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Freelance programmer: freelance2621

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programmers name: freelance2621
skills: Enterprise skillsWeb skills
city, country:pune
freelance experiences:EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION •B.E. in Information Technology from Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pune with First Class. •Diploma in Information Technology from SHHJB Polytechnic, Chandwad with First Class. SOFTWARE PROFICIENCY •Languages: C, C++. •DBMS Packages: MS Access, Oracle 8i. •Front End: VB6.0. •Operating Systems: MS DOS, Windows98, 2000, XP, UNIX. •Web Designing: JAVA, PHP, HTML, CSS, ASP.
projects:Project :-

Title : Message Bay System
Software : JSP with Access and AT Commands

Message Bay is a web cum SMS based system for sales and services of products used by students.
Vendors (senior students/others) register with the system and upload the products /services they want to provide.
Products can be: old mini drafters, mobiles, books, etc
Services can be: tuitions, guidelines, etc.
Other students can either view the products/services information through web application or they can send a SMS to a fixed number specifying their requirement.

Project :-

Title : Placement System
Software : PHP with My SQL

This project was developed for Sinhgad college of Engineering.
It stores company information such as name, criteria, contact person etc. and student information such as Name, percentage etc. According to student and company information eligible students are selected for appearing the test holds by the company.

Project :-
Title : Encryption and Decryption System
Software : Java

This project is developed for security purpose. This involves encryption of the documents (text files) and can store that encrypted text in new file and same file can be decrypted

Project :-
Title : ERP System
Software : Java with Access

This project deals with maintaining the Enterprise resources such as employee, customer as well as Product. Performs operations like add, modify, delete etc


Title : Website development

Project was developed for Polytechnic College of Chandwad. Project gives the details regarding the college and there was online admission form of the college. Also it maintains the database of the student
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