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Freelance programmer: freelance5682

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programmers name: freelance5682
city, country:DELHI
freelance experiences:I have 5 years of experience in mobile app development in Android I have developed 30 Application and in iOS with swift I have developed 5 app.
Doc4Me is an innovative mobile app to be used in health care domain that helps people suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) find clinicians. The end to end solution for IBD patients is available as iOS and Android application and is supported on almost all widely used devices for anytime anywhere access.
The application helps patients to identify the symptoms and as per their age groups, helps them find a clinician nearby who can help them relieved from this disease. In addition to locating the doctor, the patients can also schedule the appointments with them through the app and during the transfer phase readily access various checklists to cure the disease. Patients can also closely monitor their progress while they follow the prescribed treatment by the selected doctor.
Brief Description: Investor invest through app and create event and offering. User can check profile, events, offering inbox. Also use cans send mail or reply on mail. User can login through fingerprint or manually in app.

Brief Description: FLATLAY® is the world’s catalog of products. Find and share collections of outfits, style ideas, shoes, hats, jackets and much more.
Search for products in the FLATLAY® community through online influencers, brands, styles, categories. Even if you do not know what you are looking for - built in search guides help point your search in the right direction.

Khabar Nonstop – Beta
Khabar NonStop, a news agency offers top India news of sports, politics, entertainment, bollywood, business, technology in hindi. Get todays news headlines in hindi newspaper.
Khabar Non Stop is your news companion providing unbiased and quality content news covering vast topics ranging from politics to entertainment.
Brief Description: Trackue is a versatile work management tool which offers a pool of well-polished features.
Trackue not only simplifies your work but also provides a way out for your day to day adversity. Trackue helps
you in management of task even when the team members are at different locations. Trackue provides a
simple and sophisticated work place where the top level management can assign task to their subordinates
and so on. All documentation dropped for any task is kept at one place.

Cake Calculator
Brief Description: Lambert Academy offers entry level and intermediate cake decorating classes for cake
enthusiasts with an emphasis on cake art and design. Cake Calculator app for calculation all of our batter and picing needs, easily and accurately. Plus it has a handy conversion calculator.

Description: KoshoGraphy™ and instantaneously see Eyeppetizing™ mouthwatering Kosher dishes from restaurants near you.
Restaurant owners can even add their restaurant (if not already in our database) and their dishes, right through the app.
• Restaurant Names
• If the restaurant is Meat, Dairy, or Parve
• The distance the particular restaurant is from your location
• The Hashgacha for the particular restaurant
• How many Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down that dish has
• How many tried the dish and gave it a “HEART” for the love of food!
• How long you have to wait prior to being seated!
• Average price per dish in symbols ($, $$, $$$).
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