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programmers name: freelance3204
skills: Consulting skillsEnterprise skills
city, country:Ludhina
freelance experiences:ï?¶ Seasoned IT Professional with more than 19 year of experience. SAP Experience 10 years (Core competency) and Other experience 9 Yrs (Oracle 9i certified professional, D2k, Oops-Odyssey 3.6) ï?¶ Currently working with Trident Group since Oct, 2003 as Manager (SAP ABAP,BASIS). ï?¶ Experience as SAP Basis (Database Administration, Trouble shooting , Maintenance, Monitoring and analysis of SAP R/3 Systems. ï?¶ Experience as SAP Functional for MM Module. ï?¶ Experience as SAP Technical Consultant (ABAP 4.0b, ABAP 4.7) for FI,MM,SD,QM,PP,CO,HR modules. ï?¶ Experience in Developing Client Server Application using Forms 3.0, Menu 5.0,D2k, and Unix/Aix. ï?¶ Experience in Object Oriented Programming using Oddesy 3.6 Front End with Oracle. ï?¶ Experience in In-house Development on Dos-Foxpro 2.5. ï?¶ Logical Approach and quick adaptability to new technologies. ï?¶ Good Programming and Analytical Skills. ï?¶ Ability to work in and motivate the team

Project # 1: Implementation of SAP R/3 â?? ABAP
Client: Abhishek Industries Limited â?? Textile Division and Paper and Chemical Division(Trident Group).
Duration: Oct 2003 till date
Role: Technical Consultant ABAP & Basis
Environment: SAP R/3 Ver.4.7

o Reports and Graphs done having Drill Down, Interactive & ALV features. Group performance, Profitability analysis, Production Budget vs Actual, Sales Budget vs Actual, Consumption Budet vs Actual, Contribution Analysis, Free Cash Flow , Bank position , cash status , Vendor ageing ,Customer ageing , Trend analysis(stocks), Vendor ledger, Customer Ledger, General Ledger, Batch characteristics , Pending MINâ??s, pending reservations, pending requisitions, po status , do status , joining formalities (HR), FORM5 join report (HR), FORM10 left report (HR), Pf nominee report (HR), attrition rate report, WIP and Productivity Reports etc.

o SAP Scripts like PO, Scheduling agreements, goods issue , cheque printing, payment advice , cash voucher, journal voucher ,Bank Receipt voucher, Bank payment voucher Layout etc.

o BDCâ??s for Vendor Blocking and Unblocking, Telephone exp voucher, Imprest Vouhers, customer balance upload, vendor balance upload , om object relation (HR) , info type 0032 (HR) using call transaction approach.

o Dialog Programming for LOGISTIC module, Civil construction Module, Cheque Book maintenance module, Automatic payments module, Gate Module related to Logistic Module, Module for Business associates additional information, Packing Module for yarn Division, Approval Module in HR etc.

o Field Exits for HR , SD and MM modules.

Project # 2: Implementation of SAP R/3 â?? MM functional , ABAP

Client: M/s Hero Cycles Ltd., Ludhiana (Since Dec 1992 SEP 2003) Sr. Programmer
Duration: FEB 2000 to Sep 2003.
Role: Techno functional Consultant
Environment: SAP R/3 Ver.4.0B
â?¢ Material master changes bdc
â?¢ Material extension bdc ( to diss loc, to diff units
â?¢ View extension for given materials
â?¢ Bom Copy bdc
â?¢ Bom creation lsmw.
â?¢ Create Price Change document bdc
â?¢ Vendor master loading bdc
Sap Scripts
â?¢ SRR Layout
â?¢ Rejection Gate pass Layout
â?¢ Store ack. Document Layout
â?¢ Goods issue Document layout
â?¢ RGP Document layout
â?¢ NRGP Document layout
â?¢ SMO Document Layout
â?¢ PO/SCH layout
â?¢ Gate pass for maintenance items layout
â?¢ Inter unit / store to store transfer doc Layout

Module programming
â?¢ Tag entry screen for Physical stock taking
â?¢ Maintenance items Gate pass creation / modification screen
â?¢ Screen for checking of NRGP (Material) pending

â?¢ Maintain Organization units.
â?¢ Assignment of plants to company.
â?¢ Define Storage locations.
â?¢ Assignment of Business area to plant.
â?¢ Assignment of sales organization and distribution channel to a plant.
â?¢ Set valuation level.
â?¢ Set purchasing organizations.
â?¢ Assignment of purchasing organization to company.
â?¢ Activate vendor evaluation.
â?¢ Assignment of purchase organization to plant.
â?¢ Set attributes of Material types.
â?¢ Set number ranges to Material.
â?¢ Set Material Groups.
â?¢ Set Valuation Class with Material Group for non-coded items.
â?¢ Set Vendor Account Groups.
â?¢ Set attributes for system messages.
â?¢ Set Purchase Value keys.
â?¢ Set terms to payment.
â?¢ Set purchase Groups.
â?¢ Set number ranges for purchasing documents like (Purchase Requisition, Rfq, Quotation, Po, Sch Agreement).
â?¢ Set number ranges for info records.
â?¢ Set document types for Purchasing Documents.
â?¢ Set Tolerance limit for Price Variance .
â?¢ Set price determination process and access sequence.
â?¢ Set calculation schema and condition types.
â?¢ Set account assignment categories.
â?¢ Set number ranges for material documents i.e. (Goods receipt, Rej Gate pass, Goods issue, NRGP,RGP,SMO).


