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Freelance programmer: freelance2247

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programmers name: freelance2247
skills: Consulting skillsWeb skills
city, country:nationwide
freelance experiences:I have 15 years of overall experience with major roles in C++, Oracle and SQL Server. I have worked in Canada at such companies as Cognos and Nortel and Telus. I have skills in , UML, XML, SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, T-SQL, C++
projects:Completed development of budgeting and forecasting system on Oracle with MS Access front end. Developed several innovative processes particularily around the Business Model processing and cubing summary data.

Developed replenishment system for major cards retailer, Consisted of a SQL Server system integrated with a Linux fullfilment system. Developed several highly tuned process, particularily with repenishment where a two hour process was reduced to 30min.. Also developed a background simulation process.
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