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Freelance programmer: freelance2200

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programmers name: freelance2200
skills: Consulting skillsGraphics skillsWeb skills
city, country:Miercurea-Ciuc
freelance experiences: Falled in love with IT 27 yrs ago as a student, I had leaving my physics engineering (more exactly nuclear fuel engineering) career for computing, obtained MBA degree in computing 18 yrs ago, since working as programmer, sysadmin. Main hobby is the innovative use of IT, as side effect I have 16+ yrs of experience in computer driven DTP, CAD/CAM, GIS. 13 years ago finally reached the Internet. Since I had mastered tons of Internet related things, from open source software, through community building, software localisation, and, of course, homepages. Various sizes and shapes, from one page straight HTML to sites with more, than 1000 pages, diferent dynamic solutions, database driven sites, DHTML, Java, etc. I'm allways experimenting new solutions (currently Joomla is the favourite pet's name) and yes, the "worst" that can happen to such a person happens to me too: I'm teaching all these on the one of the oldest universities of my country, having 4 academic coursebooks released (Networks and web authoring is one, Communication and security on the Internet is the second, the other two are on the Public Relations over the Internet and yepp, Teleworking). Another side effect is the 10.000 plus Google hits on my real name, and also a considerable amount of hits on my relatively recent nick. (And not accidentally, I'm actively SEO-ing from some time ... more precisely from 1998) What's next? - you can ask. Who knows... The most recent of my Internet related experiments is this: building a freelancing carreer. You can be part of this experiment too! Consider to be invited! is the pet-project, you can find a lot on my homepage (Select English first from the top menu LOL)
languages:Hungarian, English, Romanian
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