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programmers name: freelance2426
city, country:Bangalore
freelance experiences:Project Lead with strong Team Building and Management Skills, having 9+ years of experience with a diverse range of technologies. Provided technical leadership in several IT solutions using IBM-supported tools and technologies. Worked as a Project Lead & Architect in several Dual-Shore and Integration-based projects, and mentored the team of 7-10 software professionals. Was Solely responsible for all Domino Presales activities in last organization. Actively engaged in execution of standardized software development practices that are aligned with CMM level for the global clients. SKILLS IBM Lotus Tools:Lotus DOMINO 4.x, 5.x, 6.0,7.0; Lotus Script; Lotus Enterprise Integrator; DOMINO.DOC; DECS. Web Tools:Java; JavaScript; J2EE; JSP; JDBC; XML; DHTML, AJAX. Web Servers: WebSphere Application Server 4.x; and Lotus DOMINO 4.x, 5.x & 6.x & 7.x. RDBMS: Oracle 9.x; SQL, SAP R/3. Utilities: SameTime 3.0; OS:Windows 2K; Windows NT; Windows XP; Windows Vista ERP:SAP Portal(Netweaver), SAP BW
projects:Development & Support Projects

Project : SSMS
Environment : Lotus Notes 7 , SAP BW , Sap Netweaver, SQL
Team Size : 6
Duration : 1 year, 3 months
Role : Technical Manager, Architect
Company : MindTree Consulting, Bangalore
Client : BurgerKing Corporation , Miami , US


Dual shore model project
This application is used to standardize business processes of BurgerKing globally for specification and supplier management. It is a custom built solution automating the processes of specification creation and approval, supplier qualification, and reporting on key supplier metrics through BW (Business Warehousing). It is integrated with SAP , Enterprise Portal,Business Warehousing & SQL. BK Gateway is the single point of access to the SSMS application for external user groups. SSMS interfaces with other software systems in BKC (Enterprise Portal, BW, SQL, SAP) and with systems outside of BKC, to consolidate data to provide stakeholders a seamless view of information.The BKEnterprise Portal is primarily used by the external users like the various Business Partners provides access to Reports, Documents, and Requests etc.
• Configured major Workflows of this application using en external Lotus Workflow product (ProcessIT)
• Wrote Lotus - JAVA interface to integrate with SAP Netweaver Portal to access Domino files from Portal.
• Wrote Lotus - Java agents to produce XML files in order to interface with 3rd parties.
• Text files creation using Lotus-Java to be presented to SAP BW reports.
• Imported data from MS SQL (Old BKC SSMS Application) using LSX.
• Few Web-views were written in AJAX using DOJO toolkit.
• Worked closely with BurgerKing Lotus Administrator for supporting all the above integrations.
• Worked with .NET team for creation of Active Directory Accounts through the portal.
• Provided overall project management to Off-Shore team, and its co-ordination with On-Site team and the client. Provided periodic updates and status reports to Senior Management and the client.
• Identified new technological initiatives to enhance productivity
• Worked with the business analysts to understand the source system data entities and their potential use for reporting and decision-making.
• Identified and managed the risks impacting the project, and tracking them throughout the duration of the project. Reported Risks to Senior Management for timely mitigation.

Project : Performance Building
Environment : Lotus Notes 7 , J2EE
Team Size : 2
Duration : 4-5 months
Role : Technical Architect
Company : MindTree Consulting, Bangalore
Client : PB, Zurich

Provided leadership and management skills in managing and rewriting one of the primary modules of the J2EE system for improving performance. C API code in form of a DLL was deployed on the Domino server to monitor calendar changes in all mail files residing on that server. On detecting a change the information was passed to J2EE system in the form of XML file. This was required to synchronize the Lotus calendar meetings & the J2EE system, which was primarily the meeting center. The same logic was also provided in the form of Java code instead of Dll.

Project : Domino integration with SAP CRM
Environment : Lotus Notes 7 , SAP CRM
Team Size : 2
Duration : 15 days
Role : Technical Architect
Company : MindTree Consulting, Bangalore
Client : ICICI Prudential

This solution ensured synchronization between SAP CRM & Domino data. The same was achieved by configuring SAP Groupware Adapters and SAP Groupware Connector on Domino and SAP side. Groupware Adapter is based on Sync Point Technology.
Primarily task included downloading all business partners from CRM server to groupware in groupware address book, Synchronize CRM calendar to groupware Calendar, Use calendar for mapping appointments with employees and business partners, Map activity transaction status in CRM to Lotus notes calendar status.

Project : FEDCAC Service Request System (Lotus Notes Based)
Environment : Lotus Notes 5 & 6
Team Size : 2
Duration : 3 month
Role : Analyst, Designer, Tester
Company : CSC


This database is being used by FEDCAC GIS team (CSC U.S) to manage and assign Service Requests. The database is being used across all Lines of Service supporting the account & for capturing both Operational activity as well as Project work. The database contains multiple views which should enable users of the system to quickly identify SR in which they are responsible.

Project : GTS Excellence Award Database
Environment : Lotus Notes 5 & 6
Team Size : 2
Duration : 5 months
Role : Analyst, Designer, Tester
Company : CSC


This database is the central coordination area for the GTS Excellence Award program, an annual global program that recognizes the work of employees supporting GTS business. The database serves as the repository for all nominations received from the various GTS Regions. The Excellence Award Panels utilize the functionality of this database to review nominations and select the program winners by Ranking the Nominations on the basis of their weights assigned to them.

Project : Financial Services Solution (Web Based)
Environment : Lotus Notes 5.5, DHTML, JavaScript
Team Size : 5
Role : Analyst, Designer, Tester
Company : CSC


Financial Services Solutions is a set of databases that allows CSC employees to request services from internal departments, create and keep track of their business documents and projects, and track problems reported by people or clients that use services that they provide. This application suite comprises of 9 databases with different set of functionalities. Number of users accessing this application is 2000+.

Project : Financial Services Issue Tracking (Client Based)
Environment : Lotus Notes 5.5
Team Size : 5
Role : Analyst, Designer, Tester
Company : CSC


Supports client submission of problems and delivery request for the CSC products worldwide. Supports client’s search of issues and resolutions. Was designed to replace legacy applications. Applications facilitate product support users to create issues & resolutions, even external customers can submit problems and delivery request through a web interface. Appropriate Reminders & Escalations are sent to Approvers & Assignees.
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