Project # 1: Updgradation of payroll using Developer 2000
Client: M/s Hero Cycles Ltd., Ludhiana (Since Dec 1992 SEP 2003) Programmer
Duration: 01 jan 99 to 29 feb 999
Role: Software Developer
Environment: Developer 2000

â?¢ Development of payroll Master & Transaction forms using form builder .
â?¢ Writing Database Triggers,Functions and procedures.
â?¢ Development of various reports using report builder.

Project # 2: Production planning and control
Client: M/s Hero Cycles Ltd., Ludhiana (Since Dec 1992 SEP 2003) asst. Programmer
Duration: 01 apr 98 to 31 dec 98
Role: Software Developer
Environment: oddessy 3.6
â?¢ Study, Design, Development, testing and implementation.

This project was for the production and procurement of the material on replenishment basis. This planning was for different shops and production departments on the basis of stock in hand, Average of last month sale and production capacity of the plant. This was on line system interfaced with inventory management, customer order processing, material management and invoicing.

Project # 3: Payroll
Client: M/s Hero Cycles Ltd., Ludhiana (Since Dec 1992 SEP 2003) Programmer
Duration: 01 jan 98 to 31 march 98
Role: Software Developer
Environment: oddessy 3.6
â?¢ Study, Design, Development, testing and implementation.
â?¢ DBA activities Backup Restore,Tunning,Index Maintenance and Space Management.

This project was used for calculate salary on the basis of salary,wages and piece rate. This online system for all the three shifts. Employee wise production and attendance is maintained on the basis of this data all the reports i.e.monthly,quarterly, half yearly, yearly (ESI,PF,FPS,BONUS,OVERTIME,PAY REGISTER,ADVANCE REGISTER,SUMMARY REPORT FOR Salary/Wages/Piece Rate) were prepared.

Project # 4: Object oriented design & development system

Client: M/s Hero Cycles Ltd., Ludhiana (Since Dec 1992 SEP 2003) Programmer
Duration: 01 oct 95 to 31 dec 97
Role: Technical
Environment: oddessy 3.6
â?¢ Designing, Development & Implements of in-house Software Development.


The complete online and integrated system with other application i.e. Sales, Material Management, Export Documentation etc. consisting all reports and process i.e. Voucher Preparation, Receipts and Payments, Bank Collections and withdrawal, interest calculations on delayed Payments, All types of Accounts Books, Ledgers,Trails and Balance Sheet etc.


The complete online and integrated system with other application i.e. F.A., Inventory, etc, consisting all the reports and processes like Order Processing, Dispatch Schedule, Loading Slips, Challans, Invoices, Gate passes, Sales Book,Despatch Reports,Sale Tax returns, Various Sales Analysis, Bills Receivables, Orders status, Stock Register and status.


The complete online and integrated system with other Application i.e. F.A.,Sales etc. consisting all the reports and process like Demand requisition, Purchase Order processing, Material Received Documents, Out Going Gate passes and their receipts, issues,Inter Unit and Inter Store transfer, Issue return, Receipt Returns, Stock valuation, Store ledgers,Purchase registers,Bill payables,Rate Analysis, Suppliers History and Analysis based upon marks of supply rates and quality etc.

Project # 5: Export Analysis
Client: M/s Hero Cycles Ltd., Ludhiana (Since Dec 1992 SEP 2003) Programmer
Duration: 01 march 93 to 30 nov 93
Role: Technical
Environment: dbase, Foxpro
â?¢ Export Documentation.
â?¢ Reports related to L.C. ,post shipment,pre shipment,packing,Bill of lading ,Agent commission processes.

Project consisting all the reports and process like PRE-POST Shipment Invoice & Packing Documents,B.L.,Goods Lying , L.C.,Agent Commission documents.

Project # 6: Financial Accounting package maintenance
Client: M/s LWS knitwear Ludhiana.,(Jan91 Dec 92) Operator
Duration: Jan 91 to Dec 92
Role: Operator
Environment: dbase using clipper.

Maintenance of FA(financial accounting package built in foxpro) and data feeding related to accounts and generate reports i.e.all books like sale,purchase,cash,general ledger,profit loss a/c,balance sheet etc.
languages:English, Hindi, Punjabi
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