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Exciting role for a front-end mobile app developer based out of Hyderabad, India
date: 21.09.2016
name:Abhi Jain
description:Mobile App: Front-end development of Android+iOS Hybrid App.
Skill set requirement for this development work:
1. Anjular JS
2. Java scripting debugging skills
3. Apache Cordova
4. Good programming knowledge (OOPS, structured programming)
5. OAuth knowledge (will be a plus)
6. Good CSS knowledge
7. Good HTML5 knowledge
8. Verbal/written skills
9. Any source control software e.g. Git, SVN
budget:$2000 - $4000

Attack and defense on Clickjacking Vulnerability
date: 21.09.2016
description:There is a vulnerable web application WebGoat developed for Security Testing by OWASP. Have to demonstrate Clickjacking Attack Code in WebGoat. Then code its defense using JBoss Aspect Oriented Programming and Content Security Policy header.
For this need an experienced J2EE developer.

Real Estate Management Solution
date: 21.09.2016
name:jeetendra mishra
description:I am looking for a developer to build a real estate solution based on PHP/MySQL/AngularJS. The solution will have three faces;

1) Landlords/Agents - Can perform all CRUD actions on property, units for each of those properties, Tenants, Vendors for service/maintenance requests & affiliated tas ...
budget:$1300 - $1500

Customer Service Management (Stand-alone windows application)
date: 21.09.2016
name:sunil sharma
description:Requirement is for creating a stand-alone windows application for customer service requests management system.
At a high level:
May be 4-5 database tables and 3-4 frontend forms.
System will be used to track customer's requests who are calling for service requests.
Open for any technology or tools or database.
I can explain the requirement in details if anyone interested.
Thanks, Sunil.
budget:$200 - $300

Real Estate Management Solution
date: 20.09.2016
name:Jack Mugi
description:I am looking for a developer to build a real estate solution based on PHP/MySQL/AngularJS. The solution will have three faces;

1) Landlords/Agents - Can perform all CRUD actions on property, units for each of those properties, Tenants, Vendors for service/maintenance requests & affiliated task management and financials (rates collections and any other collections)

2) Tenants - Can see all data pertaining to their tenancy. Can raise service requests, and (planned) payment of rates. Can also independently select vendors to perform maintenance for their units if allowed by landlord/agent

3) Vendors - Can request or bid for jobs raised as maintenance jobs. Can use the system as a task manager

System with close but not similar functionality, see
budget:$1000 - $2000

Brand new CRM creation and hosting
date: 19.09.2016
name:Dave All
description:I am looking for a programmer that can create a CRM system for theatres from scratch. It will need also need to be hosted independent from any current CRM hosts because it CRM will have multiple theatres accessing the site, but they will only be able to see their own data.

I am looking for feasibility and realistic quotes to get this underway.
budget:$100 - $5000

Plugin development in C# for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
date: 19.09.2016
description:Plugin to read an XML file stored in the Notes area of a Contact, call a dll that generates another file and store the new file into the same Notes area of the Contact.

date: 19.09.2016
name:Marty Desrochers
description:Existing html code needs to be wrapped in a native iPad app. I have already authored the code. The app on the iPad should download the code and store it locally. Whenever the code changes, if the app is connected to the Internet, it should updated the code to the latest version.

Additionally, there might be different clients who are authorized to download the latest version for their site only so the code that is stored in the cloud will need to be distinguishable depending on the client downloading.

Also, each client will receive a software license for each iPad application that is running. This license will need to access the cloud for verification once per month (or other setting). I need to be able to deactivate iPads if clients do not pay.
budget:$200 - $500

embedded project
date: 19.09.2016
description:avr software code for read and write data from USB in atmega128 through usb shield.

