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programmers name: freelance1982
skills: Consulting skillsEnterprise skills
city, country:Hyderabad
freelance experiences:Engineering graduate (Mechanical stream) with nearly 7 years of experience in team management, system study, architecture, analysis, design, development and deployment of applications on various technologies. Experience in Manufacturing Domain, Automotive Domain & Industrial automation. Expert in OOAD, C++, VC++6.0, MFC, COM, DCOM, VC++. NET, .NET Compact Framework, eVB, eVC++, Pocket PC, Rational Rose & Crystal Reports. Strong business process knowledge and SDLC Concepts. NPI Product Development. Fluent in French Language. Worked as software consultant at MUL production plant to develop automotive automation software. Working on an R & D project for GE Water to develop a Proof of Concept using Windows Mobile 5.0, SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition, .NET Compact Framework and C #. NET (Smart Devices). 2 years of experience in architecting, designing & leading the team to develop the first complete product from GE Industrial India Innovation Centre, Innovation Team. Expert in UML and Rational Tools. 3 years of experience in technical communication with client’s technical project team and delivering technical solutions along with planning team member’s schedule. As one of the drivers for Software Center of Excellence, responsible for studying, streamlining and architecting solutions for various products across GE Security, GE Fanuc and GE Sensing. Six Sigma Green Belt Training DMAIC/DFSS. Worked on DFSS Six Sigma Project @ GE.
projects:ARCHITECTURE … DESIGN ... DEVELOPMENT - All @ GE India Innovation Centre, Hyd.

 GearTrak is a wireless predictive maintenance & event avoidance system and is a new way of monitoring the health of critical industrial and electrical equipment using Temperature, Motion, Level, Pressure, Humidity, Vibration, Flow (Liquid or Gas) etc sensors.
 GearTrak offers continuous and automated feedback with automatic data collection for increased productivity, trend analysis directly to a technician’s computer, Email report Scheduling for process industries like water wastewater, chemical or oil & gas, manufacturing site along with monitoring of Environmental facilities, Power generating equipment.

Technologies: VC++ 6.0, MFC, XML, Crystal Reports, ProEssential, Matrikon OPC, Rational Rose, MSDE RelA, SQL Server, Help Scribble, Install Shield professional Edition.

 Leading development of the complete project with responsibilities of System study, Architecture, Analysis, Design, Scheduling, POC, core modules development and Deployment.
 Initially, I am the single resource for system study, analysis, design and POC development.
 Competitor products study and analysis resulting in the development of features to put the product in Leadership position. Technical speaker with the US leadership & technical team.
 Developed the POC for the product that received accolade from the product leadership team.
 Researched, Architected and developed the reports application using MFC & crystal Reports.
 New Product Introduction using Six Sigma/DFSS process using tools like Pugh Matrix etc.
 Researched, Architected and developed the data communication application: Email Scheduler.
 Researched and architected the OPC Server application for the GearTrak product.
 Designed and developed online alarm functionality, Trending analysis with full export capability, Generic sensor functionality and Remote Monitoring & Diagnostic functionality.
 Designed and developed the install Shield build to integrate MSDE and Crystal Reports10.
 Played a key role as India project leader to manage the team and involved in all phases of SDLC development. Mainly in finalization of requirements from customers in UK, Europe and USA.
 Proposed the Iterative development model for the product development by working on MGPP & product version features. Responsible in developing the technical requirements.
 Proactive in identifying issues / risks and ensuring that they are resolved as soon as possible by taking proper action or escalating to higher management. Used the Six Sigma tools Cause & Effect Matrix and Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) for the same.
 Configuration controller maintaining the complete Hardware, Firmware & Software versions.

GE Sensing & GE Water

 This is an R &D project that mainly deals with the transmission of plant critical data to embedded devices like Pocket PC, WinCE devices, etc. GE Fanuc had developed many legacy applications like plant edition, Machine edition etc that help in automation of entire plants.
 Some of the data collected by these applications had to be transmitted to handheld devices that will be used by the supervisors to know the critical information.
C#.NET, Visual Studio .NET 2005, .NET Compact Framework version 2.0, SQL Server 2005, Active Sync 4.1, Windows Mobile 5.0 Operating System, SQL Server CE 5.0 Mobile Edition, Windows CE.NET, Pocket PC SDK, Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs & Windows CE Devices
Innovation Leader: System study, Architecting, Designing, Development of the project.

GE Industrial, GE Fanuc software Industrial Automation
Driver Development Toolkit project:
The Main goals of the Driver Toolkit are to substantially reduce time to market for new device drivers, reduce cost of new driver development, reduce cost in driver life cycle from development and testing, and merge the toolkit capacities from the Edmonton, Albany and Foxboro into a unified driver toolkit framework.

