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Freelance programmer: freelance5613

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programmers name: freelance5613
city, country:sirsa
freelance experiences:• A young Professional keen on developing his career in the area of Software Development with can-do , Proactive and Cheerful attitude. • I have 2 years of Experience working in,, Ms. Sql server, My SQL as a data store. • Graduation in 2014 from the Kurukshetra University.
Employment History

Key Technologies : C#, .Net 4.5, LINQ, MS SQL, MySQL, Ajax, JQuery, Crystal Reports, Web Services, IIS Server.

1. Project

: Payroll Management System
Description : Payroll Management System employes a list of its employees, in this calculating the total amount of money that a company records of its employees. Company’s records of its employees Salaries and wages, bonuses and withheld taxes.
2. Project

: Service Portal.

Description : Service Portal is a system in which we can the hold the details of items which are needed to repair .we can manage the Client details regarding items like Laptop, Computers ,Mouse any items which they want to repair .Admin managing the Engineers works who are responsible for Repairing items.

3. Project

: Electricity, MMC, Water Charges - Air Force And Era Group.

Description : This System generate the billing of Electricity, MMC, Water Charges for all type of the Quarters and provide reports in standardized format.
4. Project

: Set-top box .

Description : This system generate the billing of Active Set-top-Boxes according to Activation date of Operators provide reports in a standardized format.

5. Project : MBA Dera Jagmalwali
Description : This system Manages The Payment and Receive transactions according to Head/ledger Type and also create
a Balance sheet according to Head of Departments provide reports in a standardized format.
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