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programmers name: freelance2580
skills: Game skills
city, country:Chennai
freelance experiences:Good experience on localization products. 2 years exp on J2ME field. Done a project for predictive text entry for Tamil in Mobile phones Other skills: C, C++, and JAVA
projects:Predictive Tamil Text Entry for Mobile Phones

Mobile phones based SMS messaging is a popular and often cheaper way to stay in touch. Also, SMS is the foundation for a wide range of new mobile applications on sophisticated handsets. SMS is being used for purposes like recharging and top up, secure money transactions, location based services based on interest, news alerts, interactive video on demand and scheduled play time.

Reduced 12-keypad found on mobile phones poses ambiguity problems in text entry, as three to five letters share the same key. In traditional multi-tap input method, the user presses each key one or more times to specify an input character. Another segmentation technique is to use a special key to skip the timeout.

Predictive Textinput method can be a strong alternate to the multi-tap input. It lets words to be formed by a single key press for each letter, as opposed to the multi-tap input. It works via active reference to a dictionary of commonly used words. This method has been employed by various technologies like T9, Ezitext, iTap, etc.

There is a great need for providing applications and interfaces in one’s own language. This paper deals with the implementation of predictive Tamil input method on reduced keypads. The Tamil language has a relatively large character set. There are so many variations in endings for verbs and nouns. This paper is focuses on practical implementation of predictive text entry for Tamil verbs along with its various ending parts. This will make Tamil usable in all messaging devices.

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