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Freelance programmer: freelance5485

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programmers name: freelance5485
skills: Consulting skillsEnterprise skillsWeb skills
city, country:Gurgaon
freelance experiences:DataBase And Framework: Hadoop ( Mapreduce, Pig, Hive, Hbase, sqoop, solr ), mongodb , PostgreSQL, MySql Programming Languages: PHP, Java, Python Operating System: Linux, Windows
projects:1. Project Title: Healthians

Description: The brief project description is as stated below:

This is CRM for Healthians employees to track their own details, Order details, patient details as Healthians is in health care business, patient history, doctor recommendations, tests and treatments suggestions, order tracking, follow ups, On line sales of Packages, tests, Health checkups and related information direct from experts panel, clinics, labs and hospitals of India.
Booking management and group survey or crowds sample collection organization management, Merchant management to manage patients report directly from labs and hospitals, On-line order management or packages and groups, tests management. Costs managements, Discount coupon management and booking managements, Phlebo management for sample collection and reporting, Product management for website and come up with new packages.


Missing Order, call tracking, Popular packages, tests, group analysis
The client wants to launch a new product category and wants to understand the potential growth areas. Track frequent customers over time and demanded which packages( products ), tests, profiles etc.
Track Off line packages sales and analyze with on-line and come up with new and interactive packages as per users interests. Also analyze monthly retail trades and suggested and created new packages to increase sales with interactive prices.
Analyze the entire data set and arrive at products that have experienced a consolidated yearly growth or drop of 10% or more in sales.
Analysis phlebo efficiency for sample collection and time management of sample collection. Efficient location for sample collection, same for areas, locality, city, state bases. Analyze best sample results of reports of labs and hospitals same for screening of tests, Missing sales areas, advance search from lots of records and analyze.
New Business supporting tools implementation like hadoop, solr etc.

2. Project Title: 25realty

Description: The brief project description is as stated below:

25realty is a product of property management for rent and sales.
User management as for following roles moderator, administrator, client, agent
Property management companies or person and Events management.
Payment management, client management, client applications, client payments, client payouts, client receipts, application, receipts etc.


Understanding the business requirement.
Hadoop system implementation to manage large data system.
Popular properties recommend and suggest.
demand analysis using hadoop components.
Document Management and relational database
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