High Quality numbered ticket selling system from scratch
date: 19.09.2016
name:GPT GPT
description:Email me to send you a rough sample of what we want.
If you want to really work, you can contact me. If you want to waste my time, then do not contact me.
budget:$1000 - $1600

script with email & sms sender
date: 19.09.2016
name:Sameer Muni
description:hi there I'm looking for a programmer or a coder for a script related to my business.
I'm into mobile phone unlocking business
this is my website
I want a script that should have email and sms sender with a hacking link similar to

rest we can talk about it over the phone
budget:$100 - $1000

Design beautiful .psd as base for new wordpress / joomla template
date: 14.09.2016
name:Mark Spencer
I need to get a design beautiful .psd (Adobe PhotoShop) as base for new wordpress / joomla template.

This .psd has to be created from scratch and you must prove that you've created it yourself !
There are too many ready .psd out there, but we don't accept any scam.
You will sign a statement that you claim and guarantee that it's your own author work and that you accept every responsibility if if it turns out that it was copied from some other author.
We only pay for the real proven work of honest and skilled graphics guy.
If the cooperation will be successful, there are going to be more opportunities for you.

Thank you!

Website development for a startup
date: 14.09.2016
description:We (Alumni of IIM Indore and IIM Bangalore) are looking for a technology partner to design and develop our website for a startup idea. We would like someone to assist us on designing and developing the website, take all inputs during the conceptualization phase and other needs during subsequent test phases, basically an iterative course of action as per the client feedback. For a start, it will be a simple website which will take input from the user and run a scan on the database curated by us and present it in a visually appealing manner.

We propose following two options:
-> Equity to be part of the startup and be technology head
-> Delivery as per requirements in two weeks’ time – budget not more than 5k for the initial website

Passionate travellers will be an added advantage as the startup idea is all about travelling. We also need to meet our set deadline to go live by 30th Sept 2016.

Freelancers, preferably from Chennai can revert with their portfolio and resume on the below two email ids


Get in touch on whatsapp@8085958166

budget:$100 - $150

Website development
date: 13.09.2016
name:Umesh Upaadyay
description:Looking out to get one responsive, social net working web site created for non-commercial (not for revenue generation or profit cause purpose). A website for individuals to connect, exchange messages. Web site design, creation, testing, hosting and maintenance for a stipulated time period. T
budget:$60 - $80

Required android, ios developer.
date: 13.09.2016
name:Asmita izettadata
description:We want ios & android developer for one of our project.
budget:$100 - $350

Mageto 2 Developers
date: 12.09.2016
name:Benoi K
description:We are a startup , with our page build on Magento 2 , we are looking for a developer who can optimize our page and make it ready for launch.
Post launch we are also looking for full time page maintenance.
Location: Bagalore, India

Facebook App for an online competition
date: 12.09.2016
name:Suraj Shetty
description:This is an app for Facebook in the form of a game that we would like to create. The game involves 6 questions, 1 on each screen. The questions have 3 options out of which one is the correct option. The user selects any one. He is taken to the next question
At the end of the game(6 questions) there will be screen for results: If he gets all the answers correct it will display the result and user will have the capability to share his score along with an invite to play the quiz.

If he answers 1/2/3/4/5 right can we throw up a screen which says something like Great Try! you got 1/2/3/4/5 (put the number in a blank field based on the number of questions he answered right) out of 6. Better luck next time

If he answers all 6 wrong then something like Oops! you missed the mark on all 6. Better luck next time

On the backend, would like to capture:
1. name
2. Facebook I'd
3. e-mail
4. result
5. geography (if possible)

Screens/Designs will be provided by us.
budget:$100 - $350

Need Web Api for magento website for transfering data to app
date: 12.09.2016
name:girish sati
i want to develop magento website API for transferring website data to android and ios app.

