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programmers name: freelance2299
skills: Consulting skillsEnterprise skillsWeb skills
city, country:Bangalore
freelance experiences:Passion for designing and implementing the Enterprise applications and providing the Technical solutions, which drives to improve the business/application performance. Translate and communicate technology into meaningful dialogue with Leads/Developers, business partners and customers
projects:Project Title : Security plug-in
Client : First Advantage Corporation, USA
Duration : December 2004 – March 2005
Location : Bangalore / Los Angles
Team Size : 10
Environment : Windows XP
Role : Design/Architect, Project Coordination with the Onsite people, Code
Review and Delivery
Software : Jboss, J2EE, Oracle 8I, Struts Frame work, Ant
Responsibility : Design of the Security plugin module, Resource Allocation.
Project Coordination with onsite and deliverables.
Design Patterns : StepDelegator, Business Delegator and DAP Impl Pattern.

This project is aimed to do provide the security component to any j2ee application with will act as plugin and use the methods to control the access for the resources of application to the user based upon the role.

Organization: ZapApp India Pvt. Ltd (September 2004 – November 2004)

Project Title : Collection Site Management
Client : First American Corporation, USA
Duration : September 2004 –November 2004
Location : Bangalore / Los Angles
Team Size : 10
Role : Design/Architect
Environment : Windows XP
Software : JBOSS, J2EE, Oracle 8I, Struts Frame work
Responsibility : Design of the CSM and Screening Module. Project coordination with
onsite people
Design Patterns : StepDelegator, Business Delegator and DAO Impl Pattern.

Collection Site Management (CSM) is an Internet catering to the growing needs of First Advantage Corporation back ground screening application. Initially Symbiosis will provide labs and kits maintenance. Later the features are added to enable central processing of all applicant data that was submitted through back ground check for drug and alcohol test.

Organization: SoftBrands India Pvt. Ltd (March 2002 – Sep 2003)

Project Title : Availability Engine (Destiny Release 2.0)
Client : Walt Disney World, Orlando, USA
Duration : April 2003 –September 2003
Location : Bangalore / Orlando
Team Size : 30
Environment : Windows XP
Role : Design
Software : WebSphere 5.0, J2EE, Oracle 8i
Responsibility : Design of the Availability Engine, Revenue Management System

This project is aimed to replace the Middleware Legacy Systems with the Enterprise JavaBeans Interfacing both CRS and Logibro. This project communicates with the existing CRS, LOGI. Where the Data to the RMS will be updated by the CRS on Nightly Basis during certain Time, which will Tell the System which rooms to sell to the User what is the Bid Price for the UnitType( depending on the User Requesting).

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