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Freelance programmer: freelance3464

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programmers name: freelance3464
skills: Consulting skillsWeb skills
city, country:Sarpsborg
freelance experiences:I am a dedicated web developer / architect with more than 5 year professional experience. I have worked with web applications ranging from small web sites to large online crisis management systems and social networking sites. I am a technology addict with a certain interest for the web and apple products. I have excellent knowledge of developing web applications on the LAMP stack. I am a team player as well as self going, I can lead but I can also be lead. Below is a list of my relevant skills: â?¢ Object Oriented Programming and Object Oriented Design â?¢ Software architecture and design â?¢ Service Oriented Architecture and design and implementation of RESTful APIs â?¢ Database schema design and optimization â?¢ Automated deployment and procedure design and implementation â?¢ PHP â?¢ Javascript & Ajax â?¢ MySQL & PostgreSQL â?¢ Zend Framework 1.10.x + â?¢ Apache HTTP Server configuration and usage â?¢ Intermediate *nix administration and configuration â?¢ Version control management and usage (GIT, SVN & CVS) â?¢ I am a certified FAST Enterprise Platform (ESP) Search Engine Developer from Comperio University ( FAST AS was purchased by Microsoft in 2008 and are now used as part of Bing search engine. â?¢ Project planning and execution â?¢ Team management â?¢ *nix scripting
projects: Done all planning, development, architecture and maintainence of this site. Did the implementation and functionality for this site, Web based twitter client written in PHP and JS.
languages:English, Norwegian
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