Call me urgent: 9990943339
budget:$100 - $0

Software Developer
date: 08.09.2016
name:DOC Pvt Ltd
description:Need software developer to be a part of an on-going software development project in Health Care. The Project is being executed in-house and shall be managed in-house only. The assignment is likely to be for 6 months. The company is open to providing full-time employment if the candidate is considered up to the mark during the project period.
budget:$500 - $1000

PDF Text Recognition
date: 06.09.2016
name:adam frank
description:I would like an tool that will allow selection of a PDF and OCR if necessary, extract the text and store the data (i.e in an access database or something.)

Android App development
date: 06.09.2016
name:Deeapk Kumar
description:School test Making App.

A app which can generate automatic test in PDF Format according to the criteria like ( Class, Chapters, Question paper format, Question paper types, Total Marks, ) etc.


budget:$200 - $500

GPS tracking Server
date: 05.09.2016
name:Pradipta Chowdhury
description:We want to develop a GPS tracking server based on open source .Only apply the freelancer who has sound knowledge on GPS tracking protocol,Google MAP, JSP, MySql, JAVA BEANS,open layer etc
budget:$500 - $1000

Web app in MEAN stack
date: 05.09.2016
name:Bheeshma Tanna
description:I need someone to work on a Web application. The front end will be in Angular JS and the back-end will be using expressJS API with MongoDB.

You will be provided complete design and requirement document . The design will already be implemented in HTML and CSS. You will have to start by building Angular front end and implement APIs in expressJS with MongoDB database.

I will share the detailed wire-frame based on which you will need to give your quote and time-line for delivery.
budget:$1000 - $1000

Micro services / API development
date: 05.09.2016
name:Prakash CJ
description:we have web services deployed on Oracle ESB. I need these monolithic web services decomposed into micro services and published thru an API gateway (Oracle or APIGEE) to be consumed by third parties

services required are development of a POC to prove the case, develop the architecture, policy and structure for APIs, develop and deploy the first representative set

time available 4 wks.

Make a working website out of a .psd Design
date: 05.09.2016
name:Peer Weder
description:We have a design ready in .psd format and do not have the time to code it.
- php+html
- Simple design
- Only one contact formular
- 5 pages + imprint
- Texts, pictures etc all provided
budget:$10 - $40

web based app
date: 01.09.2016
name:Asif Shaikh
description:Need to develop a web based app that works on smart phones and on the computer. for more description contact me.
its a startup project that needs to b developed and launched

Delphi web services, HTML5 Client App Development
date: 31.08.2016
description:Hi I have a project requirements. I am looking for Delphi Developer who has sound knowledge in creating Delphi web services, HTML5 Client application.
It is Full time job opportunity.
budget:$100 - $500

VAS service application
date: 30.08.2016
name:Emmananuel Fabeyo
description:wish to develop a music based VAS service..
1. Obtains and track special events mobile phone user e.g aniversaries birthdays etc

2 searches for friends and collegues of the mobile phone user
3.Request friends etc to share a song on the special day
4. allows IVR voice messages to be addable to the songs

date: 29.08.2016
name:tinotenda masamba masamba
description:a software specifically for curbing music piracy by stopping cd contents from being copied , contents from being transferred to flash sticks without authorization and stops content from being uploaded online illegally .
budget:$100 - $600

Small Animated advertisement
date: 25.08.2016
description:for Product Advertisement (Artists/Animators). Email your profile.

python developer
date: 23.08.2016
name:Rajesh Kumar
description:I am looking for 1 or 2 python developers who can work on a project for 3 months. Must have at least 2-3 years experience in python development.
budget:$1000 - $1500

date: 22.08.2016
name:Casey ORourke
description:Our budget is TBD. We are looking to build a software with three portals:
1) Central command
2) Law firm portal
3) Doctors office portal

Law firm portal submits a "case" request to central command (details on case, what they are looking for in a doctor, etc.). Central command will be able to review these case requests in real time as they are submitted. Case requests can be viewed at central command as open (no action taken), Doctor Selection (doctor has been selected), Doctor schedule (doctor blocks out their free time on their end of the portal in a calendar view), Lawyer schedule (lawyer selects a block of time that works for their client in a calendar view), In Process (doctor reviews patient once a time is agreed upon) and "Case closed" (doctor submits feedback and posts appropriate case documents from their portal to Lawyer portal account).
budget:$100 - $5000

