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Freelance programmer: freelance2138

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programmers name: freelance2138
skills: Hardware skills
city, country:istanbul
freelance experiences:Programming Languages: C, C++, C#, ASP/ASP .NET (extremely experienced) Scripting Languages: HTML, JavaScript, PHP Databases: SQL Server, IBM DB2, DBArtsan IDE and Tools: Visual Studio 6.0/.NET, Borland, CodeWarrior, Symbian SDK Graphic Design: 3D Studio max, Photoshop 7 Occupational: Cadence (VLSI design), Xilinx (Verilog, VHDL and Analog Design) Operating Systems: UNIX, Windows (9x/Me/2000/XP), MS-DOS, Symbian OS Networking: LAN/WAN, TCP/IP, HTTP, VOIP, SIP, RTSP, IMS Wireless Architectures: Knowledge of GSM, SMS and Cell Broadcast, Wireless 802.11 Processors: Experienced in hardware and programming of Motorola M68HC11ERG/AD microprocessor
projects:I am working on terminal side of mobile development team of Mobinex. Part of my job involves designing and developing handset applications for Symbian Series60 mobile phones using Symbian SDK with C++. Accomplishments:
• Involved in designing high level and low level documents.
• Researched real-time transfer protocol for server and mobile platform and implemented mobile video streaming client
• Developed MSN Messenger presence and instant messaging application (RFC 2543 for SIP) (
• Developed VoIP(push-to-talk), file transfer and instant messaging application using SIP(Chat-in)
• Designed and implemented file transfer protocol over MSN
• Adapted RSA encryption algorithm for data integrity check
• Responsible of designing and developing a mobile platform that is capable of running applications given in xml format. (
languages:turkish english
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