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programmers name: freelance3164
skills: Enterprise skills
city, country:Mumbai
freelance experiences:ERP : SAP R/3, SAP-BIW Languages : ABAP/4 , C, VB6.0 Utilities : IS-U (CSS) Operating System : Windows 95/98/NT/XP Database : PL/SQL, Ms-Access
projects:Client : Reliance Energy Limited – Mumbai.
Industry : Utilities
Platform : SAP R/3 version 4.6B and IS-Utilites version 4.6C
Team Size : 12
Role / Position : ABAP consultant for post implementation support.
Responsibilities : Understanding and Analyzing client’s requirements.

Reliance Energy Limited, incorporated in 1929, is a fully integrated utility engaged in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. It ranks among India’s top listed private companies on all major financial parameters, including assets, sales, profits and market capitalization. It is India’s foremost private sector utility with aggregate estimated revenues of Rs 9,500 crore (US$ 2.1 billion) and total assets of Rs 10,700 crore (US$ 2.4 billion).

Object Done:
IS – U (Industry Specific Utility)
• Developed Report for Display Pending Meters and details of Connection Object
For that consumers using tables EABLG , EABL , EANL , EANLH , TE609, IFLOT .
Print WorkBench :
• For transaction EL35 (Display Meter Reading Order ) , Find the user exit include
‘IS_U_MR_DOWNLOAD_EXIT_100’ and write the code for update Ztable when it calls the SAP-SCRIPT and click to download .
Data Conversions:

• BDC for update Function location for a Z transaction .
• Developed a Interface Programme to download MRUs from IS-U into Flat File on Application Server .

For Project ADLABS :
• Report gives average monthly consumption for the selected materials in the plant along with monthly consumption for present and previous year .
Using tables : t001w, vbak , vbap , mara , mseg , makt , kna1 , aufk .

• Developed report which shows Manual Reservations Vs Issues Materials By standard Tcode MB1B .

• Report which runs periodically into back ground for update ztables according to clients requirement .

• Developed a script for Invoice printing for REMI Project . Which call from
Transaction VA01 , VA02 , VA03 .According to clients requirement .

• Developed a script for Billing Delivery Output Printing for REMI Project . Which call from Transaction VF01 , VF02 , VF03.According to clients requirement .
Also Developed print programme for the above scripts .

Data Conversions:

• Developed BDC Programme for upload Result of Inspection lot no and
Inspection Points for transaction : QE11 and QE01 .

• Developed BDC Programme for upload materials and generate
Posting Documents for specific Storage location and Movement Types for
Transaction MB1B .
Dialogue Programme :

• Developed a dialogue programme which purpose is that User Manually Reserved Materails for his storage location that Quantity is reserved from Central Storage Location if material is exist , Than stores this materials and it quantity into Ztable .

#2 HCC LTD. Mumbai
Project : SANKALP.
Duration : From May 2007 – Current
Team Size : 35
Role : Team Member

• Responsible for Development like Reports, Dialogue Programs.
• Team member for Work Flow Implementation.
• Developed a whole ABAP process for FI Module into Work Flow.

• Generated background programs for mailing purpose into work flow.

• Developed HR report for display total salary including LTA , Medical Claim of employees by using of tables PA0000 , PA0001,PA0585,T512T …….etc .

• Developed Module Pool Program for PM Module which store the details of particular Equipment And upload those details into standard transaction IW32 through BDC.
For this MPP we develop Z tables, used EQUZ table and Develop code for BDC with table control.

• Developed MM Report for display Issue Details , Register Details , Transport Detail using tables MARA, MSEG, MARD, MARC ,MAKT…….etc.

• Developed AUTHORIZATION OBJECTS and used that into my process for give the authorization To end-user for various Plant and Business Area.
So only authorized person can raise the request and handle the request.

• Developed Background job which automatic Send Mail whenever a new business area or
Plant is created into SAP. so that responsible person take appropriate action at their end.

• Develop a process for MM Module ‘Service Tracking Request’. It’s a process
Which used to update remarks whenever a PRN-PO-GRN is created.

• Develop Report For PS Module: This is a Budget Report for HCC . Which shows the total Cash Flow of HCC for a project. It also used to estimate future Budget Plans for projects.

• Develop conversion programme for Change Characteristics Values of Equipment
Materials .

Description: Into the SANKALP Project of HCC I am a core team member for ABAP Developments here I develop a whole BANK SIGNATORY PROCESS for FI Module .
This process contain various transaction for various stage of bank signatory .
Here I worked on HR Module also into which I developed report for view the salary detail of all
Employees of company on the base of Wage Types .Apart from that I worked on SD , MM, PM Modules .
It is very nice project into which I am getting good exposure into very short time period.
Involve into task like solving the performance Issues into reports .

#3 Suzlon Energy Ltd , Pune .

Client : Suzlon Energy Ltd , Pune .
Team Size : 25
Duration : From July 2006 to April 2007
Role : Team member

• Involved in design and development of BDC’s and report programs.
• Involved in coding for Reports .
• Modified standard SCRIPTS according to client’s requirements.

• Developed Smart forms according to client’s requirements.


• Report to display the Invoice details with their corresponding Cash Discount on that Billing
Items .

• Report For Billing information like sales items and conditions with respect to their Sales
Documents .

• Modified standard Script for Purchase Order by inserting the new fields like material type (mtart) using sub-routines according to the client’s requirement.

• Modified layout set for Sales order form based on the standard layout set as per the client requirements.

Data Conversions:

• Converted the Material master data from legacy system to R/3 by Session method using the transaction code MM01.

• Converted the Vendor master data from legacy system to R/3 by Session method using the transaction code XK01.


Retail Expert

It is a S/W which use for Billing, Stock Entry, Maintain Databases into back side and also use for
Barcode Printing. Which is developed into VB.

Client : Piyush Trading Company, Hyderabad Central (Hyderabad)
Role : S/W Consultant.
Technology : VB6.0
Team Size : 6 members

Times System

It is an Intranet web-based system, which consist of on –Line Bill payment System that is located different places in across the country. Which accept multiple payments from customers. Which also contains the details of Customers. Which provides reports to higher authorities .

Client : Times telecom, Malaysia
Role : S/W Consultant.
Technology : VB6.0
Team Size : 8 members

Homeo Store Management

It is a full-fledged template package for Homeo Stores.It has features like multiple payment
modes, price override , Qty override, salesman incentives in Billing .

Client : Sagar Homeo Stores, Sec’bad (A.P.)
Role : S/W Consultant.
Technology : VB6.0
Team Size : 6 members
languages:English , Hindi , Gujrati
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