Web & Mobile based Application in Java, Android
date: 22.08.2016
name:Amit Bhushan
description:Detailed Project related discussion will be held with the interested team which is to develop a beta of Webbased Application + android version of the same. Looking for 3-5 people team. However the team should depict capabilities that is required for Say Developing a Banking Front end Application where customer Transaction Requests are processed. This application would then required to be deployed on Web as part of the project. The Team should be based in Delhi NCR can contact Date 22nd Aug 16
budget:$1000 - $2500

date: 21.08.2016
name:Saleam Essop
description:Debug an andoid app.
budget:$50 - $200

date: 21.08.2016
name:jhon Michales
We would like to have a UI (only user interface part, dont need server site programming, with html5) clone of web-site like or So we need good skills with html5, design, css, etc... The server part will be done by oursellf.

Pls. send me an email for more details.
budget:$250 - $750

Client-server software
date: 20.08.2016
name:Bill Habble
description:Following program is required:

Program that detect location of the Computer(Windows) - so user can recover it in case it is lost, stolen or misplaced in organization.
There are several program on the internet that function like this but they all have some problems and do not perform as expected.
This program must work properly and have all specified functionality

This software will consist of 2 parts:
-client software - program that runs on user computer and report location to monitoring center
-monitoring center - simple web page(Perl,PHP,ASP) that save reported computer location (IP/ISP/username). Later user used can access this saved information on web page (even after computer is lost)

Client software(C++) will detect location of computer like described below:
- detect local IP address
- if computer is connected to the Internet or not
- name or IP of ISP used to connect to the Internet
- username used to connect to the Internet or login to ISP

This software runs undetectable on user computer or smartphone and every 24 hours make HTTP connection to monitoring center like this:
Monitoring_center.asp will detect IP address of these connections and save it to log file(time of connection, ISP, username, computer id, etc)

When computer is lost, customer can get last IP/ISP/username of new owner and time of connection from monitoring center and provide this information to police that they can contact Internet Service Provider and find out name and address of new owner of this computer.

Detection of computer location form IP address is patented so this service should be provided for free. For all other services I want to charge user some fee.

Thank you
budget:$1000 - $3000

Looking for a Programmer co-founder for a startup
date: 20.08.2016
name:Aravinth Prabu
I am looking for passionate programmer(HTML5,CSS3, JAVASCRIPT, PHP) Who is willing to work as a co-founder in a startup(Equity will be given). Anyone who is passionate about New ideas, startups, and if you believe you can change the world with an Idea, you are the one i am looking for. Kindly mail me at and we shall talk about it further.
budget:$1 - $5

Lead Management Software
date: 19.08.2016
name:Karan Talwar
description:Delhi-NCR developers strictly

Hi, we have a database of companies based on their geographical location and needed someone to develop a software for us or an application for us where we can manage this and add and delete leads as well as email singularly or in mass to these leads.
Please contact me for this.
budget:$0 - $1200

Java in Print Ecosystem Automation
date: 18.08.2016
name:Ayush Patawari
description:We are looking for a Developer with strong technical expertise in Java and familiarity with backend technologies to join us.

We are developing a software to automate a device and which is operated through an application. We have a team to develop the Front end of both mobile & web application. We want the server back-end part to be taken care of which shall take the command from the app, send a command to the machine and go ahead with the operation and vice versa.

You must have good communication, analytical skills and good at analyzing both the business and technical requirements for a software program and develop design solutions to meet the needs.