Visual Statistical process Control:
The VisualSPC SPC Software suite is a complete Windows based approach to collecting, monitoring, and analyzing plant floor quality data. In addition to being extremely easy to use, VisualSPC is outstanding for its flexibility. This open software suite is easily customized without any programming, giving you the ability to match your data gathering system to your plant-floor processes. With VisualSPC, you control the process of translating enterprise-wide data into decision critical information.
Proficy Shop Floor SPC Attributes & Reporting: Mix variable and attribute data
With the Attributes option for SPC ShopFloor it is possible to track multiple categories of defects (visual, functional, etc.), mixing variable and attributes data in the same set-up. Functionality to set up multiple levels of categories (Class I versus Class 2 Scratches, for example, classify the severity of defects). It also provides functionality to weight defects. SPC ShopFloor will display defect data as Pareto charts or control charts (p, c, np, and u-Charts), or provide summary statistics.

Achievements @ GE
 Innovation idea development through global Research collaborations (JFWTC and Universities).
 Awarded #1 Prize for presenting the best Innovation Idea during the 2005 Engineers week by GE India CEO. The business leaders had taken up the idea for market analysis.
 Led cross-functional team of Sensing & Security to develop the Licensing Software for AccessSmart enabling quick release.
 Developed productivity tools for automation of office tasks – VC++ & Crystal Reports.
 Conceptualized several Innovation products at GE India Innovation Centre. As a Leader – capture ideas, prepare business cases, discuss with leaders & transform them into products.
 Recruitment drive: Identifying/Screening candidates, conducting interviews in C++ and VC++.
Project Title : Forte Handheld Application – Medical System Project
Client : Forte Systems, USA.
Duration : October 2003 till February 2004.
Environment : Win CE, Pocket PC 2003, Embedded VB, Embedded VC++, VC++ 6.0,
. NET Compact Framework, Code Warrior, PalmOS, Rational Rose and Visio.
Role : Requirement Analysis, System Designer, Developer. 2-member team.
Description :
 This is an R & D Project carried out at RSystems International Ltd, India for Forte Systems Inc, USA. Forte Systems Inc has desktop Medical Systems application to manage hospital information, patient information, schedule patient visits, Maintain Centralized database of doctors’ visit etc.
 Forte Systems now intends to develop handheld version of the same application for Pocket PC.
 This handheld application stores data locally on device using SQL CE.
 The desktop backend database is Pervasive SQL.
 Forte Systems Inc also intends to develop an ActiveSync Service Provider between the handheld and the desktop in order to upload data from the Pervasive SQL to the SQL CE database based on some selection criteria and Synchronize/download data from SQL CE to Pervasive SQL.
My role in the project:
 Requirement Analysis of Forte Medical Systems project.
 Worked on the Complete Life cycle of the project.
 Design of the system following OOAD using Rational Rose.
 Development of the applications for Pocket PC using Embedded VB and ADOCE.
 Development of Palm OS Device applications using Code warrior.
 Development of Desktop and Device ActiveSync Service Provider Module.

Project Title : Maruti Vehicle Tracking System -Automation Control Systems Project
Client : Maruti Udyog Limited, India. (Suzuki Motor Company)
Duration : March 2003 till October 2003.
Environment :VC++ 6.0, VC++.Net, MTS, COM+, MSMQ , Windows 2000 DC Architecture, VB 6.0, VB.NET, Oracle 9i, Digital Base Star, PLC System, Windows 2000 Advanced Servers, OPS,
Citrix clustered server, App Center 2000, Rational Rose, Crystal Reports 7.0 and MS Visio.
Role : System Analyst, System Designer, Developer, Unit testing (EVTS)
Team Size : 42
Description :
To enable mixed production in various shops and to increase the production efficacy an automation product named Maruti Vehicle Tracking System was introduced. It facilitates the production people to interact with various hardware equipments and existing control systems on line and to select components of respective accordingly so as to ensure that the correct components get fitted on the right vehicle.
System Description
 A real time system based on n-tier architecture on Windows 2000-Advanced server.
 System keeps track of the vehicle starting from weld shop to final checking – using Bar code technology
 Citrix clustered servers and Thin Client Technology for deployment.
 Complete business logic is to be written in Managed C++ (.NET) components, which runs on application server (COM+), front end is VB 6.0 and VB.NET.
 COM+ events are used to notify the application for any real time action. Message queues are used for performing asynchronous operation.
 BASE Star software tool from Compaq is used for real time data transfer, printing and Broadcasting for the vehicle, interaction with PLC other equipment/machine in shop floor.
My role in the project:
 Leading role in Analysis of the requirement for Engine shop system
 Involved in Complete Life cycle of the EVTS Modules and in designing using Rational Tools.
 Development of the Middle tier (Control and Entity) COM Components in Managed C++.
 Coding of the VTS3 Loading Module using COM, MTS and COM+ technology.
 Involved in writing code for interacting with various equipments like PLC.
 Involved in writing test cases, Code reviewing and unit level testing of EVTS Modules.
 VSS administration (Configuration Controller) for the EVTS Application.

