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Freelance programmer: freelance3357

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programmers name: freelance3357
skills: 3d skillsConsulting skillsEnterprise skillsGame skillsGraphics skillsHardware skillsWeb skills
city, country:Los Angeles
freelance experiences:Stuart Zahn, a software, web and mobile developer has engineered 100s of solutions and is experienced in working with document management/imaging software. He has volunteered for a number of nonprofits. Stuart Zahn has provided software solutions to a wide array of industries. Industries * Document Imaging/Document Scanning/Document Conversion/Records Management Software * CPA/Accounting Firms * Video Gaming * SEO/PPC/Adwords * Churches/Charity/Non-Profit Organizations * Data Storage * VOIP, PBX, Networking Stuart Zahn is an expert in the following programming languages and platforms. We will choose the best mix of technologies to make your dream solution a reality. Technology * C Family: C/C++/C#/Objective C * VB 6.0/Visual Basic .NET * PHP * CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) * XML/HTML * Java/Javascript * ASP/ASP.NET * SQL Family: SQL Server 2003, 2008/MySQL, SQLLite * Visual Studio .NET * XCode/Cocoa (and Cocoa Touch) * Android for Mobile Development * Windows/COM/MFC/OLE * Linux/Ubuntu/Fedora * Mac (Snow Leopord) * Laserfiche
projects:Secure Web Scraper; Dynamic, Hardware-Enabled Image Thresholding Software; Image-Enablement Tools; Automatic OCR Software; Database Synchronization Tools; Quote and Illustration Organizer; Database Driven Websites with User Registration; Multi-navigational and content rich websites
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