Preferrable Location : Bnagalore,India
budget:$500 - $1200

payment gateway in MVC
date: 17.08.2016
name:aditya singh
description:we are in the middle of a payment gateway development project. Our architecture is completed along with some development too. we need developers with ASP.NET, MVC 5.0, Web API. relevant experience in MS SQL, Rest API, Experience in WCF will be an added advantage
budget:$500 - $3000

Android studio 2D game project
date: 17.08.2016
name:Sharandeep Singh
description:I am looking for android 2d game need it before 21st if possible
With the just stick person as player walking to any direction on a map streets from on street to another.
budget:$50 - $100

PHP Web Site Designing
date: 16.08.2016
description:Web Site Designing on PHP with Navigation to various static pages with Login, Logout kind basic features
budget:$30 - $60

Marketing for theatres
date: 15.08.2016
description:We are online movie ticket booking website(under construction) in chennai. I need help in getting cinemas and theatres for my website.
budget:$10 - $50

PHP Web Site Design
date: 15.08.2016
name:Rahul Naik
description:PHP Web Site Design with very Basic Navigation
budget:$20 - $75

Biometrics in Healthcare
date: 15.08.2016
name:Tayo Akinwumi
description:We are currently working on an initiative that would revolutionize the public health sector in the provision of qualitative Healthcare services by deploying a central EMR & HMIS software that will be accessed from different locations via fingerprint authentication using smart card system, this is to guide against identity theft and secure medical records confidentiality.
We are looking at leveraging on Moutain Meadows Medical Records software (developed in C#) to integrate with a third party card reader device (Futronic's FS82HC USB2.0 Fingerprint Smart Card Reader) to achieve this objective. This is a proof of concept stage
budget:$80 - $100

Looking for Angular JS Front End Developer
date: 14.08.2016
name:jatin sutaria
description:For one of my web projects that is developed using Java/Neo4j on back end and Angular JS\JQuery\Html5, I am looking for some one to take over and manage the front end part of the project.

Would prefer if someone is from Mumbai. Please feel free to write me with your contact details\profile so that we can take it forward.

Jatin S - Founder
budget:$100 - $500

MATLAB, python, Abaqus and Fortran
date: 14.08.2016
description:Please contact me on my email id for further details.
budget:$10 - $20

C program for tree using recursion
date: 13.08.2016
name:Indulekha Madhavan
description:This a small program that uses extensive recursion. The goal is to find value of α for a tree T. The algorithm is defined recursively.

The details are as below.

Few definitions
Let T be a tree on n vertices with diameter d, let V ( T ) be the set of vertices of T , and let L ( T ) be the set of leaves of T . If I ⊂ V ( T ) , let T − I be the induced subgraph obtained by removing the vertices in I from T . In addition, let C ( T ) ⊂ V ( T ) be the center of T . (The center of a tree T is the set of vertices v such that max { dist T ( u , v) | u ∈ V ( T )} is minimal.) Then | C ( T )| must be 1 or 2. If | C ( T )| = 1 then we also use C ( T ) to refer to the unique central vertex of T .
Furthermore, we define a set of rooted trees, the central subtrees of T , as follows. If C ( T ) = { a , b } , then define the central
subtrees to be the connected components of T with the edge ( a , b ) removed, and with roots a and b. If C ( T ) = a, then define
the central subtrees of T to be the connected components of T −{ a } , with the vertices adjacent to a as the roots. Each subtree has depth at most (d −1)/2, and so we say subtrees with that depth have maximum depth.

Algorithm 2. Let α( T ) = α min ( T ) be the minimum of the following values.
(a) If T has at most 2 central subtrees with maximum depth, then
2d − 1 + min α( T − { i , j }),
i , j ; where the minimum is taken over pairs i , j of distinct central subtrees of T . (If T has more than two central subtrees with
maximum depth, skip this case.)
(b) d + min i ∈ L ( T ) α( T − { i }) .
(c) 2d − 1 + {min i ∈ L ( T ),
max j ∈ L ( T ),
dist T ( i , j )= d}
α( T − { i , j }) . (If the maximum is empty for some i, we skip that i.)
Finally, let α( T ) be 0 if T has 0 or 1 vertices.
budget:$12 - $14

date: 11.08.2016
name:sumbul sharma
description:my records are:
Data Dictionary:
File: Employee.dat
Description Data Type
employeeID int
employeeName String
employeeAddress String
employeContact int
employeeDepartment String
employeeSalary int