Project Title : Robot Motion Controller –An Artificial Intelligence System.
Client : Cyber motion Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Duration : March 2002 – February 2003.
Environment : VC++, MFC, OpenGL, Windows 9.x/NT and Install Shield.
Role : Module Leader (Software Division). 8-member team.
Description :
This is a Research and Development Project, which involves an open architecture, continuous path robotic system, specially designed as a completely integrated robot laboratory for training, research, development. The project is open vertically articulated 5-axis robot that is configured with 12-axis servo control, 10 inputs and 8 outputs.
My role in the project:
 Designing algorithms for Forward Kinematics, Inverse Kinematics, Linear Interpolation, Circular Interpolation and GM supporter.
 Research in the field of applying Artificial Neural Network to Intelligent Robotic System.
 The analyses, designing, coding and testing phases of the project.
 Designed the interface to communicate with the PIC18C452.
 Designing open and closed loop control with various velocity profiles like Trapezoidal, S Curve and Velocity profiles.
 Normalize the PID parameters for fine-tuning.
 Developing the Graphs for plotting Displacement Vs Time and Velocity Vs Time
 Designing the various screens for the user to interact with the Robot.

Project Title : CNC Motion Controller –An Automation Control Systems Project
Client : Cybermotion Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Duration : June ’01 – Mar’02
Software/Tools: VC++, ATL COM and VBScript and Install Shield
Role : Team Member (Sr.Software Engineer). 6-member team
Description :
This is Mechatronics Software, which runs the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines. A CNC machine may be a Lathe Machine, an X-Y Position Table or any other machine that is controlled by the computer. CNC Motion Controller is software that controls the CNC machines for various industrial purposes.
My role in the project:
 Painstaking study about the PMD 1401 and PMD Navigator 2000, which are the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Processor chip sets used to control the CNC machine.
 Analyzing and defining the technical standards and infrastructure to support multi-machine and multi-axis environment for 3D simulation (Online and Offline).
 Developing COM objects to interact with the servomechanism.
 The analyses, designing, coding and testing phases.
 Designing and developing the control objects, which acts as an interface between the user and hardware to take the feed back and calculate the error position.
 Designing and developing the internal product specific objects so that third party tool will recognize VC++ Script programs by enabling multi-machine operations.
 Implementing modules to monitor the system and to alert the users when defects occur in the system.
 Designing the PID controller parameters for each of the 8 axes and various other parameters relating to safety limits.

Project Title : Interpolation for G and M Codes.
Client : Cybermotion Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (April 2001 -- June 2001).
Role : Designing & development of classes for Interpolation techniques.
Software/Tools : C++, Unix and Windows NT
The Algorithms developed in C++ is used basically for the CNC machines so that they can be programmed using G and M code technique. The techniques used for the programming involve the basic structure of the Object Oriented programming. The project also involves the Simulation package that demonstrates the working principles of the G and M codes. This is designed for the user to interact with the CNC machines through the screen developed using VC++. The entire application works by writing programs using G and M codes and providing the dry run for the simulation. I was involved in
 Developed the Parser to implement G&M Codes. Developed the classes required for the Interpolation techniques.
 The classes are designed so that they interact with the Control system.
 The entire Code implementation is done using C++.
 Designing the functions in ATL COM for client-server application so that the user can interact with the controller through the client side application.
 Implementing the functionality of the Interpolation techniques in C++ so that they are portable to any client-server application. Plotting of the co-ordinates entered by the user, so that the user can interact with the machine in a better way.
 Designing and developing classes for each component involved in the Simulation.
 Designing and implementing the component simulation states and window controls user interface and developed file handling.

Project Title : Computer based flow meter - (Embedded System project)
Client : Indian Institute of science.(KSCST, Bangalore)
Duration : March 2000 to March 2001.
Software : Windows NT, Programming Language C++
Roll : Project leader (Programming).
We basically developed this project for use in aerospace applications like missiles for Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. The project describes a PC based flow measuring device, its design, fabrication and calibration using "C++" programming. The flow meter has been interfaced with the Intel processor using D.I.O card so that the signal is transmitted from the sensor to the processor (digital signal). 8255 PPI is used on the D.I.O. card so that it can interface with the CPU through ISA slot. On the display screen, number of revolutions, mass flow rate, signal transmission wave etc, will be displayed. All these calculations are written in "C++" language. Object oriented programming analysis has been applied so that it is suitable for virtually programming any task. The programmed feature gives the user to select options from the menu available on the display screen. The menu contains features like indicating flow rate for water, air, oil, etc. When the proper code is pressed the relative code is executed and output is displayed on the screen
languages:French, English, Hindi, Telugu
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