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programmers name: freelance2432
skills: Enterprise skillsWeb skills
city, country:Sydney
freelance experiences:Experienced Information Technology professional with over 4 years of diverse experience in the field of Software Development with specialisation in Lotus Notes Application Development. Hands-on Experience on various J2EE technologies. Strong in design and integration problem solving skills. Strong written and verbal communications.
projects: MPHRO Quest & Quest Plus
Environment: IBM Lotus Notes 6.5 | Team Size: 6
Description: Quest/Quest Plus is a workflow application developed for Hewitt Quality Team for tracking and automation of quality team requests for implementation of new quality process ideas. Application features included ability to rate the idea proposals, rewards and recognition wherein the ideas could be assigned rewards, extensive excel reporting, automated closures and reminders to role-players for inactivity.
 Software Resources Library
Environment: IBM Lotus Notes 6.5 | Team Size: 4
Description: This application has been written to store re-usable software models. Users may document their models in this database and store them for re-use. A group of people responsible for monitoring the models may approve, reject or withdraw the model. Users may launch/detach models those have been approved as well as make comments on the model, put in comments about models they have in their possession and make comments about the database.

 Gift Register
Environment: IBM Lotus Notes 6.5 | Team Size: 3
Description: This application is used to track gifts and entertainment accepted or declined by Hewitt employees who are in direct business with Hewitt’s Clients. All users must record any such gifts and their value in the gift register. Local Compliance Representatives review the register regularly and approve or reject gift entries.

 Pulse
Environment: IBM Lotus Notes 6.5 | Team Size: 3
Description: Pulse is a series of Lotus Notes databases that link Hewitt offices and sections under one common system enabling efficient management of client tasks, internal projects and other tasks. Pulse tracks all communications against tasks in a project which includes emails sent concerning each task, their replies and phone/meeting notes.

 UK Print Room
Environment: IBM Lotus Notes 6.5 | Team Size: 5
Description: This application is used by the Hewitt Associates in UK to record and report on all substantial printing tasks like printing of journals, Hewitt magazines, newsletters etc.

 YSA Upload
Environment: IBM Lotus Notes 6.5 | Team Size: 8
Description: This module required load of client data from an excel sheet, adhering to the relational design of the system. The upload module involved legacy data upload from an excel file containing 15 sheets, each representing a relational entity and relationships amongst them. A separate logging mechanism was also build on top of the upload function that would log any incorrect, duplicate or inconsistent data, thereby ensuring data sanctity. The upload module was made generic enough to add n number of excel sheets and configuration for each one of them.

 Projections
Environment: J2EE, Spring Framework, Hibernate, iBatis, Acegi | Team Size: 10
Description: Projections is project planning tool developed in J2EE and spring framework which is used for project planning, resource planning and resource utilization, wherein the associates can record their work hours and the Project Managers can track the same by creating tasks and milestones for projects. It also included extensive reporting on resource utilization and project schedules. Projections used Role-based security using Acegi.

 Maestro Redesign
Environment: Lotus Notes, J2EE, Spring Framework, Hibernate, DB2 | Team Size: 22
Description: Maestro Application is an issue tracking and reporting system. This ambitious project involves the complete restructuring & conversion of the existing Notes based Maestro application, which is used extensively throughout Hewitt Associates.

 Maestro CSG
Environment: Lotus Notes, J2EE, Spring Framework, Hibernate, DB2 | Team Size: 30
Description: Maestro CSG is a Lotus Notes based Task & Defect management system
used for tracking and planning tasks allotted to Associates. Maestro CSG is a complete
migration of application from Notes framework to J2EE, involving complete data
migration from Lotus Notes to DB2. It is used to track client team work. Tasks,
defects, and change orders can be created, assigned, documented, and closed using

 Apollo Intranet
Environment: Lotus Notes, HTML, Javascript, XML, XSL | Team Size: 13
Description: The scope of this project included developing a web-based corporate intranet for Mother Dairy Food and Vegetable Ltd. Using Lotus Notes R6.5 development environment. This involves automation of all workflows like Expense Vouchers, Leave Management, Travel Authorization, Reimbursements, Attendance Regularization, Delegation and Out-of-Office.

 Avaya Global Connect
Environment: Lotus Notes | Team Size: 4
Description: An Automated System to send SMS to the field officers for the mails received by them for the calls logged by their customers.

 ProAgro Tracker
Environment: Lotus Notes | Team Size: 2
Description: A secured system for automating various processes of the organization. Maintains research data related to various breeds of crops. Provides functionality of maintaining the meeting schedules in an offline mode. It is also integrated with Notes calendar functionality. Reminders and notices to the concerned users for verifying the research details. Automated mails for reports related to productivity and deviations for various breeds of crop.

 Mother Dairy Portal
Environment: Lotus Notes, HTML, Javascript, XML, XSL | Team Size: 8
Description: The scope of this project included developing a web-based corporate intranet for Apollo Tyres Ltd. Using Lotus Notes R6 development environment, involved automation workflows which included Leave Management, Leave Travel Allowance and Help Desk System.
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