versions for both.
main site must contain a search box and display window
in search box if we type a product it must list all the sites with lowest price of product first and highest last.
the shopping sites must be offline as well since its diploma level project we cant afford to use amazon,ebay etc.
there must be one main site and 4 shopping created by developer :) contact me if u can code this.
budget:$100 - $105

Dot Net Web Applicaion Developer
date: 19.12.2016
name:Abhishek Srivastava
description:Requirement for any type of Web Application Developer

E-Commerce, Job Portal, Matrimonial, Tour&Travel, Health , Education and so on..
budget:$500 - $3000

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