Data File:
1. 9914501, “Sunny Sharma”, “11platform crescent Brampton”, 647-871-9915,” IT”, 52000
2. 9914230, “Jas Dhillon”, “44 King Street Oakville”, 409-587-6581, “CAD labs”, 30000”
3. 9914568,”Shahla Nazifi”, “54 First Street Toronto”, 901-578-3651, “Bioinformatics”, 56000
4. 9914879, “Max Murray”, “Rutherford drive Brampton”, 647-859-1554, “IT”, 68000
5 99145689,” Remit Sharma”, “67 First Street Oakville”, 647-871-9889, “Management”, 78000
6 9914568, “Navneet Sharma”, “6 Tunnel Drive Brampton”, 905-547-6954, “Chemical Labs”, 45000
7 9914321, “Simran Thapar”, “117 Sandalwood pkwy Brampton”, 647-978-0660, “Law”, 56600
8 99148990, “Gul Vohra”, “6 fletcher’s pkwy Brampton”, 947-231-4561, “Microbiology”, 66000
9 9914630, “Subah Dhillon”, “12 Northwood Drive Oakville”, 647-230-1234, “Psychology”, 55400
10 9914784, “Dolly Singh”, “56 Torbram Brampton”, 905-451-1236, “Zoology”, 54700

Project Requirements:
1. At Project StartUp
• when the project first starts up, the first record should appear in series of label, textfield combinations for each field
• thus for Student.dat
o a label, textfield for studentID should display
? studentID 101
o a label, textfield for name should display
? name Fred Budd Page 2 of 3
2. Basic Navigation
• use of four buttons, first, next, previous and last
• user clicks the first button, the details of the first student appears in the textfields
• user clicks the next button, the details of the next student appears in the textfields
3. Basic Data Maintenance
• the user should be able to add, delete and modify the records
• user clicks an add button
? the textfields should be empty
? the user then types in new data
o then user can click either an update button which will add the data to the file
o or the user can click cancel to go back to the previous record
• user clicks a delete button
o a message box should appear giving the user a chance to either delete the record showing in the textfields or cancel the delete operation
• to modify an existing record
o the user can make changes to the data in the textfields and then click an update button to make the changes
o before any changes are made, a message box appears giving the user the chance to update the existing record or to cancel the update operation
4. Exception Handling
• message boxes should be used to handle all exceptions
• for example:
o the user clicks the previous button on the first record, a message box should appear telling the user that this is the first record, cannot go back one record
o the user types in a String when a number is required, then a message box appears, informing the user a number is required, the error is highlighted and the user can then easily type in a number
5. Record Searching
• the user should be able to search for a record by a given field
• should be done on a separate stage
• example:
ouser types in studentID of 101
• that student’s record appears
ouser types in city of Hamilton
• all students that live in Hamilton appear
budget:$100 - $150

date: 11.08.2016
name:Ranjeet S
description:Hi, I am looking to develop one android app with following features at high level. If someone interested, let me know and I can put detailed specs.
Purpose: Child Safety and Control on Android Phones.
App should have
-Block offensive sites/content in youtube, websites etc.
-Block given apps to use internet at given time.
-Block apps as per to set calendar schedule
-Record location. Can you google location by default to track this.
-Should not be easily un-installed.
-Option to Send daily/weekly summary report to parents e.g. how much phone was used and what were top activities e.g. 1 hour on youtube, 15 mins on whats app etc.
-Web user interface to set which app to block and when to block. App will read settings from web and act accordingly.
budget:$100 - $600

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