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programmers name: freelance110
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freelance experiences:Shaul Waller CTO 7 Simtat Hyerek, Hod Hashron, Israel Home: +972-9-7455321 Mobile: +972-52-4871400 Technology Officer Experienced technology officer with global experience in the hi-tech industries with a proven and extensive track record of achieving research and development goals, creating state-of-the-art technologies and software products. Core competencies are in real-time processing technology, data management and algorithm development. Versatile leader able to manage and motivate small to mid sized development teams. Professional Experience ISPT Ltd. ( ??? Israel. 2002-Present A startup company that provides turnkey mediation solution based on its MagicData technology and product lines. The system is currently deployed at four customers in Israel and Europe. CTO and Co-founder. Found, designed and developed a generic straightforward mediation system called MagicData. Is responsible for the entire development process and methodologies with great emphasis on system performance and flexible configuration. Responsible for managing projects, creating new applications and expanding the product roadmap and feature list. TTI Ltd. ( ??? Israel. 1996-2002 A company that develops and markets network management and OSS systems for the telecommunication market. CTO. 2001-2002 Directed and managed a small team of 3 employees. Was responsible for the design and development of special software components. Was in charge of integrating external tools and environments for CDR based applications. Supervised and consult the following products:  Billing verification  Fraud and churn management  Customer profiling Supervised the development of Web interface to all products. Software Expert. 1996-2001 Directed and managed a team of 8 employees in total. Was responsible for the design and development of real-time network management products. Provided guidance for real-time development and telecommunication standards and protocols. Design and developed the API between the probe and TTI???s Probe driver together with probe vendor. Initiated real-time information system project enabling the collection of ???near real time??? CDRs from multiple network elements. Designed and monitor a sophisticated aggregation infrastructure that receives queries in real time from many clients and sends back result to the caller either a process or user. Manage the following products:  Real-Time Port (RTP)  SS7 surveillance system (NWV7)  Develop SS7 ISUP correlation  RTI ??? real time information system  Profiler ??? Online OLAP infrastructure Consulting services. ??? Israel. 1984-1995 Consulting company that develops and markets office management systems. CTO. 1984-1995 Developed a fully automated office management system on SCO Unix with support for Telex, fax, filling system, e-mail thru X25, multi language word processor for DOTARA Ltd. Developed a full printing system on SCO Unix with support for input file parsers, form designer and printing control (including recovery utility for low-quality printing) for ORDA Taasiot ltd. Advisor of other companies: Team, Lehasvei Yiscar. Technologies Operating systems: MVS, MVT ??? IBM mainframe, RDOS, AOS/ VS ??? Data General, Unix/ Linux ??? Sun. HP, AIX, Intel Windows NT/2000 Communication: RS-232 / 482, TCP/IP ??? client server, SNMP, X3 Languages: Assemblers ??? Data General, X86, IBM mainframe, C# .Net, C, C++ - MS visual, c++ builder, Unix, Cobol, Java - J Builder, text (javac), SQL ??? Oracle, Sybase, Born shell ??? Unix, UML - Rational Rose Database: Oracle, Sybase, S/Power from install to ??? tuning Web: Apache web server ??? add modules, Tomcat, HTML, Java script, xsl Education and Credentials Practical Engineer in computers ??? Hadassah College, Jerusalem Professional seminars ??? SS7, XML, C++, Serviettes, MPLS, NT internals, Project managing, GSM Operating Systems, software engineering, C++, SS#7 protocol XML
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