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Freelance programmer: freelance2415

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programmers name: freelance2415
skills: Web skills
city, country:mumbai
freelance experiences:Technical Qualification : 1. Diploma in DAST from Brain Master Computer. 2. Diploma in Web Designing & Web Programming from Cambridge Computer. Software Skills : 1. Operating System : DOS, WIN 95/98/2000. 2. Web Application : PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, XML, XSL , WMLScript, WAP, Javascript, VBscript, DHTML. 3. Databases : MySQL, MS SQL, MS Access, FoxPro and Dbase IV. 4. Others : Ms Office 97, DTP, WordStar 7, Lotus 123 and Hardware.
projects:There are number of websites developed by myself and plenty of works on freelance basis for various clients.

I have been working for this client, a mortgage broker based in UK. I have developed many other websites. All the websites are based on my own developed php framework with admin panel and fully SEO supported.

I had been working for "Circus Software" Company based in USA for more one and half year. I was employeed on fixed salary basis with extra bonus and incentives and I have developed various module like town search module, rental search module, property module, condo script, FAQS Application, Articles Management Application, Testimonials module, Email forwarding (efp) projects, links exchange software, sitemap scripts, huge CRM Application, AgentPhotoList module, jpgraph, ptviewer, websitebaker opensource, district graph and chart, auto responder script, link exchange program, RMLS import list, Library search, slideshow, Loading excel data into mysql and vast Newsletter application.

I had worked in "Essense Imagination Pvt Ltd.", a web design and software company. My role was as a ASP and PHP Programmer and worked for more than 13 months in this company. And I had developed many websites viz.,,,,,,,, etc. Also performed the eCommerce integration for some of the websites and integrated payment gateways.
languages:hindi, english
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