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Freelance programmer: freelance3549

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programmers name: freelance3549
skills: Consulting skillsEnterprise skillsGraphics skillsHardware skills
city, country:Kottayam
freelance experiences:I am a 17 yr old boy living in India.Likes to write up stuffs.Looking for a little exposure and pocket money.Confident about skills in writing articles, short write ups, designing, doing add pics, add writings etc!! Willing to work as hard as possible. Preferably good in writing romantic stuff, but confident to think and write on anything within my scope.
projects:My life has always been entertainingâ?¦.coz I kept my Solution of Happinessâ?¦.its simpleâ?¦.

I discovered that to be happy we just hav to keep ourself new. Like we tak care of a little child. We giv them a bath, nd dress them nd mak them look adorable. Why???
We want people to look at them nd get the best impression of our child. Such a way should we treat ourself. We hav only one life nd we cant afford to spend it to please someone else. Its our life nd we live it our way!!
But there are exceptions!! Being a child depended on parents nd other elders we have the responsibility to please them. Let them feel that they have succeeded in nurturing you in a successful social manner as they expected. Because they being devoted to us expect something from us too. The childhood of a person is a very important period of his life and the people that concern him. Because whatever that he/she does at that time inversely becomes the responsibility of his/her guardian. We cant let others pay for our mistakes, thatâ??s against human social law that we all are commited to follow from the moment of our birth.
There are people who live their life as a tribute to others. Pleasing others and satisfying them, they sacrifice their own life and console themselves pretending be having a great life. Such people betray themselves nd others. They betray themselves by pretending to hav a great life nd betray others by pretending to be someone that the person himself is not!!
So the basic concept is that you should be happy with the life that you follow. In order to do that you hav to choose wat your heart most desires. If you find that ur decision was wrong you can at least be happy that you are responsible for ur life. The best part of this world is that u can find opportunities everywhere. Never leave a chance of doing something that wâ??d make you feel better. The best option to be happy is by making others happy. Literally make them laugh. For instance if people laugh for the jokes that u crack, the way u feel is great!!. You will feel a confidence that u never felt. A man and a women feels best when they realize that they are admired and are always welcomed. And nothing will bother you if you feel the best abt yourselfâ?¦
Dishu Antony
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